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Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.4 Fix List

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.4.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.4 Fix List

Issues corrected in the IBM Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.4 release.
Number Description
PI11153 CDM Session state active issue
PI11405 ##D Variable Resolves Incorrectly
PI13802 CDM - Edgar HTML - Generation stops at a certain page when using custom group
PI16799 CDM - Default Conditional Formatting Not Generated
PI17751 CAM Authentication takes much longer than Domain or TM1 authentication
PI17926 CDM - Ranges duplicated in Data Queries
PI18094 CDM - Excel formatting on ##D Range does not show in PowerPoint Object for existing object
PI18452 Excel object loses contents when imported into CDM 10.2.2
PI18680 Positive and Negative Number Alignment Incorrect
PI19063 Chart in generated Powerpoint report doesn't show the second axis
PI20202 CDM - Generating Text Box With Variable in Powerpoint
PI20977 CDM - Data queries fail with Excel named ranges having the same name
PI21328 Fixed Dashboard content cannot be viewed without manage reports permissions
PI21810 CDM 10.2.3- do we support installation on a remote db2 db that resides on a zlinux box
PI22046 CDM - AD Users Are Not Migrated from FSR
PI23499 CDM - Different margins in Word and PDF
PI23813 Highlight tags Issue in CDM
PI24374 PDF object not displaying when locked
PI24401 Text in generated report appears close to Table margin.
PI25069 Excel Formulas Not Automatically Updating
PI25909 10.2.3.x 'Continue with Next' functionality for header objects
PI26046 CDM 10.2.3 IF7 - Excel object is corrupted and cannot be opened
PI26054 CDM 10.2.3: Chart Generating incorrectly to Powerpoint
PI26414 The content of this file is corrupted
PI26720 Unicode symbol added to Excel generated report
PI27456 There is no registered application for this type of document
PI28085 Array formula in Excel object is not being resolved in CDM
PI28654 CDM - Errors when validating the XBRL instance using Alphatax
PI29141 Corrupted objects in CDM 10.2.3 IF5
PI30330 Validation report
PI31106 XBRL: Validation refresh error
PI31171 Internal server error when generating Multiple Excel Sheets
PI31387 CDM - Migrating from FSR Fails
PI31644 Unable to upgrade to a 10.2.3 HF7 or later on a server machine localised in French
PI31690 The XBRLDocumentAuthorGrouping tuple generates automatically an explicit member when the first created tag is dimensional
PI31706 Page Layout Sheet Options not kept when generating to Excel
PI32246 Data filtered by query variables at report objects level is altered after CDM Server upgrade to FP1.
PI32266 Value from the locking password field is modified when opening the edit window of an interactive data source (TM1 IU / Essbase SSO)
PI32701 Exception returned when attempting to add another data query to a form already containing a data query after upgrading from CDM 10.2.3 HF11 to CDM 10.2.3 FP1
PI32713 Merged cells are not generated correctly in Desktop Publishing
PI32813 Office 2013: Excel object content does not open in the CDM frame when CDM language is Hebrew and Base text direction set to 'Right-to-Left'
PI32891 Table borders appear (and print) thicker than they were set in MS Word after generating a report
PI32949 Cannot Validate/Generate a certain Filing Report (Milestone DB)
PI33662 Essbase query cannot be created
PI33743 Rollforward window is not completely rendered when screen resolution is lower than 1000 on the Y axis
PI33847 Incorrect Object Properties retrieved when trying to change workflow state
PI33983 Generated word report cannot be opened when generated with Charts as OpenXML
PI34103 Schedule III tagging - Pivot Grid will not display tags
PI34126 Exception returned when logging out while the Pivot Grid is loading
PI34261 HFM formulae not refreshed when report is generated
PI34513 Filing instance returns error when submitted with initialized but not used unit
PI35101 Footer containing table corrupts generated report 'A table in this document has become corrupted' message is returned when comparing generated reports
PI35441 Cannot generate report to EDGAR with office 2013
PI35562 Bar missing on a chart when it is generated with OpenXML
PI35569 XBRL and Edgar cannot be added to a that was installed with typical options
PI35600 Custom Email Notification window is not displayed in full size and custom message can not be inserted.
PI35870 Table inside a Header object is generated incorrectly
PI36559 Generated Report file is corrupted if scattered plot chart is included in the generation and charts are generated as Open XML
Issues corrected in IBM Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.4 Interim Fix 10.
Number Description
PI19744 Incorrect format for one chart
PI34506 Row height not kept when Excel content is generated to PowerPoint
PI34637 Hebrew language text is generated to PowerPoint as aligned to the left although Excel aligns it to the right by default
PI35103 Generated image variable in PDF displays white border when using color filling in Excel cells.
PI35838 Word Formatting Issue
PI36149 Conditional formatting is generating incorrectly
PI36549 Range variables do not refresh immediately
PI36972 "Slides Sized For" property not kept when generating from PowerPoint
PI37132 LDAP login authentication fails but adding users/groups work
PI37423 Object refresh issue
PI38058 Split view causes corruption on Excel object
PI38250 Image quality in PPT
PI38479 Word document generation issues with CDM 10.2.3 IF10
PI38560 Unable to save edits to Excel objects
PI39103 Solvency II error
PI39125 Incorrect format displayed in image hyperlinks for excel cells formatted as percentage containing certain formulas
PI39261 When generating a certain chart with the “Generate charts as Images” option deselected, the chart output is incorrect
PI39887 S. report object is missing the CS (Scope of Consolidation) dimension information while generating the XBRL file
PI39999 Error Associating Query to Report Group
PI40045 Solvency 2 issue: Report cannot be created
PI40066 Unable to access add-in mode in Citrix published CDM client
PI40338 Generating Bubble graph with the “Generate Charts as Images” option selected, the graph loses its 3D display effect
PI40746 Extra space between word and excel table in report
PI41602 CDM 10.2.4 IF2/IF3 – Rollforward fails
PI42354 Exported objects do not include latest database values
PI42993 Solvency II SQL binding performance (process not finishing)
PI43000 Unable to query an Essbase cube that uses brackets within the member name
PI43818 SUMIFS formula is not refreshed
PI43908 Exception returned when user selects a sub-function from the "Insert Variable" button
PI44903 ##D variable with a name longer than 50 characters generates a validation error "The source variable was not found"
PI44919 Extra blank rows inserted when an .xml is imported into Adobe InDesign and
PI44985 First row of a Desktop Publishing tag is going to be indented when imported to Adobe InDesign
PI45164 Link is not resolved when generating a report if is added on the same row with another link
PI46098 When replacing the taxonomy for the XBRL project, nothing happens
PI46564 Charts with images may not generate with images to Powerpoint
PI46565 Unable to import or open certain Excel objects which work in CDM
PI46660 On CDM 10.2.4, with the reducestyles parameter set to true, the report does not generate
PI46830 Column widths in roll forward during the XBRL time periods
PI46941 Desktop publishing tagging doesn’t keep the paragraph end marks
PI46943 Space between two nested tags gets lost
PI46946 When changing the layout of tables with merged cells, tags do carry the format
PI47271 Object completion time
PI47867 Corep – Error filing table C71.00

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