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What types of databases are supported in v10.2.2 as a My Data Sets repository?

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This document explains what types of databases are supported as My Data Sets repository in IBM Cognos Business Intelligence version 10.2.2


IBM Cognos Business Intelligence version 10.2.2 supports only IBM DB2 LUW as a My Data Sets Repository. The following list outlines the techical requirements for the DB2 database serving as a repository:

  • DB2 version 9.7.7 or later
  • A JCC JDBC driver version 4 (db2jcc4.jar) must be added to each Cognos BI application tier \webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\lib directory.
  • A new database instance must be created with Unicode code set. Non-Unicode code sets are not supported.
  • By default, the configured database user must be granted Database Administration Authority (DBADM) permission because the default behavior is that a separate schema is created for each Cognos user's collection of data sets. With Fix Pack 1 or higher, you do not require DBADM permissions if you specify a common schema to be used for all users' data sets - you can either specify to use the database's default schema or an existing schema of your choice by adding one of the following into the Connection properties field of the My Data Sets repository connection in Cognos Administration:
    • ibmcognos.defaultschema;
    • ibmcognos.schema=<schema name>;

Supplemental Requirements:
  • In order to avoid running into transaction logs failures, set the DB2 transaction log file size (LogFilSiz) to a minimum value of 4096 (the default size is 1024). More details here.
  • In order to import files with large number of columns (>256), you may need to increase the page size. More details here.
  • In order to take advantage of BLU acceleration feature please refer to step 6 here.

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