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This document contains a complete listing of IBM Z Development and Test Environment fixes with the most recent fix at the top.


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Table of Contents:

12.0.0 Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Update Description
Enhanced functions

  • A new installer prompt verifies whether you want the 'zdt' user ID to be automatically created to run the server process. If you select no on the prompt, specify the existing user ID that you want to use to run the web server process. An upgrade from a previous version automatically sets the user ID to 'zdt'.
  • The startServer and stopServer scripts are renamed to and The scripts do not require root credentials. However, if you want to run the scripts, you must have the authority to switch to the user ID that runs the server process.
  • Enhancements for the Enterprise Edition web interface
    • Support for extracting and transferring multiple volumes simultaneously is added.
    • Support for stopping and resuming application image creation is added to the Monitor page.
    • Support for retrieving the diagnostic log files for failed application image creation is added to the Monitor page.
    • System administration actions that occur during the deployment process can be customized on the target environment configuration page.
  • For more information about the enhancements, see What's new in ZD&T V12.0.0.1 in the IBM Knowledge Center.

Initial Release (12.0)
Link Date Released Status
Download 12.0

Table of Contents:

11.0.2 Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Update Description
Enhanced functions and fixed defects

  • IBM z Systems Development and Test Environment v11.0.2.1 includes a Fix Pack for reported issues, along with the following new beta functionality that will be officially supported in the next release of the product. For more information, see IBM z Systems Development and Test Environment (zD&T) V11.0.2.1 is Now Available.
    • RESTful APIs can be used to automate the creation and deployment of z/OS environments. The process can be done by using the data from an existing mainframe, an ADCD installation, or an existing zD&T environment.
    • Sudo permission is supported. zD&T can be deployed to a target environment by using a non-root user ID.
  • Deploying a new instance to a target environment no longer stops firewalld on Red Hat Enterprise Linux v7.x. The following ports are opened by the deployment to ensure communication to Linux and z/OS: 22, 1947, 2022, 3270, 9450, 9451.
  • During the deployment process, the single quote characters in the devmap are now properly escaped to ensure that the content is transferred to the target Linux system correctly.
  • The comments in the devmap file that are supplied to IMPORT existing content page are now handled properly to ensure that all volume files defined in the devmap are transferred to the FTP server.
Mod Pack 2 (11.0.2)
Link Date Released Status
Download 11.0.2
Update Description
Fixed defects and enhanced functions

  • A failure might occur during the deployment process as a wrong network interface might be chosen to retrieve the installation files from the Tools machine.
  • The Create Image button on the application image creation page is sometimes disabled unexpectedly.
  • If the login directory for a user on UNIX System Services is /, then a failure occurs when a volume is extracted and transferred to the FTP server as a part of the application image creation.
  • The extracted volume file cannot be saved on an FTP server that runs on a Windows platform, as the generated name of the file contains a ':' character.
  • Sometimes, the license manager cannot be located by an instance that is created by the Tools.
  • An error that states insufficient memory to initialize the emulator might occur during the deployment process.
  • Perl is now automatically installed on the Linux operating system as a part of the deployment process.
Mod Pack 1 (11.0.1)
Link Date Released Status
Download 11.0.1
Update Description
Fixed defects and enhanced functions

  • Errors might occur while handling RHEL or Ubuntu packages during the deployment process.
  • License Manager cannot be found when it is installed on a machine on a different subnet than the target system.
  • An empty error dialog might occur after the deployment.
  • Linefeed characters in the deployment scripts are updated.
  • An FTP client now can be installed as a part of the deployment process.
  • The wrapping keys that are also known as protected keys now support synchronous and asynchronous cryptographic functions.
Initial Release (11.0)
Link Date Released Status
Download 11.0

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