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Chat with the Lab replay: Informix Cloud Offerings



In this session, we explore 1) what makes Informix a cloud ready database 2) Informix offering in Bluemix -- An IBM hosted Platform as a Service offering based on Cloud Foundry-- and Informix demo in Bluemix environment 3) A few sample application examples for bluemix environment


Topic: Informix Cloud Offerings

Presenters : Jerry Keesee - Director, IBM Informix Database Development (IBM)

          Nagaraju Inturi - Software Engineer (IBM),

          Lalitha Krishnamoorthy - Software Development Manager (IBM)

Date: 26 June 2014

Duration: 1 hr 25 mins

IBM announced the Bluemix Beta back in April 2014. Informix has provided our Time Series capability as a service and has been actively used in the Beta by over 1000 tenants. Cloud based development and deployment is no longer theoretical or hypothetical. Organizations moving to Cloud for rapid application development, and to stay ahead of competition. Apart from enabling rapid application development, Cloud enables you to allocate infrastructure resources only when needed there by reducing infrastructure cost. With Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service offerings, customers no longer to have to worry about configuring and integrating various middleware services like database server, application server and caching servers.


The replay of this Chat with the Lab webcast can be viewed at:

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