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Ask the Experts Replay: WebSphere Application Server V8 Security Concepts



This presentation helps customers understand some key security concepts in WebSphere Application Server V8. Topics covered include the following components: Cross cell communication, Dynamic Outbound SSL configuration and Java 2 security.


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Ask the Experts session
31 July 2014 - 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EDT

Time Questions asked
00:00 Silence
00:05 General introduction
02:29 Technical introduction
03:19 What is Dynamic Out bound SSL and how to configure Dynamic Out bound SSL?
07:55 What policy files are used by Java 2 security in WebSphere Application Server?
10:54 What variables can be used in was.policy and app.policy
11:58 Cross Cell Single Sign-On (SSO) common scenarios and what is best practice for cross cell SSO settings?
19:45 What is the LTPA key and how to prevent LTPA keys from becoming out of sync or corrupted?
23:53 LTPA keys are stored in a file. Is there a command to read/list the LTPA keys file?
25:03 Once we export a certificate from one cell, which form do we import that to the final certificate?
26:28 Does WebSphere supports cross-domain single sign on? If so, what are the available solutions?
26:48 Does WebSphere supports cross-domain single sign on through SAML?
27:18 We see lots of these messages in our logs - SECJ0371W: Validation of the LTPA token failed because the token expired with the following info: Token expiration Date: <>. Should we be concerned?
28:43 We have a company-signed SSL certificate. What is the best way to import this for ISIM 6.0 into WAS so that it replaces the existing IBM certificate?
30:19 Developer wants to administer his MDB to stop and start a listener using JMX in his application. Can this be limited to one JVM cell or is the admin operator authority level only at the cell level?
32:43 What is the overhead for turning on Java 2 security?
35:17 Closing remarks
38:51 End of Call

Panel of Experts:
Varun Tallapragada WebSphere Application Server L2 Support
William R. Holtzhauser III WebSphere Application Server L2 Support
Ajit Jariwala WebSphere Application Server L2 Support



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