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Interim Fix 01 - For QRadar 7.1 Maintenance Release 2 Patch 6 (

Release notes


Installation instructions for Interim Fix 01 of IBM Security QRadar 7.1 Maintenance Release 2 Patch 6 (


Interim fixes are intended to resolve specific APAR issues in the latest version of QRadar. If your deployment is installed with IBM Security QRadar 7.1 Maintenance Release 2 Patch 6 ( then this interim fix can be applied to your system.

Special Note: This Interim Fix should only be installed on Primary console in your deployment.

Issues resolved in QRadar 7.1 Maintenance Release 2 Patch 6 ( IF01
Number Description Originally fixed in

Before you begin

Ensure that you take the following precautions:

  • Back up your data before you begin any software upgrade. For more information about backup and recovery, see the IBM Security QRadar Administration Guide.
  • To avoid access errors in your log file, close all open QRadar sessions.
  • The interim fix for QRadar cannot install on a managed host that is at a different software version from the Console. All appliances in the deployment must be at the same software revision to patch the entire deployment.
  • Verify that all changes are deployed on your appliances.
  • The patch cannot install on appliances that have changes that are not deployed.

About this task

Interim fixes are software updates intended to fix a small number of known software issues in your QRadar deployment. The interim fix restarts services, which halts event and flow collection in your deployment until the installation completes.


  1. Download interim fix from the IBM Fix Central website: (IBM shortened URL)
  2. Using SSH, log in to your system as the root user.
  3. Copy the interim fix to the /tmp directory on the QRadar Console.

    Note: If space in the /tmp directory is limited, copy the interim fix to another location that has sufficient space.

  4. To uncompress the script type the following command: gunzip
  5. To ensure proper execution type the following command: chmod +x
  6. To run the patch installer type the following command in the directory where the patch was uncompressed and answer the prompts: ./

For specific questions or concerns about updating your system, contact IBM support or post a question in the QRadar forum on IBM developerWorks:

Document information

More support for: IBM Security QRadar SIEM

Software version: 7.1

Operating system(s): Linux

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 7042185

Modified date: 07 June 2014

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