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Ask the Experts Q&A session: Managing Domino - Managing Users, Databases, and Calendars - 20 May 2014 (Audio Replay and Q&A)



IBM hosted an Ask the Experts Q&A session on May 20, 2014. The topic was "Managing Domino - Managing Users, Databases, and Calendar." Russell Norberg gave a short demo and he was joined by John Paganetti and several other members of the Domino Support and Development teams for Q&A.


Audio Replay

  • 64:28 minutes long
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Question/Topic discussed
    How to control access and delegation to Mail & Calendar
    Process to move a roaming replica server
    How to reclaim space after archiving messages
    How to implement DAOS in a clustered environment
    B-Tree error returned when attempting to delete a folder
    Order to run when archiving, and full-text indexing and DAOS-ing
    Best way to restore a single DAOS-ed mail file from backup

Q&A from Web Chat
  • ODS
  • DBMT
  • DAOS
  • General Administration

Q1. Is the ODS level different in 9.0.x?
In 9.0.1 it can be upgraded to ODS 52. The ODS52 is only available in 9.0.1 or later

Title: Update to "Domino On-Disk Structure" for Domino 9.0.1: ODS52
Doc #: 1655569

    Q2. What is difference between ODS51 and ODS52
    ODS52 has some bug fixes for Medium and Strong Encrypted databases that can cause a rare Note Corruption

    Q3. What is the easiest way on IBM i to upgrade all database to ODS 52? Also, if you upgrade to ODS 52 can the client version be 8.5.3 still?
    • Easiest way is to use the new DBMT tool available with Release 9.0.x. Notes client can still be 8.5.3 accessing ODS52 databases on a release 9.0.1 server
    • Client can access an ODS52 db that resides on the server. A local copy of that NSF on the 8.5.3 client would have to remain at ODS51 or older.
    • Add CREATE_R9_DATABASES=1 and run DBMT -compactThreads 8 wiill work as well
    • DBMT will convert to ODS52 also

    Q4. Recently installed Domino 9.0.1FP1, then updated the files to ODS52. Afterwards the Admin client (9.0.1) displayed the ODS as Unknown 52....why?
    Are you sure the Admin Client was Release 9.0.1? Need 9.0.1 or greater since that was when ODS52 was introduced.


    Q5. Is there a Best Practices doc for DBMT? To me for example it's unclear what to do with system databases.

    Q6. Do you use DBMT through a Program document?
    You can use it either in a Program document or as a tool with Domino down. Up to you but very flexible

    NOTE: In Release 9.0.1, DBMT does a much better job than the Compact task does when compacting of not fragmenting the file at an OS level.


    Q7. Does DAOS require transaction logging?
    Yes, DAOS requires transaction logging

    Reminder: If you use transactional logging to run a backup after you upgrade to ODS52 with a Compact -c as the Compact will assign a new DBID

    Q8. Compact -c changes the replica ID of the databases?
    No, Compact does not change replica ID - it changes DBIID, which is used by backup programs.

    Q9. But it depends on the backup program we used if it uses DBIID correct?
    If you run Transactional log backups, ie. Fulls at the weekend and Diffs during the week then it will use DBIID

    Q10. In a clustered setup with 3 clusters, can DAOS only be enabled on one cluster?
    • Yes. Each Server is independent as far as DAOS is confirmed.
    • Yes! You may want to disable encryption, since the server's id will be used to encrypt the attachments.

    Q11. I already have a cluster created. I have replica's on the failover server. Can I still create a DAOS? and will failover still function?
    DAOS is independent of failover. Yes, it will work.

    Q12. I just archived this weekend and we have FTI and DAOS and ran out of disk space. I believe while the archiving was happening, the FTI ballooned on the archive
    FTIs, but didn't shrink on the mail file FTIs
    Sounds like certainly a possibility. Have you tried using FTBasePath= to move the FTI Indexes to different volume?
      Follow-up comment: No, but I will take a look

    General Administration

    Q13. Has there been any revisit on making a web-based Domino Admin client? Sametime and Traveler both have Web-based Admin clients.
    There is a Web-based Admin client but as I understand it there are no plans to extend it.
      Follow-up comment: "That web-based client has been deprecated. Just wondering if we would see a new, improved (and more secure) client. Thanks!"

    Q14. Will it want to delete the source database? (When moving from one clustermate to another)
    You will be given option of notifying admin to delete or delete automatically I believe
      Follow-up comment: If it's a clustermate, then I would like to see an option to not have the deletion happen at all (since it's a cluster.)

    Q15. What is the recommendation on user's access to their own mail database and why? I have heard that they should only have Editor access. What capabilities does this remove from them if we make them Editors only?
    Manager will be able to do the following: Modify the database ACL.

    Q16. Any consideration of updating the IBM Domino MIB for SNMP to R9.x? Or creating an SNMP MIB for Sametime and/or Traveler?
    No plans to update the MIB at this time.

    Q17. Duplicate email if user is part of two groups when it marked. How to stop this behavior to avoid duplicate emails?
    • There has been some work on this recently. See technote 1390024
    • There was an Open Mic session on this issue in 2013. See technote 7038764 - "Open Mic Webcast: Troubleshooting Duplicate Mail Messages in IBM Notes - 24 July 2013"

    Q18. That little "Toolbox" he opened during the presentation... where is it?
    You can download the tool technote 1459332 - All-in-one Admin Tool for agent-based troubleshooting & problem solving

    Q19. We have the Soft deletion enabled for mail databases but it does not purge the trash folder automatically. How we can fix it?
    It can be done manually in the notes client. Or Updall and/or DBMT can do it once they have reached expiration - default 48 hours...

    Q20. Show me a password change on a user who forgot their password
    Real simple with ID Vault

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