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InfoSphere Information Server clients, 
Thank you for taking the time to stay informed about your product through our quarterly support newsletter. I hope you find the content useful in the proactive maintenance and support of your software. Throughout 2014, we've tried to find new ways to bring you support content for Information Server, including this newsletter, through social media, and through live  Support Technical Exchange sessions  with our experts. We look forward to continuing to provide you with world-class support as well as new and interactive ways for you to connect with us in 2015.
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In the Spotlight

  1. Must have patches for IS 11.3.1
    In the last Newsletter, we published details on the latest Information Server 11.3 release. Now that the release has been available for several months, a number of patches have been made available across all platforms. Please add this link to your short cuts and check to see if any patches are applicable to your usage of Information Server.
  2. InfoSphere Information Server Engine scheduling on Windows 2012
    When an IBM InfoSphere Information Server engine tier is running on a Windows Server 2012 system an attempt to schedule a job using Director->Job->AddToSchedule fails with the following message: Error adding to schedule: The AT command has been deprecated. Please use schtasks.exe instead.
  3. Supported Packs on Information Server 11.3
    On IS 11.3 the only supported packs at present are SAP R/3, SAP BW and QSAVI. Customers should refer to Detailed System requirements for a specific product (SPCR) for availability of other packs which are in the process of being ported at the moment.


  1. Migrating Assets to Information Server 11.3
    Looking to migrate to Information Server 11.3.1? This IBM Education Assistant Module walks through how to migrate.
  2. InfoSphere QualityStage Address Verification Interface, Version 10.5
    This document describes how to download IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Address Verification Interface, Version 10.5 from the IBM Passport Advantage Web site. Notice that there are two separate downloads depending on the version of Information Server being used.


  1. Cannot log into Datastage Designer client. Other Datastage rich clients work fine.
    After being logged into the DataStage Designer client there is a time out after a few seconds. Another symptom is not being able to log into the DataStage Designer client even though the Windows client machine can log into the Information Server web console.
  2. InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog
    Business Glossary and Metadata Workbench have merged. Review the Knowledge Center pages for more information on this change. IGC console allows users to create, manage, and share an enterprise vocabulary and classification system in a central catalog.
  3. InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog: Some recommended practices to use when importing or exporting assets by using an XML file
    What are some recommended practices to use when importing or exporting assets by using an XML file? How can I optimize my import and export experience?
  4. Education: Join webcast on Support Resources & Serviceability Tooling
    The first Information Management Support Technical Exchange live web conference for 2015 will be held on January 13th. The topic, Support Resources & Serviceability Tooling, will be discussed by subject matter expert, Jim Tsimis.

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