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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS.


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Table of Contents:

5.1.1 January 2015 PTF
Date Released Status


APAR Description
PI28496 IGYCB7145-U Insufficient memory in the compiler to continue compilation
PI29538 When the SQL host variable reference is "NAME", compiler error "IGYPS0212-S" is received
PI30402 IGYCB7145-U Insufficient memory in the compiler to continue compilation at OPT(2)
PI31403 Problem migrating to COBOL V5 from COBOL V4 that uses NUMPROC(MIG) and invalid zone bits.
5.1.1 December 2014 PTF
Date Released Status

COMPILER UI23730/UI23731/UI23732

APAR Description
PI21773 IGYCB7145-U Insufficient memory in the compiler issued when compiling program with 1400M.
PI21822 IGYPA3293-E Incorrectly issued during XML GENERATE
PI23670 COBOL V5.1 compiler program check with terminating message IGYRC5108-U
PI25796 IGYCB7300-W not issued when code is eliminated using COBOL Version 5 compiler
PI25926 The compiler truncates the original source displayed as a part of listing in DEBUG tool.
PI26234 Compiler hits IGYCB7104-U internal error
PI26646 Compiler aborts with message MSGIGYCB7104-U internal error while compiling function XXXXXX.
PI26777 Using OPT(0) code generated for some statements are interspersed among others
PI26944 Increased REGION required using SSRANGE and table element subscripted using all constant subscripts
PI27159 COBOL V5.1 ADATA symbol record not fully compatible with COBOL V4.2 ADATA
PI27541 (COB V5.1) Control characters in source may result in a line split in the source, which causes problems for the DEBUG tool
PI27839 (COB V5.1) The register containing length of variable-length move can be off by 1 following move when compiled at OPT(1/2)
PI28332 IMS call issues COBOL ABEND with code AB
PI28424 COBOL V5 list output in incorrect for EXRL instruction
PI28657 IGYDG5201-U Internal compiler error code "TALIA-E10" occurred using OPT(1/2)
PI28738 IGYCB7153-S Converting source file to UTF-8 has failed during the CDA phase error when compiling using CODEPAGE(939) and TEST
PI28923 COBOL 5.1 module causes CEEPCALL to abend S0C1
PI28938 Compiler optimization causes "IGYCB7145-U Insufficient memory in in the compiler to continue compilation " error
PI29284 MSGIGYCB7104-U Internal error while compiling function XXXXX. Failed assertion on ./IlOps.hpp:2112.
PI29351 Missing the SQL VERSION STRING in the load module when using OPT

RUNTIME UI23704(V1R13) / UI23705(V2R1) PTFs

APAR Description
PI26998 ABEND 0C1 at IGZCD24 when mixing COBOL 4.2 and 5.1 in a CICS 5.1 region
PI27943 XML multiple SUPPRESS phrases might fail to suppress attributes
PI28288 S0C4 when using COBOL SORT with SORT-MODE-SIZE
PI28878 COBOL 5.1 module causes CEEPCALL to abend with S0C1
PI28426 QSAM file status for END_OF_FILE incorrect
5.1.1 October 2014 PTF
Date Released Status

RUNTIME UI21980,UI22181(V1R13) / UI21981,UI22182(V2R1) PTFs

APAR Description
PI26215 COBOL V5 does not change from FB to FBA format in RECFM using AFTER ADVANCING statement
5.1.1 September 2014 PTF
Date Released Status

COMPILER UI20945/UI21346/UI21043/UI21044/UI21045/UI21755

APAR Description
PI19678 Offsets in MAP output not consistent with previous compiler releases
PI25119 Using unsigned numeric display item in INSPECT statement produces unexpected results
PI22094 New function APAR - XMLPARSE & VLR
PI21950 IGYCB7104-U Internal error failed assertion on /CODEGENERATOR.cpp:6965. Compilation terminated.
PI22920 COBOL incorrectly handling 66 level items when in LINKAGE, file section or external data
PI23024 Compiler incorrectly optimizes IS NUMERIC test at OPT(2)
PI24639 (COB V5.1) variable-length moves of zero bytes can overwrite values in a register without restoring them at OPT(2)
PI25083 Excessive CPU consumption using OPT(2)

RUNTIME UI21657(V1R13) / UI21658(V2R1) PTFs

APAR Description
PI23475 JVM received zero divide error as COBOL V5 SETS IEEE divide-by-zero mask
PI24638 ABEND S0C4 when FILE STATUS ITM is in LINKAGE section
PI24796 IWZCXGF issues invalid free that leads to recovered from program check in CEEV#FH
PI25079 (COB V5.1) program dynamic call to COB II RES program under CICS gets ASRA/S0C4 in IGZEBST at +x'146'.
PI25087 (COB V5.1) file MERGE result in ABEND U4083 in CEEPLPKA when input files being merged are empty plus RENT/NORENT mixture 0C4
PI25822 New functionality in COBOL RTE - XMLPARSE

Relevant technote:

5.1.1 July 2014 PTF
Date Released Status

COMPILER UI19849/UI19850/UI19851

APAR Description
PI18183 Compile accepts XML Generate when identifier-7 contains occurs in TYPE OF Z1 IS ATTRIBUTES
PI18450 IGYIN5125-U error in phase IGYCINIT. IGYIN5295-U with error code 267 during COBOL compile.
PI18572 The compiler should force LRECL=80 for the SYSLIN object output if the user did not specify an LRECL for SYSLIN in his JCL
PI19346 The SORT program is not returning sorted records (Output procedure is not being used) in COBOL V5.1
PI19522 Listing shows incorrect offset for a variable within the linkage section
PI19712 If literal-6 is NATIONAL & identifier-1 is not NATIONAL in an XML GENERATE statement, a compiler error should occur
PI19763 COBOL 5.1 compile returns error IGYCB7104-U - Failed assertion on ./COBOLPerfGraph.cpp:907
PI19815 The object of the Execute Relative Long (EXRL) instruction does not display in a V5.1 listing.
PI19977 GYCB7104-U issued for a failed assertion in ./COBOLPerfGraph.cpp:787
PI20292 V5.1 compile error IGYCB7104-U: Failed assertion on ../codegen/WCode.hpp:1628
PI20331 IGYCB7104-U issued for a failed assertion in ./COBOLPerfGraph.cpp:962
PI20376 IGYDG5273-U buffer size was too small for WCODE workfile
PI20469 V5.1 compile error IGYCB7104-U: Failed assertion on s390/MemoryReference.cpp:230
PI20532 V5.1 compile error IGYCB7104-U: Failed assertion on ./COBOLPerfGraph.cpp:526
PI20546 V5.1 compile error IGYCB7104-U: Failed assertion on ./COBOLPerfGraph.cpp:948
PI21182 VALUE clause not executed under OPT(0)
PI21664 (COB V5.1) IGYCB7104-U Internal error while compiling function FWLC009. Failed assertion on ./CodeGenRA.cpp:84
PI21860 An UNSTRING results in incorrect output (LOW-VALUES)

RUNTIME UI19787/UI19859(V1R13) / UI19788/UI19860(V2R1) PTFs

APAR Description
PI19724 ABEND0C4 RC X'11' in module IGZEINI at offset X'14E' when V5.1 uses CALL IDENTIFIER more than once to call same V4.2 program
PI20325 File status 21 received instead of a 22 for duplicate record
PI20531 ABEND0C4 in IGZXSRSL +X'1C' using INSPECT statement
PI21256 ABEND0C4 at CEEPDEL2+B4 on CANCEL of program
PI21280 CEE3204S due to protection exception in IGZXDDO+X'14A'
PI21691 (COB V5.1) Read of indexed file defined as DD DUMMY in JCL yields incorrect file status 10
PI21787 ABEND0C4 at CEEPDEL2+B4 on CANCEL of program.
5.1.1 May 2014 PTF(HIPER)
Date Released Status


APAR Description
PI18087 HIPER: V5.1 two consecutive computational statements yield unexpected results at runtime when compiled with OPT(1/2)
PI18696 Abend S0C7 on an ADD statement
5.1.1 May 2014 PTF
Date Released Status

COMPILER UI18034/UI18055

APAR Description
PI16359 Cmpl loop after ABENDE37 when SYSPRINT goes to a full PDSE or ABEND0C4 after ABENDX37 if full PDS
PI12998 Use of rerun I/O clause causes error: stack should be empty but has 1 value & assertion failure wcode/wcodeilgenerator.cpp:1302
PI13636 IGYCB7145-U insufficient memory when compiling using optimization
PI14476 Length of a multi-byte variable-length MOVE can temporarily be off by one following a MOVE when using OPT(1/2)
PI14553 V5.1 compile gives error IGYCB7104-U and 'Failed assertion on s390/inspectevaluator.cpp:1903'
PI15609 The object of an LARL instruction does not display in a listing

RUNTIME UI17669(V1R13) / UI17670(V2R1) PTFs

APAR Description
PI14767 CEEWUCHA does not produce an abend as designed using COBOL version 5 as CIB_MID2 is a 3 instead of a 4
PI16252 IEC988I issued as files are not unallocated when FREE=CLOSE is specified
PI16619 COBOL version 5 program not entered in last used state when 1st called from a COBOL version 4 program
PI17184 ABEND0C1 or ABEND0C4 when CEEHSFXA AT +X'114' attempts to BSM to IGZXBST
PI17601 Pointer field in UNSTRING statement returns incorrect value
PI17659 At END not occurring as expected running COBOL program using VSAM
5.1.1 March 2014 PTF
Date Released Status

COMPILER UI16133/UI16134/UI16135 PTF

APAR Description
PI07531 IGYCB7145-U insufficient memory at compile time
PI11399 Compiler error when mixing PERFORM & PERFORM w/THRU
PI11805 V5.1 batch compilation that specifies DLL may fail with error IGYCB7104-U with "Failed assertion on ./WCode/WCodeDefs.hpp:261"
PI13222 COBOL 5.1 compile with OPT(1) returns error IGYCB7104-U - Failed assertion on ./Register.cpp:1034
PM93583 GYDG5201-U Internal compiler error code "WSYM-01" occurred

RUNTIME UI15839(V1R13) / UI15840(V2R1) PTFs

APAR Description
PI08326 CEE3201S followed by ABENDU4083 when COBOL program specifies sort parm LOCALE=FR_CA
PI10522 COBOL version 5 program not entered in last used state when 1st called from a COBOL version 4 program
PI10647 COBOL V5.1 0C4 ABEND using VSAM file with VSHARE during VSAM EXIT
PI11295 USUPPLEMENTARY function returns unexpected results for national characters & Language Reference Guide has a USUPPLEMENTARY typo
PI11389 API routine to query the COBOL working storage area
PI12151 COBOL runtime enhancement for AMODE(24)
PI12928 COBOL V5 runtime event handler does not handle LE Event 31 properly so WORKING-STORAGE address/length unavailable
PI13285 Wrong conversion of blanks when using codepage 937 DBCS

Relevant technotes for AMODE(24) & IGZXYZ123 query users:

5.1 January 2014 PTF
Date Released Status


APAR Description
PI05656 CMPL loop in compile of COBOL/SQL coprocessor program with "REPLACE" and missing "END-EXEC."
PI05657 IGYPS5062-U There was insufficient storage.
PI05658 COBOL COPY...REPLACING errors using EXEC to replace partial dataname or paragraph name.
PI06128 CIGYDS0197-E "11" was a name that started with an underscore
PI06899 No compiler error recieved for abbreviated IF statement with confusion about implied subject.
PI08238 Compiler generates incorrect code for PERFORM UNTIL statement.
PM99261 Expected division-by-zero message is not being printed

RUNTIME UI14246(V1R13) / UI14247(V2R1) PTFs

APAR Description
PI09629 UNSTRING statement can be inefficient if the input string is too long when delimiter is not present in the input string

5.1 October 2013 PTF
Date Released Status

COMPILER UK98481/UK98482/UK98483/UK98499 PTFs

APAR Description
PM92523 IMS support enhancement
PM92894 ABEND322 loop in IGYCDGEN during compile of COBOL program using NOTEST(DWARF)
PM96176 IGYWDOPT and IGYWUOPT are missing from SIGYSAMP
PM97763 Changing DISPSIGN compiler option default to SEP is not accepted
PM97939 Compiler creates invalid special register table

RUNTIME UK98140/UK98141 PTFs

APAR Description
PM98032 The external file I/O verb may use the wrong version of the I/O routines and ABEND

Relevant technotes for IMS-SQL & CICS users:

5.1 September 2013 PTF
Date Released Status

COMPILER UK96988/UK96989/UK97247 PTFs

APAR Description
PM92585 COBOL version 5 fixes for problems identified in beta program and Japanese message updates
PM95418 CMPL MSGIGYCB7104-U Internal compiler error and RC16 using options offset and test
PM95906 The message number 1307 could not be found for facility ID IGY

RUNTIME UK96719/UK96720 PTFs

APAR Description
PM93979 Move static initialization to the heap
PM95114 COBOL runtime sort abends in DFSORT
PM95117 COBOL performance degradation in procedure pointer call
PM95118 COBOL runtime error in handling external files plus error when using procedure pointer
PM93345 XML enhancements(z/OS 2.1 only)

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