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Support Limitations for Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager 4.0.5

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This document describes the scalability limitations of Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager 4.0.5.


Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager 4.0.5 will support up to:

  • 200 concurrent users
  • 25,000 product versions
  • 500,000 resources (artifacts) in the Lifecycle Query Engine index
  • 10 access control points*
*Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) provides the ability to limit access to data by enforcing access control. Access Control is implemented using the notion of Access Control Point (ACP), a property that must exist in each resource that is to be access controlled. An Access Control Point usually corresponds to a tool defined concept such as Project Area. During the query execution, LQE resolves the Access Control Points by making an HTTP requests to the origin tools, on behalf of the user. The maximum number of HTTP requests made are equal to the number of unique Access Control Points touched by the query execution. Thus if the number of unique Access Control Points encountered by the query execution is large, a large number of HTTP requests needs to be made. As a result, Access Control in LQE should only be enabled when the number of unique Access Control Points within the dataset is small (approximately 10). When higher, it is recommended that Access Control is turned OFF via the LQE Administration UI.

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More support for: Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager

Software version: 4.0.5

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Reference #: 7040539

Modified date: 2013-12-11