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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of OpenPages GRC Platform 7.0.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Issues corrected since IBM OpenPages 6.2.1.
Number Description
PI06658 Installation guide needs to clarify DB2 requirements about usernames and schema names
PM52189 Deleting file listed in breadcrumb context returns OP-03100: The requested object was not found when accessing other objects
PM54161 Comment field value is missing in the object's list page, Filter list view and Folder view
PM54226 Some workflow related application text still in English
PM54658 Getting error when excluding object types from profile.
PM55055 Fastmap process appears to trim trailing and leading white spaces while the UI does not
PM55061 Application shows different date formats under edit mode and view mode
PM55062 Unable to submit a workflow from the context of a details page for a locked object but able to submit from another view.
PM55564 Documentation errors - Upgrade Guide With Repository 6.0.1
PM55661 Hardcoded values for workflow query subjects
PM55901 Expiry Days setting impacts the system has LDAP enabled
PM56065 Comment (system) fields are missing in exported excel sheet
PM56066 Malicious attack has been detected
PM56715 Publish Report dropdown won't display any reports if scheduled report versions exist
PM56853 After deleting an incident that is embedded within the navigation breadcrumb, selecting any other Incident gives an OP-03100 error.
PM57056 Ad Hoc Filter Values Get Reset When an Error Occurs
PM57057 Personal / Private Filters Are Unsorted Which Can Make It Hard to Find the Appropriate Filter
PM57086 Problem with long file names in Japanese OS
PM57103 All the labels of a section don't get copied to the new profile from the base profile
PM57505 Restricting Administrator Access to ITG Module Data
PM58055 Unable to Use 'Upload New Verison' feature per on-line help
PM58137 Newline / Carriage Return in a Field Label Causes the Field Guidance Not to Render
PM58138 The user/group selector and the group selector display a caret and numbers next to each security domain
PM58156 Breadcrumb trail issue with Filtered Views
PM58165 Associating, and then disassociating a group to a security domain it causes GUI error, but group is correctly disassociated.
PM58194 The minimum access for the user/group selector is not working as expected
PM58197 Task Created Date appears to be incorrect for completed tasks.
PM58255 Deleting entities via FastMap causes Security Domain access issues
PM58257 Insufficient privileges to revoke existing Role Assignments
PM58346 Attempting to associate Risk to a Control throws error while switching between the views
PM58347 Invalid error message displayed for date validation
PM58363 Error message on "Add a Signiture" page doesn't show properly.
PM61655 Imported filters with large text don't have any contents
PM66440 Reporting Framework doesn't appear to report on Long Text Fields properly
PM67887 Jobs and Tasks report hardcoded for HTTP
PM70835 Unable to add ACL in opx or Custom Security
PM75421 Mini-administrator can add additional application permissions to him/herself
PM79116 Framework generation fails when a Recursive Object Level Entity defined in Object Type dimension contains special/umlaut characters.
PM79213 OPBackup fails with ANT exception if openpages-storage and openpages-backup-restore folders are on mounted SAN drives
PM81460 Unable to view attachment/file details with Primary Association Path included
PM81483 Public filters and Saved Ad Hoc are ignoring the NOT statement in the complex logic
PM81657 500 error encountered when trying to add a dependent picklist
PM83119 Administrator cannot delete a Reporting Channel Folder once a Report Page Spec contained within it has been deleted
PM83335 Documentation issue in regards to configuring the lock button for display to users
PM83439 style sheet conflict causes blacked-out text in surveys
PM83861 Not able to save the default value correctly for an enumerated string field after editting unless the last value in the sequence is selected.
PM84853 Unable to assocaite user to group via user details page
PM84951 Some services are missing from the dispatcher configuration list in Cognos 10.2 administration page after report server upgrade
PM85036 Pop-up error message has the word 'password' spelt incorrectly two times.
PM85416 Create user with non-English characters is hung there with all CPU resource used up
PM85741 Documentation for renaming objects via FastMap does not work
PM86022 Not able to add access control with ACL widget in IE8 native mode
PM86031 Documentation does not clearly indiciate where Long Text strings can be used (ie: Context View, Filtered List View, etc)
PM86193 Hardcoded references to the /openpages context for the Advanced Change History
PM86212 Unable to change Publishing folder while adding new report to All Reports. Error dialog while in IE8 Native Mode
PM86227 End users are unable to use the 'move to' popup window when using Internet Explorer (IE) natively
PM86458 OpenPages 6.2 upgrade makes a reference to log into the OpenPages application when it should say log onto the server
PM86551 Steps to import signed server certificate in the IBM WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console need to be re-written in admin guide
PM86743 OpenPages Administrator's Guide Needs Updates for Using LDAPs
PM88793 With IE in Compatibility mode, zooming on home page causes scroll bars to appear
PM88795 Standalone Users and Groups view formatting issues with IE in native mode
PM88986 Labels don't generate in legacy framework.
PM89261 Error displayed in folder view of past reporting period when the Security Model is set to an object level below SOXBusEntity.
PM90245 Object detail screen not displaying for object
PM91202 Can't cancel out of editing from the Detail View when editing a rich text field
PM91236 Installation documentation does not clearly state that DB2 32-bit Client is required for CommandCenter Integration
PM93249 Users unable to add external URL link to a document using protocol Notes on OP 6.2.x
PM96143 Administrator Guide should be updated that an admin user needs to be part of the OPAdministrators group to browse channels
PM96965 The opbackup-restore.env file contains incorrect instructions for email addresses
PM98328 The OpenPages reporting navigation menu item is not displaying all the reports when the list is long
PM58196 Users are unable to submit multiple workflows if the objects are on different pages of a filtered list view.
Issues corrected since IBM OpenPages 7.0.
Number Description
PI09689 Users see a blank page when logging into OpenPages 7.0.
Issues corrected since IBM OpenPages 7.0.
Number Description
PI06084 Export to Excel only shows computed field from Current Reporting Period
PI09689 Homepage is blanked when the restricted user is denied access to a folder report in server opx
PI14008 Leaving Grid View with unsaved changes does not generate OP warning
PM57274 Action Menu Items aren't greyed out when user doesn't have permission for It
PM57275 When publishing a report with a name containing special characters (like forward slash and backward slash) appropriate error is not displayed
PM58931 Requested Operation Could Not Be Completed error when loading a multi-level Activity View
PM59755 Some of the OpenAccess Web Service calls do not appear to function as expected
PM83541 Local Code dropdown for newly created currency field has a blank value while editing the object that was created before including the new currency field
PM89116 Scrolling in Rich Text Field is jumpy
PM89323 Draft Status field is not updating when marked as read only
PM89462 Framework Generation fails When OP 6.2 is installed on server using simplified Chinese OS
PM90254 Field Guidance close buttons are not located properly when multiple Field Guidance items are displayed
PM90295 OPCCBackup failure email does not include log by default
PM90312 The Weighted Risk Score calculation/computed field is not being calculated properly on the Auditable Entity object type for OpenPages
PM91325 Policy Compare Helper shows incorrect edit markings
PM92615 User is associated to wrong security domain when "Use Actor Search Only" is set to true
PM94623 ObjectManager does not dump existing folder if folder had been deleted and recreated.
PM95761 OpenAccess returns incorrect results when queried with object creation date and modified date
PM96964 ObjectManager dump for Object Strings throws NullPointerError if there is a deleted profile
Issues corrected since IBM OpenPages 7.0 FP1.
Number Description
PI14175 Filter in Filtered List View (FLV) does not persist when clicking the breadcrumb trail
PI15544 Error when attempting a bulk update on the Grid View of objects having 1000s of grandchildren
PI16201 Object Type Images on the Classic Homepage have an extra slash to image location
PI16625 Classic Homepage Filters or Object Type Filtered List View (FLV) Filters are Not Filtering on the End User Properly for Field Types Defined as a Multi Valued User Selector
PI16889 Security rule does not grant the appropriate permissions to create child object
PI17474 Classic Homepage Filters are no longer displaying the 'Show All' link when the maximum object count has been reached
PI20408 Folders are being created with a .TXT extension
PM93807 Cache Exception occurred during startup of services
Issues corrected since IBM OpenPages 7.0 FP2.
Number Description
PI13053 Object view button in Process Analysis Report does not work
PI17727 Configuration Migration Export fails if Activity View contains an ampersand (&) or double-quote (") character
PI17793 Unable to upload a new file via OPX
PI18872 Solutions Helpers do not work after upgrading from OpenPages 6.2.1 to 7.0
PI19385 Date filter is getting corrupted 
PI19973 JobTypes are not selectable for Spawn Job Nodes child type
PI20871 FLV view selection broken for grid view if come to page from home page filtered list Show All link
PI20876 "null" in the result table - KRI\KPT Due Notification
PI20999 Multiple problems with AssociateResourceEvent and DissociateResourceEvent
PI21101 Reporting Fragment causes JavaScript error in Create mode
PI21273 RCSA Alignment Helper resets status of all processes, risks, and controls under the business entity
PI21273 RCSA Alignment Helper dissociates Risk and Controls from a scoped out process (regression)
PI21434 DB2: OP_HIER_COPY_MOVE_MGR.COPY_MOVE returns SQL420 casting string to DECFLOAT
PI21577 Field Dependency Rule Not Evaluating correctly when Controlling and Dependent Fields are marked as Read-Only in profiles
PI22408 Field Dependencies Not Working Properly When DEFAULT Values are defined.
PI22563 Environment Migration is not exporting the Display Type Properties for Multi-User Selector Fields causing errors in the target system
PI23089 Spawn job filter not working
PI23306 Helpers do not display dependent drop-downs the same way as the detail view of an object.
PI23800 Old Hidden Enumerated Values are Not Rendering Properly on the Filtered List View (FLV)
PI24167 Dependents field are not being recognized as changed when controlling fields are read-only
PI24182 Object Text filter strings not exported using Migration Tool
PI25772 Solutions KRI creation utility is not calculating the dates properly
PI25797 Workflows/jobs are not properly notifying the parents of completion; therefore parent workflows stay in a ‘Running’ state indefinitely.
PI25923 Triggers Developed on OpenPages 6.2.1.x are Not Working After Upgrading to OpenPages
PI25952 Solutions Modules Trigger: Action Item Issue Owner for Approval is incorrect
PI26412 Audit Program names containing “special characters” (underscores or commas) causes Solution Timesheet Report to hang
PI26449 Solutions Risk calculation for inherent severity and residual severity using wrong currency
PI26469 Using shows blank page when a user doesn't have access to the object
PI26554 Security Rules Admin forces Read Access to be restricted when creating rule to restrict access on Update.For Restrict and Extend we have the following today.
PI26588 Users can add Signatures when not a member of Sign-Off group
PI27092 Aurora_auth.config not working with all LDAP domains
PI27166 Upgrade to 7.0 sets base currency to USD and disables all other currencies; as well all currencies are shown in drop downs
PI27274 Filters and the state of the data don’t reflect properly when switching from one page to another
PI27282 OpenPages 7.0 Administrators Guide contains information on being able to add a new item from a Grid View
PI28731 Positioning of the value “Current” in the Reporting Period drop-down changed in post 7.0
PI29688 Browser throws dojo script errors when user cancels edit session and attempts to repeat the edit
PI29806 KRI/KPI Creation Utility creates duplicate KRI/KPI Values
PI32155 “Unable to Render Visualization” occurs when attempting to display Business Entity’s Hierarchy Diagrams
PM58051 Notification template modifications do not reflect in Report til after server restart
Issues corrected in IBM OpenPages 7.0 FP3 IF1.
Number Description
PI31188 When KRI\KPI Breach status changing from Green to Red expected email notification not get sent to the KRI Owner and Risk owner
PI32296 KRI/KPI Creation Helper doesn't determine the date range properly for several frequency offsets
PI32138 KRI values require multiple updates before values reflect status
PI32806 KRI annual collection date off by 1
PI33275 KRI creation utility is not calculating the dates properly
PI33577 Potential data integrity issue
Issues corrected in IBM OpenPages 7.0 FP4.
Number Description
PI20597 OpenPages REST API gives an error if the client changes order of field attributes during put / post
PI21012 Copying a self-contained object to same folder will create new folder name ending with .txt in the folder path of the copied object
PI30782 Detail and Activity display order is not working as expected
PI32081 Grid View: advanced filter on object owner fields returns incorrect results
PI35757 Unique key violation exception while using local API to update the user profile
PI36108 API queryservice searches on question mark and single quote are not working
PI38157 Debug.enabled=true in file can cause deadlocks in the Cognos BI server, making it unavailable
PI39604 Field dependancies causing commas to be removed from text fields
PM54159 Duplicate Navigational / Context Views appearing for a profile
PI48020 Problems with getting parent object information on a newly created object in a create event trigger via the API
Issues corrected in IBM OpenPages 7.0 FP4 IF1.
Number Description
PI43647 OP_UTILITIES.CONVERT_ID_TO_NAME function could run into an ORA-06502 if the data results in a 3999 or 4000 character length string
PI43357 Extra spaces in the Folder Path will cause FastMap not to load data
PI43429 After upgrading to OpenPages 7.0, it appears exports via the filtered list view (FLV) cause more load on the servers
PI40365 I18n cache engine is pulling back records for deleted profiles causing performance issues
PI40274 Error area can't hold more than 7 error messages
PI28806 Object Detail page is not redisplayed during edit session when a controlling field is set to Read Only
PI28829 Single user selector field unexpectedly adds $; in the data as if it were a multi-selector field.
Issues corrected in IBM OpenPages 7.0 FP4 IF3.
Number Description
PI17786 Field uidance is not displaying in edit mode when field dependencies enabled.
PI30379 Grid view user selector icons missing when not using the default openpages url.
PI32389 User who does not have create permission should not be allowed to add document.
PI32890 Gridview does not display previously saved selection.
PI34993 Sorting a grid view using currency field column does not work.
PI38254 RepositoryService.createResource() method in sdk api is not appending .txt to the object names.
PI43599 Audit Close helper locking workpapers on other audits.
PI45037 Navigation menu items are missing when clicking on a link from emails.
PI47242 Rendering issues when an enum field is both a controller and editable field dependency, and also read-only.
PI48942 opbackup and oprestore fail due to invalid op_procedural_code_version view after going to oracle db
PI51303 DuplicateKeyException during objectmanager load.
PI51631 ObjectManager throws an error when columnwidth attribute set to 0
PI52050 Security rules status changed from enable to disable after import configuration
PI52061 Regression: updates in multiple tabs can write to wrong object.
PI52706 List view returning no results.
PI52990 Timesheets associated to audit plans that do not have description field filled in will not be forwarded to next week.
Issues corrected in IBM OpenPages 7.0 FP4 IF8.
Number Description
PI22765 Setting max parents on survey objects to 1 does not disable the ‘Associate…’ items under the ‘Actions’ menu
PI33327 Saved query is saved as case-sensitive, but quick and advanced filters are not casesensitive
PI48546 Disabled field dependencies causes FLV to not display
PI49244 Excessive messages being logged to aurora.log
PI54226 TimeSheet entry jsp doesn't have cacheBusting on js and css files
PI54315 RV_ SECURITY views for RLS are not being created properly after schema regeneration
PI54908 Export to excel functionality takes 100% CPU usage
PI57011 Dependent picklist fields update the selected value automatically when the controlling field is updated
PI57127 In IE8, dependent picklists fail to update when controller is updated
PI57131 In IE8, dependent field remains editable after controlling field value changes
PI57452 Using REST API , Outer Join throws Null pointer exception
PI57602 Inefficient Connect by Query used by the application causing explosion of records to filtered and checked by the security function
PI58317 CSRF token is not attached when a POST request happens before the page has completely loaded
PI58510 Potential NullPointerException in XSSFilterImpl.validate()
PI58689 Timesheet entry creating duplicate rows when plans have the same names when saving in a prepopulated page
PI63080 Cognos session not renewing after OpenPages session is renewed
PI67184 Dependent picklist value cleared if page save fails
PI68429 Intermittent OpenPages and Cognos authentication failures
PI68498 Rejecting KRI value shows an unknown error on save

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