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Open Mic Webcast: All-in-one Admin Tool for agent-based troubleshooting & problem solving - 13 November 2013 (Q&A, presentation, recording)



IBM's Rene Jenkins led a presentation and discussion on the All-in-one Admin Tool for agent-based troubleshooting & problem solving. See below for the Q&A, presentation, and recording from the event.


Overview of the presentation and discussion:

  • Education & inspiration to use the tool to automate diagnostic processing
  • Problem solving for common tasks such removing a profile document
  • Analyzing searches for duplicate templates or "Out of Office" configuration analysis
  • Guided options to perform required tasks, eliminating the need for multiple resources

Presentation & Audio Recording


All-in-One Admin Tool Open Mic - 13 Nov 2013 (edited).mp3All-in-One Admin Tool Open Mic - 13 Nov 2013 (edited).mp3


Q1. Where is the template and what it is called? I cannot seem to find it on my server's list of templates.
The template doesn't ship with Notes/Domino. You can download it from the technote linked below.

Q2. Should I extract the template to my local data dir?
-- Yes, you can run it from your Notes Data directory
-- Yes, extract to local and create a local database from that template

Q3. Does it work on all versions of Lotus Domino? Or starting from version?
It should work on all currently supported versions of Notes and Domino.

Q4. Is this tool version dependant
It should work on all currently supported versions of Notes and Domino.

Q5. So the archives have to be on the server to be searched?
- Yes, you specify which server you wish to connect to
- Many of the tools within the All-In-One Tool allow you to specify a local database to operate against, also.

Q6. Where can I find how-to information on the tool?
The Help -> About document in the database you create from the template has instructions for using the tool.

Q7. Can we suggest new tools and features?
Yes, feel to let support know if there are any features that you would like added in the future.

List of suggestions for new tools and features gathered during Open Mic:
  • a tool to disable mail rules
  • since this tool is becoming more powerful, please set up a way to update it from a button to get new features
  • for the "Create Mail Database Spreadsheets" tool, more Replication settings like "Are send deletions enabled" and "Don't receive incoming deletions"

Q8. Any thoughts of rolling that back into the Domino Admin client install?
That's something I've considered trying to push but that would be up to our feature developers.
It's not out of the realm of possibility to add maybe a subset of the tools.



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Wiki articles:

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RDJS96EMXC - Template property "Disable background agents for this database" enabled by default

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