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Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.2 Fix Lists

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.2.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


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Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.1
Number Description
PI04938 CDM - Migration tool does not migrate AD users
PI05040 10.2.1 FP1 HF3: Unknown Server Error attempting to generate refreshed instance
PI05041 XBRL refresh fails due to negated tag
PI05329 EDGAR - Incorrect Page Number
PI05952 CDM Report styles get replaced with Times New Roman on report generation
PI05992 CDM generated EDGAR html files cannot be submitted to SEC
PI06001 MSAS connectivity and CDM 10.2.1
PI06202 Report Properties - Edit
PI06275 Cannot change color of chart label
PM89338 Object not generating consistently in CDM
PM89687 Report Summary Dashboard Pie Chart Color
PM91031 CDM: Adding the XBRL module after CDM installation
PM91413 Page Setup text does not enforce if in Font Name is in Brackets
PM92352 Content other than List Items being inserted into Bullets when rendering instance
PM92639 CDM When loging in with Domain Name credentials are not saved
PM92952 Excel formulas not refreshing on report generation
PM94721 X-axis on chart not generating
PM95938 Bottom double border lines appear in Excel object appear as single line when printed
PM95988 Unable to Add a Taxonomy in CDM That Contains Eight Digits Not Represting a Date Causes a Crash
PM96035 Error occuring when Adding Relational Queries uisng Japanese Language UI
PM96114 Text in chart shifted from its position and disappearring in generated report
PM96615 CDM -10.2.1 FP1 Cam authentication hangs
PM96665 CDM 10.2.1 - Header/Footer missing on multi-page upgraded (FSR-to-CDM) word objects
PM96705 Order of objects in report tree
PM96776 CDM 10.2.1 - Footers do not start at same spot after migration from CDM to FSR
PM96814 CDM - Extra Styles when generating entire report
PM97200 CDM 10.2.1 FP1 - ranges in Word are not resolved
PM97215 CDM 10.2.1 FP1 - Cannot Export report
PM97249 General Error Occurred During Validation/Generation
PM97306 CDM 10.2.1 Fix Pack 1 - unable to import archive into XBRL Cache Manager
PM97389 CDM - Image Ranges don't generate shadows
PM97482 CDM - Blank row between objects is not always enforced with page setup setting
PM97485 Pivot Grid Refresh Error
PM97495 CDM - Unsteady zoom in 'Manage workflow'
PM97496 CDM - Undo in 'Manage workflow' forgets the default status
PM97497 CDM - Reports renaming option is too small
PM97501 CDM - Object name changed after pasting properties
PM97749 Instance generation - Incorrect footnote namespace declaration
PM97750 Refresh exceptions due to unhandled core exceptions in XBRL
PM97753 Textblock creation does not finish for the second textblock tag when a report contains a large number of report objects.
PM97756 Full Refresh portion of Instance generation and Instance Validation to be part of the LRP
PM97823 CDM - Generating Edgar HTML causes crash pointing to word2sec.dll
PM97827 CDM - Several styles lists displayed concurrently
PM97834 10.2.1 EDGAR generation stops after page 1
PM97852 10.2.1: EDGAR generation of custom group omits page breaks for the first 4 pages
PM97861 CDM 10.2.1 EDGAR crashes while attempting to generate a report
PM97919 CDM crashes after generating taxonomy and validating XBRL without reloading the project
PM98031 Migration tool not selecting correct custom project
PM98113 Leader dots or trailing dots not generating in CDM
PM98151 CDM - Brackets changing to negative signs (Custom format being removed)
PM98335 EFM Validation behind Firewall without internet connection takes over an hour
PM98337 Deadlock when running operation that runs EFM validation.
PM98399 CDM Checlkist Request data validation error
PM98619 ##D Variables Do Not Resolve If Data Source Connection is Invalid.
PM98660 CDM - Full refresh report does not refresh external data
PM98671 The content of this file is corrupted
PM98677 EDGAR generation fails with an Error that "An Error has occurred."
PM99327 CDM the generated report can't be opened
PM99352 Application takes a long time to load
PM99417 Multiple TM1 user sessions created when creating data connection in CDM
PM99422 Unexpected Behaviour When Creating New Object in CDM
PM99637 Email Notification
PM99649 CDM Namespace date does not update on roll forward and requires manual edit.
PM99733 Formatting Within Excel Object Cells Is Lost In Generated Report
PM99738 CDM - Refresh report option resets opened objects
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.2
Number Description
PI05724 When using Flow Layout in XBRL CDM crashing with an Unknown Server error
PI05969 Accented characters in Email subject
PI06001 MSAS connectivity and CDM 10.2.1
PI06202 Report Properties - Edit
PI06401 Protected Object after migration
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.2
Number Description
PI04924 CDM - Disabling odd and even option for the Report
PI05168 Error when View Tagging Report in CDM
PI05969 Accented characters in Email subject
PI06072 CDM Chart functionality not being respected when generating
PI06693 CDM - Excel Data source test fails if file is read only.
PI06726 Cell Reference shifts after data query has been modified
PI06945 Conditional Formatting: Borders
PI06962 : no error details when connection test fails
PI07122 10.2.1 FP1 HF5: negation of tags inconsistent in Pivot grid
PI07691 AD credentials are kept when authentication method is changed to basic
PI07929 Unknown Server Error when Refreshing XBRL
PI08014 Range (##D) Reference Does Not Carry Over Formatting
PI08050 CDM - Comparing snapshots in CDM bringing no results, but comparing snapshot in word does.
PI08370 Report Generates Incorrectly in CDM
PI08375 Variables Written in Powerpoint Slide Master Do Not Generate
PI08691 CDM - Data Connectivity View is not kept
PI08756 Error when assigning workflow template to an imported report
PI08914 CDM 10.2.x: Unable to tag a percentage with 3 decimal places
PI09101 Blank page is created after the 10K Front Cover page when generating to PDF
PI09131 10.2.1 FP1 HF4: Image ranges generating differently than in FSR pre-migration
PI09515 CDM - "Undo" does not work correctly for Workflow States
PI09534 CDM - Cannot scroll down on named ranges for external source files
PI09603 Locked Destination Variable not found message after migrating reports from FSR to CDM
PI09706 Table column widths does not reflect the original excel object in generated report
PI09858 CDM - Global Object Check In Not Working Correctly
PI09859 CDM - Reference Variable Search Not Working
PI09906 CDM - XET - 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' when generating XET to DB
PI09907 CDM - XET - Missing name and description for taxonomy files
PI10002 CDM - XET - .NET Exception when replacing custom element with us-gaap element and refreshing errors tab
PI10125 Query results stacked
PI10316 Dll missing from installer - causing render in Sec previewer and efm validation to fail
PM98420 Unable to remove orphaned footnote in CDM

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