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Open Mic Webcast: What's New in IBM Notes Traveler Since 9.0 Shipped - 6 November 2013 (Presentation, Audio Replay and Q&A)



IBM Developer Bob Sielken delivered a presentation about the new IBM Notes Traveler features that have been released since 9.0 shipped. New features include attachment security, Out of Office functionality, streaming, Android client improvements, device OS currency, and more. See below for the presentation, audio replay, and Q&A from this event.


Presentation & Audio Replay


What's new in IBM Notes Traveler since 9.0 shipped Open Mic Nov 6 2013 (edited).mp3What's new in IBM Notes Traveler since 9.0 shipped Open Mic Nov 6 2013 (edited).mp3



Q1. For Traveler 9 does the NAB design have to be version 9? What happens if the 9.0 NAB design replicates to Domino 8.5.3 servers?
The Domino Directory (NAB) design does not have to be 9.0 on a 9.0 server. However, you would lose some new functionality that comes with the 9.0 design. I would recommend updating the Domino Directory to 9.0 since it is backwards compatible.

Q2. Did you say that Notes Traveler 9.0.1 runs on release 8.5.3 and up?
No, the Notes Traveler releases are tied to the Domino releases. So a 9.0.1 Notes Traveler must run on Domino 9.0.1. This is just for the Notes Traveler server. The mail server where the mail files live can be the other versions quite a way back a few releases.

Q3. Does it have any conflict if my mail server is running 8.5.3 and my Traveler 9.0.1 is running on 9.0.1?
No, your mail server running 8.5.3 is fine.

Q4. If we are currently running IF2, is there any reason to upgrade to 9.0.1?
There are more changes and performance improvements that would help in your environment.

Q5. Our Domino is 8.5.3 sitting on Microsoft Server 2003. Will the upgrade to 9.0 affect the current users on Traveler and do I need to upgrade the server to 2008/2012?
Only the Notes Traveler server needs to be at the current OS/Domino level. You mail servers can remain at older level if preferred. See the system requirements for 9.0

Q6. When I upgrade Traveler to V9.0, will the template change too? Currently it is 6.0/7.0.
Notes Traveler supports back to mail template 6.5 so 9.0 does not change template level. Notes Traveler does not support mail template before 6.5 and only mail servers 7.0.2 or later.

Q7. When setting up a new Traveler server, do you need to install the room and resources component or not? Is the information collected form the mail servers?
The room / resources are from the mail server not the Notes Traveler server.

Q8. Where can you download IF2? Looked on Passport Advantage it wasn't there.
It is on Fix Central:

Q9. I'm on Passport Advantage I cannot find the 9.0 upgrade for Traveler
Try searching by part number, which is listed in this article


Q10. Regarding lack of support for native Android client apps like email and calendar through ActiveSync, I've had it set up since 9.0 and it has some spots but in general it works. Why isn't it supported officially?
A lot of it will work because of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol underneath and the other devices that are supported (such as iOS and Windows Phone) that do use ActiveSync using the same features. But you will find things that do not work.

The reason is mainly that the manufacturers can put on their own mail applications and implementations so you could have five thousand different Android applications and additional variants could be out their that could have their own problems.

So we can provide a better more integrated experience if we have our own application. By having our own applications we get multiple things:
  1. Not having to try to support the non-standard mail applications that are on the Android devices
  2. Allows us to add additional features that those applications do not support because they are not a part of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol and you will find some of those in the IBM Android client
  3. It allows us to extend the IBM portfolio in general and have better interaction so that we can then take a mail application and integrate it with meetings application with the calendar. We can also extend it into Connections or other IBM applications like Sametime.

Q11. OK but you take the possibility away to combine multiple calendars from multiple providers like you do in Apple. So is it possible to do something like Companion for Android?
There is some requirements open to be able to support the multiple calendar request. We're working on deciding the best way to address it. We're aware that people want to see multiple calendars at the same time.

Q12. When is S/MIME encoding support targeted for Traveler?
That's a known requirement but there is no information on when it may or may not show up.

Q13. Are SQL Server 2012 always-on groups supported by Traveler?
If those groups can be accessed via a JDBC URL, then Notes Traveler can use them. There is nothing specific in Notes Traveler to take advantage of the always-on groups.

Q14. Is Windows 2003 R2 Standard x64 edition supported for Traveler 9.0.x ?
Windows server 2003 R2 is not officially supported for 9.0.x.

Q15. I understand that Windows server 2003 R2 is not officially supported for 9.0.x, but will it work?
Not sure, expect it will. Several of the older operating systems were dropped when 9.0 was released to keep current.

Q16. Are there plans to implement multiple Traveler accounts for Android?
Yes, there are plans to allow multiple accounts on Android in 2014.

Q17. Are both Windows Phone and Windows RT supported on Traveler?
A. Yes, both Windows Phone 7.5+ and Windows RT/PRO are supported.

Q18. When will the "availability check" be supported when creating calendar entries from a BlackBerry 10 device? Currently the BlackBerry 10 device offers the function but Traveler does not deliver any data.
Busytime lookup is something that we are considering for a future release.

Q19. Is Windows Phone 8 supported?
Yes, Windows Phone 8 devices are supported.

Q20. Latest Android devices have a built in ActiveSync / Exchange email client. Can this be used with Traveler as well?
No, Notes Traveler does not support the use of third party Android e-mail clients. Only the Notes Traveler application is supported.

Q21. Any plans to integrate Traveler calendar in the native Android calendar? Could be this set by creating a Exchange account in Android but using Traveler URL?
No plans to integrate into the native application on Android devices.

Q22. Is there Oracle support for the Traveler database?
No. No plans for support for Oracle.

Q23. Is there any Support for BlackBerry 10?
Yes, BlackBerry 10 devices are supported as of v9.0.

Q24. AirWatch integration coming soon?
We are looking at other MDM vendors as well, including AirWatch. Each vendor is unique so requires quite a bit of investigation and making sure that our apps are compatible with the vendor technology. Note: I am referring to the AirWatch SDK integration which allows a MDM vendor to hook into the app itself.

Q25. Is Windows Server 2012 (not R2) a supported platform?
Yes, Windows Server 2012 is supported for 9.0. See

Q26. Is Journal support going to be available on Android? Lots of demands and requests for Journal on Android.
Journal on Android isn't currently targeted for 2014.

Q27. When will Journal (and To Do) support be available for BlackBerry 10 devices?
BlackBerry is working on To Do support with Domino for BlackBerry 10 devices. Current outlook late 4Q, early 1Q. No current outlook for Journals.

Q28. Is Return Receipt capability available for iOS?
No, it's in the requirements list but it is not available at this time.


Q29. How would Adaptive Initial Sync (AIS) impact multiple devices? Would every device get an AIS? Because sometimes it's hard to tell whether someone is going to get a full prime sync?
Both the prime sync and AIS are really done at the user level. So whenever the prime sync is run, which is just Notes Traveler checking the mail database to figure out what data is in the mail database and then applying what should go to the device and what shouldn't, that will happen through the filters that are there, and then whenever the filters expand (whether it be the user changes something on the device or through the AIS changing the filters back from the one day one to the user filters, it goes through and runs a prime sync on the delta of the data.

So you have to go back from the one day back to the other 6 days to get 7 days worth, for example. Once Notes Traveler has done the prime sync it has all of that data for the filter windows. So if a new device comes in and they have filters that fit into those filter windows for the other devices, then Notes Traveler already has that information and it's just going to sync that information to it. If those filters were to expand, such as the devices you had before only had 7 days and the new device once a month, then it will have that information for 7 days and will have to go back and get the other 23 days to get the rest of the month.

But it's mainly just tied to the user as far as what data Notes Traveler has in its database and knows about and is monitoring or paying attention to. So when devices show up it's just going to get the data based on their filters.

Q30. You mentioned mail and calendar, but would AIS include all contacts too?
Yes, you would get all of your contacts.

Q31. Will Android be able to use ActiveSync?
The Notes Traveler client for Android will not use ActiveSync. Why do you think that this is important?

Feedback on importance: (1) ActiveSync works with restrictions. (2)all mail/appointments in one app.

Q32. Does the Adaptive Initial Sync also help in a situation where, say, 30 users activated at once on an already busy server causing it to become unavailable to some users?
Yes AIS should help in such cases when a lot of users trying to do their initial first sync.

Q33. I've noticed some sync issues all of a sudden with iOS 7.0.3. I've upgraded to Traveler Build 201307170759; however, I'm still seeing AI issues as well as sync problems. Does that Traveler version support iOS 7?
Yes iOS 7 is supported.

Out of Office

Q34. Regarding Out of Office support, does it synchronize with Notes Out of Office or do they have to be set up separately in the device and Notes client?
Yes, it synchronizes with the Notes client Out of Office agents.

Q35. Does Out of Office work with iOS devices?
Yes, Out of Office works on iOS.

Q36. Will Out of Office work better in BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 using 9.0.1? A user can't set an end date for the Out of Office right now. It hard codes a date like 12/31/2050.
The end date set for Out of Office on BlackBerry is the default because BlackBerry devices do not allow specific dates to be set.

Q37. Does Out of Office work if the mail server is 8.5.3 on iOS device?
Yes it will work with an 8.5.3 mail server.

Q38. How does Out of Office functionality work on the server side? For example, if a user enables it on the device do they need to enable it on the Domino mail server as well or is that synchronized?
It does sync up with your Notes Out of Office so it does stay current with your iNotes or Notes, whatever you have set on Notes Traveler.

Traveler Companion

Q39. Any good technotes with selling points on why an iOS user should install the Traveler Companion?
  • Reading Encrypted mail is a good selling point. If the user wants to read encrypted emails requires Companion application
  • Companion is also used to read "prevent copy" mails and also to view attachments if you are turning on attachment security policies
  • Companion for iOS is primarily used for sending/receiving Domino encrypted mail, but can now also be used for setting out of office, and enforcement of advanced attachment security policies
  • See the FAQ on Companion use @

Q40. I'm not familiar with the Companion product, when did that come out and how do I get it?
Companion is a separate app that allows users to open encrypted emails. Notes Traveler will send down the body of an encrypted email as a link that will open Traveler Companion to decrypt the email. You can find Traveler Companion is on the Apple store.

Q41. What are advantages or feature enhancements with Companion?
Viewing/sending encrypted mail, setting Out of Office status.

General Q&A and issues

Q42. Is there ever a scenario where you would need an emulator on your Windows machine for something like the Traveler client for Android? For testing?
The Android SDK includes an emulator. There are other emulators out there, any Android emulator should generally allow you to install Notes Traveler on it.

Q43. What version of Notes Traveler is SmartCloud using?
SmartCloud is based on the 9.0 releases, specifically Interim Fix 1 so it's very close to the 9.0.1 features. Most of the new features we talked about today are in so they are included in that Interim Fix. Things like Adaptive Initial Sync and a couple other things came in at the end so they are not included.

Q44. I have Traveler connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 and have been seeing issues with attached files such as PDF, XLS, etc. when a person tries to forward a message with an attachment from his BlackBerry, the attachment name is changed and the file is turned into a .dat file. I upgraded to Traveler 9.0.1 but the issue continues. Not sure if this is a Traveler or a BES 10 issue? Additionally, this seems to be happening primarily with attachments from people in other locations (eg. Russia, China).
We have fixed a similar issue with attachments becoming .dat files. If you are still seeing this issue on latest Notes Traveler version please open a PMR so we can investigate.

Q45. Why does the console keep showing : HTTP JVM: 46053219 [Traveler-15b8] INFO - C_ERROR_InternalError?
Would need to see the logs so open a PMR, but most likely the connection between the Notes Traveler and devices are dropping on streaming attachments.

Q46. Where is Traveler performing better, Windows or Linux?
The performance differences are more seen by hardware capabilities and architecture, but not much difference has been seen with OS type. So more powerful 64-bit setup.

Q47. On Windows Phone devices is there a Traveler client or is the native client used? I have a customer who requires encrypted mail / calendar on the device and wants to use Windows Phone.
The native client is currently used on Windows Phone devices but we are working to deliver a Windows Phone Companion app, much like we have on iOS, to provide support for Domino encrypted mail on Windows Phone devices.

Q48. We're running Traveler 9.0 and having issues when Domino goes down or Traveler reboots and a user tries to access his email all his email gets wiped as well as his contacts. Would recommend going to IF2 to get some crash fixes.

Q49. Is Prevent Copying the same as Mark Private in Notes/iNotes ? If so, why not using the same wording?
Yes, Prevent Copy and Keep Private on Notes client are the same

Q50. Any thought of a way to pre-approve users that require approval to connect?
The Admin API has that ability to pre-approve. Must supply user and device ID.

Q51. Is mail marked "prevent copying" at a Notes client now blocked from forwarding/copying at mobile devices?
For clients that do not have this feature, prevent copy messages sync but without a body. So you see the subject and recipients, but the body gets replaced with a message that indicates you need to use Notes or iNotes client to read it. But starting with Notes Traveler you can now use Android client and Companion to read or reply to these messages.

Q52. If I complete a To Do item via the Android widget this does not get synchronized to the server. Is this a known issue? It has been the same in every release including 9.0.1.
Not a known issue, open a PMR to get resolved. Will also check this internally to make sure at least a basic case works.

Q53. Can Traveler be installed on clustered servers, so long as you disable cluster replication for the Traveler databases? This would be with high availability using an external SQL server.
Notes Traveler can NOT be installed on a clustered server.

Q54. Is the DB2 license shipped with Traveler a license that you can cluster two DB2 servers?
The DB2 entitlement that comes with Notes Traveler does not include the high availability disaster recovery (HADR) features of DB2, if that's what you mean by "cluster two DB2 servers".

Q55. So if I mean a high availability and no single point of failure on DB2 I need to actually purchase it , or do a hot / warm solution with virtual servers or such?
That is my understanding, yes.

Q56. With 'Require approval for device access' enabled, when will the Traveler server send out notification if 'Addresses to notify when approval action is pending' field has entered a valid addressee?
When a new device registers with the server, a notice will be sent as an FYI that the device needs to be approved before access is granted.

Q57. What's the URL for the Web Admin?

Q58. How is the Web admin accessed? Is this only a feature of Traveler 9.x?
Web Admin was added back last summer of 2012 with Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1.

Q59. Is there an option to delete Traveler users when a user is deleted from the address book (using AdminP)?
No, there is deleting from Notes Traveler when removed from the names.nsf, but will be reaped after 30 days by default.

Q60. I have a request. It would be nice when deleting a user using AdminP, that the Traveler user and device are also deleted.
I think we have that as a requirement To Do, but I will look for it and make sure it is there.

Q61. Is there a document in the cookbook that clearly states how many vCPUs and memory to allocate in a VMWare environment? Some VMWare consultants say to use 1 vCPU regardless of what app vendor states.
  • One CPU for Notes Traveler is VERY BAD and causes the system to thrash to death.

Q62. Busytime lookup for BlackBerry 10 is currently not working, any schedule when will this be supported?
Busytime lookup is a requirement that is being considering for a future release.

Q63. What is the purpose for DB2 etc? Why need DB2 etc server when Domino can do as DB?
The purpose for DB2 (or MS SQL server) is to provide support for a highly available set of Notes Traveler servers. Notes Traveler server data is shared in the enterprise DB.

Q64. Any reason that Domino can't provide high availability etc DB2 etc can?
  • Domino high availability is based on clustering/nsf replication. NSFs do not provide the level of capability Notes Traveler needs for a high availability environment.
  • Notes Traveler keeps synch data in a relational database. If the installation is not using DB2 or SQL Server for HA then Notes Traveler is using Derby. By putting the synchronization data in an enterprise database multiple Notes Traveler servers can work together as a high availability pool.

Q65. Can Traveler be clustered? Can simple be clustered on the Domino level?
Notes Traveler can NOT be clustered.


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