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Ask the Experts Webcast Replay: WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer resource monitor basics and common pitfalls



IBM Ask the Experts session on 07 November 2013 at 11:00 AM EST.
This Ask the Experts session addresses basics and common pitfalls for WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer resource during configuration and usage.


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Ask the Experts session
07 November 2013 - 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EST

Time Questions asked
00:00 General introduction
02:58 Technical introduction (What are WMQ MFT Resource Monitors?)
10:21 How to configure a basic resource monitor?
17:01 How to customize resource monitor tasks with variable substitution?
20:46 What user ID authorization is required for managed file transfer clients and resource monitors?
22:24 What to do if matching resources are available for a defined file resource monitor, but the files never get moved to the destination agent, and transfers end up in ‘resynchronizing’ state?
23:35 What to do if destination files transferred by a queue resource monitor contain the wrong data?
25:30 Open lines for live question and answer period
25:36 Sometimes when shutting down an active agent, MQ Explorer shows as many as 9 transfers in progress, but yet all transfers seem to have completed. What could cause this behavior?
28:52 How do you monitor a queue that is outside the FTE topology?
32:09 In MQ Explorer plugin there is a stop/started status for a monitor. In the document there is nothing about stopping a monitor, is this something that will come at a later time?
33:10 Do we need to have QMGR also to establish FTE?
33:49 If we have to call multiple commanda in the same monitor, is there anyway to achive that functionality?
34:37 We are having issues with transfers backing up normally do to file locking on I/5 systems. Other then increasing the source and destinations settings and canceling with ANT, is this somethign known that can be fixed?
36:29 what is the maximum size of file FTE can transfer?
37:16 How to monitor agents for availability? Any recommendatons for setting up agents and monitors in a High Availability system?
39:32 Closing remarks
40:41 End of Call

Panel of Experts:
Jason Simmons Staff Software Engineer
Pranav Mehta Staff Software Engineer
Thomas Leend Software Engineer
Valerie Lampkin Advisory Software Engineer
Snezhana (Yana) Johnson Advisory Software Rngineer



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