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Specify test runner parameters when you run a test case from JCL, the TSO command line, or a z/OS® UNIX System Services command shell.



Use the following set of parameters to pass information to the z/OS Automated Unit Testing Framework (zUnit) test runner. Each parameter has a default value that can be overridden by including the parameter when you run a test case. The syntax or mechanism for supplying these parameters differs according to whether the test case is run from JCL, TSO, or z/OS UNIX System Services. Hyphenated parameters, such as -c, are not restricted to z/OS UNIX System Services.


Syntax 1 Syntax 2 Default Value Examples Description
CFGFILE(value) -c=value DD:AZUCFG
  • DD name: DD:CONF000
  • MVS™ data set: //USER.ZUNIT.CONF(CONF000)
  • HFS file: /u/USER/zUnit/conf/conf000.azucfg
The location of the test runner configuration file.
CLOCALE(name) -l=name  
  • CLOCALE(Da_DK.IBM-1142)
  • -l=Da_DK.IBM-1142
A z/OS XL C/C++ compiled locale to use when manipulating native character data that is exchanged between the test case and the test runner. Specifying this option can help ensure that NLS characters are preserved in the test runner result XML file.
RESFILE(value) -r=value DD:AZURES
  • DD name: DD:RSLT000
  • MVS data set: //USER.ZUNIT.RSLT(RSLT000)
  • HFS file: /u/USER/zUnit/rslt/rslt000.azures
The location to write the test runner result file.
TRACE -t     If this parameter is supplied, the test runner writes informal trace information about its execution to standard out. Trace information can be helpful for debugging purposes. Trace information is provided in English only.
XSLFILE(value) -x=value  
  • DD name: XSLFILE(DD:AZUZ2J20)
  • HFS file: -x=/usr/lpp/rdz/samples/zunit/AZUZ2J20.xsl
The location of an XSL style sheet to apply to the default zUnit runner results XML format.

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