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Open Mic Webcast: What's new in Policies for Domino 9.0 - 18 September 2013 (Presentation, Recording, and Q&A)



IBM hosted an Open Mic webcast with members of the IBM Domino Support team on September 18, 2013. The topic was " What's new in Policies for IBM Domino 9." Attendees were given an opportunity to ask a panel of experts some questions. See below for the presentation, recording and Q&A from the event.


Presentation & Audio Recording


What's New in Policies for Domino 9.0 Open Mic Sep 18 2013 (edited).mp3What's New in Policies for Domino 9.0 Open Mic Sep 18 2013 (edited).mp3


Q1. What is the parameter for typeahead?

Q2. Can return receipts be disabled for Traveler devices?
You can disable return receipts for traveler devices using the following notes.ini on the server NTS_RETURN_RECEIPT_SEND=False

Q3. Are the policies noted in the presentation the only new policies introduced in 9.0.x? Nothing else new?
There's lots of other new features but from a policy perspective, that's it.

Q4. Nice to see the typeahedshowserverfirst=1. Does this have to be done in the ini or is there a setting for this?
It's a notes.ini setting

Q5. Is the type-ahead feature available in 8.5.3?
A: 8.5.3 Fix Pack 5 and 9.0.

Q6. Have they fixed the issue where when you define your MDC via policy it sometimes creates an icon for the MDC in the bookmarks many times?
Yes, in 8.5.3

Q7. Policies writes to various areas on the client thus making specific client policy troubleshooting quite hard. It would be extremely advantageous if the client reports back to a central database which have been applied.
Work is currently being done in alpha that is investigating that type of thing.

Q8. I learned recently that part of the policy gets applied to a hidden location inside the user's mail file. Is there any documentation that lists where polices are stored and when they are activated?
In general only the Mail, Traveler and iNotes policies go to the mail file and all of the rest are consumed by the client. There are some exceptions to that because iNotes has started to consume some Desktop preferences so they do get copied into the iNotes profile in the mail file. These details will be documented in a Wiki article.

Q9. Is there any way to configure mail Inbox maintenance so that the mail is moved to a different folder "Recent Inbox" instead of just removed from the Inbox?
Nothing out of the box. That would require modifying the template.

Policy SPRs fixed in 9.0
  • SPR# MOSI8BYPUZ - Fixed a problem where policy disclaimers were
being sent to internal recipients by using a new notes.ini setting. The
new NOTES.INI setting called "iNotes_WA_IgnoreDisclaimerPolicy"
which will ignore the mail policy setting "Notes client can add
disclaimers:" and will add a disclaimer only to external recipients. The
NOTES.INI setting must be set to 1 to enable this feature.

  • SPR# SDOY8PANG8 - Fixed a problem where 'undefined' was displayed
under the Archive folder if an archive policy is assigned without any
archiving criteria.

  • SPR# LMIL8ZDJUE - Fixed a problem where the Message Disclaimer
was blank in mail sent from iNotes

  • SPR# THIO8TBBG3 - Fixed login problem which resulted in erroneous
redirects when using mail policy setting to lock down UI mode and when
using the NOTES.INI setting "InotesUseNotesMemory=0"

  • SPR# NVJI8J5GFD - Fixed an Internet Explorer specific situation where
a single incorrect entry of a password was being counted more than
once, potentially resulting in lock out until admin intervention.

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