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IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid 8.0 Fix Pack 3

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Compilation date: Aug 19, 2013

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What is new with Fix Pack 3 (

WebSphere® Extended Deployment Version 8.0 is the full version to be installed by Installation Manager rather than by the programs based on InstallShield MultiPlatform (ISMP) that are used to install, update, and uninstall previous versions. Installation Manager is a single installation program that can use remote or local software flat-file repositories to install, modify, or update new WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid products. It determines and shows available packages—including products, fix packs, interim fixes, and so on—checks prerequisites and interdependencies, and installs the selected packages. You also use Installation Manager to easily uninstall the packages that it installed.
About Fix Pack 3 (

Several cumulative fixes are bundled into a single maintenance package for a specific combination of product and platform. Each maintenance package is referred to as version

Installing Fix Pack 3 with IBM Installation Manager raises the fix level of your product to version

See the installation instructions in the Steps for installing Fix Pack 3 ( section for more information.

If you are using local repository for your installing fix pack, IBM Installation Manager should point to XML local import repository in order to apply any future maintenance. ZIP files for local repository install are available for download from the Fix Pack Version download page.


Space requirements

The amount of disk space required varies with the number of features or products installed. If you are installing the product using Installation Manager, the installation summary panel indicates the approximate amount of disk space required based on the features and products you have selected. For a Fix Pack, you need approximately 2 GB to 4GB of free disk space.
Before you begin

Avoid Trouble: Starting with Fix Pack 3, when you install a fix pack on an already existing Version 8.0,, or level of Compute Grid, you must update your Compute Grid system tables when you install Fix Pack 3 or higher.

The following DDLs/SPUFIs are provided to assist with the table changes for the various databases that are supported with Compute Grid Version 8. These files can be found in thewas_install_root/stack_products/WCG/longRunning directory. Attempting to run Compute Grid with Fix Pack 3 or higher installed without the necessary table changes will result in failures on the Job Scheduler during job processing and management.

DB2 ULW ()

The following command can be issued from DB2 command line processor to run the script. This script must be run after the Compute Grid code is updated to the latest fix pack level, but before any application server that uses Compute Grid is started.

db2 -tf <file_name&gt;.ddl



Process this script in the ij command line processor using the following command. This script must be run after the Compute Grid code is updated to the latest fix pack level, but before any application server that uses Compute Grid is started.

java -Djava.ext.dirs=was_install_root/derby/lib -Dij.protocol=jdbc:derby: file_name.ddl

Steps for installing Fix Pack 3 (

Installing fix packs on distributed operating systems using the GUI

IBM Installation Manager is used to apply product maintenance to WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid.

Make sure that the web-based or local service repository location is listed and checked or that the Search service repositories during installation and updates option is selected on the Repositories panel in your Installation Manager preferences. For more information on using service repositories with Installation Manager, read the IBM Installation Manager Version 1.4 Information Center.

1. Log on to your system.

2. Stop all servers and applications on the WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid installation that is being updated.

3. Start Installation Manager.

4. Click Update.

Note: If you are prompted to authenticate, use the IBM ID and password that you use to access protected IBM software websites.

5. Select the package group to update.

Tip: If you select Update all, Installation Manager will search all of the added and predefined repositories for updates to all of the package groups that it has installed. Use this feature only if you have full control over which fixes are contained in the targeted repositories. If you create and point to a set of custom repositories that include only the specific fixes that you want to install, you should be able to use this feature confidently. If you enable searching service repositories or install fixes directly from other live web-based repositories, then you might not want to select this option so that you can select only the fixes that you want to install for each offering on subsequent panels.

6. Click Next.

7. Select the version to which you want to update under IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid.

8. Select any fixes that you want to install and in this case select Fix Pack.

Any recommended fixes are selected by default.

If there are recommended fixes, you can select the option to show only recommended fixes and hide non-recommended fixes.

9. Click Next.

10. Accept the terms in the license agreements, and click Next.

11. Select the optional features that you want in your updated installation if available.

12. Review the summary information, and click Update.

  • If the installation is successful, the program displays a message indicating that installation is successful.
  • If the installation is not successful, click View Log File to troubleshoot the problem.

13. Click Finish.

14. Click File > Exit to close Installation Manager.

Known issues

Known side-effects
  • None..

Change history

Date Change
Aug 19, 2013 Initial publication for Fix Pack

Additional information

You can find additional information in the WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid Version 8.0 Information Center.

For additional information, refer to Recommended fixes for WebSphere Application Server.
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