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Configuring the IBM QuickFile plug-in for use with IBM Content Navigator

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IBM QuickFile provides business users with a security-rich, highly reliable way to exchange files inside and outside their organizations. IBM QuickFile extends the reliability, security and governance capabilities of IBM’s Managed File Transfer portfolio to person-to-person file transfers.


Before you begin

You must have IBM Content Navigator and a working IBM QuickFile system to configure the plug-in.

The plug-in JAR file, quickfilePlugin.jar, is in the plugins subdirectory of the IBM Content Navigator installation directory.


To configure the IBM QuickFile plug-in:

  1. Open the administration tool in the web client.
  2. Click Plug-ins and then click New Plug-in.
  3. Select JAR file.
  4. Load the JAR file by entering the fully qualified URL or the file path to the quickfilePlugin.jar file that is installed on the server:
    • Enter the path to the file that is installed on the server, for example:
      • Linux: /opt/server_name/quickfilePlugin/quickfilePlugin.jar
      • Microsoft Windows: C:\server_name\quickfilePlugin\quickfilePlugin.jar
  5. Enter the fully qualified URL to the IBM QuickFile server, for example:
  6. Save and close the plug-in configuration.
  7. To enable users to access the Send to IBM QuickFile action, you must create custom menus and add the action to the menus. Complete the following steps for each menu where you want the action to appear:
    1. Select the default menu that you want to use as the basis of the custom menu and click Copy.
    2. Edit the custom menu to add the Send to IBM QuickFile action to the list of selected actions.
    3. Save the menu.
    4. Associate the menu with the desktop or desktops from which you want users to access the action.

You can use the IBM QuickFile plug-in to transfer files.

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More support for: Content Navigator

Software version: 2.0.2

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

Reference #: 7039215

Modified date: 22 August 2014

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