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DB2 for zOS is supported with Content Manager 5.2.0 starting in 5.2.0 FP2

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IBM FileNet Content Manager, IBM Content Foundation, and IBM Case Foundation support DB2 for zOS on the 5.2.0 release, starting with 5.2.0 FP2.


The DB2 for zOS database has been supported by IBM Content Manager, IBM Case Foundation and IBM Content Foundation since the 4.5.0 release. In the release, this support was temporarily withdrawn. Starting with 5.2.0 FP2, support for DB2 for zOS is now reinstated. New DB2 zOS customers and upgrading DB2 zOS-based customers must use the FP2 release (

Support for DB2 for zOS is limited to Content Engine GCD and Object Store databases, Process Engine Isolated region databases, and Content Navigator databases. DB2 for zOS is not supported for Rendition Engine.

This support extends to CFS-ICI as well, starting with CFS-ICI 5.2.0 FP1.

Support requirements

* Support for DB2 for zOS in the release and above requires DB2 for zOS version 10
-Minimum version is v10 PUT 1104
-Supported versions of z/OS are 1.12, 1.13 with minimum PUT 1204
* Support for DB2 for zOS in the release requires the IBM Universal 3.50.152 JDBC driver.
* DB2 for zOS is supported only when the Content Platform Engine (CPE) server is hosted within IBM WebSphere 7.0, WebSphere 8.0, or WebSphere 8.5 server. Other application servers are not supported with this database.
* DB2 for zOS APAR AM87677 must be installed for this environment.
* Remote DB2 for z/OS with Content Platform Engine is supported with a minimum version of WebSphere (fix pack 15 for WebSphere).
* Ensure the cpe_bootstrap_adminis a member of at least the WebSphere Monitor role.

Creating database indexes for case-insensitive searches

By default, searches against class property values are case-sensitive on zOS. When the object store Force Case Insensitive Search option is selected, Content Platform Engine uses the LOWER function to convert all string column values that are used in query statements to lower case. However, to maximize the performance of a query against a String property, you must create an expression-based index in the zOS database as follows:

CREATE INDEX idx_name ON table_name(LOWER(column_name, ' '))


- table_name is the table that contains the column: DocVersion for documents, Generic for custom objects, and Container for folders
- column_name is the name of the column which you want to create an expression-based index on
- idx_name is the name of the expression-based index

The second argument of the LOWER() function, which designates the locale, can be left as a blank value (' '), unless the default locale setting of blank was changed during the installation of DB2.

See the discussion of the initial value for CURRENT LOCALE LC_CTYPE in the DB2 documentation:

And in the documentation for the LOWER() function:

For example, the following command creates an index that you can use for case-insensitive searches on a column called lname:

CREATE INDEX lc_lname ON DocVersion(LOWER(lname, ' '))

Notes on upgrading to on DB2 zOS
In the 5.2.0 release, the Content Engine and Process Engine servers are merged into a combined Content Platform Engine server. Detailed instructions on upgrading to the 5.2.0 release are available in the InfoCenter:

For systems upgraded to that involve one or more Process Engine isolated region databases, when running on DB2 zOS, the Content Platform Engine server instances must be shut down (via the WebSphere console) and restarted after all upgrade steps have been completed. This extra restart step is only necessary for DB2 zOS-based upgrades, and only when Process Engine isolated regions have been upgraded.

Notes on CFS-ICI support for DB2 zOS
When CFS-ICI 5.2 FP1 is configured with DB2 on zOS, federation may fail with the error SqlSyntaxErrorException. The workaround is to add the following parameter in the file in the <ICI_HOME>\FedExporter\conf folder:


After updating the file, make sure to restart the Exporter and application server.

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