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These are the release notes for IBM Cúram Social Program Management iFix3.


Installing the iFix
Improvements and Resolved Issues
Known Issues


Welcome to this iFix release.

See the attached FileList.txt file for the list of all files delivered in this iFix.

This is a cumulative release which incorporates the Improvements and Resolved Issues contained in all previous iFix releases. Details of these Improvements and Resolved Issues are included separately in the release notes for each of the previous iFix releases. The release notes for the previous iFix releases are available at


Installing the iFix

iFix Pre-Installation Steps
iFix Installation

iFix Pre-Installation Steps

Prior to running the installer please ensure all files are writable in the Installer sub-directory, located at the root of the Cúram installation. In addition, ensure all files listed in the FileList.txt file are writable.

iFix Installation

The installation steps are as follows:

  • Extract the contents of the zip file to a local drive location.
  • Run the Cúram installer, which can be found in the INSTALLER folder at that location.
  • After installation you must do a full clean build of your client and server and rebuild your EAR file/s.


Improvements and Resolved Issues

Cúram Enterprise Framework
Cúram Modules

Cúram Enterprise Framework

Common Intake

PO01116, CI-4235 - Asterisk is missing on mandatory fields on the 'Add Client' wizard

Previously, the fields 'Marital Status' and 'Gender' were not mandatory on the quick registration wizard.

These fields are now marked as mandatory.

PO01143, CI-4252 - When application status is set to 'Ready for Determination', all the clients are set as primary members

Previously, when an application was disposed and the environment variable value is set as 'NO', all clients in disposed applications were changed to primary members.

Clients should not be changed to primary members when the application status is updated.

This issue has been resolved.

Cúram Modules

Intelligent Evidence Gathering
Universal Access

Intelligent Evidence Gathering


TEC-14096 - Provide a mechanism to include a logout button in the IEG banner

IEG now supports displaying a configurable button/link in the page banner. By default the button is not displayed but it may be added by adding a and configuration properties. For Example:

The url property may be any url required, either absolute or relative. The property above is only an example.

An optional configuration property is which can be used to specify a tooltip for the button. For example: here to logout

If the button is present it will be displayed to the right of the print button.

Universal Access

PO01316, GUM-3760 - User contact information not displayed

In the Citizen Account contact information screen, the user's contact details (Address, Phone and Email addresses) were not displayed after setting the related environment variable ( to true.

Now, these details are displayed after setting the environment variable to true.

PO01185, GUM-3799 - Hook point required to allow Universal Access to pre-populate Remote Life Events

A new public event has been added to Life Events in UA.

The new event LifeEventEvents.PostCreateCitizenLifeEvent.postCreate() is fired immediately after a LifeEvent has been created.

This event could be used, for example, to prepopulate the associated datastore with data relating to the user executing the LifeEvent.

   * This event is fired immediately following the creation of a
   * {@link LifeEvent} for a citizen workspace user.
   * @since 6.0.5
  static public abstract class PostCreateCitizenLifeEvent {
     * This method is invoked immediately following the creation of a
     * {@link LifeEvent} for a citizen workspace user.
     * @param context
     *          The related (@link LifeEventContext}.
     * @param citizenAccount
     *          The Citizen Workspace Account belonging to the user who is the
     *          subject of the Life Event
     * @param lifeEvent
     *          The {@link LifeEvent} to be returned by the call.
    public void postCreate(final LifeEventContext context,
        final CitizenWorkspaceAccountInfo citizenAccount,
        final LifeEvent lifeEvent) {
      // public method can be overridden by customer class

PO01176, GUM-3800 - Life Events read only version of question script for displaying answers does not work

Previously, Life Events with no answer script configured had the View Answers link disabled. This meant that it could not be launched for review. It is now possible to launch the question script in read-only mode, as described in the Universal Access documentation.

Note that Life Events with no answer script configured will now have the question script available to launch for review in read-only mode by default.

PO01318, GUM-3802 - New API required for changing the list of Intake Application Types based on client specific criteria

A new API that allows for customization of the list of application types returned on the "Select Application" screen in Universal Access.

Customers of iFix3 who want to avail of this new API must take the following steps to ensure it is accessible within eclipse development environments:

Edit the EJBServer\.classpath file and change the classpath restrictions for the WorkspaceServices.jar file, adding the following entry:

<accessrule kind="accessible" pattern="curam/workspaceservices/intake/impl/IntakeApplicationListProcessor"/>

Some customers want the list of available applications to be context sensitive. For example, some application types should not be offered to certain clients under particular circumstances. This release offers a solution to this issue by providing a new API that allows customers to customize the list of Application Types returned.

The API is as follows:

interface curam.workspaceservices.intake.impl.IntakeApplicationListProcessor {
  public List<IntakeApplicationType> processList(
      final List<IntakeApplicationType> intakeApplicationTypesForCategory)
      throws AppException, InformationalException;

Please consult the product JavaDoc for more detail.

The out-of-the-box default implementation maintains the existing application behavior of returning all applicable application types. Customers can customize this behavior by binding a new implementation of the above interface as follows:

Create a custom implementation of the above interface

class MyIntakeApplicationListProcessor implements IntakeApplicationListProcessor {

Create a custom Guice Module class under


In the configure() method bind in a custom implementation of the interface

class MyModule extends curam.util.persistence.Module {
     * {@inheritDoc}
    public void configure() {

Create a DMX file:


<table name="MODULECLASSNAME">
    <column name="moduleClassName" type="text" />
        <attribute name="moduleClassName">
        <attribute name="moduleClassName">

Place an entry in this DMX file to ensure that the custom Module gets loaded when the application server starts.

PO01317, GUM-3836 - Session data persists between Screening and Application

Previously, when creating a new application, data was pre-populated with previous screening data from the current browser session.

With this fix, intake application data is now only populated if the user continues with an intake directly after completing the screening. Continuation of an existing intake application is not affected with this change.

For example,

  • Click 'Am I Eligible'
  • Choose the option to create an account
  • Choose to Screen
  • Choose any program/programs
  • The script is displayed. Enter the applicant details and continue with the screeening until the results are displayed.
  • Click 'Next', then Click 'Exit'.
  • The home page is displayed. Click on 'Apply for Benefits'
  • Choose programs and proceed with application.
  • The script is displayed without any pre-populated information.


Income Support
Child Services

Income Support

CGISS-6259 - An exception occurs when an application is submitted with a postal code in the incorrect format

Previously, applications failed to submit and an application exception error occurred if the postal code was entered in an incorrect format. Postal codes must be entered in either of the following: a five digit format, e.g., 'xxxxx', or a nine digit format, e.g., 'xxxxx-xxxx'.

A validation is now displayed to inform the user that this format is required. Submission of an application with postal codes using an incorrect format is prevented.

Internal Benefit Application

PO01236, CGISS-4581 - Resource Type and Item Type not being mapped from the internal application script to Resource Transfer Evidence

Previously, the internal application script allowed the user to record a resource transfer of type 'liquid resource' but not actually make this as a selection.

The system did not not allow the user to record any other resource transfers and only allowed the selection of a sub set of liquid resource transfer types. This led to mapping issues on the Resource Transfer entity as the resource and item type did not map correctly.

This issue has been resolved and the user can now select a resource and item type within the application script. This also allows the user to record any type of resource as a transfer through the application script.

Child Services

CFSS-5819 - The Intake Screening Rate graph displays incorrect information

Previously, the intake screening rates graph did not display any data in locales other than English. This was because the system processing for the graph presentation of intakes searched for a month name that matched the English spelling for that month.

This issue has been resolved by ensuring that the system displays the intakes for a particular time frame irrespective of whether the abbreviations for the month names match the English spelling or not.


Known Issues

Known Issues Cúram Enterprise Framework

Cúram Enterprise Framework

Administration Suite

CEF-12661 - Unable to edit an announcement end date/time after the announcement has started

When a user tries to modify the end date time of an organization announcement that has started already, an error message 'Start date/time must be in the future' is thrown.

A user should only be prevented from modifying the end date and time if end date and time is in the past.

CEF-12666 - User allowed to edit an announcement beyond its end date

When a user tries to modify the end date and time of an organization announcement to a date/time prior to the current date/time, an error message 'The end date and time cannot be earlier than the current date and time' should be thrown. Currently, the system allows the user to modify the end date/time to values prior to the current date/time - this is not valid because the announcement will have already been displayed throughout the application.


Income Support

CGISS-6166 (was previously MAC-1900) - Addresses not mapping for non primary clients from the internal application

Submit an application for two clients and provide an address for the primary client. Check the option 'Use the Primary Client address' on additional clients page and proceed. A validation is thrown Rules Expression 'validateUSAddress(ResidentialAddress.Zipcode)' could not be parsed.




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