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Configuring the dsenv file for ODBC connections to IBM InfoSphere Classic Federation Server for z/OS for InfoSphere Information Analyzer

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If your data sources reside on IBM InfoSphere Classic Federation Server for z/OS, you must enter the information described in this document into the dsenv (environment variables) file to correctly configure the ODBC connection to the data sources.


You must make the following modifications:

  1. Set the library path for the driver. See Configuring the dsenv file for a list of correct names of the environment variable, depending on operating system. For example, for Linux, Solaris, or HP-UX, use the following:


    The path for IBM InfoSphere Classic Federation Server for z/OS Client is /opt/ibm/wsclassic91/cli/lib, so the full statement to use is:


    Note: The library path statement must always be the first entry in the dsenv file.
  2. Add the CAC_CONFIG parameter that includes the path (/opt/ibm/wsclassic91/cli/lib/cac.ini) of the cac.ini file. For example:

    export CAC_CONFIG

    Note: The cac.ini file must also be edited for your specific z/OS configuration. For more information see Configuring the ODBC driver in Related Information.

The following figure shows an example of the partial contents of a modified dsenv file. The changed parameters are indicated in bold.

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