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IBM Customer Experience Suite Version Rich Media Edition Quick Start Guide

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This guide gets you started with a typical installation of Customer Experience Suite Rich Media Edition.


Product overview

Rich Media Edition combines a powerful web delivery environment with robust digital asset management (DAM) capabilities, enabling businesses to publish persuasive content for their customers. Rich Media Edition provides several benefits:

  • Differentiate and manage your digital brand consistently across channels.
  • Seamlessly incorporate rich media assets into web and mobile web experiences.
  • Maximize the impact of rich media with centralized management, search, and comprehensive editing support for images, video, and more.

Step 1: Access the software and documentation

Product software can be accessed from DVD, live repository, or e-image, both available from Passport Advantage®. If you download your product from Passport Advantage, follow the directions in the download document at This product is available as a single product offering. Review the International Program License Agreement for a list of licensing options and their respective entitlements

Step 2: Evaluate the hardware and system configuration

See the detailed system requirements document for V8.0.0 Fix Pack 1:

Step 3: Review the installation architecture

The following diagram illustrates a basic architecture of the product installation and provides a basis for planning your installation.
Diagram of Rich Media Edition environment: authoring and delivery servers, LDAP server, MediaBeacon server, and HTTP server.

Step 4: Install Customer Experience Suite Rich Media Edition

Follow these steps to install Rich Media Edition:
a. Review the information for V8.0.0 Fix Pack 1:
b. Install V8.0.0 Fix Pack 1:
c. Install Combined Cumulative Fix 06:
d. Install and configure the MediaBeacon server:

More information

For more information, see the following resources:

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The Quick Start Guide is available in these translated versions:

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Document information

More support for: IBM Customer Experience Suite

Software version: 8.0,

Operating system(s): AIX, IBM i, Linux, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

Software edition: Enterprise

Reference #: 7038773

Modified date: 13 May 2014