Known Issue: Syndication fails because of an unsupported retention type

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Retention schedules with retention types that are not supported by the connector will fail when you try to run syndication.


IBM Policy Atlas Suite supports several different types of retentions: event-based, fixed time, event + fixed time, and permanent. Not all connectors support all of these types of retention. If you try to syndicate a schedule that has an unsupported retention type, the syndication fails.

To work around the issue, review the list of tasks for the data source on the Policy Syndication page. The Log tab will show the reason for the failure. The message will vary according to the implementation of the various connectors, but the message will tell you that the connector does not support this type of retention.

You can also take the following actions:

  • If the schedule was mistakenly mapped to a data source that does not support the retention type, correct the mapping and map it to the correct data source that does support the retention type.
  • If an unsupported retention type is defined in the schedule, configure the schedule to use a retention type that is supported by the connector.

After the schedule is updated and approved, a new policy syndication task will be generated that can be syndicated to the connector. You can remove the failing task from the queue by manually marking it complete.

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