Ratlperl Upgraded to v. 5.16.1 (modified)

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Ratlperl has been upgraded to version 5.16.1.


The Standard Version of Perl can be found at http://www.cpan.org/src/5.0/perl-5.16.1.tar.gz

The changes made to perl 5.16.1 are as follows:

  • Changes to rename the perl executable from perl to ratlperl
  • Changes to rename the perl shared library from libperl516.so to libratlperl516.so on Unix and to change perl516.dll to ratlperl516.dll on Windows
  • Changes to address problems encountered when using clearmake and omake to execute the build
  • Changes to address a build problem on AIX
  • Changes to address a build problem on HPUX
  • Changes to make access to the environment thread safe

The differences between the Standard Version and Ratlperl are documented in this file:

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Rational ClearCase
Perl: ratlperl

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AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, OS X, Solaris, Windows

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