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IBM Clarity 7 Version 7.2.1 FP2 Fix List

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of IBM Clarity 7 version 7.2.1.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Clarity Consolidations 7.2.1 Fix List FP2

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Clarity Consolidations 7.2.1 FP2 Fix List
Issues corrected since IBM Clarity Consolidations 7.2.1 FP1.
Number Description
PM72586 Data output not correct for specific months on the elim entity
PM73264 Values increasing when translation committed
PM81343 Intercompany Reconciliation report cannot be executed after upgrade to Consol 7.2.1 FP1
PM83555 Adding a new member to hierarchy will cause duplicates in tree
PM85120 Loading IDs change after upgrade
PM85192 Consolidations 7.2.1 FP1 doubles amounts when using "Carry Forward"

Clarity Server 7.2.1 FP2 Fix List
Issues corrected since IBM Clarity Server 7.2.1 FP1.
Number Description
PM71610 Advanced Editing pop up - set a default value for a field when the field is disabled
PM74648 Essbase connection being lost
PM76581 Page Option Name value not correct in reportbooks
PM77253 Clarity 7.2 reports hang when loading
PM77292 Unable to open CellNotes with "&" in the file name
PM77651 Error message when running a report book with custom list and default in Clarity 7.2.1 FP1
PM78550 Essbase connection being lost for report books
PM78747 Error clicking on "Line Item Detail": Object required: 'cWindow.toolbox'
PM80901 Notes Summary - all the notes are shown, instead of only those specified in the Cell Notes filter
PM85831 Add OLAP row - automatic sorting (C6 vs C7)

Clarity Studio 7.2.1 FP2 Fix List
Issues corrected since IBM Clarity Studio 7.2.1 FP1.
Number Description
PM78367 Turbo Integrator issue in Studio
PM78826 Unable to place Cell Notes or Line Item details in the cell in Studio

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