Cognos Express 10.2.1 Fix Lists

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Express 10.2.1.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Cognos Express 10.2.1 Fix Lists

Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Express 10.1.
Number Description
PM03408 Deleting a copy of a file deletes the original file as well
PM09430 The Cognos Configuration tool does not recognize the Cognos Express Service
PM21093 The display properties HideTitlebar=1 and HideToolbar=1 of the TM1 Web URL API do not work in a Drill-Through cube view
PM27905 In Xcelerator web Websheets with Freeze Panes : Columns do not line up correctly
PM35105 Active form loaded to TM1web looses alias description when exported to excel
PM37421 Data disappears after copy/paste/recalc
PM39717 Xcelerator Client :: add in causes saved workbooks to change from manual to automatic
PM43040 Pie chart colours different in Xcelerator
PM43127 Columns Chart colours different in Xcelerator
PM43198 HTTP Error 404 when executing the PDF report using Report URL
PM47417 DBProportionalSpread is not available in Excel 2007
PM49803 A default install of Cognos Express Xcelerator Server does not register it's TM1 Performance Counters DLL bin\tm1perfmondll.dll
PM51468 Running a PDF Export in TM1 Web fails only when initiated from a Secondary Worksheet
PM51583 Pie Charts rotated 90 degrees when displayed in Xcelerator
PM52495 After running Action Button that rebuilds worksheet cannot switch between sandboxes on tm1web
PM53641 Numbers of the countif-exel-function do not match when viewing report in Xcelerator Web
PM62066 TM1 Performance modeler: query builder: metadata explorer does not display views
PM62420 The 'About' link in Report Studio report returns error PRS-OBJ-0604 The object "/rv/about.xts" could not be created …
PM64944 Not able to enter percentage values in TM1 10.1 Web
PM65772 Express: non-admin users (in Xcelerator) are unable to reliably consume data in Express Advisor
PM66133 Multiple TM1 sessions are created for the same user in Cognos Express when executing reports against a TM1 data source
PM66138 CM-SYS-5043 error occurs while publishing a package after restoring a backup from Cognos Express
PM66208 TM1 Server crashes when deleting then re-adding a dimension element
PM69198 Cognos Express Information Center is missing Invalid Documentation Parts Page
PM69684 Xcelerator Client crashes when suppressing zeroes
PM70430 Dynamic subset not assigned to a view after calculation.
PM70644 TM1 Private views disappearing using in spreadsheet browser (ISB)
PM71689 TM1 server crash when opening XLS application
PM72208 Cognos Express Advisor Error: UnhandledException during request
PM72919 Issue while importing reports in Cognos Express
PM72939 rule for }applicationSecurity cube does not take effect without restarting TM1 server since 10.1
PM73107 Error when using xls file as external data source in IBM Cognos Express Report Studio
PM73840 Print Report wizard not creating PDF files with Xcelerator Perspectives
PM74818 Location of trigger.bat in Cognos Express does not exist
PM75022 Large or negative number display in Xcelerator & Planner 10.1
PM75069 Documentation doesn't mention that this link only works for Microsoft Analytic Service /SQL Server Analysis Services
PM76419 CV-0002 Error in Portlet When Exporting Report Output to PDF
PM77412 TM1 Server crash when connecting with Cognos Insight
PM77424 Cognos Express documentation error regarding scheduling
PM77430 Planning applications does not work when Cognos Express Gateway is configured
PM77739 Drill through after migration not working
PM78022 Error during Process Compilation
PM78104 World Map no longer shipped with Cognos Express
PM78134 Adding a new element breaks alias generating "error"
PM78199 Operation Failed Snapshot to Excel - There was no XML start tag open
PM78237 Cognos Express- Multiple logon for Cognos Insight Connected to TM1 server
PM78295 Problems with data when rerunning report in Cognos Express (cache issue)
PM78406 Unable to open reports created in Cognos Express 9.5 in 10.1 clients
PM78917 Planner based Applications prompted to re-enter their credentials, while already logged onto the environment
PM79418 Expected launch menu item (e.g. my watch items) not shows up in CC in Cognos Express
PM79710 Express Advisor Web Client: client cannot open Public views unless admin
PM79902 NAMESPACE_NOT_ACTIVE error when saving rights in Cognos Express Performance Modeler.
PM80012 "Available Entries" is blank when adding a User in Cognos 10.1 Express Manager
PM80039 Unable to deploy new applications-error:You must log on to all referenced namespaces to use these groups. :NAMESPACE_NOT_ACTIVE
PM80956 Perspectives Excel crash on 9.4.1 FP3 HF17
PM80960 Trace Calculation and Check Feeders greyed out.
PM80962 TM1 Contributor reject node hangs server
PM81044 Buttons greyed out when adding a directory to the Cognos Express Selected Entries
PM81528 Cognos Express TM1 server crash
PM82218 TM1s.exe process crashes at startup in Cognos Express 10.1 FP1
PM82544 Performance issues in Cognos Express - views are not caching
PM83258 Detail filter query expression selection not functioning correctly
PM83403 Breadcrumb drill up/down not working in Cognos Express
PM85665 Missing figures in Cognos Express report depending report output format
PM85823 Dimension import 'Create Total Element' does not add function DimensionTopElementInsertDirect to prolog tab
PM86357 Elements in Subset disappearing from TM1 Architect
PM86637 Documentation incorrectly states that maps for Cognos Express Advisor are installed during the setup process
PM87201 User Name in CXMD changes after taking Ownership of an application
PM88893 ConsolidatedAVG rule function does not include zeros
PM88995 Opening Xcelerator Client in Cognos Express turns off NUM LOCK
PM89531 Cognos Express Planner (Performance Modeller) - Opening a dimension takes a long time
PM89652 No detailed documentation in Cognos Express regarding using the Xcelerator Excel add-in (tm1p.xla)
PM91709 Cognos Express Business Insight Advanced - Manage External Data with .xls does not work
PM92772 Cannot Use Cognos Mobile with Express if there's a Gateway
PM96046 Pre-requisites missing from the Cognos Express installation guide
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Express 10.2.1.
Number Description
PI05483 Client only Install: TM1Perspectives does not launch on Windows8
PI09546 Cognos Express: Data flow diagrams containing objects with polish characters cannot find objects in model when opened
PI12274 Websheet crashes when scrolling and entering data
PM76358 Cognos Express 9.5. Xcelerator Customer Consolidations disappear
PI05091 Discrepancies between TM1 Web and slice or snapshotto Excel
PI07408 DBSS function not working in TM1Web 10.2
PI08049 Cognos Express 10.2.1 does not support websheets if Russian or Polish is used in the browser
PI09830 Upgrade from Cognos Express 9.5 to Cognos Express 10.1 breaks active form rebuild
PI11653 View references do not open in TM1 Web for Cognos Express 10.2.1 if the browser first Language Preference is Spanish.
PI11997 moving an iWidget in Cognos Workspace throws Java.IO.Exception
PI12641 TM1 Server Crash after running 2 TI processes
PM95932 Unable to start up Xcelerator model due to corrupt file - model will start in an older version of Cognos Express
PM99122 With IntegratedSecurityMode to 5, users can still see tabs for cubes they have no access to
Issues corrected in Cognos Express 10.2.1 FP2.
Number Description
PI08738 Setting a Custom Date format does not display properly in TM1web 10.2
PI10047 Active form displays #ERR! when opened in TM1Web
PI13617 Cognos express issue with running report with totals
PI13777 need ability to type into and paste into SUBNM formula on websheets
PI16224 CX 10.1 crash
PI16225 CX 10.1 TM1 Server Crashing with Save Data All, seemingly related to UDCs/Rollups This is fixed in TM1
PI16226 CX 10.2 FP1 Memory leak in Perspectives when recalulating a slice or active form - causing Excel crash
PI17177 Cognos express error when selecting a chart in Xcelerator (Tm1web)
PI17322 Unable to export Websheet to Excel or PDF from XCelerator web
PI17484 Active Form action button to rebuild active form not working in Xcelerator Web
PI18359 Link Save - com.cognos.utils.AssertionFailureException
PI18524 Sandboxing does not retain any changes made after first set of initial changes
PI18689 QE-DEF-0260 running a report authored in "fr-ca" locale that contains a calculation from a package based on "en" locale
PI18876 report generates wrong results in dqm package, when using exclude
PI20935 Internal application problem populating the time dimension from the icon in Cognos Express 10.2.1 Performance modeler.
PI21121 Rules cannot be saved/generated in Performance Modeler for Cognos Express
PI21338 In TI Process,  subset names for any given dimension are not saved with the cube view, show up as "Unnamed"
PI21354 Having double quotes (") in the Alias name will not allow you to add cell comments in Application Web
PM34275 Aliases lost when Snapshot to Excel an Active Form from TM1 Web
PM82994 TM1 Web snapshop\export does not show alias on sheet tab
PM97590 Link generated TI processes to copy data paste zero values
Issues corrected in Cognos Express 10.2.1 FP3.
Number Description
PI10482 Quick Export and Export to Excel crash Insight for a particular view
PI10614 Incorrect cell value in cube view when the MTQ parameter in the tm1s.cfg file is enabled
PI16699 TM1 server is crashing in the end of executing one chore
PI22960 Export Active forms after collapse the consolidation make extra formatted area outside of table
PI26085 Cannot select multiple level in level filter in Cognos Express TM1 Web 10.2
PI31329 View is corrupted or user does not have read permissions Reset View in TM1 Application Web
PI31657 Upgrade to 10.2.1 FP1 causes the following error: SDK-ERR-0088

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