Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1 Fix Lists

Release notes


A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.

Note: Fixes previously available in Cognos BI 10.2.1 FP1 Feature Bundle are included in Cognos BI 10.2.1 FP3.


APARs listed for a specific component apply only to that component. Other APARs apply to Cognos BI Server and may also apply to other components.

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Cognos Business Intelligence
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2
Number Description
PK87943 Report crashes when using lastperiods in slicer/context filter
PK88226 BIBus exceptions not being caught by the dispatcher causes denial of service
PK88305 QFS-ERR-0126 error after upgrading chart report from 8.3 SP3 to FP4
PK88446 List box prompt does not automatically expand to fit data
PK89520 Help and Various links no longer work with webseal
PK89687 Metric Studio diagram picture does not get the same output result like HTML/PDF for excel
PK89801 When aggregation rules of measure is set to Last, measures in the analysis appear as "--" in Analysis Studio
PK90396 Portal drill through to Analysis Studio results in PS-SRV-6112
PK90993 Unable to display image running report in Excel 2000 from Query Studio
PK91208 Coalesce statement ignored in query subject that pulls data from two data sources
PK91307 RSV-DST-0014 Error in long-running report with File Archive system defined
PK91383 The date for end of Australian Eastern Daylight Savings is incorrect
PK92286 Calculated measures in Analysis Studio lose formatting when used with another measure
PK92296 Relative time hierarchies does not have levels if the cube is build in a month with incomplete quarter
PK92612 Legend Title displayed twice for report output in format Excel 2002/2000 single sheet
PK93064 Client is rendering PDFs in a dashboard and they aren't using all the available vertical space
PK93370 Map Manager crashes when adding aliases to custom layer
PK93414 Crosstab Performance issue when measure nested above dimension in columns
PK93621 Time Interval doesn't produce correct output after upgrade
PK93818 "Upgrding a report from CRN Mr3 to Cognos 8.4 FP1 with component reference gives an error"
PK94245 Image names with unescaped characters cause images to not appear in output.
PK94537 Wrong return code from
PK94991 Performance issue: the index on date columns is not used when running updates
PK95379 Go Office gives error "The server did something wrong"
PK95730 DMR - Report based Drill through doesn't work from saved output in HTML format
PK96180 Inconsistent behaviour between prompt rendering and report rendering
PK96611 Portal page reset to the top of the page when user drill down to next level on a chart
PK97768 Event Studio - CNC-SDS-0400 when using 'Set Default options for all tasks' and 'send a link to the report by email'
PK97772 PDF drill-through definition fail with error "MSC-ERR-0008 The data provider returned an error message"
PK98421 Erratic behavior for chart rendering in report with page sets
PK98663 Package name resolves as English instead of Dutch in Report Studio when content language is set as default
PK98834 CCL-PLG-0001 when trying to combine filters in Query Studio when filter name contains special character
PK99449 RRSV-BBP-0038 The request asynchWait_Request Failed because the conversation was already canceled
PK99526 BIBus process does not drop DB connection when DB goes offline resulting in sqlPrepareWithOptions status=-121
PK99650 Framework Manager changes existing Query Item Data Types from Int64 to Float64 when metadata is re-imported
PM00429 Double windows open when run report in Excel, CSV formats on WinXP
PM00527 BIBusTKServerMain crashes when running the attached report: CCLStdExceptionError:0:Fatal: vector too long
PM00583 Special character causes DPR-ERR-2065 The response from Report Server is not well formed
PM00592 Incorrect Totals displayed within the group level
PM01113 SDK program to create and publish model gives error with two dispatchers
PM01848 Hidden data item spanning multiple columns prevents columns reporting data
PM01987 Unable to disable drill down for one dimension of chart
PM02470 Duplicate section value when a single value is selected for prompt based on macro function.
PM02473 RSV-SRV-0040 error if pass an empty value to the report which contains nested page set
PM02919 Inconsistent when using a cube with/without spaces within a category during a drill through
PM02997 When using Finnish as content language, Report Studio value prompt Lowest and Highest are translated incorrectly
PM03210 "RQP-DEF-0103 CROSS JOIN" error on Query Studio occurs when namespace of shortcut to query subject containing right arrow
PM03213 No entries instead of available links on Go To window after clicking on Go To Options->Related Links
PM03892 Reports created before Nov. 2009 run one hour earlier after DST time change
PM04194 Hide/Show functionality for categories in PowerPlay web does not work correctly
PM04373 Unexpected behavior of ReportOption('outputFormat') function in Report studio when used with Drill Through
PM04439 Using Powerplay cubes in studios : Measures and Currency folders are not translated into users Content Language
PM04760 Cannot call as/400 stored procedure from DM
PM04922 Lost data and inaccurate data when paging down then up through HTML output
PM05233 Threshold error when viewing the Metric System in the Cognos Administration in a distributed environments
PM05287 LDAP SSO fails if SSO token contains ? (CHAR 0241)
PM05362 Hiding list detail with "Box type" = "None" causes "There is an error in XML document"
PM05610 In a distributed environment with SSO enabled, login prompt instead of message after clicking on Go To Options -> Related Links
PM05618 Can't drill through from saved version if all parameters have null values
PM05712 Configured remote log servers occasionally prevents services from starting appropriately
PM06467 Report on Portal Page with incorrect layout
PM06663 Conditional styles and Properties property cause crosstab to remove sections of crosstab
PM06750 Background images do not extend all the way to right side of saved HTML report
PM07000 Category labels missing in Excel 2002 and Excel 2007 export when viewed through Excel 2003 client
PM07144 JSON4J.jar file missing from 64bit zLinux installation. Causes NoClassDefFoundError when accessing permissions tab in portal.
PM07853 Using an iFrame with drill thru report refreshed page to public folders
PM08846 ANS-MES-0005 Error When Using TM1 64bit as data source in Cognos8RP1
PM09327 Page down in Cognos Viewer produces Error: Expected hexadecimal digit
PM09960 Cut selected columns not displayed correct
PM09987 Report latency seen after upgrade from 8.2 to 8.4
PM10407 Character limitation in Expression definition in Framework Manager
PM10743 Oracle VarChar(4000) causes reports to render poorly in Excel 2007
PM10877 Insertable objects display dimension improperly in Analysis Studio
PM11005 Data formatting is not respected in DMR through drill-down.
PM11265 Drill down / up on a chart linked with list / crosstab does not update conditional formatting on list / crosstab
PM11384 Incorrect measure format in analysis studio when SET of measures are defined for a single query data item
PM11675 Editing a relationship may cause the operands used in the definition to change
PM11940 BMT-MD-3602 after upgrade to 8.4.1
PM11957 CM-REQ-4029 error on multiple drill-through from saved output
PM12026 RQP-DEF-0177 UDA-SQL-0357 with bigint in Stored Proc SQL
PM12118 Passing a parameter with multiple values via a URL lost first value
PM12135 Value Prompts perform slower in 8.4 compared to 8.2
PM12568 The drill through doesn't re-prompt the values in 8.4 as it does in 8.3
PM12577 Framework Manager - Namespace vs Folder shortcut behavior not consistent
PM13150 Cogtr process is hung if an incorrect password for data source is passed on the command line.
PM13755 Excel 2002 3D Combination Line Chart does not show grid lines
PM14048 PF-VAL-6165 error using channels in portlets
PM14941 Unable to open Excel 2000 Saved report outputs in Cognos 8.4.1
PM14985 Drill through from a list with high number of rows per page has inconsistent performance.
PM15538 Inconsistent HTML Item print behavior across multiple browsers
PM15641 Log File Location replaces backslashes with forward slashes when UNC path defined
PM15947 Cognos daemon fails to start on Linux system using GMT
PM15971 CM-SYS-5043 Content Manager failed to create an object
PM16308 Cancelling job in first 15 seconds of execution causes duplicate job history
PM16429 Value in expression definition enclosed with single quotation mark changes involuntarily after changing the key in parameter map
PM16982 DateTime value if Zero in database when the same is imported and tested in Framework Manager return the current date instead of Zero value
PM17047 Decimal format in Framework not used in Report Studio
PM17295 A conditional block inside a conditional block will collapse the layout when rendering in Excel 2002
PM17329 Error message during validation: RSV-VAL-0002 Invalid expression case when CellValue()>0
PM17890 run with save option (batch report) never returns output -- status remains pending in the job cue
PM18068 Unable to add more than 13 attachments to a single Email Task in Event Studio when using IE 8 or 7
PM18270 3-D Combination Chart tooltip and bar values are incorrect with Total calculation as 2nd series
PM18432 Open in Analysis Studio dropdown causes javascript error in Cognos Viewer on a dashboard.
PM18646 GlobalReportStyles.css not applied for Excel 2007
PM18734 Sorting data security filters results in the changes not being saved
PM18945 Relationship SQL changes depending on where you click on the line.
PM19387 Bibus crashing when html report is executed on batch
PM19510 Viewing Report Outputs page with hundreds of outputs in 8.4 is slower that 8.2 with advanced parameter
PM19799 Conditional formatting of values on charts are not being applied
PM19960 MSR-LIN-0006 - When Lineage is used on a calculated query item
PM20563 Lots of "CNC-DS-0011 Error while processing attachment" found in cogserver.log
PM21250 The hand cursor shows up when hovering over charts in Firefox even when they don't have drill through capability
PM21325 Publish wizard does not display folder path of package when the folder does not exist in CM
PM21413 Chart with percentage y-Axis shows wrong value when Minimum Value is set to 0
PM21484 Add the ability to push intersect and except operators to SQL server 2005 and 2008
PM23416 Query Studio title does not reflect changes
PM23472 Wrong result in a tree-prompt when multi-selection begin on a medium level following by a detailed level in a Detail Filter
PM24288 View in excel 2002 or 2007 in Query studio result in IE warning and open window
PM24354 Unable to drop items in a report that has scrolled in Firefox
PM24913 to_date function ignores time in date/time
PM25667 concurrent execution of queries not working in case of interactive report with prompts on the report page
PM25898 does not hide the left side header as expected
PM26523 Progressive chart label values are truncated in HTML
PM26857 FilenameVariables=TRUE not working in series 7 style preference file.
PM27207 Some report properties that were set on the report are not rendering in BUX on certain reports
PM27271 Drill through links not working if PDF compression is on full and report has more than one page
PM27555 Aggregation 'count distinct' over date column in a crosstab results 'DPR-ERR-2074' and Report Server crash.
PM28177 Client missing data when report is run interactively from bottom and ‘page(ing) up’
PM28387 Suppression not working for Quarters if categories not in model
PM28910 Query Studio shows incorrect results when creating a calculation based on another query studio calculation
PM28914 Blob Field not showing properly for PDF
PM29426 "smtp.reconnection.delay" parameter not working
PM29789 Incorrect drill through behavior while passing the value from Text Box prompts with Range enabled
PM29881 No filter option available after clicking Cancel in preview mode
PM29941 Web page error when scheduling report with customized javascript
PM30439 Complex PC calculations return NULL instead of values
PM30493 Incorrect drill through behavior after installing the particular C8.4 FP2 patch
PM30824 The dispatcher status for the last dispatcher to be started is not correct
PM30959 Report errors are not written to the COGIPF_RUNREPORT audit table if reports are not run from within Report Studio.
PM31137 Drill Down/Drill Up on List/X-Tab report does not apply conditional formatting in Business Insight
PM31211 Lengthy reports cannot be executed during certain times of the year.
PM32216 Graph scale cannot be set correctly when the possible range is either 0 or 1.
PM32557 Sort order doesn't work on nested crosstab
PM32625 Business Insight - sort column, ascending or descending had no effect
PM32716 Sort order doesn't work on nested crosstab using slicer with a prompt parameter and set
PM32903 Java core on restart of C8
PM33007 Report on PowerCube has poor performance in a comparison of Cognos 8.4.1 FP3 64Bit vs Cognos 10.1 GA 64Bit
PM33442 'ANS-MES-0003 A server error occured' error message in Analysis Studio after Inactivity Timeout expired
PM33924 Blank page in Business Insight Advanced when a date prompt page is defined in Report Studio
PM34125 New settings for Maximum size of an uncompressed email attachment in MB.
PM34132 Not able to display all the charts in a single page using IE 7
PM34179 Report with "No Data Contents" defined shows blank table when click "Bottom" link in HTML
PM34489 OP-ERR-0118 The dimensions on the edge are inconsistent
PM35094 RSV-SRV-0042 when running portal report second time.
PM35198 Images retrieved via an ASPX script do not display properly in Excel 2007 format
PM35354 Cascading prompt with default selection of All changes to Data Item Name
PM35465 Issues when drilling through from PowerPlay Studio to a Cognos 8 Report in Excel format
PM35541 Cascading prompts not working in Cognos 10 on relational model
PM35650 Duplicate logon entries in COGIPF_USERLOGON when schedules execute
PM35699 AsOfDate() has problem with Chinese displaying
PM36213 Report fails with error RQP-DEF-0177 - An error occurred while performing operation 'sqlGetBlob' status='-9'
PM36276 C8 service intermittently remains in starting(START_PENDING) when using Windows2008 powershell script
PM36525 Report /w prompt page doesn't have its buttons at the bottom of the page when output is saved.
PM36698 CM-REQ-4158 in re-browsing for a package location if folder name contains an accent
PM36735 Incorrect custom SQL in Report Studio reports no longer returns database error message
PM37054 IPF_LOGON_OPERATION only shows 'logoff' for batch reporting
PM37153 Singletons referencing data items populated by parameter values return null.
PM37379 Drill through chart, the icon in business insight when hovering does not show hand pointer
PM37489 0 recipients for e-mail in advanced "run report with options" when logging in via SSO with a direct URL to a folder
PM37506 Advanced parameters for report service causes errors adding report data source in Transformer
PM37702 DPR-ERR-2101 error with Japanese report with prompt
PM37912 String padding when data item outputs string literals
PM38144 Validation level settings are ignored during the Lifecycle Manager validation process
PM38292 Navigating to the bottom page on an interactive HTML report causes the second row of an overall header to disappear
PM38498 Refresh the package tree does not work
PM38536 Use of certain special characters in member names causing unexpected behavior in Analysis Studio
PM38649 Wrong information logged in the Audit table COGIPF_AGENTRUN
PM38701 Null is intermittently displayed instead of the path when searching in Analysis Studio and using option "Show the path"
PM38786 Lowest and Highest value not set in slider config dialog for sectioned crosstab report
PM38811 ModelSaveDirectory doesn't work as documented
PM39186 Drill-Through Definitions are lost when it has more than 1 page of entries
PM39231 Error Connecting to SQL Server 2008 DB With a '.' in the Name
PM39337 Return toolbar link breaks if Cognos connection is opened using a javascript call which provides a window name.
PM39677 Enabling advanced setting causes scheduled items in Upcoming Activities not to be displayed
PM39805 CAM-CRP-1091 saving configuration on Job Server that uses Thai locale
PM40858 PRS-NOP-1056 error adding Event task "Run Report" using report based on a package with an & in the name
PM41058 Drill up/Drill down behavior in portlets incorrect when drilling down on the columns in charts
PM41221 Long time to open Package for editing in Framework Manager
PM41497 Display previous value when you choose "Deselect all"
PM41558 setting RSVP.EXCEL.XLS2007_ALLOW_WRAPPING_SINGLE_CELL creates issues with formatting in Excel
PM41619 Searched measure causes RSV-SRV-0003 error
PM41788 After installing C8.4.1FP3, Cognos 8 service is wrongly started as 'Running' status even if Content Store DB is down
PM41897 Unable to run Event Studio when system language is Croatian during install and user's content language is Croatian
PM41898 The converter failed to open the file - Excel 2007 output with spaces in the image filename
PM42021 Tooltips is not displayed correctly for bar chart when summarize small items is applied.
PM42076 Formatting issue when exporting to excel 2007
PM42171 Dashboard Report fails with RSV-SRV-0040 error in C10
PM42308 Drilling down on a dimension referenced by a namespace shortcut does not work.
PM42524 Merged conditionally rendered cells are not always hidden
PM42868 Page Break on a calculator column generates prompt
PM42900 Excel found unreadable content error message when report header and report page contain an image
PM43316 Column width of "Data Source" in Data Stream properties needs to be limited
PM43317 Analysis Studio - An analysis with a filter as a context filter lead to a error message when run as HTML: RQP-DEF-0538
PM43387 UDA-SQL-0328 error while validating on date items in C10.1 Framework Manager
PM43421 Different results of calculations in interactive HTML and Batch when using coalesce function
PM43629 TR 3110 when opening MDL model with a calculated category using another category having an @ (at) character
PM43655 Using custom SQL, charts do not match custom palette
PM43721 RSV-SRV-0040 error while running the report that has Default Variable Value from SAP with custom prompt page.
PM44361 Drill Down & change Prompt fails when using Cognos Viewer portlet page: QFS-ERR-0140 referenced data item not found
PM44503 Read and Traverse is sufficient to open packages in studios when Content Manager Cache Service is active
PM44690 Prompt values not saved when report view created
PM44889 List report is failing in all formats except CSV
PM44905 Font in the index search page not readable when coming from the Configuration - Query service caching page
PM44990 Restarting causes default named dispatchers appears on the root when renamed and grouped.
PM45070 Performance of a list report that contains report joins
PM45134 Variable returns no value in Data Manager 10
PM45241 The Origin does not show zero in Excel format
PM45283 Time Interval on a chart Numeric Axis in Report Studio
PM45363 Reports upgraded from 8.3, change in behavior of two cascading value prompts with both static choice and default selections
PM45377 Incorrect Change status for an added query subject in FM Analyze Publish Impact
PM45560 Business Insight does not bring in new data to report/prompts but Report Studio does
PM46002 QE-DEF-0314 error when trying to import datasource with an apostrophe in the name
PM46196 BMT-IMP-0008 No reports in the specified folder(s) were found that reference the selected object(s).
PM46641 Unable to move published dataMovementTask using Move option
PM46801 Chart does not get updated in Business Insight when the prompt is changed
PM46820 Unable to add Subtotals to table object with Page Set
PM46841 Drilling through from a saved PDF report to HTML throws "Object Expected" error
PM47131 Wrong values are displayed when truncating a string with special characters like German ä or ü
PM47179 IBM Cognos PowerPlay 10.1 structuring the parameter line under the PowerPlay Studio Properties Tab
PM47318 ui_hide "show" parameter does not control the behavior of multiple predefined groups
PM47549 Lose focus in pop-up window when going to another portlet through a hyperlink button in the portlet
PM48195 DPR-ERR-2008 ... unknown service name: when attempting to run a report against a Batch/Report App Tier
PM48268 DPR-ERR-2056 when using median function
PM48770 Line chart with alternating markers on series uses single marker shape in Excel output
PM49171 Long string in a column is truncated when csv data is imported as an external data
PM49327 Running a specific List report with Tabular SQL against Oracle causes a BiBus crash in icuin40.dll
PM49339 Unable to use sysdate() in Cognos 10.1
PM49410 Data Manager does not recognize timezone on AIX 7.1
PM49469 Drill-down/up crosstab: inconsistent report results
PM49630 DPR-ERR-2056 Report is not responding when validating and running the report against Informix
PM50275 Firefox display object block in one column instead of in line with Internet Explorer
PM50365 Unable to install 8.4.1 FP3 over hotsite - 64 bit install
PM50527 Exporting to PDF the heading in the Measure heading area is incorrect.
PM50594 When data item value used for group property of page set contains Japanese characters, no data is displayed
PM50685 Exporting Two Maps in Excel 2007 will export only the first one, twice
PM50725 LCM throws RSV-AOM-0002 on all reports validating with particular 8.4 hotsites installed.
PM50995 DQM with Semi-Additive Measure Data Filtered Incorrectly
PM51476 Combination chart can not sort date related value in x-axis
PM51609 Saving Framework Manager model to mapped network share very slow
PM51650 Not Able to Hide UI Elements In the Alternate Delivery Method Dialog
PM51752 CFG-ERR-0106 when JAVA_HOME set path has a space in it
PM51854 Execute CSV report from Cognos Viewer generate uncancellable RSV-BBP-0036 error.
PM51998 Exported PowerPlay Studio report looks different in Excel 2007
PM52041 Export Excel not proper in specific case
PM52182 In Analysis Studio the apex category (PowerPlay cube) on the lowest level is not shown for selection
PM52623 TM1 attributes are not displayed when using DQM
PM52630 Need to scroll to bottom of portal page to see horizontal bar in 10.1.1
PM52671 Performance against Analysis Studio specification in DQM
PM52717 No information displayed or captured for failing data sources
PM52733 Warning message shows up after changing value of dropdown list
PM52908 Report Studio returns error when "Page Down" is clicked using pagination in crosstab space with prompt value.
PM52925 Invalid file name generated when opening Hebrew named report as Excel 2007 output
PM52941 When a data item that is used in a union query the data item label is not shown in the users locale
PM53207 Changes in GlobalReportStyles.css didn't appear in Business Insight Dashboard
PM53219 Upgraded chart does not correctly display data
PM53232 XQE-GEN-0002 An unexpected exception occurred: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
PM53455 Cancelling job causes warning and disappearing of all job run details in multi-server environment.
PM53510 Error! pops up in Report Studio when using external data that contains only column information
PM53653 Multiple pie charts not rendered in Excel 2007
PM53660 Unable to display simple RSS feed in a Cognos Viewer portlet after upgrade
PM53712 Unable to save Workspace if List Container is present and short host name used
PM53743 QE-DEF-0360 The query contains a reference to at least one object '[Query.oqpTabStream].[DataItem_format]' that does not exist.
PM53905 Viewer toolbar is missing on drill from Powerplay Studio when Content Locale is set to English (United States)
PM53931 TM1 objects do not refresh within Business Insight tree
PM54085 RSV-SRV-0040 is generated when running the report with prompt value that contains surrogate pair characters
PM54099 Cognos Viewer Toolbar appears in target report when drilling from a portal tab
PM54275 Categories that have moved still showing detail data in old category in Analysis Studio
PM54297 Decimal places setting is ignored in chart for Excel 2010
PM54349 CRX-YXX-4010 in Report Studio when using Conditional Styles and ] in a data item name
PM54571 Export a PowerPlay Studio Report into Excel 2007, a hide summary row will be displayed in Excel
PM54637 Self Drill through is not working
PM54653 Inconsistent results with filtering on jobs by dispatcher
PM54718 UDA-SQL-0191 error when using an external data file
PM55012 Japanese characters set to show value property get corrupted in bubble chart
PM55025 8.4.1 FP4 Transformer Japanese cannot start
PM55065 I18NRuntimeError:-14:Fatal: when using localized pattern in MSAS with DQM
PM55399 Framework Manager aborts during package publish when user does not have READ access to root of Data Source directory.
PM55486 Inconsistently behavior with the popup window 'you must save or print the report before sending an email'
PM55822 Testing macro in framework manager fails with BMT-MD-6005 unable to see test data source.
PM56025 List report layout gets changed when upgrading the report
PM56312 Format and Layout calculation lost after drill down/up in Business Insight
PM56314 Drilling up on crosstab in Business Insight brings back sibling
PM56344 No ability to set the Start By date of a new My Inbox task to be the current date.
PM56482 Nested columns disappear when drilling down on parent column in Business Insight
PM56637 Error with Red X image and no text after clicking on Alert Me About New Versions link from More link of the report
PM56672 TM1 9.5.2 Package Connector cannot import numerical attributes when the comma "," is used as decimal separator
PM56679 Package no longer multilingual after adding external data.
PM56792 Unable to do full content store export with user account info
PM57078 Unreadable content in Microsoft Excel 2007
PM57081 One or more of the required values is missing. Required values are needed to produce the report.
PM57082 Cannot hide Cognos Viewer "Go To" Button
PM57196 Sybase IQ - Median causes Syntax error near 'over'
PM57365 WatchRule Functionality not working, seemingly introduced by Interim Releases
PM57379 Unable to Run Personal Data Report in Batch Mode
PM57717 Report with Master Detail and Tree Prompt fails
PM57760 Subtotal function in Analysis Studio does not give the right number
PM57824 Optional prompt causes error when running in background and returning to that prompt
PM57873 Adding a crosstab space to the report running off a TM1 cube causes zero suppression to not work
PM57917 Intermittent prompt list box resized and values not refreshed after clicking reprompt button
PM57932 External Data mapping with a DMR-based report fails with error MSR-PD-0007 Failed to execute the report
PM58110 Intermittent CAF error with drill down in portal tab
PM58261 Format and data lost for Cells formatted with %, when exporting to excel 2007
PM58394 "open in web browser" link for a task results in "could not read inputs" in Cognos Inbox
PM58448 Aggregate Rules in Framework Manager result in UDA-SQL-0358 syntax error with Calculations
PM58451 PRS-OBJ-0604 The object "/portal/runWithOptions/agentDefinitionView.xts" could not be created based on language "Anglais".
PM58480 10.1.1 crosstab summary row set to Box Type None shifts over a column in Excel 2007 and PDF
PM58568 Cannot determine if shared secret is set
PM58632 CMStringLocale is null while trying to import Content Store
PM58662 QE-DEF-0314 when user has only Execute and Traverse permissions on datasource
PM58728 HKSCS characters from Windows 7 inputs cannot be properly rendered in PDF output of Cognos 8.4.1 with embedded font
PM58775 UDA-EE-0094 error in report when introducing column
PM58806 Printing jobs can fail with new check queue advanced setting
PM58905 10.1.1-Report in Multi-page Dashboard "Required values is missing"
PM58922 Slow Drillthrough Performance when '&' symbol is used in the member name
PM59033 Excel formatting issues - footer with url disappears or appears in the header
PM59038 CNC-MON-0022 when opening Failed history details after upgrading
PM59047 Unable to see PDF report if multiple AP servers exist
PM59084 UDA errors with Cognos 8.4 reports upgrading to Cognos 10.1.1
PM59110 Framework Manager Format type "Time Interval" pick list/drop down is missing the Time unit.
PM59122 The Advanced Search option to Search for Object Type in Enhanced Search doesn't filter based on the types of objects indexed
PM59351 missing icons when attaching the event output to an email task
PM59380 Business Insight not synching correctly with two crosstabs
PM59389 Unable to use Manual Prompt Capture if custom prompt page is defined.
PM59471 Slider Filter Error: "Action is not available for the selected data."
PM59710 Small values displayed in a bar chart change the position and layout of the chart.
PM59892 Archive Log File Entries functionality does not work properly
PM59941 Report widgets based on same dimension do not synchronize drill
PM59946 Map in Active report highlights out of alignment
PM59967 Exporting a PowerPlay Studio report lead to the format not be transferred into Excel 2007
PM60014 External identity mapping expression not working
PM60078 Drill down then drill up do not return the correct values
PM60113 How to disable cookie ID detection
PM60161 Business Insight Advanced Custom Filter for date column returns wrong result set with Oracle database
PM60167 Self drill-through report doesn't pass data item value to a target parameter correctly
PM60201 Value prompt uses more space after switching from PDF to HTML
PM60234 Misaligned Formatting of MSExcel 2007 exported data
PM60316 Event Studio Agent fails with java.util.MissingRessourceException: Can't find resource for bundle ncmsg, key iw_IL
PM60329 Error MS-UI-0001 while trying to get lineage after renaming the column header in Query Studio
PM60430 Checkbox prompt displays incorrectly with scroll bars with IE8 and IE9
PM60575 New Tm1 server instance is not unregistered after deleting it from the Cognos configuration window
PM60917 Setting the prestart_process to false in the reportservice.xml file has no effect
PM60946 Cannot run a powercube in DQM unless you have TM1 client installed
PM61018 UDA-SQL-0219 The function "_add_hours" is being used for local processing but is not available as a built-in function, or at...
PM61098 Specified line weight not kept in Excel Output VS HTML Output
PM61163 underscore instead of page name in Excel 2007 sheet name when less than 4 characters
PM61246 Unable to save Active Reports to the Archive Location File System Root
PM61496 CPS-PAG-4801 Error
PM61543 Upgrade issue from Cognos 8.4.1 to Cognos 10.1.1
PM61551 Combination chart loses conditional palette line in Excel 2007
PM61569 Cannot open Excel 2007 report created with setting server parameter (RSVP.EXCEL.XLS2007.FULLDECIMALPRECISION)
PM61605 Cognos10.1 service does not start when set to automatic on Windows 2003
PM61825 OP-ERR-0109 The model item [item name] is invalid for multi-cube packages
PM61846 Drill from PDF in Firefox causes source page to go blank after drill
PM61850 MSR-PD-0001 error when applying External Data on Query Subject that contains a calculation
PM61859 Different syntax for useReplacementVariablesFor for DQM
PM61914 Analysis Studio: Not all columns selected when using shift + click in IE7
PM61928 Excel 2007 output from PowerPlay Studio will result in additional empty excel worksheets
PM61929 Alias shortcut query subjects in 'hide component and children' (FM package) are shown after external data wizard.
PM61950 No cleanup of the temp PDF file is done after printing
PM62047 Report against a cube with invalid MUN causes browser window to freeze
PM62068 Business Insight workspace cannot be added as a link in a My Inbox task.
PM62234 On Unix and Windows platforms, Intermittent error "The requested Server Group '' does not exist" when logging into portal
PM62335 Style variable with 'between' operator and negative value results in CRX-YXX-4010 A parsing error was found
PM62408 Error RSV-RND-0004 Invalid CSS Declaration found - Running chart with x,y axis in excel format
PM62564 Combination Chart Line Disappears With 3D Markers.
PM62647 MDX splits when crosstab spacer is added into a crosstab report, due to Reporter Mode decomposition
PM62755 Drill - nesting lost on drill down
PM62771 High locking contention during expandMembers() query
PM62780 Firefox OOM issues
PM62828 Chart changes the minimum range value on the display to a lower value than defined
PM62829 Line chart: Axis range minimum and maximum value may prevent the measure values from displaying
PM62830 Legend truncation value is not working as expected
PM62992 ../schemas/GlobalReportStyles_10.css{}{} error in BI after adding a Select Value Filter
PM63081 When submitting reports to deliver via e-mail, Excel 2002 and 2007 links appear with incorrect text.
PM63127 Powerplay Studio report exports to multiple sheets in Excel 2007 when columns exceed 256
PM63314 Second Prompt page gets cleared when editing report view prompts
PM63345 X-axis data item format are different in Excel 2007 and Excel 2002 format compare to HTML and PDF output
PM63452 COGIPF_MEASURE_COUNT is not populated in the audit store database when a Time Based Partition cube is audited
PM63511 GEN-ERR-0003 The query item with the name 'Range' is not found
PM63528 Business Insight drill-through not working
PM63538 Combination chart in Excel 2007 does not keep consistent colors
PM63576 Unable to download active reports with IE when SSL is enabled on the Gateway
PM63617 Unable to select value in Tree Prompt
PM63685 Average calculation mismatch between Cognos8.4 and Cognos10.1
PM63701 Drill through fails with RQP-DEF-0354 when multiple powercubes are included in a single package
PM63785 Export to Excel 2007 loses data formatting when using multiple measures in PowerPlay Studio
PM63857 Data Format not respected after migrating from Classic to DQM
PM63858 Sort order not respected after migrating from Classic to DQM
PM63878 When saving Cognos Configuration, Tomcat's server.xml gets overwritten
PM63924 Left and right align text used in span style tag within Rich Text Item causing line breaks in output
PM64015 -XQE-0006 Error when logon to MS Analysis Services 2008 with a special character in the password ( german umlaut ü or ö)
PM64030 Toolbar icons options disappear after changing language
PM64035 Factless query on star schema grouping
PM64071 Date field missing in excel 2007 report
PM64081 RSV-SRV-0040: Error running reports with concurrent query execution enabled
PM64170 HAL errors when opening the Powerplay tab in Cognos Administration with Firefox 10.0.1 or above
PM64330 An object that has a Render variable associated, behavior changes on page-down/page-up
PM64511 Error downloading Active Reports with IE8 if using IIS7.5 when "Temporary objects location" is set to "Content Store"
PM64518 Drill up on Pie chart not reflecting in Crosstab
PM64593 Scatter Plot chart does not keep scale when switching items on axis
PM64671 Crosstab Results row set to Box Type None shifts over a column in Excel 2007 and PDF
PM64702 CAF error when accessing default action URL for a PowerPlay Studio report
PM64728 Report Studio Page Explorer blank when opening upgraded report with Component Layout Reference
PM64783 Export to CSV has missing column headings for nested Analysis Studio analysis
PM64789 Job with a report saving to the file system fails with error java.lang.NullPointerException
PM64824 Excel 2007 report with a Block above a List generates an extra column and unmerged cells after upgrade to C10
PM65017 Windows cannot be hidden at lower levels of a MultiPage portlet.
PM65018 Excel 2007 shows wrong format when export from Powerplay Studio
PM65488 Location of Calculated Column Different Depending on if Measure or Member Are Used
PM65519 Chart Note does not display any new created Data Items
PM65615 'CNC-DS-0032 The file name ... is unsafe' when using path in file name
PM65712 Barcode font (Bar-Code 39.ttf) does not work in PDF reports
PM65746 DPR-DPR-1035 in cogserver.log when a report is run in html and then choose View in excel options > View in excel 2007 format
PM65811 Title of a calculated item in a multi-lingual DMR model is not translated
PM65818 Incorrect rounding when saving as Excel 2007 from PowerPlay Client 10.1.1
PM65888 Query Studio multilingual title does not change when content language is changed
PM65898 CASE WHEN statement gives ora-12704 character set mismatch
PM65910 Null suppression failure on master/detail crosstab after inserting a crosstab space.
PM65926 Zero and Divide by zero Row Suppression options cause error if report returns Zero and Divide by zero values
PM66003 XQE-GEN-0002 when using a macro and cast function in the same query
PM66058 Can't run active report via batch - RQP-DEF-0169
PM66081 Business Insight performance while building a dashboard on IE
PM66128 Users are constantly prompted for credentials when creating a watch rule/alert
PM66162 Netezza (cogdmod.ini) - Need to change the default definition for WITH clause
PM66176 Re-sending e-mail rule doesn't work with Oracle content store
PM66184 Drill Through fails when using Dutch (Netherlands) [nl-NL] as language (works for Administrators)
PM66190 DQM Performance slower when user does not have READ permissions on PACKAGE
PM66225 CAST_DATE function fails in BI V10.1.1
PM66245 Delete description for non-compliant behavior of
PM66257 Indexing task fails to stop even when cancel request is submitted
PM66262 Active Report : Active report 10.1.1 is saved to the file-system with the garbage name instead of the report name
PM66294 Dispatcher error message on startup not displayed in expected language
PM66497 PRS-NOP-1056 error in Query Studio in no data mode when filtering column with "Select Value" Prompt in FM
PM66509 External data source returns no data when joined to a data item using a sub-string
PM66548 Concurrent Query Execution advanced settings, causing problems with DQM
PM66554 Multi select of items in the tree no longer works
PM66695 Manage External Data report do not run when scheduled or when saving the report in pdf
PM66728 Unable to drill down on chart when other chart using same query is also on the page
PM66734 After applying interim fix 10.1.6235.1240 FM crashes when attempting to update query subjects
PM66735 Charts not rendered when ampersand in report title and going against ServletGateway
PM66751 Slider Filter - Set Properties - OK button slow to become enabled.
PM66784 DS_LOG_DIR variable is ignored in sub-Jobstream
PM66800 Provide Scroll Bar in "Create Filter" window of Business Insight Advanced 10.1.1
PM66804 Tree prompt with no results set causes other prompts not to display
PM66813 QE-V5-0010 V5 syntax error when using Diff in Analysis Studio
PM66829 Help for Cognos Portlets has incorrect information
PM66840 Human Task Service throws dispatcher error on Websphere Application Server 6.1
PM66870 "XQE-PLN-0248" - Error while calling rank() function on a table column.
PM66891 Expected '}' after report has rendered.
PM66910 TIMESTAMP clause causes full scan of Oracle table
PM66964 TM1 cube loading exception in studios
PM66971 Lifecycle Manager: English(United states) option is always added on a copied new project
PM66972 RQP-DEF-0103 Cross joins (between query subjects: [Query1], [Query2]) are not permitted for the user who has the identity '*'.
PM67030 Cannot drill from one page to another which has a "-" (dash) in it
PM67094 Incorrect output for negative value in a tooltip in a combination chart
PM67110 chart bars appear over the edge of the chart on manual value change for chart primary axis
PM67156 Icon text is top-aligned in Firefox in Query Studio
PM67186 Editing a saved prompt value forces users to navigate through all prompts.
PM67228 In Analysis Studio a report can not be resaved (overwritten) if the report name include a quotation mark like "
PM67235 Info icon to update widget is only visible to owner of the dashboard
PM67239 Can not test data when dispatcher is behind firewall, as connection ports are random.
PM67254 Dispatcher: Unavailable. Process ID: -1
PM67271 RSV-RND-0089 Error With Combination of Render Variable and Drill up/down and Conditional Rendering
PM67279 iPad: Importing Active Report from e-mail results in error
PM67280 Automatic Reauthentication fails after Cognos session timeout
PM67310 Error when creating a channel on a Cognos Viewer portlet with a shortcut to a report entry
PM67349 Linear regression property 'A trendline for each series item' behaves inconsistently using new default chart technology
PM67417 Chart Label location incorrect when values are small
PM67458 CordialUPC fonts not displayed when generated from C10 server on Windows machine
PM67518 Report with one detail row burst to XML format doesn't have the data in the report
PM67567 Zero or Empty Cells from TM1 display incorrectly in Cognos BI
PM67591 OP-ERR-0181 when changing filter values in saved Workspace
PM67609 When using Oracle Clob fields in Report Studio, the data is not displayed correctly
PM67635 Excel "text" changes to "number" when using External datasource feature
PM67653 Charts become interactive with a significant delay or only after browser window is resized
PM67684 Schedule report will append 'EN' on the report name when sent by email
PM67687 Moving dispatcher into a folder causes duplicate dispatcher registration and service errors
PM67807 Excel 2007 report attachments identified as JAR files by mail server
PM67824 "Excel download performance cannot be improved by cache (DQ TM1 cache)"
PM67864 Saved output version runs forever in Business Insight
PM67893 Query Studio search for values filter does not return all results
PM67935 Migrated report containing nested singleton throw DPR-ERR-2056
PM67969 Portlet page does not re-size properly with IE 8
PM67971 Images and Text do not render in Business Insight
PM67987 Diagram View changes causes collapsed objects to expand in FM
PM68003 Linear regression lines: legacy chart behaves inconsistently
PM68010 Reopening a nested model with linked segments produces a BMT-MD-3602 error
PM68094 Data Manager performance issue on 'Drill to Source Component'
PM68119 Report created based on external data package fails if you logout and login back
PM68157 Entry of Regular Aggregation property not translated
PM68171 Excel shows error with /xl/drawings/drawing1.xml when running a report
PM68173 PDF produces different output than HTML - Union + query caching
PM68175 Active Report x axis chart labels cut off
PM68208 Unable to Create Shortcuts to Underlying Relationships When Using Alias Shortcuts
PM68241 Query Studio combined filter list empty and Javascript error.
PM68261 ~20% performance decrease in 10.1.1 on Solaris when compared to 8.4.1
PM68310 Excel error when opening xlsx file in Excel 2010 when negative symbol set to <
PM68362 Apostrophe in level name of powercube causes CRX-YXX-4010 when used as goto parameter in Analysis Studio
PM68364 Framework Manager crashes when importing MySQL tables
PM68368 PowerPlay Studio context menu in wrong location for Custom Subsets in dimensions with large number of entries
PM68373 Report with a chart object within another chart's no data contents produce error
PM68374 Drill up disabled when members are from Parent-Child
PM68393 Word wrapping occurred unexpectedly after upgrading
PM68397 PDS-PPE-0229 error occurs when create TBP cubes many times with Excel automation
PM68422 No data contents not displayed after upgrade to Cognos 10.1.1
PM68426 Error on opening Master/Detail dialogue when a Chart is highlighted
PM68434 Invalid local disk path constructed when using relative paths to reference image in a report
PM68446 Upgraded Report has broken summary line when using conditional rendering
PM68463 Unable to log onto Cognos Connection
PM68566 Setting a default home page, disables Welcome Page
PM68569 Drill Up when using MDX expression based query items
PM68609 Chart is missing in PDF when using Current Default Chart and no data available for Stacked 100% series
PM68614 performing drill down on one column will also result in drill on other columns
PM68632 Average Summary rows missing in crosstab after upgrade from Cognos 8.4.1 to Cognos 10.1.1
PM68688 8.41 FP004 causes "Send me the report by Email" to send empty Emails if CC_RUN_OPTIONS_email_attachment is set in system.xml
PM68856 Chart not updated on crosstab drill down
PM68862 Cannot drill in Analysis studio from top level of hierarchy if top level contains one member and Overall Total is deselected
PM68937 CMS URL : Gauge charts are not displayed in a distributed environment
PM69032 cogadmin performance issue to retrieve activities information
PM69035 Watch rule not working in saved HTML output with drill-through data
PM69063 Join query throws BIBUS crash and "DPR-ERR-2077" when query subject property "is nullable = true".
PM69103 Permissions for the configured name space itself are not reflected after importing entire content store to target environment
PM69134 Tool Tip wrong for Pattern in Date and Date/Time format
PM69162 CAM-CRP-1057 error when launching configuration on HP-UX using an extended hostname
PM69169 Unable to save Active Report if user preference set to any other format except HTML
PM69194 After schedule is changed, it runs once again with the old frequency
PM69211 Missing Outputs In the View Run History Details of Job
PM69229 Data Manager sendmail function on Linux missing subject line
PM69252 Reports running against Planning live data returns error CCO-ERR-0002 An internal error has occurred
PM69322 Data repeats itself in crosstab header when changing prompt values
PM69385 Insert an object from the toolbox to the top of the rows of a crosstab report causes row label to disappear
PM69485 Data Format ignored in DQM
PM69512 DPR-ERR-2056 Error When Deleting a Filtered Column in Query Studio
PM69544 Upcoming Activities cannot see when user has a schedule between 8AM to 8AM
PM69545 Performance issue with report taking 1.5 minutes when conditional formatting is used and 10 seconds without
PM69617 Date registered in database being displayed differently in Report Studio for Brasilia timezone
PM69727 Expanding hierarchy levels in Report Studio fails with DPR-ERR-2056
PM69756 Prompt page performance issues
PM69848 Pages missing from report with repeater table with groupings when query is not shared with descendent object
PM69876 WebSEAL: Cookie handling change between Cognos 8 and Cognos 10
PM69917 Drill up is not updating correctly with except function in the data item
PM69932 "Expand" in PowerPlay Studio results in error: The request failed because of an unknown error
PM69953 Extra comma when formatting a date to be Weekdays
PM69956 Report Drill up/down functionality does not work from Chart or crosstab rows/columns
PM69976 Charts to do not appear in saved HTML outputs with 10.1.1 FP1
PM70022 Cognos 10.1.1 Bullet Chart Incorrect Axis Values
PM70026 RSV-SRV-0040 Error - When changing Bullet Chart text item from a Data item Value to Cell Value
PM70030 Cognos 10.1.1 Bullet Chart not displaying both legend values
PM70039 Filter comparing properties from two different hierarchies (same dimension) breaks the report after upgrading
PM70060 UseStgDTypes not taking effect when importing none standard date variable from a InfoObject
PM70108 Crosstab report results changed unexpectedly after upgrading
PM70123 Unexpected SQL change when external data is added to the model.
PM70124 Function years-between (2009-01-31, 2009-02-01) returns a value of 429496 instead of zero.
PM70148 HTS-GEN-0102 There was a problem loading the task list.
PM70155 No data contents not visible after upgrade
PM70160 XQE-QRY-0406 when trying to expand a TM1 hierarchy dimension containing an & symbol in dynamic mode.
PM70180 QE-DEF-0360 The query contains a reference to at least one object '[SQL1].[Column]' that does not exist
PM70215 Totals do not appear for measure based on first aggregation rule
PM70222 XQE-PLN-0001 with German report language on dimensional DQM package
PM70249 FM : Data source definition with Parameter Map
PM70276 Daylight Saving changes date data after FP4 (8.4.1) with HS
PM70317 Content Language change not reflecting in portal tabs
PM70322 cogtr.xml settings doesn't work on UNIX/Linux to change the product locale for PowerPlay Cubes
PM70333 Burst report output file names are missing leading Zeroes.
PM70354 Framework Manager: Certain entries of Model Report become unreadable
PM70407 Cognos Office 10 stuck at "checking system for prompts" when access a report with a conditional style hiding text prompt
PM70423 "Recording Level" without function for Content Removal and Retention Rule Update
PM70436 CGSErrorAssert:0:Fatal: Error: All components of GlyphSize must be positive
PM70460 Report will not open in Excel 2007 format
PM70487 BMT-MDE-0002 Error when querying an alias
PM70501 QFS-ERR-0139 error if NULL is chosen as prompt value
PM70514 SDK publish does not work when there are 2 serves in the env with metada service running
PM70550 Publishing of DQM packages slower than Compatible using SDK and/or bmtscriptplayer
PM70593 External Data - inserting characters with punctuation in the namespace causes & to be added
PM70597 Documentation problems for Saved Report Output
PM70598 DQM mode : Crosstab space hides next row.
PM70631 rds/promptAnswers/conversationID doesn't return prompt values when the selected prompt values contain XML
PM70699 Custom class on report title cell causes active report output to change
PM70726 connection.write.maxConnections and do not appear to work
PM70777 Error delivering to Sybase IQ database when using update detection method of 'UPDATE'
PM70820 Drill trough not working as expected
PM70846 Drill-through in PowerPlay using Cognos Query not working
PM70876 SQL against Oracle is not being generated efficiently in Query Studio
PM70901 Drill-through & Component Reference links not getting updated in Content Store Export/Import
PM70907 Summary and Natural Summary does not bring correct results when if then else is used
PM70909 Unable to use Reserved words enclosed in quotes in SQL in a query subject for Framework Manager
PM70924 Inconsistent behavior when bursting to missing CAMIDs
PM70932 Unable to move items within a list or xtab with FireFox10 browser
PM70964 Progressive Column Charts Format of Total values changed.
PM70973 Parameters not passed in drillthrough when passing attributes with operations such as substring.
PM71003 Pie chart displays with extended value labels in Excel 2010
PM71012 Getting error "RSV-BBP-0036 The request 'asynchWait_Request' failed because a previous request that returned a fault cancelled
PM71032 A Multi-Lang crosstab chart report does not retrieve values after prompting when language is French
PM71061 Incorrect drill behavior in Business Insight with Cognos 10.1.1 FP1
PM71090 Cognos BI 10.1.1 does not start after applying FP1, throws errors
PM71093 Inconsistent formatting of values when using Select value in expression window
PM71134 Found unreadable content Error - Export to Excel 2007 with a page background image set
PM71140 Exported PowerPlay Studio reports do not include indicator for currency
PM71171 Summary filter on query is ignored if the query is part of a Union
PM71172 Issue rendering list/chart in master/detail report in Cognos Mobile
PM71203 Cannot save report template when conditional palette in place
PM71263 RDS-ERR-1057 runtime error when importing a report with custom button class
PM71279 Negative time intervals are being incorrectly displayed as large positive time intervals
PM71311 Incorrect message when missing import file with catimp
PM71315 Search Index Update takes longer than Original Index after no changes made to Environment or content
PM71337 Data Security does not apply to slider and select value filter in Business Insight
PM71338 Content Manager failure to upgrade PowerPlay8Configuration document of /content
PM71383 QE-DEF-0478 Invalid coercion from 10.1.1 business insight
PM71387 Different summary values in the relational xtab after upgrade from C8.2 to C10.1.1
PM71420 Drilling down a dimension fails with QE-DEF-0481 on AIX 6.1
PM71433 Analysis Studio filter on measure with relative time categories does not work as expected
PM71463 Missing / in BAPI_MDPROVIDER_GET_MEMBERS restrictions on compound characteristics
PM71474 Audit Model problem - Folder with word "Package"
PM71485 Business Insight Advanced throws exception when building a pie chart
PM71516 Tree prompt : bad results when selecting several elements on different levels
PM71521 LogonExpired in audit table USERLOGON has incorrect sessionID
PM71552 LDAP namespace - could not find the user whose name has * in it when we do contains search
PM71574 When publishing cubes through FM from an upgraded project, cube is not available for selection in PowerPlay Studio
PM71615 After installing update, Cognos Administration responds with CGI Timeouts
PM71650 Percentage Position specified for chart note causes RSV-SRV-0003
PM71672 MSR-LIN-0006 when using a parameter map in an IF statement.
PM71684 RDS-ERR-1000 error when importing powerplay reports to Excel/Word
PM71700 Problems in 10.1.1 with drill-through when combining two packages and MUN.
PM71718 External data does not work for packages with regional characters in it's name.
PM71740 NullPointerException when running report on SUSE Linux
PM71809 Incorrect Sharepoint 2010 deployment documentation
PM71814 Polynomial Trend Lines not operating as expected
PM71857 Bubble scale advanced setting works for only legacy chart in HTML and PDF format
PM71868 Upgraded report can not drill up/down in the crosstab for Cognos 10.1.1 FP1
PM71886 Arabic Fonts not shown correctly in PDF report output
PM71905 Transformer hangs on Linux when creating a cube with a password
PM71916 Creating a dashboard with a URL different from the gateway URI in Cognos configuration leaves hardcoded thumbnail URLs
PM71944 HTML attachments are delivered as MHT attachments instead of embedded in the body of the email.
PM71984 C10+ Audit Package table COGIPF_USERLOGON_FAILURES broken
PM72001 Numeric axis labels are not shown when "Logarithmic scale" is turned on for a matrixes chart
PM72004 SAP BW Report returns empty result set for some pages in 10.1.1
PM72032 Cannot export complex PowerPlay Studio reports to Excel
PM72034 Filter buttons in saved output of active report not filtering always
PM72068 linkMember function in DQM can fail with XQE-PLN-0020 or RSV-VAL-0010 and XQE-EXE-0044
PM72089 Loading message trying to filter a dimension on PPStudio after installing fix up_c8bisrvr_aix32_8.4.106.1025_ml.tar.gz
PM72092 Crosstab space in a xtab report row edge causes "XQE-PLN-0213" error.
PM72108 "Unterminated string constant" while expanding members
PM72243 CPS failure when restarting services
PM72248 Setting Entries in list view high causes link to package to display poorly.
PM72292 DB2 connection command block causing Cognos reports with error
PM72303 Element 'detailFilters' is not valid for content model
PM72313 CM-REQ-4154 Error Bursting Report From Event Studio
PM72352 Portal page always shows saved report output, even if report settings set to always run the report
PM72378 Previous report button in dashboard does not function properly
PM72389 DPR-DPR-1035 Dispatcher detected an error when starting services on Solaris
PM72406 Distributed install - Status of the dispatcher is displayed as Unknown even though all its Services are Available
PM72408 Business Insight Prompt widgets are not working correctly
PM72421 Unable to add Active Reports to Cognos 10.1.1 Business Insight
PM72427 Intermittent CM java core with CM failover using LDAP as security namespace
PM72530 LifeCycle Manager - report based on SAP BW shows status as 'New' when it's expected to display 'Prompt values missing'
PM72600 DQM data caching results in wrong data being displayed in a report based on SAP BW
PM72605 Migration assistant cannot expand all subfolders : the "More" link does not work.
PM72642 Wrong result from local join due to in-correct custom collation usage on nchar column of MS Sql Server
PM72665 XQE-GEN-0002 An unexpected exception occurred: java.lang.NullPointerException with 'Preview with no data' on Query Studio
PM72691 Time interval formatting in 10.1.1
PM72724 Calling Cognos CMS does not embed images when using embedImages=true
PM72730 Dispatcher servers hang for 10-15 minutes, then recover.
PM72734 Report name language is not kept after drill and switched to default lang, english
PM72748 When mdl script is used to create the Relative Time Category the last one in the list is not implementing the correct offset
PM72756 Cognos Gateway fails to read cogstartup.xml depending on XML Attribute order
PM72820 Stability of IIS Cognos gateway : W3Wp.exe memory usage
PM72852 Enabling suppression on a report with a pie chart causes DPR-ERR-2056 and core dmp
PM72858 Metric dumping is not working.
PM72902 Cognos 10 Transformer Hangs reading datasource
PM72906 BiBus processes appear to get orphaned and consume a large amount of CPU time
PM72912 Carriage return added to email body on edit when rich text is used
PM72926 Analysis Studio report fails when package uses more than one datasource
PM72927 SAP BW short name in Framework Manager
PM73030 Business Insight advanced topcount function showing different results than Report and Analysis Studio
PM73033 Defect in Tomcat causing threads to hang.
PM73039 Misleading error when datasource credentials expire
PM73049 Powerplay Client unable to access cube package created and published from Framework Manager
PM73073 Unable to create custom report template
PM73077 Documentation says that we insert individual objects to Business insight workspace as long as these objects have names
PM73079 Analysis Studio Get Data mode select multiple objects on rows/columns & zero suppress causes row/column categories to disappear
PM73090 XQE-PLN-0248 The column 'ABP_THRESHOLD_FACT' could not be found in the model.
PM73125 Crosstab space causes incorrect totals in Crosstab report
PM73134 Using DSMOD to reset user password with LDS as LDAP provider
PM73136 TM1 report intermittently returns no data when run interactively after a batch execution
PM73155 Error XQE-V5-0010 or XQE-V5-0011 when using Parameter map and macro CSVIdentityName
PM73193 The last column (summary column) of report in PPStudio does not get exported in the Excel 2007 format.
PM73231 Show Slice Names in new charting engine can't open in Excel 2007 format
PM73244 Teradata 133.10 - OLAP function 'sum' is not supported by the database
PM73249 Alert Icon for a report view is icon_broken_sub.gif
PM73257 View Report Output Versions and check box to view one of the versions is not working
PM73279 Framework Manager will crash when trying to delete an item
PM73344 SAPBW - FP1 causes XSB-ERR-0016 Execution of MDX failed: XSB-ERR-0028 BAPI Error
PM73366 TM1 based report fails in 10.x worked in 8.4
PM73386 Framework Manager - Parent QS missing in the list of QS from relationship window
PM73393 Pictures will be renamed when embedding in the new Excel format. This is causing Firewall issues
PM73403 No values displayed in chart if one series has a NULL value
PM73458 Upgraded report throws error QFS-ERR-0140 The referenced data item 'Month Name' is not found in the query 'Query'
PM73492 New Charting engine Legend Line weight does not change
PM73517 Labels for FM Query Item aggregation settings 'Median' and 'Average' in Dutch-Belgium language are both 'Gemiddeld'.
PM73562 Google Maps integration with heatmaps inserted into a HTML object within Report Studio not displaying in Cognos Viewer
PM73579 Invalid properties in relmdService.xml cause dispatcher to fail on startup in some Locales other than English
PM73584 PDF option 'Add or modify text annotations' is not retained on schedule.
PM73595 Suppress Menu disappears when using Cognos PowerCube after include external data to the package
PM73598 Logarithmic scale not showing up for stacked column report
PM73611 Auto-Submit prompt not working correctly on portal page within IE
PM73613 Error RQP-DEF-0326 when drilling through to a report using the option 'Run as the owner'
PM73620 Publish update using transformer cause model versioning in package and increase package size with each update
PM73644 CNC-MON-3600 when trigger fires and a schedule is run manually
PM73654 Report with conditional rendering on pages forces mandatory prompt on page that will not be displayed
PM73671 UDA-SQL-0459 Ambiguous column reference is usually caused by trying to select unnamed columns or when there are dup col name
PM73673 PCA-ERR-0024 The "unionSet" operator is only applicable on sets with the same dimensions
PM73691 Error UDA-SQL-0107, After migrating from Cognos 8.4 (Sybase 12.7) to Cognos 10.1.1 (Sybase 15.3)
PM73710 Cognos banner bar now shows up on prompt pages
PM73723 Cognos Viewer drop-down menus remain open with enabled menu items on running a different report from a Cognos Navigator
PM73725 Chart widgets no longer resize chart when widget size changes
PM73741 Singleton now displays filter icon in Cognos Workspace
PM73749 Dynamic Query Mode unable to find table when publishing a package containing two schemas on a Microsoft SQL Server database.
PM73769 AVS throws exception when renders line charts
PM73789 Content archiving service does not survive database failover.
PM73801 List of values unfiltered in filter expression
PM73807 Query Studio Summary rows re-appears after "Automatically generate footer summaries for measures” is disabled.
PM73903 SAP BW Drill Through parameters are not passed to target report when routing rules are used
PM73929 Saved Prompts values for Cognos Workspace are lost/not used when Content Locale is changed
PM73934 DQM: cancel a report run in Query Studio will not cancel the query execution on Teradata server
PM73939 XQE-CON-0007: The request was cancelled by the user
PM73953 Can't find msvcr71.dll when opening Framework Manager Cognos Configuration
PM73956 Drill through to new report set to open in new window replaces report in parent window.
PM74063 Customer could not open Cognos Configuration as MSVCR71.dll was missing from bin directory
PM74070 Duplicate SQL generated with prompts and report page associations
PM74073 Jobs are intermittently going into pending
PM74085 Error XQE-CON-0007 XQE error encountered: The request was cancelled by the user after cancelling a report run
PM74105 PCA-ERR-0080 PPDS Failure: "ppdscgZeroCheck" returns "1".
PM74150 Argument separator for functions not documented correctly in the function description
PM74153 Image Folder Structure Appears Twice
PM74159 Cognos Admin chart missing labels in IE 8
PM74225 Bottom page rendering issue
PM74227 Burst report upgraded from 8.2 to 8.4.1 FP4 runs much slower
PM74242 UDA database cursor not released in a timely fashion when running reports to a non-CSV format
PM74245 Drillthrough from Active Report to Cognos Viewer doesn't have toolbar and header
PM74275 Custom time category Drill Through to PP Studio with time hierarchy in the report causes dropped filter
PM74283 Login information written in error message in Transformer log file
PM74286 Command line with login information written to Transformer log file on Unix
PM74288 PP Studio report exported to Excel 2007 has XML errors when opened in Excel 2007
PM74304 HTML print from HTML saved output does not print all the contents of the page
PM74330 Numeric overflow occurred during computation error using _round with Teradata on large number
PM74336 DPR-ERR-2056 after migrating Framework model from 8.4.1 to 10.2
PM74353 Dynamic Query Analyzer - Summary tab shows TM1 data source as being "Relational"
PM74365 Error RQP-DEF-0177 UDA-SQL-0459 when running a report.
PM74375 CSVIdentiyNameList returning IDs from AD when model is DQM instead of names
PM74412 Javascript error happens and unable to proceed operation in Cognos Viewer
PM74419 DB2 Datasource connection never recovered after killed from DB side
PM74443 Drill through error OP-ERR-0017 There are prompts or variables
PM74458 Attempt to hide summary column in Analysis Studio fails with error: RSV-SRV-0040
PM74571 CNC-SDS-0336 There are no valid recipients for the message
PM74614 Missing send date information in email from Cognos reporting
PM74625 COGIPF_RUNREPORT.COGIPF_STATUS audit column written as blank when schedule fails with unresolved prompts
PM74626 Dynamic Query Analyzer - Link MDX to Graph button non-responsive
PM74630 Performance degradation when loading a report specs in Report Studio after migration to 10.1.1
PM74736 English manual displayed on Cognos Viewer portlet
PM74744 Dispatcher reset configuration when peak and non-peak switch happens with no topology change
PM74799 Drill through chart, the icon in Business Insight when hovering does not show hand pointer
PM74840 Connections & Variables defined inside a Deck or Data Deck is not working with iOS 6.0
PM74871 HTML attachment getting delivered as MHT attachments in Event Studio
PM74879 Advanced Settings set at /configuration level duplicate on reconfigure
PM74928 user is being prompted for signon after applying FP1 and using Single signon.
PM74943 Event Studio documentation does not indicate how detail expression handles aggregates
PM74973 Extra crossjoin when processing large report vs. SAP BW
PM74993 decimal places of aggregate displayed a 0 when run via XQE/DMR vs classic
PM74997 Error launching Business Insight after installing FP1.
PM75000 Drill-Through does not pass PageSet context
PM75041 Editing drill through definition does not indicate where the target report is located.
PM75098 Minor grid lines not displayed at right side of combination chart
PM75121 XQE-PLN-0248 The column ' ' of '
PM75148 Can't drill up or down in Query Studio charts with Mobile 10.1.1 FP3
PM75164 Report output view is not available under History Tab
PM75328 Intermittent error when showing the system page for the first time
PM75334 Hyperlink Object
PM75343 Bullet chart with minimum value specified on Axis Range renders incorrectly
PM75361 Report against TM1 datasource output different when run in background vs. interactively.
PM75384 Background images are tiled when "Do not tile" selected
PM75412 Misaligned cells when exporting to Excel 2007 using Powerplay Studio
PM75475 Current Cognos SDK .NET dll's are not compatible with .NET3.5.
PM75559 Intermittent CPS-SRV-3505 errors in Cognos Viewer portlets in a dashboard portal tab
PM75601 Javascript error on page when report includes a parameter.
PM75653 Wrong tips function in Report Studio for French language
PM75765 When running report in background the "view run history" page not showing "report options".
PM75771 XQE-GEN-0003 in BIA after previous report cancellation
PM75783 No data is returned when RFCs/ BAPIs having structures in their import parameters are executed
PM75793 CNC-ASV-0024 Agent Service validation error. Validation failed: java.lang.NullPointerException
PM75795 Endless looping pop-up window spawned by Analysis Studio with prompt macro on measure
PM75821 async=OFF downgrades LDX to an older version and removes formatting information
PM75864 Enabling the Enable8Dot2Suppression option in ansproperties.xml results in RSV-SRV-0040
PM75878 Changing Font Size in 3D Axis Column Chart Does Not Work
PM75884 OLAP report with detailed filter, upgraded from 8.4 to 10.1.1 FP1 does not yield data
PM75892 Active Report Graphs inconsistent based on where it is generated
PM75939 A behavior change in drill-down affects upgraded reports
PM76002 Pop up window appears on error when running silent installation
PM76038 'Create this user's profile' action does not work properly
PM76050 Extra Line in Congos Navigator when using the Navigator details
PM76051 stylemgr returns the error: Unable to connect to IBM Cognos Binull
PM76055 Incorrect text alignment when using Firefox as browser
PM76065 Select multiple rows on several pages does not work as expected
PM76164 Rerunning a Report From Cognos Viewer Doesn't Allow the Cancel Button to Work Properly On Multiple Prompt Pages
PM76200 Dynamic Query Analyzer does not show query information when opening the log a second-time
PM76302 SDK metadata request against package and cube fails with "PCA-ERR-0091 The Cube name (ACP) is invalid"
PM76340 Performance issue executing a report from Business Insight with the content language set to French
PM76374 Unable to use a member set with 'Custom Grouping...' together with a Page Set
PM76380 A calculated item in a list or crosstab assumes type string when defining a conditional style for a DQM model
PM76387 Values from prompts are not updated on report when higher level prompt is changed.
PM76388 Member caption displays instead of attribute in nested crosstabs.
PM76390 Portlet to Portlet communication fails with script error "The URI to be decoded is not a valid encoding"
PM76399 Unable to view and introspect SAP data in FM
PM76403 Scheduled Job to run and email report is producing a saved output when run as part of Job executed by another job.
PM76419 CV-0002 Error in Portlet When Exporting Report Output to PDF
PM76427 Customer encountered "COGIPF_VIEWREPORT contains ' as opposed to a single quote"
PM76439 Mail attachment limit setting does not take compressed attachment size into account with PDFs.
PM76488 BMT-MD-7103 when publishing ROLAP Model in different language
PM76490 Observed strange behavior when using a 'NOT IN' filter in FM
PM76491 DQ SAP ECC Adapter: Can not introspect & query SAP Tables that start with name V_
PM76501 The business insight dashboard URL gets stuck in an i-frame using Internet Explorer 9
PM76554 A Query which joins two other Queries does not appear to execute the individual Queries Concurrently
PM76555 Unnecessary extra calls to infoset causes report to fail after upgrade
PM76560 Data Manager (64 bit) Socket Server is not starting on RHLinux 6.3
PM76565 Using Fixed Size in the Table Properties of a List causes the output to be clipped incorrectly
PM76574 Blocking error message prevents report execution using DQM and Netezza
PM76583 DQM cache showing users data they don't have access to.
PM76603 Unable to upgrade to Cognos 10.2 because of Custom Authentication provider runtime classCastException
PM76656 Report Studio List spans incorrect Excel 2007 columns
PM76676 Bullet chart graphic contains blank area when 'Include zero' is not selected in the Axis range properties
PM76705 Using copy paste in a complex report gives script error
PM76706 CM-REQ-4159/CM-CAM-4005 error after auto renew credential if user id contains Japanese.
PM76713 Wrong behavior in prompt size (height) in upgraded reports
PM76729 In Internet Explorer cannot close the window "Edit Data Item Label"
PM76741 Some translations for Slovenian language are incorrect.
PM76749 Business Insight not using default selection when language not English and parameter used in data item
PM76764 Lost Copy/Paste functionality in browser/Cognos Connection
PM76780 Getting error "UT-DEF-0115 Can't create lock file"
PM76783 Master detail report validates with DPR-ERR-2056 after FP4 install of 8.4.1
PM76784 Content Manager query with pipes returns inconsistent results
PM76785 Using Select a Delivery Method to send report via email cancels report.
PM76810 My Inbox link still visible in Cognos Administration even though ui_hide param is set to hide it.
PM76820 Emails with attachments are not sent using Email Node
PM76874 RSV-SRV-0003 Report Validation Error for Calculated Measure with Automatic Measure Dimension selected
PM76912 XES-ERR-0008 when CognosMetadataUpdateMarker is set on Essbase cube
PM76925 Box type none of crosstab sections lead to dislocated total lines in the output
PM76953 TransformerSDK: trModel(CreateMDCFiles) : (TR0649) One or more columns or filters cannot be found in datasource ' '.
PM76963 Calculation result of division is wrong when using slicer and total.
PM76971 CM-REQ-4158 error when editing settings of a package containing '&'
PM76981 Access denied during navigation in LDAP namespace
PM76998 Bullet Chart Colored Regions "The key for identity constraint of element 'report' is not found" Error Message
PM76999 Transformer fails with "Problem Event Name: BEX" when loading from an IQD file
PM77002 Error "Index was outside the bounds of the array"
PM77004 Analysis Studio Attribute Filter - Attribute Dropdown is blank when "Down a level"
PM77010 SQL query validation fails in Dynamic Query Mode
PM77033 Cognos generated Excel2007 output includes ‘Include legend key in label’ when viewed on Excel 2010.
PM77060 Name of the report page contains Japanese characters, file not found error is generated in Excel 2002 report
PM77068 missingEncryptedSignonCredentials in get metadata in Cube Designer
PM77069 cmAuthenticateFailed CM-CAM-4005 Unable to authenticate
PM77130 Adding a crosstab space to the report running off a TM1 cube and using DQM causes zero suppression to not work
PM77155 RQP-DEF-0494 Error when retrieving member caption
PM77156 Metric portlet upgrade: Old portlet name is not upgraded if language format is not English
PM77157 Excel found unreadable content on report exported to Excel 2007
PM77165 Only the first value of a multi select prompt is passed to stored procedure in Business Insight
PM77171 Missing translations for "Public Folders" and "My folders" strings after content store update
PM77175 Cognos Viewer banner bar now shows up on prompt pages
PM77196 CAF error when drill-through in PDF, when hostname starts with number
PM77207 Data Manager delivers empty string as NULL
PM77218 Missing status in COGIPF_RUNJOB and missing rows in COGIPF_RUNJOBSTEP
PM77263 IBM Cognos Business Insight: Changing one prompt has impact on all other available parameters
PM77265 Unable to edit Join Relationship after deleting Query Reference from the Join
PM77286 Invalid data returned after initial drill down against MSAS 2008 cube (DQM)
PM77289 PPweb Excel 2007 output puts dollars signs on measures that should not have them.
PM77294 PDS-PPE-0130 The number of children or parents of a category cannot exceed 65,536 error
PM77406 when importing a SQL report as datasource type in transformer : error RQP-DEF-0326
PM77415 DQM only: XQE-PLN-0248, BMT-MD-0057 errors or incomplete objects in Framework Manager
PM77567 AAA-AUT-0011 query studio with SSO
PM77576 Absent causes ppdsweb to fail
PM77598 Concatenated Data Item in Package Data Source assigned Data Class of Ignore in Transformer model
PM77638 CM-REQ-4139 "is not a valid deployment archive" when importing deployment into Cognos 10.2
PM77642 Context Filters in Excel 2007 - Analysis Studio export text hidden inside cell
PM77645 Report formatting not the same between first and second run with some browser versions
PM77648 Firefox ESR 10 and Chrome: table, block/conditional block have wrong alignment in HTML result
PM77650 ORA-12704 error testing Package item of Migration query subject of Audit sample model
PM77654 Workspace reports imported from Report Studio fail with invalid query error
PM77655 'Package' not being populated in the cogipf_powerplay table
PM77657 BIBusTKServerMain crash on upgrade to 10.2
PM77660 Report running against Teradata causes BiBus to crash
PM77701 CM-CAM-4005 unable to authenticate with CAS login screen
PM77759 Drill up/down removed from report when upgrading from 10.1.0 to 10.2
PM77801 Exporting to Excel via Powerplay Studio causes misalignment when you hide both Parent and Child elements
PM77834 Active Reports fail when Content Locale set to Swedish.
PM77839 Cannot use fractional number in calculated column in Cognos Workspace using Russian interface
PM77863 Cognos Viewer drop-down menus are displayed at incorrect window locations after scrolling or browser re-sizing
PM77966 Charts change colour when drilling down in Business Insight
PM77978 Error when expanding conditional block in Business Insight
PM78009 LifeCycle Manager 10.2 -> launch URL shows 10.1 instead of 10.2
PM78035 Palettes not consistent in Excel 2007 Chart with Master Detail Relationship
PM78046 Slow response time loading a prompt page, in Cognos BI Report Studio
PM78091 Trusted credentials using the LDAP provider with identity mapping no longer work
PM78096 Hiding folders in a DQM package from FM 10.2 does not work
PM78157 Conditional style causes RSV-VAL-0002/CRX-API-0003 error
PM78183 The Lastperiods function with TM1 source does not work properly when running in background
PM78186 Renamed column turn back to the old name in Cognos Workspace / Advanced
PM78195 Analysis Studio throws ANS-MES-0005 when adding members only in Internet Explorer
PM78216 Different result between interactive and batch when filtering using a null value.
PM78217 Teradata 13 Date becomes datetime for advanced filter
PM78218 DPR-ERR-2056 and core dumps when executing Business Insight Advanced or Report Studio reports.
PM78236 Users can't login in the portal due to instability and intermittent error message. The credentials are not valid error.
PM78248 Auto generated prompt for variable in else statement is displayed in DQM
PM78310 ParallelPeriod function not working in dynamic query mode.
PM78344 Running or Validating report results in UDA-SQL0191
PM78348 "Show hidden objects" prevents list of dynamic cubes being populated
PM78352 Unnecessary search for the user who was the very first one logged in while browsing security namespace in Cognos Connection
PM78361 Change format does not have affect on MSAS measures
PM78378 Report runs in portal but not on Mobile
PM78402 Cannot use mixed Informix CQM/DQM data sources in same QM 'Compatible' FM model, error QFS-ERR-0138 on JDBC type.
PM78424 Editing widget causes duplicate folders to be displayed
PM78431 A Report Studio report is run in order to get output format excel 2007 (*.xlsx). The user can not open the output file in MS Excel 2007 accordingly.
PM78433 Add support for printing reports in Cognos Connection multi page portlet
PM78441 Drill through to multiple SAP BW queries with an error XQE-PLN-0001 Internal error
PM78454 Excel column width setting is ignored when table is inserted in repeater
PM78455 Area Chart - after scale Y axis the chart look overflow
PM78474 Export to Excel 2007 fails if a combination chart has a conditional palette in the secondary axis
PM78479 In a crosstab report, cells based on expressions using tuple and firstchild functions return incorrect values.
PM78482 Cognos 10.2 - Nulls in DB2 table breaks report in Excel 2007 Data format ONLY with error
PM78494 QE-DEF-0285 when run ISeries report after NotesODBC report and Open asynchronously on ISeries data source
PM78526 Customer cannot use Cognos 10.2 SDK with Oracle Java 1.7 in an SSL environment
PM78549 BMT-IMP-0002 failed to execute metadata request when importing data from 10.2
PM78576 RSV-SRV-0040 RSV-SRV-0042 error while drill down report
PM78595 Data does not refresh when prompt contains percentage
PM78600 Metrics Studio portlet time out in Sharepoint 2010
PM78602 DM-JOB-0120 logic error in JobStream in data manager, when procedure node preceded by 2 conditional nodes is excluded from execution.
PM78670 Gateway no longer rejects SDK logon requests
PM78674 Multiple slicers in OLAP report cause one of them to fail
PM78720 Dynamic Query Analyzer does not display correct date and time when opening log files in a non English Locale
PM78728 Powerplay client crashes with runtime C++ error when save report to PDF
PM78734 Ampersand "&" in Account Display Name Prevents Tables From Being Imported in Framework Manager
PM78735 Cannot create slider filter on decimal format measure in IBM Cognos BI 10.2 Workspace in Russian language
PM78736 Analyze Publish Impact doesn't work when Measure is changed
PM78751 Customer doesn't want to see the report output icon in the report itself, only in the report view.
PM78763 Filter on calculation with if condition and total function show no values in picklist
PM78802 RQP-DEF-0110 error message not properly translated in Japanese
PM78823 Users not prompted for new credentials on expiry when using their own data source credentials.
PM78834 "Alert Me about new Version" option not available for Administrative and Non-Administrative Users
PM78842 Deployment export/import stays in "Pending" state when Routing Rules are specified
PM78865 Markers of customized size and shap in line chart
PM78915 When press ENTER key on textbox prompt, next page is unexpectedly displayed
PM78930 Cognos Workspace Dashboard does not return
PM78969 Chart Label incorrectly displayed when Label Value contains a Less Than symbol
PM78981 Page set behavior changed after migrating to IBM Cognos BI 10.1.1
PM79029 Permissions page does not work in Chrome
PM79035 Excel 2007 output no longer merging cells when list cells merged
PM79042 Analysis Studio Zero Suppression Keeps Processing Even After Cancelling the Request
PM79098 Multipage gives intermittent 'is null or not an object' JavaScript errors in IE
PM79144 Burst logic and master detail giving incorrect results
PM79186 The crosstab generated using Sales and Marketing Cube returns incorrect results
PM79198 Reports created using some content locales expects wrong separator.
PM79208 BUX-ATM-1402 when accessing workspace using the default action URL and using servlet gateway
PM79215 Framework Manager and BI server aborts when testing connection to Sybase ASE (CT-15)
PM79238 Client is prompted for data source sign on when opening package based off a cube in Transformer.
PM79300 Conditional formatting not applied on summary lines in Cognos BI 10.2 crosstab report in DQM.
PM79305 Export a PowerPlay Studio Report into Excel 2007, a hide summary row will be displayed in Excel
PM79324 XQE-PLN-0001 Internal error. The query could not be planned by the Query Service: java.lang.NullPointerException
PM79348 Clicking on the "bottom" button of a large interactive HTML report results in XQE-GEN-0002 error
PM79352 Query studio, clicking save with Novell causes core
PM79379 Lost part of Chinese character that displayed from the parameter of prompt page in data item
PM79400 Differences with map presentation between CQM and DQM output
PM79424 XQE-PLN-0001 Internal error. The query could not be planned by the Query Service: java.lang.StackOverflowError
PM79428 XQE-GEN-0002 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when running a report against a Mondrian/OLAP data source
PM79461 RSV-SRV-0040 error if report has column with blanks and output is in Excel 2007 Data format
PM79465 Relational Package shows blank query subject names in Workspace Advanced
PM79502 Query Studio does not update prompt type after changing it in the model
PM79503 Slow HTTPS traffic via CMS .net code
PM79510 Empty String in Prompt Variable Causes the Report Server to Use IsNull in Query
PM79513 Conditional Palette value does not render in legend when exporting to Excel
PM79514 SQL object added to report has with clause statement and throws ORA-32034: unsupported use of WITH clause
PM79518 PCA-ERR-0087 error in 10.1.1 on upgraded 8.4.1 report against TM1 data source
PM79523 XQE-PLN-0084 error when running Cognos 10.2 BI report against Informix DQM package
PM79534 Running a report to Excel 2007 format that has a special character creates corrupt output file
PM79568 Cancel button on report page does not close window
PM79574 XQE-PLN-0248 The column <> of <> could not be found in the model. Possibly caused by out-of-date query subject definition: <>
PM79580 Prompts with % not working in Cognos Workspace 10.2
PM79591 Analysis Studio report errors "ANS-MES-0003" or "XQE-DAT-0001" in Dynamic Query Mode
PM79607 Drilling through a few levels deep to multiple target reports causes user to be re-prompted for same prompt values
PM79610 CMS return of HTMLFragment output is truncated. problem is caused by drillthroughurls=true. If removed Cognos returns all data
PM79615 High number of cursors remain open when using Content Store Database
PM79617 Cannot Save Annotations on List Cells with Oracle 11g
PM79642 Duplicate emails while bursting the reports, if pageset is present
PM79661 Existing detail filters disappear when cancel the creation of a new filter in Report Studio
PM79665 Cognos 10.1. BI TM1 - Calculations do not show up in BI reports when set slicers are used.
PM79681 Borders Property Not Retained After Converting Chart
PM79689 Column headers are blank in CSV format after upgrade to 10.2
PM79690 Data shifted over by multiple columns in CSV format after upgrade to 10.2
PM79697 Cannot see customized properties' value zOS server
PM79698 Chart cannot display shown with X
PM79726 Unexpected result in Excel 2007 format running report with list and crosstab
PM79737 Date/time Parameter Values are calculated one day behind in case date 21 October 2012 is selected
PM79752 Update Object on Tools menu does not work when Query Mode is set to Dynamic
PM79753 CogAdmin / Upcoming Activities: Filtering upcoming activities by package and owner does not render the correct results.
PM79766 Failure to insert NULL into COGIPF_PARAMETER.COGIPF_REQUESTID when advanced settings are used
PM79770 Active Report in Dynamic Query Mode generates unexpected prompt when more than 2 objects are nested within a container
PM79795 Report upgraded from 8.4.1 to 10.2 returns incorrect results.
PM79797 Export Excel 2007 loses formatting
PM79805 Spanish version of Framework Manager does not have 'Average' Regular Aggregate query subject attribute
PM79814 Export Excel 2007 displays an extra column (parent category)
PM79816 Exception thrown while fetching data from BAPI BAPI_EXCHANGERATE_GETDETAIL
PM79870 Values on Map overlap states
PM79876 Mondrian-based DQM request failing with XQE-DEC-0016 Internal Error message
PM79885 Axis label overlaps bar value in a Bar Chart with a negative value
PM79897 RSA-ERR-0007 error when executing a reportRender_Request
PM79951 The values don't show after upgrade
PM79961 Custom filter and multiple selections
PM79993 Framework Manager Fatal Error publishing package
PM80041 Summarize calculations not exported if context filter and page breaks are based on same dimension
PM80063 Master Detail in upgraded Dynamic Query Mode report produces incorrect results when compared to Classic Query Mode
PM80065 Reports current prompt values not kept when doing a reset
PM80078 RQP-DEF-0114. Create report View via the ‘your report is running’ dialog results in error
PM80103 Report Definition does not respond when there are two level filters grouped in Query Studio
PM80107 Incorrect SQL shows up in query subject definition
PM80118 Upgraded Dynamic Query Mode report creates unnecessary prompts
PM80126 Report Studio Section 508 Compliancy: LABEL Tags are not Explicitly Associated with Prompt INPUT Tags
PM80163 Report Studio decimal places not showing on pie chart
PM80166 CCLUnknownError when testing a data item on Framework Manager model
PM80192 Conditional color coding is removed after a page down
PM80199 Unable to see subqueries if the name of the report has a period it in
PM80207 A user who is not a member of the groups system administrators or report administrators is not able to cancel a scheduled report
PM80219 Server Local de lead to a invalid localized pattern error when run a report studio report with a German format pattern
PM80244 Scale Interval ignored in chart if minimum value set and data values are small
PM80249 Transaction log full error message when start up BI service
PM80288 Modification in c10_location/bin/GlobalReportStyles_10.css are not take into account for PDF format
PM80327 When language set to English, Framework Manager doesn't recognize "," as separator in some packages
PM80333 List report against Informix data source becomes unresponsive / fails in Dynamic Query Mode
PM80382 '--' displayed when running some reports
PM80458 Malformed Content-Type header 'application/' with outputFormat spreadsheetML and XLWA
PM80555 Able to access a report in Report Studio that has an explicit deny on the package.
PM80561 Leftward shift of cell in a crosstab with a section
PM80573 XQE-GEN-0002 An unexpected exception occurred:com.cognos.xqe.resultsets.ContextValue
PM80583 Do not see all values when drag a ‘slider filter’ or ‘Select value filter’
PM80634 XSS filter enabled in IE8, trying to run a report using a URL fails with # if the report name has Hebrew characters
PM80740 Conditional styles don't apply to crosstabs in Dynamic Query Mode properly
PM80749 Transformer changes the deployment location path from upper case to lower case
PM80765 Cognos Workspace Widget Export to Excel Duplicates Filters Everywhere
PM80776 No users shown in audit report
PM80815 Slicer ignored in DQM against MSAS
PM80867 XQE-PLN-0002 - V5PassThroughError aftter upgrading
PM80869 Non-admin users not seeing 'Current Activities' within 'My Activities and Schedules'
PM80873 Incorrect documentation for setting up printer on Unix
PM80878 Incorrect formatting as percent in Excel 2007 exported from PowerPlay Studio
PM80899 Add event task to detect database update will fail against Dynamic Query Mode which contains a stored procedure
PM80925 Can't drill from imported Active Report
PM80927 CO installation problems
PM80969 Java process takes up more memory than allowed in Cog Config with TM1, DQM
PM80993 Axis label alignment is uneven for PDF reports when text formatting is applied to labels.
PM81001 Join relationship missing on second opening in Report Studio
PM81051 Unable to import SSL certificate - Array Index out of range: 0
PM81089 Scale setting is ignored when chart contains zero value data
PM81093 With French preferences, Business Insight hangs when trying to save a workspace containing a PowerPlay report
PM81106 Component Updater causes Jobs that failed, due to unavailable Namespace, to be re-run
PM81146 'Pass parameter value' drill on NULL parameter sends nullDisplay="1" value to target report
PM81147 Unable to open Powerplay Administration tab when Server Group configured
PM81153 UDA-SQL-0373 The target database does not support "nullif" with simple calculation
PM81166 IBM Cognos web interfaces need to comply with the standard for the Browsers supported.
PM81180 Error exporting Powerplay Studio Report to Excel 2007 format: The request failed because it is too complex.
PM81184 Unable to push notifications to devices in an environment configured to use the SSL protocol
PM81209 In PDF, item can not be displayed by defined expression
PM81213 Launching a Cognos Workspace dashboard directly when user is not logged in does not work
PM81215 Right pane of 'My Activities and Schedules' moves to the right when user click menu of left pane
PM81222 Comments are displayed with wrong position after widget refresh
PM81299 Cognos Workspace powerplay report widget does not show on toolbar
PM81325 Data is missing from a report caused by the presence of a source query subject in a model not referenced by the report
PM81381 SDK CMS JavaScript Sample cmsExplorer no longer works due to URL double encoding.
PM81450 Query Studio Uses Wrong Prompt Type When Prompt Info Reference Values are Set and Filter Item Reference is Hidden
PM81452 CM-REQ-4014 occurs when working with report versions and user only has write permissions to a package stored in public folders
PM81476 Excel report does not open when using ui.backURL parameter with IE 9
PM81477 The Chart DataItems with external Query-references are validated only for the Chart-Query.
PM81529 OK button does not work when mapping Virtual Measures in Cube Designer.
PM81643 Dynamic Drill Through does not filter target report when drill through link is embedded in Conditional Block in crosstab body
PM81675 Unable to cancel background report under certain conditions
PM81695 Unable to run Active reports (Cognos 10.1.1) with Firefox 10.0.12 with unMHT
PM81709 Member description property is not getting propagated to the virtual cube level from the base cube
PM81711 Incorrect drill behavior in Business Insight, drill down then change the measure via a dynamic prompt the dimension resets
PM81713 Slower report performance with IBM Cognos 10.2 compared to IBM Cognos 8.4
PM81777 Japanese name saved report cannot be opened in Firefox
PM81788 in_range prompts show wrong translation in German
PM81793 Report execution failure in PDF (ASYNCH REQUEST) : CCL_ASSERT(i
PM81803 XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error: Index: 0, Size: 0
PM81830 In Framework Manager 'Is Nullable' property value can be changed with an end result of an error message
PM81843 Adding text in a report slower in 10.1.1 than it was in 8.4
PM81859 Report Studio decimal places not showing on pie chart/non-legacy charts
PM81880 A multi-query multi-list report returns incorrect results when based on a DQM model
PM81881 Year portion of the start date year in Data Manager build log is incorrect
PM81882 Report expression nextMember() with pageSet and master detail relationship is not running in TM1
PM81888 Incorrect tables are referenced in the generated SQL when using a DQM model
PM81914 Upgrade from 8.4 to 10.1.1 FP1. According to the values ​​of the filter aggregate function returns no values in 10.1.1 FP1
PM81947 QE-DEF-0314 error with read permission removed from data source.
PM81974 Some Korean characters in Model.xml ( lastPublishedCMPath ) cannot be processed
PM82008 Content cannot be saved error in Cognos Workspace, although user has correct rights
PM82017 Auto submit does not work in portal page in IE8
PM82102 Concatenated full width Japanese characters get truncated and look corrupted when using Query Reference
PM82116 Adding a high number of elements to a data container crashes Firefox
PM82118 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' when clicking on HTML Item with mailto URL in a custom page
PM82125 CNC-DS-0008 No output available error when bust key has spaces.
PM82163 Listener in CAP broken when using AAA/lib
PM82234 Master Detail report fails with RQP-DEF-0177/UDA-SQL-0358 when dynamic table names are utilized in the Framework Manager model
PM82256 Certain Date formats are not masked properly in LifeCycle Manager
PM82262 Re publishing package from upgraded model causes reports to fail with error DPR-ERR-2056
PM82284 Detail filter is ignored for chart
PM82305 Drilling up/down in Business Insight doesn't keep all measures in sync
PM82324 Crosstab report based on DQM model fails after 15 minutes with XQE-ROL-0183, the report based on equivalent CQM runs fine.
PM82361 Generated prompt page unusable for Static Choice prompts.
PM82374 Parameter value by auto submit is incorrect when data contains '+'
PM82407 Import external data' characters get truncated.
PM82408 Values of an IBM Cognos 10.2 DQM list report against Informix with LOG, LOG10, POWER calculations mismatch CQM.
PM82423 XQE-PLN-0099 Argument data type 'integer' is invalid for argument 1 of function 'Lower'
PM82435 Cognos BI 10.2 DQM crosstab report shows data item references as row edge labels and no values in measure cells.
PM82442 CNC-SDS-0417 persists after applying 10.2.1003.1044 for app-tier install with report services disabled.
PM82565 BIBus dump after applied IBM Cognos 8.4.1 FP4
PM82605 A report which uses the keyword _THIS_ in an HTML item is running forever from a portlet
PM82669 Removing Locales from Cognos Configuration causes all deployment exports to throw cm-req-4193 on import
PM82679 Report run cause eUnknownCellIteratorAction error
PM82693 Drill through not working when using folder in namespace
PM82705 Multi-select Date Prompt Choices window missing using Dynamic Query Mode
PM82712 Arabic Character incorrect when exporting to PDF
PM82714 Cosstab report shows empty columns against Informix Dynamic Query Mode
PM82725 Error message showing "Cognos 8" in Cognos 10 product
PM82728 Cognos viewer can't be resized for PDF output after accessible report output enabled
PM82729 Unable to delete report output in Filenet from Cognos
PM82730 Chart loses properties when display type is changed in Business Insight
PM82783 A Prompt_API sample report hangs when dragged into Cognos Workspace
PM82784 Cannot open Cognos Workspace on environment configured for Single Signon
PM82794 Cognos 10.2 BI crosstab report errors "XQE-PLN-0001/java.lang.NullPointerException" against Informix DQM.
PM82797 Out of memory for report in html while pdf format runs successful
PM82809 Incorrect sorting in Informix Dynamic Query Mode report
PM82824 cast(_add_days(current_date, -1),date) does not work properly with Oracle and DQM
PM82887 Prompt communication passes values to wrong parameters in portlets
PM82899 Collision mode missing for pie charts
PM82940 Drilldown links break when using Rows per Page setting
PM82948 No details with BMT-MD-6539 There are one or more errors in the dimension Time.
PM82996 Relative Time categories results in XQE-V5-0011 syntax error
PM82998 Informix Dynamic Query Mode report returning XQE-PLN-0098 The function 'month' is not supported
PM83000 Performing full-text index search in the Search port let results in error
PM83040 Upgraded report not working - receiving error RSV-SRV-0040.
PM83071 Drill-down behavior forwarding to new blank page
PM83073 Error:xqe-mdx-0012 The hierarchy already belongs to projected hierarchy list in Cognos Workspace Advanced
PM83115 Crosstab using Informix Dynamic Query Mode shows double-dashes (--) in every cell
PM83135 A crosstab row is removed when using a detailed filter on the measure
PM83139 Report Run History disappears when auto submit or page down is used.
PM83146 Informix DQM report fails with XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error: java.lang.NullPointerException
PM83148 Active Report click one column header in crosstab and column to the right is also selected
PM83162 Output inconsistent between Excel 2002, Excel 2007 and PDF for Cube Titles set on PowerPlay tab in Cognos Administration
PM83172 Custom Authentication Provider Developer Guide has incorrect information for CJAP and WEB-INF/AAA/Lib directory
PM83186 Customer seeing Error indexing annotations errors
PM83212 BIBusTKServerMain_seh_xxxx.dmp is generated when using Query Reference and cast function
PM83223 Informix DQM report fails with XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error
PM83225 Rows missing from Informix Dynamic Query Mode List report output
PM83243 Framework Manager export does not properly expose dates
PM83272 Performance degradation in a Cognos 10.2 BI report after migrated from Informix CQM to DQM.
PM83279 Upgraded 10.1.1 report calculation incorrect compared to 8.4.1 report
PM83291 Load external data source (.xlsx file) from network share QE-DEF logon failed error
PM83294 Extra layer of SELECT sent to Oracle in 10.2 causing poor performance
PM83296 Slicer causes XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error: Index: 0, Size: 0
PM83351 Translation of "From" and "To" to Chinese(Taiwan) is incorrect in Report Studio
PM83361 DQM does not pass Teradata current_date function to database
PM83377 XQE-PLN-0004- Error creating a hierarchy to move the nested level calculation
PM83387 Detail Filter on Dynamic Cube fails execution: XQE-PLN-0015 The query is not supported.
PM83428 Opening Report Studio requires User Persistence Data in Internet Explorer
PM83442 Prompts values are lost when switching tabs in Cognos Insight
PM83446 RQP-DEF-0177 when testing the option down a level in Analysis Studio with the German language setting
PM83467 Incorrect display data when using Custom Data Format
PM83502 Opening Dynamic Cube package in Event Studio throws error: QXE-PLN-0001 Internal Error
PM83528 XQE-V5-0011 syntax error when a composite join joining 2 non measure tables is defined and used in cube designer
PM83546 Command line cube build using preference file displays Transformer Preferences dialog
PM83553 Relational model generated incorrectly for degenerate dimensions
PM83585 Error XQE-GEN-0006 Feature not yet supported: Multiple cubes in MDX when using two TM1 cubes in DQM mode
PM83595 Download Japanese file name is garbled on IE when run locale and content locale are different
PM83607 Category baselines not centered into bars for legacy combination chart
PM83609 Decimal separator not recognized in External Data (.xls)
PM83630 Member cache refresh hits limit on session calculated members
PM83632 Job delivers report output in a wrong format
PM83639 Fail to start up the virtual cube while the base cube's in-memory aggregates are still loading.
PM83653 Export to excel very slow. As data increased excel results are never returned
PM83691 Users cannot click OK without specifying a value when the "prompt for values when report is run in viewer" check box enabled.
PM83721 MapManager crashes while importing a .gst file
PM83727 Cells not merged when exporting to Excel 2007 from PowerPlay Studio
PM83742 No stitching and double records on Cognos BI 10.2 report against Informix 11.7 FC7 Win.
PM83808 XQE-GEN-0018 when using Oracle Exadata, DQM and Concurrent Query Execution
PM83851 Fact Build Failing When Trying to Add Data to Date Column
PM83865 External Data initially fails to find files on mapped network drives
PM83874 Configuring LDAP against AD causes CAM_LPSvr.exe to crash
PM83947 CAFE 10.1.1 FP001 XQE-PLN-0004 when opening a dynamic Cube
PM83964 Content Manager failover not being reflected properly in Cognos Admin, can't fail back gracefully
PM83983 XQE-PLN-0011 creating a report using DQM
PM83999 Illegal argument exception resulting from an expression
PM84003 Date pattern in French Product Language is not working
PM84090 Decimal percentage values are not getting correctly displayed in 100 percent 3D Pie chart
PM84104 Row headers are centered instead of left-aligned, when using Export Excel 2007 (.XLSX)
PM84107 Table of contents links not working in Excel 2007 output, when page names have special characters
PM84112 Active Report Highlights Out of Place
PM84120 Formatting lost when Change Display Type from Crosstab to Chart back to Crosstab
PM84121 XMD-ERR-0001 Query execution failed error message for master detail TM1 report
PM84137 In a tab based workspace dashboard after adding a new widget subsequent tabs are not filtered
PM84154 Null integer value in external data source is rendered as 0 in Report Studio report.
PM84181 "ORA-32031: illegal reference of a query name in WITH clause" when running a report imported from 8.4.1
PM84200 Deleting class for a cell under list footer causes no response or an error when inserting or deleting an item
PM84219 ¦ used as CSV Qualifier breaks Unicode Characters and content does not get qualified
PM84222 Unable to pass drill through parameters when drill item is on the left hand column of a list
PM84225 Scrollbars not adjusting in filter area in Analysis Studio
PM84255 Documentation for RSVP.FILE.EXTENSION.XLS advanced setting are incorrect
PM84261 Properties bar missing in Report Studio after zoom in or zoom out
PM84284 DPR-ERR-2008 The dispatcher is unable to process the request. The request is directed to an unknown service name: repository
PM84321 XQE-PLN-0011 The relation ... could not be found in the model when testing a query subject using Dynamic Query mode
PM84323 Tool tips missing on non-legacy chart
PM84352 Intermittent error: "PRS-INS-1425: An error encountered executing operation" when creating package for new Powercube data source.
PM84368 unable to use the feature to search for special characters % and _. In DB2
PM84398 Cross join with Dynamic Query Mode results in additional rows
PM84404 Analysis Studio Replace missing items page has problems with long MUN's
PM84432 My folders package fails to load external data (using an XLS file)
PM84443 Report Studio doesn't display report pages, prompt pages or package
PM84478 Native SQL incorrectly being passed to XQE as Cognos SQL resulting in incorrect error messages.
PM84504 It's not possible to build a set of calculations in a Dynamic cube (Cube designer)
PM84511 Inconsistent behavior for data format applied on calculations
PM84621 Unable to allocate new pages in table space when running Aggregate Advisor against cube
PM84633 Report with External Data in XLSX file stored on network share will run interactively, but not in batch
PM84707 Drill Through - Error when using Action -> View most recent report
PM84721 Using native SQL unable to create a DB query that selects from a different schema than the schema used
PM84739 Cognos 10.2 BI Excel 2007 data format report against Informix DQM fails with "RSV-SRV-0040" when run to save in file system.
PM84778 Prompt Button Type 'Cancel' not working
PM84801 Cognos 10.2 FM publish slow as compared to Cognos 10.1.1 FM
PM84812 Need more details on the VirtualMemoryDiagnostics setting in the rsvpproperties.xml file
PM84899 Error in Analysis Studio when trying to expand the secured hierarchy:XQE-QRY-0406
PM84913 Adding a third aggregate cube fails to publish with class java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
PM84923 Incorrect Sub-totals after upgrade to Cognos 10.2
PM84926 Test the application tier components documentation shows incorrect URL
PM84940 Error attempting to open Cognos Administration Page and view under System tab
PM85004 Solution for defect PM79198 causes new unexpected issues
PM85106 Changing the visible parameter in system.xml has no effect
PM85130 report crashes when list has overall header and zero suppression removes all list rows
PM85203 Short date format incorrect in Report Studio report after upgrade for French-Swiss users
PM85205 Rows Per page setting results in missing data when saving Master-Detail Report output
PM85263 floor function(Cognos SQL) returns incorrect value on CQM
PM85278 Run/validate report generates UDA-SQL-0358 after upgrade from IBM Cognos BI v10.1.1 to v10.2.0
PM85298 Can't see all synonyms created in Netezza DB in Framework Manager
PM85299 XQE error - invalid combination of hierarchies
PM85300 Images referenced by UNC path no longer work
PM85337 User Profile being lost
PM85413 Slicer ignored in DQM against MSAS
PM85421 modifying ansproperties file to increase DefaultVisibleItemCount limit doesn't work
PM85469 Missing space in in-filter enumeration against DB2 z/OS for DQM
PM85471 A query without database elements fails against DB2 z/OS in DQM
PM85473 Alias search against TM1 returns empty results
PM85480 Materialized view returns an error when renamed
PM85730 Drill Through and export to Excel 2007 ignores drill level or slicer
PM85782 Report returns all zero values when using Dynamic Query Mode but runs fine in Compatible Query Mode
PM85801 Vietnamese characters are corrupted in Transformer
PM85859 HTTP error using Cognos Help menu
PM85885 SQL Exception will be thrown when log is inserted to audit table after XQE-V5-0013 error
PM85908 Calculated measure should be hidden - Dynamic cubes
PM85941 BI report fails against Dynamic Query Mode model running TM1 data Source (Success in Classic)
PM86057 Concatenating full width Japanese characters and using Query reference cause DPR-ERR-2056 under DMR package environment
PM86086 Even though the same query is used for crosstab and chart, division used if clause in the query is incorrect for the crosstab
PM86101 Dynamic Cube Secured Measures exposed in Virtual Cube
PM86103 MDW-ERR-0003 error using item function in a crosstab with SSAS cube
PM86113 Date "00/00/000" measure from SAP BW returns November 30, 0002 in Cognos 10.2
PM86125 Expand on dataItemMember does not work
PM86168 Index Update Task takes very long and does not finish
PM86170 Zero Suppression Does Not Return Expected Results When Page Sets are Used in Query Studio when Viewed in HTML
PM86174 When Third Party XSS filtering is enabled, unable to open active reports
PM86180 Cannot create SQL join against ECC tables in Framework Manager
PM86189 Report based on cross-join fails with XQE-GEN-0005
PM86250 Sort problem in list report against DMR
PM86264 Failed to burst report against DQM
PM86286 Java Script to default prompt value and refresh the chart not working in workspace
PM86344 Bad URL with chart download when third party XSS checking enabled
PM86355 IBM Cognos 10 Window name lost on Drill through.
PM86362 Slicer Issue in Aggregate Cubes
PM86381 Contents of DQM packages based on relational data not viewable in Report Studio
PM86428 XML characters used in a datasource password cause error
PM86439 Dimension Failure after opening Analysis with missing items
PM86536 Cognos Transformer is crashing with a double-free error on Red Hat 6.3 after 9th daily cube build
PM86538 Launching a large PDF from e-mail link hangs at the Adobe Reader progress bar
PM86618 XQE-PLN-0020 The V5 Query could not be planned by the Query Service.
PM86621 Drill up behavior inconsistent.
PM86631 Parameters class was changed between IBM Cognos BI 8.4.1 FP4 and FP5
PM86640 XQE-GEN-0002 An unexpected exception occurred: Index: 1, Size: 1
PM86662 Images using relative path fail to resolve in PDF using SSL after interim fix 2
PM86679 Master detail relationship to a parameter causes bibus to crash on validation
PM86727 Getting 'Excel found unreadable content' when viewing Excel 2007 output
PM86766 Import from one 10.2 server to another 10.2 server causes report layout reference not to update in Content Store
PM86771 Date prompts in Cognos Viewer portlet disappear and reappear after refreshing portlet
PM86807 XQE-DAT-0001 Data source adapter error: ERROR: Table name "Inventory" specified more than once
PM86852 Search on refine section under Metadata results are missing
PM86944 Unable to set prompt values for Active Report if user preference for Report Format is not HTML
PM86961 Burst report failures with XQE-V5-0011 V5 syntax error found in expression
PM86969 Thai characters get trimmed when used in the expression definition of new query item in Framework Manager
PM86971 Conditional style does not apply for workspace advanced crosstab report in DQM
PM86996 Consistency check removes all permissions
PM86997 XQE-GEN-0002 An unexpected exception occurred
PM87021 Drill Up/Down option greyed out
PM87036 PDF hanging in Cognos 10.2 with IE 8 or 9
PM87057 List and crosstabs render with java script errors with Lotus Notes 8.5.x clients
PM87059 List and crosstabs render last character on new line with Lotus Notes 8.5.x clients
PM87083 External Data Wizard, the data items from external file are not displayed
PM87097 Unable to create cubes in batch using optional multi prompts in model
PM87140 Incorrect display of crosstab row with DQM package - Extra Summary Line
PM87186 Chart rendered via REST command has URL encoded text as part of the tooltip text
PM87220 Dynamic Query Cube is treated as a relational package in CAFE
PM87272 Crosstab disappears after measure is inserted from DQM DMR package
PM87304 DQM Crosstab Report Failing w/ XQE-DEC-0016 Internal Error
PM87334 GET_MEMBER() call on root member made instead of getting it from model
PM87344 When using a custom authentication provider, cannot save email address in Preferences
PM87411 Expression editor in Framework Manager throws parsing errors depending on which active language is being used
PM87447 Japanese characters in saved report name drop out in file name
PM87508 QE-DEF-0286 Unable to find the connection ' ' in the content store
PM87584 Canceling prompt page causes RSV-SRV-0040 error on report created on Cognos Workspace Advanced
PM87613 When using 2 or more slicers in a report against MSAS 2008, DQM and CQM provide different results
PM87699 Analysis Studio report missing values when run to an output format.
PM87714 IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced 10.2 does not launch on Firefox 20.0.1
PM87715 Cognos Administration - expand System => Webpage error: 'fragments[...].windowState' is null or not an object
PM87734 Report containing Prompt API HTML/javascript does not work in Cognos Viewer portlet
PM87752 Incorrect member from multi-hierarchy dimension identified in aggregate cube slicer
PM87801 Business Insight Advanced with Firefox ESR 17 - Drag & Drop, Menus and context menus does not work
PM87841 Consumer user can not cancel future report execution in My Activities and Schedules.
PM87915 Cognos is performing same BAPI Calls in a loop for 7-15 minutes
PM88034 query subject sql statement does not take selected fields during importation process
PM88058 Singleton breaks Excel 2007 cells
PM88120 Content Manger Service during cache initialization is experiencing a long start-up time when connecting to a large content store
PM88156 Error RQP-DEF-0177 when try to run any report with Excel 2003 external database.
PM88240 xlsColWidth Size Error Generated in a Excel 2007 Report After Fix Pack 2 for 10.1.1 is Applied
PM88265 The Excel 2007 output doesn't merge the cell in C10.1.1 FP2
PM88328 The data provider returned an error message: "Members, tuples or sets must use the same hierarchies in the UNION function.".
PM88426 Calculated Measure in the FM model works in CQM, not DQM: Report server not responding
PM88587 Measure with 'Custom' aggregation rule returns extraneous values
PM88824 NullPointerException when querying for defaultName of policy
PM88917 IBM Cognos BI 10.2 Documentation Does Not Reflect Layout Component Reference Limitations with Active Reports
PM89198 DQM TM1-XQE-WRN-0027 The left hand side of a member comparison in a detail filter is not a level
PM89248 Upgrade Error CM-CFG-5113 The definition of the property notificationList in cmmetadata.xml, When attempting to start BI
PM89720 Cognos Configuration generates an error message when used to stop DM socket server.
Cognos BI Metrics Server
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos BI Metrics Server 10.2
Number Description
PM15477 If a udc column is equal to target value, scores don't calculate properly
PM16520 Diagrams do not display status for some metrics
PM22296 Cannot print from My Folders tab
PM22531 Level setting is not updated for Strategy by Maintenance job
PM55227 Portal page using Metric package displays error message.
PM58386 Metric name disappears if "Display only the relevant portions of the metric name" option is enabled.
PM61693 Unable to import project task from flat file
PM62624 Pop-up graphs in Metric List portlet do not display correctly if there are multiple portlets on a page
PM67775 MLE-0097 attempting to load comments for a project
PM71264 Published metric task fails with DIS-RUN-3140 on 32-bit RHEL 6
PM71875 grouped metrics with incomplete status have wrong status in Report Studio report
PM71895 Unable to load kpi values into "imported data" metric which was originally a "derived index" metric
PM71925 DIS-RUN-3259 There are no files to load at selected import locations. No data has been imported into package 'cmm'.
PM73806 Tooltips in metric portlets do not display completely when portlet height is small
PM79236 Metric Designer 10.1.1 fails with an error when editing or creating filters if BI Fix Pack 1 is installed
PM79500 Report on metric package (MS SQL Server) returns wrong result when the user is member in more than 47 Active Directory groups
PM81898 Error CMM-SYS-5999 when searching for a metric to add to strategy element
PM82564 Incorrect derived index score when using calculated metric types
Cognos Mobile
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Mobile 10.2
Number Description
PM70358 Report when running on Mobile app will show an autogenerated prompt page
PM73093 Cognos Mobile conformance page and Infocenter docs does not specifically say that Location-Aware reporting unavailable for iPad
PM78587 Can't use web app with Apache mod
PM85355 Content is missing in some folders when browsing Pubilc Folders via Mobile
PM86552 Cannot Use Mobile App with Siteminder Authentication When Page is not UTF-8 Format
PM86678 Server Not Available when Using iPad Mobile App and Accesses a URL That Uses Web Server Redirection
PM86945 When running a Mobile report containing both Gauge charts and a crosstab, the gauge chart does not display
Cognos Real-time Monitoring
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Real-time Monitoring 10.2
Number Description
PK88211 Views display decimals as scientific notation.
PM08806 User cannot create advance report even with advance report access
PM43052 Workbench: nvarchar datatype displays as "Not Supported"
PM45397 JDBC Agent error when using IIS web server with Cognos RTM 10.1
PM45905 Dashboards do not refresh if one of the Dashboard Objects is linked to an invalid object.
PM54910 Realtime chart labels are incorrect in languages other than English
PM69324 SSO between Business Insight and RTM not working if user has a period in their username
PM73417 Dashboards fail to load when using Websphere
PM77652 RTM pivot table dashboard object totals don't align
PM88415 Unable to create a rule in IE9
APARs listed for a specific component apply only to that component. Other APARs apply to Cognos BI Server and may also apply to other components.

Cognos BI | Cognos Real-time Monitoring | Cognos for Microsoft Office
Cognos Business Intelligence
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1
Number Description
PK88635 Query subject filter in Framework Manager not applied
PK99656 Using multi-select with required prompt and multi-byte language fails
PM03155 RQP-DEF-0272 the parameter value of type characterlength16 is not valid
PM03332 Rerun of failed job fails for System Admin with CNC-MON-0028 error
PM10372 PPX Reports in PowerPlay Client are getting sharing violation error
PM10939 Expression locale instead of content locale is used for translation of root member in a tree prompt
PM12128 RQP-DEF-0564 thrown when using a semi-additive measure in Report Studio. Works in FM.
PM12689 Root value of tree prompt stays in language that report was created in
PM12788 UDA-SQL-0107 when use a second filter with DB2
PM16053 Report does not validate - DPR-ERR-2065
PM19872 Unable to test data items from multiple query subjects with no direct join when union is used
PM20430 RQP-DEF-0177 and UDA-SQL-0107 in Framework Manger 8.4.1 when importing a table with long descriptions from AS/400 with DB2 Connect
PM20686 Crosstab shows wrong data when used with stored procedure and session parameter
PM32144 SAP R/3 - ECC for Adaptive Warehouse: Left outer join is not pushed down to database
PM37833 Inconsistent rounding results in certain circumstances
PM40395 CCL Error message if comma (,) symbol is in the cube package name and audit is enabled
PM47399 Prompt report freezes on VM in IE with SSL
PM52714 The text view of Lifecycle Manager displays only source text
PM57547 Special characters in external data file name causes error "XQE-JDB-0005" when running the report
PM59562 Unable to open reports in Studios after Inactivity timeout when using SSO: DPR-ERR-2079
PM60209 Report title with HTML tags displays HTML tags when exported as excel 2007
PM62876 UDA is case in-sensitive for codeset ISO-8859-1
PM63816 Drop shadow affecting checkbox prompt box
PM64835 The IBM Cognos server may be unavailable or the gateway may not be correctly configured.
PM65648 Validating chart report throws warning: OP-ERR-0144 Grouping on a property or property expression
PM67462 One hour difference in Timezone in the reports
PM67643 Business Insight Widgets not responding to prompts. Does not allow feature to be re-enabled
PM70031 Firewall security rejection when trying to view configuration of Dynamic Query Mode connection to MSSQL datasource
PM71295 Validation fails: RSV-VAL-0010 Failed to load the report specification. XQE-PLN-0001 Internal error
PM76174 Report Studio icon shows for express user when default action is to open in BIA
PM78295 Problems with data when rerunning report in Cognos Express (cache issue)
PM79224 404 error thrown when opening a page which contains a .gif file image with IIS7 webserver and isapi gateway
PM80009 Nested left outer join sql against DB2 Z/OS fails with UDA-SQL-0515
PM80716 The 'Time Interval' format has confusing properties
PM81409 Analysis Studio returns incorrect results in Excel output when suppression enabled.
PM81897 Query Studio filter using Last number of days also includes future dates
PM81899 Unexpected behavior after modeling a determinant
PM81937 Report fails with error DPR-ERR-2077.
PM81974 Some Korean characters in Model.xml ( lastPublishedCMPath ) cannot be processed
PM81975 Additional unnecessary letters in the date prompt field in Korean Local
PM81988 If query options is different on each advanced options, the summarizing behavior is inconsistent between each format.
PM82747 Landing page when running excel reports does not function correctly
PM83281 Opening Cognos Workspace object shows replication in crosstabs/lists/charts
PM83449 Calendar UI remains open when switching between reports in a Multipage portlet
PM83668 Intermittent image not displaying in PDF
PM83689 A drop down list prompt control is shown where a text box is expected.
PM84032 Using external data in report studio causes a Out of Memory Condition when using a 27 MB excel file.
PM84065 Query Studio should work based on Run Report menu query options after upgrading from ReportNet.
PM84089 Native SQL fails with ORA-32039: recursive WITH clause must have column alias list (DQM)
PM84441 Query Studio "prompt every time the report runs" checkbox not staying checked when saved
PM84571 RSV-VAL-0004 When Validating, But Report Runs Fine
PM84660 Publish a package causes BMT-MDC-0001:unable to publish the package error
PM84995 System Administrator cannot cancel report
PM85051 Prompts not syncing between widgets in Cognos Workspace
PM85075 Links (arrows) are not displayed correctly in Query Explorer
PM85206 Report using DQM gives 'XQE-EXE-0044 Invalid to compare values with different data types'
PM85210 Report using DQM gives XQE-V5-0003 Element 'useSQLParameters' was not processed as it is not supported by 'queryHints'
PM85581 The load window will freeze when a report is opened from Business Insight via the "Do More" menu
PM85582 Error occurs during indexing: Error while adding history detail: CM-REQ-4159
PM85635 Filter shortcuts fail in DQM Packages.
PM85640 Change Query Subject for External Data
PM85648 'CNC-MON-0028 Restart of task failed due to insufficient permissions' when a report administrator reruns a report
PM85746 After upgrade, measure in crosstab changes to '-' instead actual data
PM85799 "XQE-V5-0013 The number of rows retrieved exceeds the limit of '21'." is displayed even though number of row is just 21 with DQM
PM86426 Audit report show blank package name and report path for drill through action
PM86522 CM-REQ-4315 when publishing from PowerPlay Client
PM86546 Incorrect results with the datatype when filtering against database columns defined as datetimeoffset
PM86564 DQM returns unexpected subtotal result compared to CQM
PM86593 Greenplum - UDA-SQL-0491 when filtering date or timestamp equals constant
PM86634 Upgraded report fails with RSV-BBP-0037, RSV-BBP-0022 errors
PM86646 V5html_sdk.xsl points to an empty V5environment_sdk.xsl file, which results in an error
PM86709 XQE-PLN-0128 The DMR sub query failed to plan and produced an un-expected error
PM86875 Capabilities option not cleared as expected.
PM86886 Even though Query options under Run Report menu are changed, it is not reflected
PM86916 Parameters are not reset in portlet communication
PM86936 Errors XQE-PLN-0247 validating a report and XQE-CON-0007 running it
PM87024 Macro Function CSVIdentityName returns an empty list of values when used in a Filter
PM87032 Filtering a column summarized as a Count in Query Studio causes error
PM87089 Report column height problem in excel 2007 export format.
PM87141 DPR-ERR-2101 Your request was invalid. This is received when trying to open a link to Cognos Workspace
PM87219 PRS-TRS-0902 processing the source at location "transforms/CM/post-process.xslt"
PM87233 Report scheduled to run hourly every day runs repeatedly
PM87263 Default format has changed for en-za
PM87275 Chart not refreshed on a multi tab dashboard after changing the prompt
PM87285 Cursor location does not effect select value in expression in Internet Explorer
PM87311 Drill through fail when Cognos metadata and BEx query do not contain the characteristics behind the BEx variables.
PM87359 XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error: Error on line 1 of document : Character reference "" is an invalid XML character.
PM87411 Expression editor in Framework Manager throws parsing errors depending on which active language is being used
PM87438 Modified times listed on Framework Manager start page show UTC time only
PM87444 Series 7 users can't log on Cognos 10 when clustering PowerPlay/TDS service switch over
PM87558 RSV-SRV-0040 on Style Variable after upgrade
PM87582 Routing Rules are not working with Agents
PM87586 Unable to browse package in our tools with a TM1 dimension name along with single quote
PM87731 In a portlet, the Cognos Viewer includes a <br> tag under the title section
PM87773 TR3110 error in creating a cube
PM87780 Report's output in PDF or Excel formats shows more charts than in HTML format
PM87787 Report Studio button size is not reflected using Firefox ESR 17
PM87790 Drill down on column data to lowest level, then export to PDF, the column data becomes empty.
PM87832 DPR-ERR-2079 Firewall Security Rejection error when XSS enabled in CAF
PM87849 UDA-SQL-0107 error executing Sybase stored procedure with argument
PM87872 XQE-PLN-0108 error occurs on a model that contains both Multiple-grain queries and Aggregate rules
PM87923 Token macro prompt not working as expected in DQM when display value is set
PM87943 XQE-ROL-0002 Cannot find cube "XXX", verify cube exists in Cognos Content Manager.
PM87999 "Number of Visible Items" and TM1/DQM mode
PM88036 Page not found error when clicking on ? (help) with product language set to Dutch
PM88041 Cognos BI 10.2 report against TM1 10.1.1 errors PCMDDS internal error at "tm1odpLMasterDataset.cpp":"474".
PM88140 Data formats and formats like Background colors, Fonts, borders not maintained after drill up/down.
PM88181 Error received when search numeric column in filter creation by using Teradata
PM88206 RichTextItem output differs between PDF, HTML and Excel 2002 formats
PM88233 DQM cannot find metadata item in nested if statements. XQE-QRY-0407
PM88288 XQE-CON-0007 XQE error encountered: The request was cancelled by the user
PM88312 Business Insight Top or Bottom function disabled in Explore Data
PM88353 List overall header displays different value for calculation then list overall footer
PM88355 unable to create filter on model calculation in BIA or RS but can in QS
PM88434 RQP-DEF-0177 'sqlScrollBulkFetch' status='-9' error importing certain native Informix tables
PM88478 Aggregation is incorrect for semi-additive measures
PM88486 Excel column not expanding for larger text
PM88524 Automatically update the filter when the values change option is not available
PM88525 Formatting Issue on schedule email
PM88549 Unable to Import Oracle Procedures using DQM
PM88567 XMLA requests need full CAM and CAMPassport information in the biBusHeader
PM88598 The drop down list in adding filters disappears if there are two many items added in CWA
PM88601 'Minimum query execution time before a result set is considered for caching'
PM88696 RSV-VAL-0010(XQE-PLN-0001) validation error when using 'case' statement in join definition
PM88735 Unable to return values from SQL Server temp tables
PM88738 Extra Tables Associated with a Double Joined Alias Query Subject
PM88800 Report that validates in CQM spins indefinitely in DQM
PM88857 Filter doesn't work with Japanese characters
PM88890 Teradata report returns far more rows in DQM than CQM
PM88896 Framework Manager fails with "bmtui2 has stopped working"
PM89044 Combination bar chart axis shrinks and grows with value of data
PM89092 Minor Grid Lines Not Displayed at Right Side of Combination Chart
PM89164 Bubble Charts misaligned with option "Auto fonts size value" set to yes
PM89190 An active report with a data slider bar that is on the second tab of a Workspace canvas will hang on rendering controls
PM89205 Report Studio and Business Insight are not working in Firefox 20 and 21
PM89227 File name is blank when report named in Japanese is saved as Excel on Firefox
PM89229 The combination of specific measure items causes XQE-GEN-0010( Failed to create metadata wrapper) error.
PM89241 Session Parameter is empty when used in open session command
PM89275 Aggregation rules in Crosstab not applied correctly.
PM89280 Date filters in DQM using '=' create date literals wrapped with a cast to timestamp
PM89325 java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException indexing particular set of reports
PM89351 Unable to Convert Query Studio Chart in Report Studio
PM89395 Incorrect .xlsx file Extension associated to charts when downloading it from within a portal page
PM89399 Special Chars with hex code(0x1A1A1A1A) causes: DPR-ERR-2065:The response from Report Server is not well formed
PM89405 Updating Report - changes output version Settings back to default
PM89411 Administration and security guide leads to Tomcat errors
PM89418 UDA-SQL-0177 exception error occurs in running report
PM89488 Report returns incorrect results after applying interim fix 10.1.6301.1234
PM89536 Running Report using MSAS data source never finish
PM89541 A static prompt schema in the Framework Manager lead to an error message XQE-DAT-0001 in Report Studio
PM89551 Denial of service attack against servlet gateway
PM89595 Analysis Studio does not reflect TM1 formatting apply rule.
PM89607 XQE-GEN-0002 is generated after applying ifix 10.2.1003.1204
PM89613 Fail to run concurrent SDK program. Running 1 SDK is fine. But running multiple concurrent SDK programs cause BIBUS to fail
PM89643 Data Label in Line chart not displayed properly when show value is set to Absolute and collision mode set to Coarse Stagger
PM89653 RSV-SRV-0040 Error on Drill Down in Powercube Based report.
PM89699 PDF cannot display stacked 100% bar column
PM89700 Upgraded report fails with XQP-PLN-0001 Internal error
PM89757 DQM Crosstabs with Conditional Styles in Cognos Workspace Loses Formatting After a Drill-through Operation
PM89761 SSL LDAP does not work on Z/OS platform.
PM89842 'Save Report' option should not appear if user does not have Write permission on the report
PM89861 Framework Manager clashes in item testing
PM89929 Cognos Workspace widgets "disappear"/lose their sizing after globally changing background
PM89950 IBM Cognos Documentation to include guidelines regarding OS upgrade
PM89984 Burst report fails with RSV-DST-0014 on certain burst keys
PM89989 PowerPlay Client export to Excel 2007 not working
PM90006 Label on "View report output versions" showing incorrect numbers for bursting reports (and zero's stripped)
PM90020 Columns not aggregated the same way depending on location of column
PM90021 Large pdf output hangs when opened with IE 32bit
PM90077 DQM report creates large UDAWF*.tmp files in '' directory
PM90095 Cognos BI using service credentials to run reports intermittently causing incorrect data to be returned
PM90102 Decimal representation of value gets incorrect when run in DQM on customers environment.
PM90119 Rounding to nearest whole number due to Default Scale on TEXT delivery leaves trailing decimal
PM90144 Error when attempting to view data with special characters with jdbc parameter CHARSET=UTF8 set
PM90184 Documentation requested on how to set the rounding rule server setting
PM90238 Cognos Business Insight - Tree Prompt Filter Breaks after Drill-down
PM90246 Cascading Prompts on Portal Tab do not refresh correctly if you leave the Portal Tab and go to Public Folders and return
PM90286 Images in conditional styles do not appear in Firefox or in Print Preview/Printed output
PM90317 Highlight on Active Report Chart does not line up with chart section
PM90364 Validate Object or validation when switching query mode returns XQE-PLN-0244 or OP-ERR-0045
PM90378 Enabling /LARGEADDRESSAWARE linker flag for cogtr.exe on Windows
PM90387 Cannot reuse a service, siteminder blocks the request
PM90396 Aggregation rule does not work in measure dimensions
PM90403 10.1.0 Environment instability in Linux 64 bit environment
PM90411 Large values representing milliseconds can't be formatted correctly
PM90423 When delivering to SQL Server 2008 or 2012, Bulk copy delivery fails with DM-SSL-0060
PM90429 Some Chinese Characters were truncated within Report Studio
PM90452 On 3rd party portal, get CAF error on Cognos portlets when reload or launch BI after timeout
PM90467 Nested Rows Disappear from Crosstab When Drilling Down in Cognos Workspace
PM90530 in_range labels show incorrect translation of 'to:' in Dutch
PM90573 Data Manager does not disable quoted identifier on Sybase
PM90589 Report built in IBM Cognos BI 8.4 that uses variables to create a tuple fails in 10.2 with OP-ERR-0182 Invalid parameter
PM90631 Teradata Random function fails with UDA-EE-0021 when use local cache on
PM90632 XQE-GEN-0018 Query Service Internal Error has occurred
PM90637 64-bit Data Manager commands are unable to connect to 64-bit DB2 database via 64-bit client
PM90671 Advanced parameter CM.DbConnectPoolMax not working
PM90679 Cognos Prompt API - Tree prompt issues - setValues() and getValues(true)
PM90711 expression with prompt macro causes XQE-PLN-0020 error on DQM
PM90718 NullPointerExpection by adding Query Calculation expression after applying 10.2.1003.1204
PM90731 Symbol "&" is displayed as html code "&amp;"
PM90742 Wrong report output displayed in Cognos Viewer portal page after drilldown
PM90745 Large report execution causing looping write and excessive CPU on Z/OS platform.
PM90767 Dynamic Cube Designer does not import the correct relationships from Netezza
PM90804 Folder Shortcut, with calculations, give error in DQM
PM90915 DQM filter on key figure do not retrieve all the information expected
PM90927 RSV-SRV-0040 Error on Excel output after applying hotsite 10.1.6303.1049
PM90940 Excel 2007 chart cannot be generated correctly
PM90944 Edit Widget option disappears from Folder Widget in Workspace after save
PM90967 XQE-PLN-0248 The column '<>' of '<> could not be found in the model. Possibly caused by out-of-date query subject definition
PM90992 Unexpected gateway URL appears when importing prompt report from MSOffice
PM90995 Filter based on cube does not work in certain condition
PM91019 in Data Manager the decimal separator in the dat file created by oracle sql loader is a "."
PM91044 Report Studio Image size restriction on Excel 2007 format
PM91063 Calculation of calculated measure causes BIBusTKServerMain process shutdown on DQM report
PM91080 BIBusTKServerMain process crashes when running an audit report
PM91099 IBM Cognos 10.2.x DQM list report calculation using round function shows inconsistent decimal format.
PM91126 Prompt page on workspace does not submit when prompt values contain %
PM91158 Length of Varchar Column in database is doubled in length in the Report Studio XML output
PM91171 Special character "??" in the name of a namespace role causes when clicking "View My Permissions"
PM91206 Informix DQM report returns XQE-GEN-0002 An unexpected error occurred: java.lang.NullPointerException
PM91233 Metadata for TM1 element attributes is not updated in BI studios after adding/deleting TM1 element attributes
PM91262 Performance of drill-down is extremely slow under DQM and huge data environment.
PM91273 Date formatting is not applied to a measure on a chart using the new chart engine
PM91277 cast_varchar returns SQL0604N after upgrade
PM91378 PCA-ERR-0038 - The CI type "qs:dimension" is invalid after migration
PM91474 Legend Properties 'Show Values' does not work in Combination Chart if there is only 1 series for a Combination
PM91495 Event agent fails intermittently with CNC-ASV-0025 error messages
PM91508 PRS-INS-1425 error in past activities when Excel 2002 option has been hidden
PM91530 XQE-PLN-0001 error using Rank function with Dynamic Query Mode
PM91540 QE-DEF-0359 error in 10.2 in report that worked in 8.4.
PM91554 Tivoli Common Reporting memory leak - suspect: Cognos Bouncy Castle
PM91571 BI generates Invalid syntax of PDF report file when chart has no data
PM91582 CM-REQ-4159 when running a report from Dynamic Query Analyzer
PM91655 RSV-SRV-0040 error when Job is running for Active Reports
PM91815 A report that uses a package which has multiple data sources, presents the user with a connection selection dialog
PM91858 Active Report Japanese file name garbled on FireFox
PM91861 add_days function used together with today function returning wrong results (2nd calculation added)
PM91869 Upgrade Fatal error when clicking on macro in a query subject of the model
PM91901 Random dispatchers hanging
PM91904 Security model filter is not being honored for DMR models against dynamic query mode.
PM91961 Select Value Filter displays members for which the user does not have access
PM91994 "Going to buffer response body of large or unknown size" in WebSphere logs when using Cognos Administration
PM92006 TR2403 error when changing Context Period and Offset on Relative Time Category.
PM92023 Comment disappeared in Cognos workspace report
PM92038 RSV-AOM-0026 No create/copy method is defined for the type 'bus:baseParameter'
PM92080 System hangs intermittently and users unable to login due to requests issued by ITCAM
PM92159 Report throws XQE-PLN-0001 Internal error. The query could not be planned by the Query Service: Index: 0, Size: 0
PM92170 TM1 aliases are shared between multiple packages using the same datasource
PM92304 Unable to validate/test query subject in FM when using prompt macro.
PM92305 Japanese characters issues in FM model after upgrading
PM92315 External Data - not all columns of file can be imported
PM92332 Multilingual Filtering Returns No Data With Cache Disabled
PM92386 Importing SAP datasource without credentials in FM leads to XQE-GEN-0018 Query Service internal error
PM92389 External Data - data is shown in wrong column on runtime
PM92490 Trace.CAM.AAA.Provider.ActiveDirectory causes CAM_LPSvr core-if user is member of a group with wide character in the groups name
PM92498 DB2 z/OS stored procedure fails to execute when input parameter is prompt expression
PM92524 Relative images not showing up in PDF or Excel 2007, but do in HTML and Excel 2002.
PM92531 Cognos report studio stacked bar chart Y axis display range formatting issue
PM92549 Running a report with CMS REST does not bring back 'list page header' and 'list page footer'
PM92556 Logging database document incorrect
PM92595 Error Thrown when running TM1 Based Report
PM92648 DPR-ERR-2077 and DPR-ERR-2056 CAUSING REPORTS TO FAIL - generating dmp files
PM92652 Importing entire Content Store via SDK fails
PM92687 "Run As The Owner" option is missing in 10.2
PM92726 Description for 4KB buffer pool should be changed
PM92803 Report output to XML null value tag has changed.
PM92862 Report with spaces separated with "_"
PM92918 Intermittent hung threads with jcam.crypto.jni.JNISystemProperties._lockFile on zlinux
PM92929 Emailed HTML Output Results in Negative Numbers When They Should be Positive
PM92938 Out-of-service occurs intermittently which is not recovered sometimes without system reboot
PM92969 Cognos 10.2.1 Transformer cannot find the package published from FM
PM92973 Reprompting of a crosstab report breaks drill down functionality
PM92996 Portlet page toolbar drop down not working
PM93032 RSV-CM-0013 The content manager cache data could not be validated
PM93165 RQP-DEF-0105 error in Report Studio
PM93177 RQP-DEF-0062 - The query contains a reference to at least one object that no longer exists
PM93183 SAP R/3 BASIS Tables not visible when importing in FM
PM93226 _add_minutes function throws ORA-00911 when using oracle with DQM
PM93245 Unable to save Cognos 10.2.1 configuration with the IBM JCE policy files with IBM JAVA SR4 in AIX
PM93253 QE-DEF-0144 Prompt "prompt name" has no substitution values when using a prompt macro in 10.2.1 FM
PM93289 Cube build fails with (TR2700) on Linux using codepage en_US.CP1252
PM93297 Need to revise documentation
PM93354 SSO not working in DQM for TM1
PM93394 A token from a prompt macro gives the value in inverted comma instead of brackets back
PM93395 Input parameters for stored procedure query subject fail when using prompts
PM93396 Query Subject with filter and prompt validation fails QFS-ERR-0139 RQP-DEF-0354 QE-DEF-0144
PM93404 Data Manager 10.2 returns different schema list for Oracle connection than previous versions
PM93408 Conditional Palette ignored when ran to Excel 2007
PM93483 Framework Manager hangs if filter definition contains '[' parentheses
PM93508 Saving a Report View in the folder name with an ampersand "&" character is not possible.
PM93518 SQL change when upgrade
PM93520 After a series of 'n' executions the Bibus process hangs; no more reports can be run
PM93537 Backslash (\) in dimension name breaks dimension in Analysis Studio, dimension shows MUN in crosstab. Works in RS
PM93614 Slow processing for external data
PM93627 BI Report does not show correct date format under Informix DQM.
PM93635 TextBox Search for Unicode Extension B Han Characters in Report Studio Causes DPR-ERR-2077 error.
PM93703 Help text for Pattern property is not translated
PM93720 NullPointerException problem on subsequent configuration saves.
PM93792 Translation of 'To' label for range prompt to Japanese is incorrect in Report Studio
PM93859 Documentation incorrectly indicates that c10_location/reportstyles GlobalReportStyles.css is not used
PM93869 OP-ERR-0025 The following OLAPPlanner internal error occurred: 'OPASSERT(position
PM93876 Table space issues - SQL1585N A system temporary table space with sufficient page size does not exist. SQLSTATE=54048
PM93911 Filtering on a character column which contains non-printable characters fails with DPR-ERR-2065
PM93912 Incorrect Conditional Style output
PM93923 Report names with accent do not get filename generated correctly
PM93954 Select Delivery Method Email - Refreshes when data source has multiple connections
PM93999 SDK API - Several properties are missing for the Configuration class
PM94001 SDK API - Missing properties in classes GraphicService, Dispatcher_Type and ConfigurationFolder
PM94004 Unable to change and execute Data Manager ETL dynamically in same execution run
PM94028 Query Studio filter for "Do not show last days" returns future dates
PM94030 Exception querying for the 'options' property of a jobDescription object
PM94064 All interactive reports stay in pending if number of requests exceed available processes
PM94124 Error running Active Reports (RSV-VAL-0010, CCL_ASSERT_NAMED)
PM94163 Factually wrong paragraph in Architecture and Deployment Guide
PM94172 Setting outputFormat option using the SDK for report does not work
PM94268 Upgraded report with calculations returns errors QE-DEF-0359 RQP-DEF-0149 RQP-DEF-0457
PM94269 SDK - Exception when querying for 'dataPathInfo' property on dashboard or documentContent object
PM94283 Data is not shown for sum of calculated rank data items
PM94333 Background effects cause issues with prompts when the report is included in a job
PM94469 Property "v5.suppress.nulls.usePreAutoAggregationMeasureDetailFilter=true" throws XQE-PLN-0080
PM94509 Report under CQM package against two data sources, PC and relational, prompts/errors on 2nd run.
PM94552 Shortcut folder under all programs menu is created unexpectedly when changing install location from default
PM94581 Error XQE-GEN-0002 occurs when running a report using DQM package
PM94635 Migrating Framework Manager packages, Query Item with ‘TRIM’ calculations, experienced error SQL0204
PM94755 Exception when querying the 'options' property of an importDeployment object using the SDK
PM94826 SDK: Exception while querying 'options' property of HistoryDetailRequestArguments object with RunOptionEnum.primaryWaitThreshold
PM94836 Native SQL drops the where clause with ODBC for AS400
PM94856 DS_RUN_TIMESTAMP variable does not update when sub jobs or build run - remains at the initial parent job value
PM95041 Clicking Filter menu throws the error (DPR-ERR-2101)
PM95068 QE-DEF-0478 Invalid coercion from 'level' to 'string' for DataItem_name in DataItem_name = ?Prompt_name?
PM95091 Starting dynamic cube with relative time members in German Cube Designer returns XQE-ROL-0061 XQE-GEN-0002
PM95196 Selecting "Prompt Again" on Report in Cognos Workspace returns error
PM95217 DMR caching data when run report that returns expected error and then returns that data on second run instead of the error
PM95365 Error occurs when trying to add more than one continuous 'Conditional block' element into the report.
Cognos Real-time Monitoring
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Real-time Monitoring 10.2.1
Number Description
PM89576 Lookups do not get imported
Cognos for Microsoft Office
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office 10.1.1 for Cognos BI 10.2
Number Description
PK87753 Cannot import report with conditional layouts
PM75437 Data not refreshed in IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office
PM76936 Excel becomes unresponsive for long time in Cognos Office
PM77024 List Page Header can't be imported into Microsoft Office documents
PM88127 Transparent objects turn opaque when refreshing data and formatting in PowerPoint
PM89704 Cognos Office Excel - Refresh data only resizes column with image
PM89877 Hidden objects are shown in Cognos Office Connection
PM91395 CM-REQ-4016 This search path contains an invalid class name 'vgs'
PM91808 Should be a better error message when the report exceeds the governor limit.
PM91981 Cognos 10.2.1 BI report aggregates values inconsistently IF-THEN condition combines two vendor specific functions.
PM92021 Reports requiring provider crossjoin fail when using TM1 server version 10.1 or earlier
PM92394 No scroll bar in Combined filter
PM93626 Down a Level function shows MUN on level
PM93848 Metadata refresh not populating new tables/views
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1 FP1.
Number Description
PI04843 After applying Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1 Fix Pack 1, Dynamic Query connections to DB2 fail
PI05173 10.2.1 Error XQE-V5-0005 Identifier not found when model filter used on a report using DQM package
PI05223 Values are either disappearing, or are being cut off with line chart
PI05544 CM-REQ-4159 and RSV-SRV-0030 errors Authoring in Workspace Advanced after Inactivity Timeout with SSO.
PI06101 A union query referenced in another query and contains aggregated items fails with DPR-ERR-2056
PI06274 CCLAssertError when model includes UDF and language specific characters (here German umlaut)
PI10724 TM1 iwidget spawns "Not Found" Error when attempting to use a CubeView in Cognos Workspace
PI07062 Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure that contains input parameters fails with errors when calling it in Framework Manager
PI09508 Cannot use interactive visualization in Report Studio when SSL is enabled
PM46912 When "&" character is used in element name in TM1, when reporting on BI the values disappear in DQM mode
PM52151 Enabling audit log for PowerPlayService causes error PDS-PPE-0015
PM52867 Event Studio 'Run Report' task removed when report StoreID changes
PM77060 Name of the report page contains Japanese characters, file not found error is generated in Excel 2002 report
PM78727 Incorrect rds:url with ServletGateway and https
PM83727 Cells not merged when exporting to Excel 2007 from PowerPlay Studio
PM85885 SQL Exception will be thrown when log is inserted to audit table after XQE-V5-0013 error
PM87212 WAS application server fails to shutdown properly on Z/OS due to non-daemon Cognos threads
PM89823 "Divide by Zero Characters" Data Format definition in FM model is no effect
PM91956 RDS-ERR-1000 when importing Powerplay reports into IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office
PM92587 Report fails to validate. Error RSV-VAL-0010 XQE-PLN-0001
PM93023 CSV output generates inaccurate column names after installing 10.2.1003.1150 updater kit
PM93280 Column header of crosstab is misaligned when using the feature 'Freeze Column Headings' and then browser zoom level is changed
PM93321 Browser not responding when expanding references in Report Studio
PM93395 Input parameters for stored procedure query subject fail when using prompts
PM93759 Crosstab report upgraded from 10.1.1 to 10.2 has blank (--) summary values
PM94028 Query Studio filter for "Do not show last days" returns future dates
PM94106 Pin and Freeze Performance Problem 35 seconds to freeze headers
PM94223 Getting incorrect report output after installation of 10.1.1 FP1
PM94496 10.2.1 Chart Value Labels Cut Off when Location is Set to Outside Top
PM94570 Report Validates without error when there is an invalid TM1 Mun value
PM94737 XQE-QRY-0408 when the measure folder name contains square brackets []
PM95040 QFS-ERR-0006 when running reports in multi page using IF 1153 and Oracle Exadata
PM95059 Extra SQL Generated When Generating Prompts in Query Studio for 10.2 When Compared to 8.4.1
PM95078 Comments saved in old report version is lost after creating new saved report version
PM95274 Unable to run Data Manager DMS task in distributed environment when Planning is installed
PM95287 After changing zoom from 100% if the option to Freeze Column Headings is used report column headers become misaligned
PM95556 Removing favourites from Cognos Workspace causes error
PM95614 Asterisk shows for currency in the report output if currency for data item is set to (Default) in the Framework Manager model
PM95625 The result set becomes changed when upgrading the report from C8 to C10
PM95641 Ampersand in font name will cause BIBusTKServerMain to core
PM95805 Metric history chart does not display in Sharepoint 2013 portal
PM95911 Excessive Close_Waits on Content Manager
PM96021 Cognos 10.1.1 HTML report output using Excel 2007 datasource not working after updating IE 9.0.11 to IE 9.0.13.
PM96113 Using MSAS format ("### ### ###") will cause errors in CCL.
PM96167 Report with many columns takes a long time to generate SQL
PM96244 Cognos 10.1.1 Report error: UDA-SQL-0327 An invalid object name was detected in the SQL request. UDA-SQL-0328
PM96246 On a distributed environment, an external data will return a logon error when trying to drag an item to the report
PM96349 CAF Rejection when XSS Checking is enabled and trying to use the functionality "Edit the default user profile"
PM96370 Format issue, style is lost with SAP BW
PM96471 Upgraded report is throwing an error once running it in Cognos 10.2.1
PM96484 AAA-AUT-0010: User authentication required message after invoking Cognos gateway uri with h_CAM_action=logoff
PM96552 Netezza datasource authentication failing
PM96831 10.2.1 report fails with XQE-GEN-0010 Found an internal error: 'secondChild.getType()==?
PM96992 FP1 UpdaterKit creating an additional and improperly named shortcut for Cube Designer
PM97007 In Dynamic Query Mode, Oracle number (38.15) is imported into Framework Manager as scale 0
PM97008 Auto submit do not work in portal page in IE
PM97040 Incorrect aggregate and semi aggregate of a measure in Query studio
PM97043 Truncated value when value exceeds the allocated y-axis
PM97122 External data with package causes 'the server returned an unrecognizable metadata response
PM97301 Unable to modify permissions of an object unless user is logged into all available namespaces after applying FP1 for 10.2.1
PM97366 XQE-DAT-0001 'Driver can process one query at one time' error occurs when running multiple burst reports
PM97591 Functionality to search all members or descendants in DMR is greyed out
PM97738 CMS return drill through only for first drill spec
PM97751 CMS When requesting a table with drillthrough definitions directly, the drill parameters are not returned
PM97755 After applying 10.2.1 FP1, Cube Designer throws an error for a security filter based on a level with multiple non-key attributes
PM97771 "No Data Available" when filtering on a column of type VARCHAR with count applied for summary "Summary for Cells"
PM97817 Prompted Reports with Default Values not running
PM97881 Column filter is not populated on subsequent runs when combined filters are used in a Query Studio crosstab report
PM97912 Bar chart showing numerical values for maximum does not display value as it approaches the axis maximum range
PM97933 Error occurs when using CMS call http://localhost/c10.2/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi/rds/auth/logoff
PM98021 Cognos BI 10.2.1 crosstab report using asymmetric queries against TM1 runs slower compared to previous version of Cognos BI
PM98109 XQE-PLN-0264 The argument at position 1 of the function 'descendants' is invalid in data item
PM98154 HTML item hyperlinks in report studio no longer showing underline.
PM98201 Incorrect Colors for Bubble Chart
PM98387 Charts do not display Time Interval format correctly
PM98400 XQE-PLN-0057 - At least one invalid child was found for a node of type 'CogMDXAggregate'.
PM98435 Dynamic Cube Dimensional Security Filter creates performance degradation with like data sets.
PM98501 Unable to import report with prompt due to display improper prompt page from Apache mod with SSL enabled
PM98550 DPR-ERR-2077 error when running a specific report after applying 10.2.1 FP1
PM98561 Chart Preview error opening report spec - JDBC connection information is missing for data source
PM98605 Advanced drill functionality changed after applying FP1 to a 10.2.1 GA environment
PM98672 DQA throws error when you open logs with subqueries
PM98722 XQE-GEN-0005 Expand last member in Cognos Workspace
PM98726 UDA is not correctly handing UTF32 encoding with ODBC and UNICODE on Solaris (i.e Vertica, Netezza, ....)
PM98814 Reports with unions and query item references cause BiBus crashes after upgrading to 10.2.1 FP1
PM98818 Not able to run FM script player to add stored procedure with prompts
PM98894 Report is not updated when inserting a new row and re-run after installing 10.2.1 FP1
PM98926 Unable to search and add fonts
PM98999 Customer’s report gets core when attempted to run
PM99136 BIBus hangs using 1 full CPU core indefinitely when report executed against a secured powercube
PM99494 Unable to view active report MHT output files from Cognos 10.2.1 Portal
PM99654 SSO via Servlet Gateway fails due to NPE(NullPointerException)
PM99730 DQM Context Sensitive Join Selection
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1 FP2, including fixes previously available in the Cognos BI 10.2.1 FP1 Feature Bundle.
Number Description
PI04782 DS_LOG_DIR value is lost in 3rd level of sub-jobstream
PI04853 JDBC Data Source Connection with External Authentication doesn't pass in C10 login UID and PWD
PI04901 Incorrect data format for the measure in Analysis Studio
PI04965 Error RSV-SRV-0040 when running report in excel 2007 data format. (works in other formats)
PI05020 Bursting against invalid recipient results in output being created and visible to users in 10.2.1
PI05031 Report Studio report fails to validate if a 'report reference' is included
PI05126 Cognos Workspace dashboard filter widget do not always load properly
PI05141 Dynamic Query Mode performance slow with data security and/or filters
PI05178 Second drillthrough attempt doesn't pass parameter value to target report when using macros
PI05232 Report name saved as alpha-numeric in Audit Table
PI05323 French (Canada) Date format is not correct after upgrade
PI05341 Query Service Administration Task stuck in pending state when Job & Schedule table schema is Oracle
PI05360 XQE-EXE-0002 The requested partial dataset no longer exists.
PI05370 XQE errors available in audit DB (Dynamic Cubes)
PI05444 Report Studio may crash modifying large report specifications with Firefox 17.
PI05493 Query Service Administration task for a dynamic cube goes to Pending state.
PI05531 Error when resaving a Query Studio report with special character like an apostrophe in the report name.
PI05584 XQE ERP Adapter - IF 10.2.1101.1022 caused failure to import any table in Framework Manager
PI05598 Behavior of detail filter has changed after applying IF1025.
PI05663 Schedules tab does not function properly in Cognos Administration
PI05718 Warnings fill up the log files and causes a crash of the BI server
PI05738 No data represented in report after applying IF1025
PI05740 No data represented in Excel report after applying IF1025
PI05945 Sorting on calculated measure in Analysis Studio throws "XQE-GEN-005 Found an internal error: Infinite or NaN"
PI05946 DQM-sorting in Analysis Studio throws error XQE-GEN-0005Found an internal error:Comparison method violates its general contract!
PI06027 Query Studio filter using "Not in last days" returns future dates if it is not first in the filter list
PI06087 Using in_range with end date of 12-31-9999 against Oracle gives ORA-01841
PI06092 Open a Powerplay Studio report by Cognos for MS Office generates RDS-ERR-100 error when path contains double byte character
PI06115 Coalesce function causes incorrect output in Dynamic Query Mode crosstab
PI06127 "DPR-ERR-2014 Unable to load balance the request" when logging in after a Content Manager fail-over
PI06191 Values are missing in report column after upgrade
PI06216 No data returned when using the 'Leave Out Missing Values' option
PI06265 IBM Cognos Metrics Scorecard panel - Number of Processes not displayed
PI06398 Default level indentation on IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced moved to the right
PI06453 Cognos Workspace Advanced Custom Grouping option not available for Lists in Dimensional Model Relational datasource
PI06514 XQE-PLN-0003 - Internal error. The expression has invalid combination of hierarchies.
PI06561 DPR-ERR-2056 for report with unions and complex 'select case' expressions
PI06573 Report Studio: Copy/Paste of SQL Query causes invalid Report Spec - Name of SQL is not unique; causes XQE-PLN-0248 in DQM
PI06588 Running an agent studio event fails with DPR-ERR-2008
PI06606 Fatal Error in Framework Manager when testing Query Subject from a DB2 table with a hex x'00' value as null
PI06625 Transformer - Building cube on UNIX based systems gives error: TR0124
PI06629 How to eliminate the distinct query and use only a group by
PI06742 Query Studio last number of days when days from today set to 0 for current date will show no data available
PI06862 Issue with FIRST/LAST aggregation rule when more than one rule is applied on the measure
PI06881 Displaying currency format based on profile with Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) enabled
PI06944 Intermittent ORA-01466 when running an SQLData function within an SQLFetch loop
PI06952 Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) report with descendants function performs slow against TM1
PI06953 Error occurs when using '% of Total' on calculated item in Query Studio
PI06959 Memory usage of BiBusTkServerMain.exe much higher after upgrade
PI06964 Detail filter based on a powercube hierarchy does not filter a list containing the grouped hierarchy
PI06970 In Data Manager, unable to connect to an XML data source via IBM Cognos 10 Data Sources.
PI07044 Authentication fails on report with two data sources
PI07097 DQM - FIRST/LAST Aggregation Rule not working correctly after changed parameter in
PI07113 Condition to display a report element in pdf does not work in batch report mode
PI07117 Expand behavior with Workspace takes a very long time
PI07118 Drill UP/Down behavior with Workspace takes a very long time
PI07120 Essbase Member Unique Names (MUNs) changing after upgrade
PI07134 Report Date prompt with in_range filter does not allow selecting 1st to 9th of the month when run in Norwegian
PI07135 When using Internet Explorer 6, secure/nonsecure message is thrown after interim fix is applied.
PI07136 Report Date prompt not functional when run in Norwegian
PI07164 Report generating out of memory error after upgrade
PI07186 Conditional rendering not displaying results
PI07198 Error using external data with routing rules enabled
PI07236 Populating cascading prompts takes long
PI07283 Dashboard reports containing several charts, has increased in run time, after upgrade
PI07321 Dispatcher java consuming 100% CPU
PI07350 Summary value is incorrect when using conditional formatting or report expression
PI07365 Certain TM1 Cube Views cause an error when dragged into Cognos Workspace
PI07390 Run History does not contain skipped burst outputs
PI07433 Invalid Timezone error
PI07478 Cache not reused on report re-execution
PI07483 Simple crosstab with two siblings causes four MDX sent when 2 would suffice
PI07696 Migrated reports throw error DPR-ERR-2056 on drill-through.
PI07827 Search&Select prompt performance issue with dynamic query mode on Essbase
PI07883 Different data when reporting off TM1 Dynamic Query Mode package vs Classic
PI07891 Cannot connect to Pass Through Connection data sources when domain name exists
PI07892 Powerplay reports intermittently hanging when scheduled.
PI07996 Crosstab drill down not enabled when row edge has many members.
PI08066 Package with external data requires read access to execute report
PI08159 Report that works against SAP 7.0 fails when run against SAP 7.3
PI08172 Empty Cells '--' in upgraded crosstab report
PI08193 When accessing a report output that has no saved outputs, Cognos embeds Cognos Connection in Cognos Viewer
PI08210 Report Studio burst report leads to double output versions
PI08259 Setting up Cognos samples into DB2 via scripts doesn't make use of given tablespace if DB already exist
PI08311 Query service does not restart automatically when the java virtual machine crashes
PI08316 Report that only projects member functions on an edge with no real members throws XQE-GEN-0005 java.lang.NullPointerException
PI08324 Filters do not work properly on Cognos Workspace Advanced
PI08392 XQE-PLN-0005 Planning failed to assign a hierarchy to calculated member reference node: '15787' after upgrade
PI08398 XQE-QRY-0406 error thrown when expanding members in a TM1 cube
PI08408 Not able to see Dynamic Cubes in the Query Service section of Cognos Administration
PI08417 Editing Options and prompt values for report view in a job causes CM-REQ-4029
PI08433 Not prompted for logon: Error thrown instead: QE-DEF-0285 The logon failed
PI08440 Performance Issues - with how long it takes to get parameter information when preparing the internal report object model
PI08499 BMT-IMP-0002 Failed to execute metadata request when importing synonym into a Dynamic Query Mode model
PI08524 Executing a report that contains an analytical function "partition by" on Netezza throws error XQE-DAT-0001
PI08579 QE-DEF-0260 for custom filters in IBM Cognos Workspace or IBM Report Studio
PI08658 Master Detail report prompts for parameter value in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) only.
PI08662 Unable to view Query Logs from Content Store view in Dynamic Query Analyzer
PI08724 RSV-VAL-0010 Failed to load the report specification. XQE-PLN-0001 Internal error.
PI08850 BiBusTkServerMain crash when exporting a chart to Excel 2007 format if there is no data content
PI08906 Performance degradation for reports containing large case-when condition after upgrade
PI08920 Cannot add an Active Report as an Event Studio run report task
PI09048 Found an internal error on node 'V5EdgeGroup'. !prevoiusHierInfo.equals(currentHierInfo)
PI09078 Summary values in Report Studio report are doubled after upgrade
PI09081 Framework Manager (FM) model that uses a stored procedure passes empty quotes instead of NULL for varchar/datetime parameters.
PI09355 Slow performances when drilling down on some dimensions in Cognos Viewer from a TM1 cube
PI09392 Pivotal Greenplum JDBC connection type displays as IBM Informix Dynamic Server within the connection properties page
PI09559 Package with user defined function and external data throws XQE-GEN-0002 and MFW-UT-1002
PI09675 Logging in to an Active Directory Server namespace fails intermittently when using a format other than sameaccountname
PI09794 XQE-GEN-0018 Query Service internal error has occurred in Cube Designer
PI09848 Page refresh generates error after CAM passport expiry
PI09849 Excel error when opening same report as Excel 2007 output more than once using Internet Explorer
PI09881 Drill down throws OP-ERR-0154 Unable to build the aggregate dataItem="Summary(Operation)".
PI09893 'class java.lang.NullPointerException' when trying to create new project from metadata
PI09949 Copied Workspace listens to all widgets events
PI09966 Custom SQL report is failing when CQEConfig.xml logging in place and the datasource has multiple signons
PI10020 Date format is incorrect when both content and product language is set to Spanish(Spanish)
PI10031 TM1 reports fails on hierarchy normalization for V5Edge node
PI10231 Selection in multi-value checkbox prompt causes DPR-ERR-2056 to be thrown and report to crash
PI10322 XQE-GEN-0005 java.lang.NullPointerException after applying upgrade
PI10343 Parameter mapped macros in Data Source and Schema definitions cause XQE-GEN-0018 in Dynamic Query Mode
PI10372 Using analytical functions in Analysis Studio causes error XQE-GEN-0010
PI10401 The same 2 native queries are issued when a Dynamic Query Mode discontinuous crosstab report runs
PI10409 IBM Cognos Workspace Tab does not refresh multiple value prompt parameters via Listen Widget Events channel.
PI10416 Unable to import any report via GO! Office into Excel when the Business Intelligence Server is on a Solaris Server
PI10422 Cognos Mashup Services does not return styles with white-space set to No Wrap
PI10423 Performance problem when saving the catalog for the first time in any Data Manager session
PI10447 Filtering level from a DMR package queries the entire dimension if the dimension is inside a folder
PI10454 Unable to run upgraded report due to invalid pattern string.
PI10471 Cannot import metadata of Teradata view to Dynamic Cube Designer
PI10496 RSV-SRV-0003 OR QE-DEF-0030 When Running Referenced Reports that Use Different Packages
PI10540 Unable to drill down on charts with left mouse click when running reports via URLs
PI10591 Repeating GET_MEMBERS calls are being performed
PI10778 'DPR-ERR-2056 The Report Server is not responding' when running a session parameter
PI10809 Using "rank" nested on Dynamic Query Mode returns following error: XQE-PLN-0174
PI10837 Two measures cause reports built from dynamic cube to hang
PI10839 Installing IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Server FP1 breaks IBM Cognos Realtime Monitoring widgets
PI10860 Dispatcher fails to identify proper server, leading to recursive call in a multi-homed environment
PI10919 XQE-PLN-0131 The SQL can not be generated because a circular reference is found in the sub-queries
PI10975 iWidgets : In cognos workspace, Data is not rendering in IE 8 , 9 , 10
PI11073 XQE error encountered: XTM-MET-0002 An attempt was made to reference a dimension ([ Clients]”) that does not exist.
PI11175 Unable to drill to all hierarchies from a TM1 cube in a report created in Report Studio
PI11254 XQE-GEN-0005 Index 1 Size 1 Error Using NOT Operator in Dynamic Query Mode
PI11256 Cognos Workspace IE 9 standard support Mode Issue
PI11276 XQE-PLN-0248 error with detail filter in report
PI11366 Automatic prompt page generation fails with QE-DEF-0260 Parsing error
PI11426 Error when testing a stored procedure in Framework Manager
PI11487 Executing report fails with "Too many cubes to choose"
PI11669 When modifying the filter value, another existing filter value is removed
PI12091 Out of Memory error occurs when executing a large report
PI12207 Schedules cannot be created while product language is set to Norwegian
PI12219 QM DB2 'FOR FETCH ONLY' does not appear on sql statement.
PI12225 Non-UDAException object thrown from UDA could get lost.
PI12234 Infinite redirection loop triggered by indexed search in a multi-server environment
PI12284 TM1 Applications view widget displays properties window with badly parsed parameters
PI12360 TM1 cube views and websheets do not render data in Cognos Workspace
PI12406 Crosstab report based off of TM1 Dynamic Query Mode cube shows empty rows where there should be data
PI12446 "STOP" message received when open a Dashboard saved before , containing 3 or more widgets (with at least one cube view)
PI12558 Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) error when running Active Report with search path
PI12580 When running batch report, the following errors are thrown: RSV-AOM-0013 'Misunderstood' error and AAA-AUT-0024
PI12675 Downloading logfiles to Dynamic Query Analyzer fails
PI12887 Cognos Application Firewall rejection error on cps-portlet variable for most links in custom tabs
PI13200 Context filter in Analysis Studio not working as expected in Dynamic Query Mode
PI13363 Master/detail list repeated with multi-value prompt
PI13768 Active Report failing only in batch with RSV-SRV-0040
PI13900 promptPagingForward_RequestRSSrvDrillUpDown.cpp(395): CCLAssertError: CCL_THROW
PI13972 After a content manager failover, schedules remain stuck in pending state
PI14390 Content Manager failover from Primary to Stand-By results in poor application response times
PI14443 Switching product locale to a non-english does not work for IBM Cognos Search portlet
PI14558 Misleading Fix Pack Documentation updater entry in Cmplst.txt
PI14788 TM1 upgrade causes extra vertical scroll bar to appear in middle of Metric Impact Diagram Chart when viewed via BI Workspace
PI14873 Unable to use External Data in report with Third Party XSS enabled
PI15005 Report Studio and Cognos Workspace Advanced - Chart and crosstab - Properties pane missing layout properties in Firefox
PI15300 Creating 40 burst reports with SQL object run out of DB connections
PI15303 Master-Detail Relationship causes “An unexpected exception occurred: Index: 0, Size: 0
PI15591 Drill from Active report to regular report ignores prompt page
PI15646 Master Detail Relationship not passing parameter value to detail query while using Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI15788 Single Sign On causes reuse of cache for different users
PI15832 Unexpected crosstab formatting in Dynamic Query Mode
PI15941 DQM Report fails to run with XQE-PLN-0020 after applying Fix Pack.
PI16094 IBM Cognos TM1 dimension hierarchy levels not showing up in upgraded Cognos Business Intelligence
PI16383 A report fails validation/execution with an XQE-PLN-0001/XQE-GEN-0005 error when run in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM).
PI16489 Filtering on Member Description in a report based on Dynamic Cubes does not work correctly
PI16499 XQE will disable re-use when calculated column is in a query subject.
PI16500 Query subject will run in Compatible Query Mode (CQM) but fail in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI16615 Detailed filter on dimension attribute errors out with RSV-VAL-0010 Failed to load the report specification
PI16817 Unable to edit existing render variables
PI16831 Cognos Analysis Studio: No descendants when expanding nodes
PI16843 A report run via job execution, using a Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) package, contains incorrect values for division calculation
PI16885 Totals wrong when a running a report in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI16951 Upgraded reports throw XQE-WRN-0003 errors during validation
PI17091 Error "XQE-PLN-0209 The selected aggregation type 'none' is not supported for the item dataItem Weeks" thrown during validation
PI17217 Measure not updated in specific Framework Manager Designer
PI18030 Holding and dragging a data slider renders the rest of the report frozen.
PI19603 Job containing many sub jobs executes much slower after upgrading
PI19631 Reports fail with DPR-ERR-2056 and BIBUS Crashes when logging is set to basic or above for Report Service
PM44989 "Save as" overwrites existing .ppx reports
PM65391 Active Reports do not appear in the list when selecting a report to run as a task in Event Studio
PM67591 OP-ERR-0181 when changing filter values in saved Workspace
PM72730 Dispatcher servers hang for 10-15 minutes, then recover.
PM78770 CAM-AAA-0045 when querying Content Manager for an Active Directory group that has a trailing space in its name
PM85224 DST time is not used correctly when "Daily Frequency" is specified for a schedule
PM88512 RSV-AOM-0008 Error when drilling through from PowerPlay Studio
PM89654 Adding a Report View to an Agent does not show the option to burst the report to the file system.
PM89793 Table cell with text item splits into multi-columns when exporting to Excel 2007
PM91182 List report spans incorrect number of Excel 2007 columns
PM92165 Wrong values when run an complex Report Studio report based on a MSAS Cube
PM93311 Freeze column headings on lists behaving differently between Firefox and IE
PM93544 BI/TM1 report performs very slowly
PM93873 Issue upgrading audit database with small transaction log
PM93980 Drill through active reports generates window 'the page you are viewing is trying to close this window'
PM94488 Chart Label Values closed to the max. y-axis value not showing if outside top is selected
PM94570 Report Validates without error when there is an invalid TM1 Mun value
PM95814 Cognos Workspace - hangs / stuck at loading forever on dragging in a Slider Filter
PM96552 Netezza datasource authentication failing
PM96582 Using Firefox, when "Freeze Column (or Row) Headings" is selected, word wrapping property is lost
PM96736 Published DMS task variables change value in the tasks properties\Variables tab
PM96883 Value prompt property "rows per page" not working for parameter data from SAP query.
PM97214 IBM Cognos BI Analysis Studio (Dynamic Query Mode) does not show member caption based on TM1 cube dimension attribute.
PM97230 Repeated rows for calculations after upgrade
PM97420 10.2 - Cognos Insight import from package causes Internal Server Error (500)
PM97596 Upgrade Framework Manager model - took more than 3 hours to publish a package.
PM98435 Dynamic Cube Dimensional Security Filter creates performance degradation with like data sets.
PM98528 Monitor service performance degradation as the NC table grows
PM98929 Detail row is not correct when context filter or slicer member is not included in the layout of the report
PM98964 After upgrade a log on prompt appears to re-enter the bind user credentials.
PM99215 Some of the data input cubeview iWidgets don't work
PM99223 Routing rules displayed on prompt page in Cognos for MS Office
PM99376 Unable to import a stored procedure synonym from Oracle Database
PM99427 Informix Dynamic Query Mode report returns XQE-PLN-0001 Internal error
PM99544 Audit data missing for reports whose search path exceeds 512 characters
PM99554 XQE-GEN-0010 Found an internal error: '!mapSuccess when running report
PM99556 Powerplay Widget in Workspace does not display report without manual refresh
PM99577 XQE-PLN-0004 Internal error on node 'V5EdgeGroup'. !prevoiusHierInfo.equals(currentHierInfo) after upgrade
PM99668 In durable models, reports with dynamic mode and compatible mode behave differently when run against a unsupported language
Issues corrected in the IBM Cognos BI 10.2.1 FP1 Dynamic Query Feature Bundle (Cognos BI 10.2.1 IF3), which have been included in FP3.
Number Description
PI04702 Extra MDX statements cause performance decrease in TM1 crosstab report
PI04707 DQM - Filter on Calculated Measure throws XQE-GEN-0005 java.lang.NullPointer with 10.2.1
PI04843 Unable to get DQM working in 10.2.1 against DB2
PI04852 Filtering on two leveles from same dimension results in NULL values for Relative time
PI04969 SQL Server function current_date no longer being sent to database in 10.2.0
PI05117 Netezza datasource schemas in Framework manager
PI05173 10.2.1 Error XQE-V5-0005 Identifier not found when model filter used on a report using DQM package
PI05236 JDBC connection to iSeries DB2 7.1 fails if connection attempted to iSeres DB2 6.1
PI05239 XQE-V5-0001 error thrown in Framework Manager 10.2.0 when testing/validating
PI05445 Combination chart represents incorrect data with DQM
PI05537 [SAP BW] Error message not trapped and empty report displayed instead
PI05631 XQE-GEN-0005 XQE-PLN-0001 errrors for one dimension in studios
PI05634 XQE-PLN-0248 Possibly caused by out-of-date query subject definition when using complex filter
PI05803 XQE-GEN-0010 error happens at crosstab report after upgrade c10.1.1 to c10.2.1 fp1
PI06074 Row header and unknown rows of crosstab unexpectedly appear in an upgraded report
PI06396 SAP variables are not passed correctly during drill-through to target report.
PI06680 Dynamic Cube with Parent-Child Dimension and Calculated measure returns XQE-PLN-0020
PM46912 When "&" character is used in element name in TM1, when reporting on BI the values disappear in DQM mode
PM89823 "Divide by Zero Characters" Data Format definition in FM model is no effect
PM92424 Exclude filter fails in Cognos workspace
PM92507 MFW-UT-1003 Details: "unable to find an ID for object 'querySubject'
PM92587 Report fails to validate. Error RSV-VAL-0010 XQE-PLN-0001
PM93395 Input paramaters for stored procedure query subject fail when using prompts
PM94601 XQE-GEN-0005 and XQE-PLN-0001 NullPointerException at com.cognos.xqe.function.set.PercentileCont.getOutputType
PM94737 XQE-QRY-0408 when the measure folder name contains square brackets []
PM95419 MasterDetail not working with Caption against TM1 Datasources and DQM
PM95537 Netezza column NUMERIC(20,2) imports as Precision 0, Scale 2, Size 1 with DQM
PM95667 XQE-GEN-0005 error using items from a namespace shortcut in DQM
PM95729 Validating report migrated from 10.1.1 to 10.2.1 produces XQE-PLN-0001 error
PM96113 Using MSAS format ("### ### ###") will cause errors in CCL.
PM96370 Format issue, style is lost with SAP BW
PM96681 [SAP BW] Type-in entries for variable does not resolve MUN properly
PM97078 FM: Comments tables or columns not imported in DQM mode
PM97270 Error PRS-TRS-0902 when access Dynamic Cube Metrics under Cognos Administration
PM97366 XQE-DAT-0001 'Driver can process one query at one time' error occurs when runing multiple burst reports
PM97511 [PERF-LAB] - Excessive XQE logs generated during IPAS AIX stability run.
PM98021 Cognos BI 10.2.1 crosstab report using asymmetric queries against TM1 runs slower compared to previous version of Cognos BI
PM98024 Stop aggregating down the the lowest referenced level for every cell
PM98109 XQE-PLN-0264 The argument at position 1 of the function 'descendants' is invalid in data item
PM98173 Shortcuts in a DQM package from FM 10.2.1 does not work
PM98400 XQE-PLN-0057 - At least one invalid child was found for a node of type 'CogMDXAggregate'.
PM98561 Chart Preview error opening report spec - JDBC connection information is missing for data source
PM98829 PROMPT_ERROR (code 2005) ERROR_HINTS on a report with a Search and Select prompt
PM99249 Dynamic Query Analyzer returns error: XQE-ROL-0108 and XQE-ROL-0110 No advisor associates with this session
PM99366 IBM Cognos BI 10.2.1 Informix DQM report with conditional join query errors "XQE-DAT-0001" on incompatible data types.
PM99571 IBM Cognos BI 10.2.1 Informix DQM report errors "XQE-PLN-0248".
PM99730 DQM Context Sensitive Join Selection
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1 FP3.
Number Description
PI24941 When using non-English installation of 10.2.1 and viewing pages as tabs in Report Studio, the output is unreadable

Note: APAR PI24941 was fixed in Cognos BI 10.2.1 FP4 update, build number 10.2.5004.54. For more information, see the update notice.
PI05743 BI report causes TM1 crash after applying IF1025
PI05814 biBusHeaderValue not properly initialized after calling logon() on cmService in .NET
PI06155 Custom Exception Highlighting for negative values not set properly in Cognos PowerPlay Studio 10.2
PI06465 Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service with 2000+ users in a group hangs when browsing members in cognos administration
PI06573 Report Studio: Copy/Paste of SQL Query causes invalid Report Spec - Name of SQL is not unique; causes XQE-PLN-0248 in DQM
PI07032 Bubble chart Y-axis parameter is not passed to Drillthough target
PI08384 Conditional palette in combination chart only displays one color when the report is run in Microsoft Excel 2007
PI08428 NC_CREATE_DB2.sql script is missing Create INDEX on table NC_RESOURCE_LOCK
PI08518 Missing image in saved HTML report using relative path to directory containing spaces in directory name
PI09137 XQE-ROL-0183 "Insufficient memory" error and Query Service crash in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI09522 Report Studio report which uses Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) fails after migration
PI09947 Modified table in SQL Server is not updated in Framework Manager DQM
PI10176 Query Service Clear Cache Job run status 'Executing'
PI10382 Erroneous #!Security entries when context filter is a list
PI10487 Query subject gets different results in Dynamic Query Mode and Compatible Query Mode
PI10579 Special characters cause a DQP-DEF-0177 error when running a report in Report Studio
PI11206 Upgraded report causes TM1 SystemOutOfMemory error
PI11408 Error UDA-SQL-0107 when importing Netezza view.
PI11412 Content Manager check for database product name fails for DB2
PI11546 Descriptor XML file does not contain parameter values
PI11639 Font settings intermittently reset
PI11883 dpr-err-2008 when trying to map external data and a query subject in a multi server installation with a report service disabled
PI12162 Customer receiving SQL update statement 6 million times/hr in the Notification store
PI12227 A nested crosstab report with sorting defined on the measure based on a data item causes performance issues
PI12262 Wrong header (titlebar) report name in Query Studio for Dutch language
PI12318 Slider filters in Workspace causing absolute() function calls on varchar fields
PI12552 Dragging TM1 websheet to Workspace canvas generates webpage error
PI12752 Refreshing the report package no longer updates content after upgrade
PI12772 Error when referencing an External Data Source in a filter
PI12773 Entire job fails with error CNC-JOB-3305 when include orphan/unavailable step/report
PI12849 Report run using Dynamic Query Mode fails with RSV-SRV-0042
PI12857 Analysis Studio report hanging when using Dynamic Query Mode
PI12931 Duplicate entries in a tree prompt after clicking More.
PI13098 DMS jobs running on Linux RedHat fail, producing cores.
PI13138 Scheduled Powerplay reports intermittently throw DPR-ERR-2008 in distributed environment
PI13229 DB2 on z/os tables are not seen in Framework Manager when trying to import metadata.
PI13234 Reports using Dynamic Query Mode hang at the hourglass screen
PI13275 Cascaded Prompts in Cognos Workspace Widget
PI13287 Expanding tree prompt in Workspace Advanced brings up only duplicate values
PI13306 Formatting issues in report after installing interim fix
PI13321 Cognos report becomes unresponsive when run in Dynamic Query Mode
PI13359 Package and folder deployment import does not respect tenancy
PI13385 When only a NULL value is included on the series, a Chart renders an empty body and a legend item for the NULL
PI13558 DPR-ERR-2072 Unable to load balance a request with absolute affinity
PI13602 Total value 0 after switching to Dynamic Query Mode
PI13606 Different CSV and xlsx output for negative numbers
PI13624 TM1Web log out error after applying IF1 for TM1
PI13671 SDK code with report execution calls need to incorporate queue priority
PI13672 Disable RunHistory write through SDK Code when Report is Run or submitted in Batch.
PI13691 XQE-QRY-0406 error happens when expanding a member on metadata tree
PI13697 Error in report after upgrading: XQE-PLN-0004 Internal error on node 'V5EdgeGroup'
PI13699 Report Studio report fails using Dynamic Query Mode with error XQE-GEN-0002 when including an external datafile
PI13782 NullPointerException or An unexpected exception occurred: Index: 0, Size: 0 with IF statement
PI13793 Gauge charts are not displayed when the "enhanced user features in saved output versions" is turned on.
PI13832 Time Zone Central Time: Chicago, Cambridge Bay, Mexico City (GMT-06:00) is one hour behind.
PI13883 Excel 2007 Export converts (exclamation) ! to (underscore) _ for URL.
PI14024 Cognos BI report becomes unresponsive when run in Dynamic Query Mode - Multiple Prompt Values
PI14056 XQE-PLN-0098 The function '___' is not supported.
PI14082 Data Manager bulk copy via API not working with Sybase unicode data
PI14171 Current Period is not being set or updated in Transformer model
PI14243 Report fails with XTM-ERR-0003 The MDX query submitted to TM1 server failed during execution.
PI14247 When using the "Generate" function in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM), the results returned in IBM Cognos Report Studio are incorrect
PI14264 After upgrade, performance degradation is observed in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) crosstab report connecting to TM1
PI14265 Significant performance degradation running SAP report with large number of calculations in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI14653 Report Server extension interface does not allow parameters to be accessed
PI14702 Object name ending in 5 numeric characters truncated after copy and paste.
PI14729 Cells not merged when exporting to Excel 2007
PI14732 Some Chart Label Values not displayed if outside top is selected
PI14827 Intermittent blank screen when using the Collapse feature in a TM1 report
PI14847 Slower performance in IBM Cognos TM1 report execution after upgrading
PI14849 Cognos Workspace with a Webpage Widget to a SharePoint URL causes unexpected behavior
PI14851 Unable to view charts inline with email in HTML format when sending to Gmail or Yahoo
PI14945 Report output with saved prompts displays duplicated entries when changing the language
PI14953 Saved Active Report shows javascript in Default Action URL
PI15120 After upgrade, a report returns out-of-memory error
PI15242 running an active report and encountering "error on page"
PI15375 Business Intelligence and Real-Time Monitoring does not work if the third party cross-site (XSS) scripting turned on
PI15510 Drill Through Report in Portlet Issues
PI15512 Bursted jobs within Event Studio causing errors if the user does not have their credentials created
PI15575 SiteMinder error when attempting to view saved output when report name contains a single quote
PI15591 Drill from Active report to regular report ignores prompt page
PI15657 Cannot remove the cancel button in Cognos Viewer
PI15672 Legend ignores separator
PI15870 TM1 10.2 URL API unable to display private views with CAM
PI16031 XQE-PLN-0004 running report in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI16032 XQE-GEN-0002 running report in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) with page sets
PI16033 Unable to migrating reports from Compatible Query Mode (CQM) to Dynamic Query Mode (DQM).
PI16265 Cube build fails on Linux with LANG set to Zh_CN.GB18030
PI16267 Hanging Repository Service calls causes Content Manager (CM) locking contention
PI16358 XQE-PLN-0001 Internal error when validating a report in IBM Cognos Report Studio
PI16443 Collision mode set causes values to not show
PI16527 Cognos Workspace: Cannot expand conditional block when string variable is written in Korean.
PI16616 Value of 0 shows below x-axis line in PDF output
PI16688 Can not download excel 2007 report
PI16820 MIME types is the content manager bug
PI16948 Size & Overflow is ignored on an image when exported to Excel 2007 format
PI17078 Transformer slow to load packages/reports when importing data source
PI17081 Query Service Java memory is increasing to size of heap then cores when running large workspace widgets
PI17120 ANS-MES-1003 This report cannot be run after enabling orceMUNvalidationAtExecution=true
PI17138 Negative values appear on line marker although value location defined outside top
PI17231 Relative path for images fails with windows slashes in 10.1.1
PI17295 Security namespace becomes "unavailable" when connection to LDAP uses incorrect bind credentials
PI17375 Poor Analysis Studio and Report Studio/Workspace Advanced performance with Zero Suppression against Powercube
PI17400 Performance problem with multi fact query using Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI17472 MQP-ERR-0015 Unable to find the object 'Measures'. error when drilling through multiple reports
PI17566 10.2.1 workspace reports hang "loading" or fail with dpr-err-2002
PI17567 Unable to open saved dashboards created in cognos workspace using RTM if third party xss checking enabled
PI17589 Special character causing drill through to not pass credentials
PI17650 An active report renders with no data in some decks
PI17676 When connections to the HTS store are closed the number of connections to HTS gets filled and causes SMTP NOT close
PI17681 PDF password not recognized.
PI17729 Layoutsorting in Cognos BI list report gives different results under Informix Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI17765 DataDirect SQL Server report runs on AIX but fails on Linux
PI17769 Dynamic Cubes - Crossjoins in Virtual Cubes not handled efficiently when suppressing Nulls
PI17834 Query Studio not reflecting Advanced Options from saved report
PI17835 Filtering a crosstab based on a Dynamic Query Model (DQM) package against an MSAS cube leads to unexpected values.
PI17870 XPath and XQuery files created within the bin64 directory when running external data with a Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) Package.
PI17878 Schedules stuck in Waiting state after mail does not get sent properly
PI17922 compatible query engine will fail to load DB2 Data Server Package Client
PI17963 Compatible Query Mode (CQM) report drill-thru does not respect language setting for namespace defined in Framework Manager model
PI17973 DQM java process repeatedly restarts after applying interim fix
PI18070 Event studio Agent fails when using package routing XQE-CON-0007 XQE DPR-ERR-2008
PI18091 Not prompted for credentials when connect to Teradata in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) using LDAP authentication
PI18224 Error thrown in IBM Cognos Workspace when using expand function when member name contains a special character.
PI18226 Error XQE-PLN-0120 is thrown when changing language from French to English
PI18453 Receiving Java OutOfMemory error when running a simple TM1-based report via DQM
PI18570 Using RSExtension, two Sessions are created for one ReportExecution with the last Session including a NULL ReportSpec
PI18606 10.2.1 FP2 Widgets hang "loading" when workspace with multiple tabs are opened in a certain order
PI18619 DQM report does not show execution results while CQM report does
PI18632 Zero suppression does not work correctly in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) against TM1 when crosstabs have crosstab spaces
PI18689 QE-DEF-0260 running a report authored in "fr-ca" locale that contains a calculation from a package based on "en" locale
PI18786 Cognos does not use Parameter Marker for special report design against Teradata
PI18876 Report generates wrong results in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) package, when using exclude
PI18882 Query service java process is not automatically recycled when running out of memory
PI18885 Low cache effect in Excel output of a crosstab report from TM1 datasource
PI18891 When using Run with options to run an Active Report, no report output is generated.
PI19007 Batch Job and saving output to Disk will sometimes fail with RSV-DST-0014 Unable to deliver the output of the report.
PI19105 Crosstab run against TM1 returns empty rows in output
PI19136 XQE-DAT-0001 Request requires message size: 1454992, exceeds system limit: 1048500
PI19313 XQE-PLN-0010 The hierarchy normalization failed for V5Edge node 'nn'. Found two V5EdgeGroups ('xx','yy')
PI19314 DQM Java consumes 100% CPU and heap usage went max limit. Entire systems getting unresponsive
PI19358 Even though the running report is cancelled, CPU usage of Query Service java is still high
PI19386 Prompt macro in data source object in Framework Manager causes multiple prepares and disables parameter marker usage in SQL
PI19405 XQE-PLN-0161:The prompt 'PromptName' is used multiple times with conflicting data types
PI19444 XQE Master-Detail Optimization is still sending one detail query for every master record
PI19519 Reports running much slower off TM1 after upgrading
PI19540 Transformer Cube build on AIX fails with Illegal instruction(coredump)
PI19746 XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error:java.lang.NullPointerException
PI19807 Compatible Query Mode (CQM) to Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) migrated report presents an extra prompt when scheduled
PI19833 Cross Tab showing incorrect data
PI19918 Width of the prompt button on the report becomes wider in Workspace
PI20152 XQE-PLN-0128 The DMR subquery failed to plan and produced an un-expected error
PI20267 HTTP Error 400 occurred when clicking the report link to open the latest version with ISAPI gateway module
PI20333 ANS-MES-0005 when opening some Analysis Studio reports in Microsoft Internet Explorer
PI20348 Report run using Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) gives error XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error: java.lang.NullPointerException
PI20424 Non-alphanumeric character appears in the mail distribution list when there is a null value in database
PI20428 Navigating through TM1 dimension members fails with XQE-GEN-0005 and XQE-UNP-0003 Unique name '' is empty
PI20556 java.lang.NullPointerException error thrown when running a complex report with unions
PI20599 Even though the running report is cancelled, CPU usage of Query Service java is still high
PI20692 XQE-ROL-0183 when running the report using Batch Report Service and TM1 data source
PI20926 ctx appearing in output from rds rest call
PI21233 RSX Exeption in tracing for PostProcessingFilter, ResultSDKTraceenabled=true in XQE.config.xml
PI21797 XQE-MDX-0010 The hierarchy argument is invalid
PI22673 Analysis Studio displaying Mun value instead of Caption
PM91495 Event agent fails intermittently with CNC-ASV-0025 error messages
PM95212 Cannot import any visualization into Cognos REPORTING 10.2.1
PM95894 CM-SYS-5192 deadlock error occurs when writing out the run history
PM97536 Report names show as 'Preview' in Interactive Activities
PM98020 Validating a upgraded report causes the error GEN-ERR-0005 in 10.2.1 FP1
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1 FP4.
Number Description
JR50634 Setting the hash table size to Auto Extent delivers incorrect values for summary columns
JR50686 Data Manager crashes when defining sqltxt file as source
PI05327 DPR-ERR-2101 error shown when attempting to launch Cognos Workspace
PI05532 Default width of field set has changed to 100% in IE 8, 9 and 10.
PI06505 Lineage request fails for report containing HTML item.
PI06794 Cube Designer unable to authenticate to BI portal
PI10383 Round function does not apply the second argument to the first argument with Compatible Query Mode and Informix
PI12366 Error CNC-JOB-3305 when setting prompt cache with a job
PI12378 With Dynamic Query Mode, a crosstab space with fact cells causes member caption not to display
PI12416 Getting RSV-SRV-0040 error when doing a search inside a filter inside Query Studio
PI13164 Conditional size overflow is ignored for batch PDF report
PI13272 Updated data is not reflected to the report when using Dynamic Query Mode and query package
PI13365 ANS-MES-0005 error when running Analysis Studio saved report in IE web browser
PI13837 Active Report HAL error : String ID not found against IE8
PI14723 Visualization not working with servlet Gateway
PI14826 Intermittent javascript error when clicking a report drill through
PI15175 Tree prompt not refreshing or working as expected
PI16033 Unable to migrating reports from Compatible Query Mode (CQM) to Dynamic Query Mode (DQM).
PI16241 XQE-CON-0007 error trying to view data in Cube Designer with a multiserver environment
PI16542 Image displayed on condition is lost after re-run
PI16610 Unable to view the execution time of a report version after upgrade
PI16628 RSV-CM-0005 Content Manager did not return an object for search path storeID XXX in Cognos Workspace
PI17137 Date dimension for Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) Models is not working as expected in Report Studio.
PI17140 Excel 2013 Shows Error with /xl/drawings/drawing1.xml When Loading Report with a Pie Chart
PI17153 System metric value is not reflected in the Audit database once the threshold has been breached
PI17313 Switching tab leads to page layout reposition
PI17319 Report not rendering images at bottom of PDF page
PI17442 Visualization import failing with servlet Gateway
PI17448 Dynamic cube fails to start when based off of a datasource with LDAP macro for query banding
PI17843 Crosstab Conditional Formatting not presented correctly
PI18051 Framework Manager returns an error when testing objects where the database references another database using a synonym
PI18135 Analysis Studio gives 'XQE-DAT-0001 Data source adapter error' with Dynamic Query Mode
PI18429 Delete in IBM Cognos Workspace throws java.lang.NullPointerException
PI18881 Active Report with Visualization requires page refresh for interactivity
PI18959 Event studio ignores text after special character
PI19144 Running report to Excel causes the Download option to appear in the previous tab in Internet Explorer
PI19341 Prompt Page in PowerPlay Studio report intermittently does not allow selections in prompts
PI19509 ODBC gateway prepares SQL over and over again for every parameter value in a master-detail report
PI19552 Linear trend line not consistent with multiple layer x axis (chart)
PI19597 Crosstabs give error XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error: Illegal group reference
PI19792 Conditional rendering of page with reportoutput() does not always render the correct page
PI19827 Too many close_wait connections for the Cognos ports
PI19834 QFS-ERR-0141 selecting data item values for a Compatible Query Mode package with routing rules enabled
PI19905 Re-ordering dimensions in a TM1 cube is not taken in account in Business Intelligence (BI) Studios
PI19998 A list section in a Dynamic Cube report, is not working as expected, when null suppression is set on the list container.
PI20124 Active Report drill through not passing multiple parameter values
PI20245 Archived Report output is created, but cannot be displayed
PI20405 Report button changes colour when added to IBM Cognos Workspace
PI20467 Shortcut namespace to reference shortcut to model query subject is not visible after linking to External Data
PI20669 Cognos Report Studio buttons that contain an image, lose the image when the report is brought into Workspace
PI20681 java.lang.NullPointerException error thrown run running a report against SAP BW.
PI20780 10.2.1 Query service clear cache job must be run every 2 hours to keep environment from crashing.
PI20781 Framework Manager calculated query item format not working in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI20793 Old data returned in IBM Cognos Framework Manager and Report Studio even after Query service cache is cleared
PI20904 Nested crosstab report with summary rows against a TM1 data source times out without returning any result
PI20918 Report execution generates XQE-ROL-0183 Insufficient memory.
PI20936 When using Servlet Gateway, unable to log in if dispatcher domain differs from gateway domain
PI21004 RAVE rows[...] data is null or not an object
PI21117 External identity mapping expression not working
PI21133 Zero suppression on Powercube is slower when rows only selected
PI21164 Validate in Framework Manager causes Is Nullable property to be set incorrectly when using Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI21231 Multiple MDX sent down when only one would be required.
PI21263 Parameters not passed on drill-through from Cognos Workspace to Cognos Viewer
PI21413 Series 7 namespace hangs in unreliable network enviroment
PI21452 Navigation links lost when you hit Bottom in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI21483 Getting XQE-GEN-0005 internal error when running reports against Teradata cube with Query Execution Trace enabled.
PI21541 More than one eventID returned when query for it
PI21572 Incorrect header response returned by Internet Explorer
PI21677 Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) report fails with XQE-PLN-0174 The column C3 must be contained in an aggregate function
PI21682 metadata requests issued to database when prompt macro used in a data source
PI21684 xqe fails when prompt macro used in a data source. at com.cognos.xqe.bibushandler.datasource.DataSource.getDataSourceConnection
PI21695 Report based on TM1 via Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) fails to run after upgrading
PI21756 XQE-PLN-0004 Found an internal error on node 'V5Edge'. getType()? error after upgrading
PI21757 XQE-JDB-0007 A database access error occurred when retrieving the database metadata from DB2
PI21760 Context Filter not displayed in Cognos Workspace Advanced when report opened from Cognos Workspace
PI21767 XQE presuming that coalesce must have two or more versus one or more parameters
PI21892 RQP-DEF-0177 'sqlPrepareWithOptions' status='-9' error running multiple requests to Greenplum datasource
PI21916 Prompt controls on report page become unresponsive when cancelling report run after auto-submit
PI21965 Deleting an external data causes unrecognized SOAP error
PI21993 PPDS-PPE-0222 error trying to nest time dimension in time based partitioned cube
PI22042 Unable to expand a parent-child hierarchy past the first level from an XMLA datasource
PI22139 MQP-ERR-0017 The item ' ' is not accessible
PI22187 Error when running a Crosstab report against Teradata using Dynamic Query Mode: XQE-PLN-0004
PI22192 I18NRuntimeError:-14:Fatal: The specified localized pattern is invalid. pattern string: "#,##0.0%
PI22255 java.lang.nullpointerexception when drilling through and data contains '&'
PI22359 Unable to Open Saved Analysis built on a Dynamic Cube using shared member cache
PI22372 RSV-SRV-0040 error when running report
PI22398 Error pop up in IE " undefined is null or not an object"
PI22435 Cognos10.2.1 does not return search result in the filter of Cognos Workspace Advanced
PI22480 Upgraded Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) Report no longer running - XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error: Index: 11, Size: 11
PI22522 Active reports (.MHT file) do not render with specified background images and alignment
PI22533 DPR-DRR-2056 The report server is not responding
PI22570 Active Report blue template backgroud is missing in IE10
PI22589 Upgraded report can't run due to UDA-SQL-0328 error
PI22592 Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) reports which ran in compatible fail with XQE-PLN-0119 Standard aggregate functions are not permitted
PI22643 Unexpected results in report based on calculated score field in Transformer
PI22654 XQE-PLN-0248 The column could not be found in the model
PI22674 Alignment Issue in Active Reports.
PI22686 Calculations in PowerPlay Studio report are not displayed after upgrading
PI22691 Incomprehensible suffix string in Excel report file name after applying fix pack
PI22738 A Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) report using table-based parameter maps does not update when parameters are changed
PI22758 XQE-GEN-0010 Found an internal error: 'XDataContext was leakek error when running report to Excel 2007
PI22834 Framework Manager calculated query items do not show locale specific label after Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) migration
PI22904 XQE-GEN-0010 Found an internal error: 'rowset not match' after upgrading
PI22914 Auto group and summarize not working for DMR packages since applying fix pack
PI23125 BEng - IF1136 Updated dotNet libraries for SDK not included in FixPack3 for C10.2.1.5003.113
PI23127 Union queries have different results in HTML vs other outputs
PI23153 IF1136 breaks CSharp SDK import
PI23158 SQL Server command block invalidated by database logoff after initial connection
PI23173 Compatible Query Mode (CQM) to Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) migrated report presents and extra prompt when scheduled
PI23175 RAVE Chart fails in FP3
PI23214 Event Studio 'Run a Report' task fails if folder name or the data item name contains an ampersand character (&)
PI23230 Error thrown when exporting to Microsoft Excel 2007 when locale is set to German
PI23246 Report gives a XQE-GEN_0005 error when running in Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI23255 Unable to create a summary inside of IBM Cognos Query Studio since upgrading
PI23265 Event Studio fails when passing prompt values to report views
PI23358 Error creating a chart report using dynamic cube with calculated member defined as default member for a hierarchy
PI23413 XQE-PLN-0307 when using relative time members from two Dynamic Cubes
PI23417 XQE - NULL values visible in Analysis Studio despite parameter "SuppressionHintValue" in ansproperties
PI23418 Incorrect results are displayed after using the function "insert without details"
PI23419 Null suppression not working on semi-additive measures or measures from another fact table
PI23420 XQE - wrong values in Cognos Workspace Advanced when using TOP function
PI23487 Drill down in IBM Cognos Report Studio fails after upgrade.
PI23487 Drill down in IBM Cognos Report Studio fails after upgrade.
PI23511 Multiple identical prepare statements are sent down to the database when using prompt macros.
PI23579 BIBus memory consumption for reports against some Framework Manager packages exceeding 2gb
PI23695 Report view of an Active report does not open in Safari
PI23808 incorrect output from RDS REST call
PI23825 Single folder not visible in folder structure while publishing cube in IBM Cognos Dynamic Cube Designer
PI23972 XQE-PLN-0107 Invalid format for prompt error is receive when select multiple values during drill through
PI24019 Not all members are returned from a dimension in CAFE
PI24040 BMT-MD-6005 unable to see test data source, testing macro failed on Framework Manager
PI24067 Running report appears to be stuck in the SplitSummaryQueryWithRefsToSQAndTQ transformation passesNodeCondition
PI24172 case expression pushed to Netezza causing ERROR: Cannot convert 'INT4' to 'INTERVAL'
PI24273 Null Pointer Exception after report upgrade
PI24323 Report failures against TM: XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error: Edge sizes not initialized for edge 0
PI24472 XQE-GEN-0010 error occures when running the report
PI24478 Poor performance when doing Search all details against DQM model
PI24487 Unable to import SQL Server 2008/2012 Synonyms in DQM Framework Manager Model
PI24488 Updating Report Cache Job Fails to run successfully (no errors)
PI24547 10.2.1 DQM crosstab report queries entire dimension
PI24551 optimization of distinct predicate to not emit OR ( A = null and B = null ) to improve predicate performance
PI24660 URL from saved active report is invalid and throws error message
PI24670 Active Report List inside a data deck, inside a Deck that has multiple cards will not Filter.
PI24780 When "show values" number in a bar chart equals the length of the bar, the bar becomes unclickable
PI24942 'XQE-GEN-0002 Array Index out of range' error occurs in when running a report.
PI24947 Active Report never running to completion.
PI25169 BMT-IMP-0002 Failed to execute metadata request. ambiguousDataSourceCredentials
PI25172 TM1 Month short names Alias is replaced with the code value in the hierarchy display in Report Studio
PI25297 A PDF report which renders several page layouts consumes 3 gig of memory in ReportServer (queries run in Dynamic Query)
PI25301 comments in sql is repeating the BI-query name in all SQL statements that are decorated with comments
PI25303 enhanced query re-use manager logging needs to be added to 10.2.1
PI25459 After applying a fixpack, certain reports will not save to the file system in Excel format
PI25498 Errors with SingleSignOn and Kerberos with ActiveDirectory after a while
PI25547 Upgrade from 10.2.0 to 10.2.1 returns incorrect results.
PI25639 Crosstab showing inaccurate results with nesting
PI25641 10.1.1 PPSweb not releasing server resources.
PI25690 Unable to use Report Studio or CWA when Userdata Persistence is disabled
PI26133 XQE JAVA's Query Reuse Manager consuming lots of heap
PI26134 Execution of large report has a high CPU utilitization in ReportServer (XQECPP) around requests
PI26298 Unable to run a report due to qsMaxCrossjoinOrderOfMagnitude
PI26306 Filtering on Member Description in a report based on Dynamic Cubes does not work correctly
PI26637 IHS fails to start with Cognos Module after AIX upgrade to AIX 6100-08-03-1339
PM23818 java.lang.NullPointerException RSV-DST-0014 An error occurred.
PM88036 Page not found error when clicking on ? (help) with product language set to Dutch
PM91532 10.2 - Excel 2007 .xlsx output from Powerplay client fails with '&' character in page name
PM94043 Cube Designer 10.2.1 calculated member using rolevalue() with '_businesskey' does not validate
PM95446 SAXException when using secondary request in CMS SOAP using LDX format
PM99224 Need information on RTM file creation and usage
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1 FP5.
Number Description
PI20266 Error appears in Microsoft Internet Exploror (IE) "undefined is null or not an object" when using Active reports
PI20867 Editing portal tab page opens up in a new window in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)
PI21878 Error messages change if report has a prompt page
PI24220 BME-SP-0007 occurs when adding a PowerCube with a long Japanese file name
PI25236 CNC-DS-0015 Error extracting options
PI25668 Poor Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) performance vs. Compatible Query Mode (CQM)
PI25800 Updating Workspace widget causes prompt issues after adding or removing prompt filter in report
PI26398 Unable to add a summary into Query Studio after disabling the automatic summaries
PI26505 Column disappears for crosstab report with DMR using Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
PI27088 Extract function in Layout Calculation fails with error
PI27105 An expression in the Framework Manager model triggers the generation of over complex sql
PI27429 Members data tree retrieval performance issue with large dimension in Cognos Workspace Advanced
PI27726 Date object is not correctly rendered, when content language is set to Arabic
PI27812 Round halfUp rule does not work as expected
PI28228 SYSPROC schema is missing in Framework Manager browse wizard
PI28575 Not displaying all members in filter within Analysis Studio
PI33910 browser hangs then reports RSV-SRV-0040 CCLOutOfMemoryError and some chars could not be filtered out
PI34060 Fixpacks introduce missing translation on report update notification email
PI34672 Dynamic Cube with hidden measure in base cube remains hidden in Virtual Cube
PI35016 XQE-ROL-0002 Cannot find cube "XXX", verify cube exists in Cognos Content Manager

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