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Cognos Business Intelligence 10.1.1 FP2 Fix List

Release notes


A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Business Intelligence 10.1.1.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Cognos Business Intelligence 10.1.1 Fix List

Issues corrected since IBM Cognos BI 10.1.1 FP1.
Number Description
PK87798 IIS crashing intermittently
PM00673 Maximum height for reports on multi-page not working
PM09131 RSV-BBP-0037 when clicking browser Back button after a drilltrhough
PM11634 _ADD_DAYS giving inconsistent results when _DAY_OF_WEEK used to calculate # of days to add
PM18270 3-D Combination Chart tooltip and bar values are incorrect with Total calculation as 2nd series
PM27675 Incorrect string displayed under 'Defaults for all steps' when creating a job
PM32696 User Running SDK Can Access Schedule Information Without Scheduling Capability in Cognos
PM34579 Cannot display interactive activities in Current Activities
PM37054 IPF_LOGON_OPERATION only shows 'logoff' for batch reporting
PM40527 ANS-MES-1005 when 'Use Design Locale for Reference ID' property of the FM project is set to TRUE
PM44273 Index Search does not return 'Related' results if 'Other' search provider is configured
PM46073 Users see Report Server Not responding messages, no cores are produced
PM46801 Chart does not get updated in Business Insight when the prompt is changed
PM47318 ui_hide 'show' parameter does not control the behavior of multiple predefined groups
PM47589 Setting scaleOfFloatDouble in qfs_config.xml, wrongly affects to a decimal type of measure used in crosstab
PM47840 Get SOAP error when choosing a query with Data item name containing ' or & in External Data Management
PM48154 After upgrade from CRN to 10.1 reports fail with QFS-ERR-0140
PM48890 Repetitive check for access to the archive location is made while doing a pdf burst
PM49309 Business Insight throws erroneous message when opening a workspace that contains a secured ASPX website
PM49410 Data Manager does not recognize time zone on AIX 7.1
PM49623 Drill through reports fail with RSV-SRV-0040 error if Accessibility setting is enabled
PM49769 Audit Database does not log Logon Actions when running scheduled reports
PM49785 Query Studio reports do not work if path contains Hebrew characters
PM49988 RSV-BBP-0037 Error Message When Clicking the browser back button on a drill through target report
PM50061 500 - Internal server error When Using 10.1 RP1 Cognos Office Connection
PM50411 CM-REQ-4158 The search path <> is invalid when changing package path in FM (path is three 'levels' deep and in Hebrew chars)
PM50605 Getting error 'CPS-PAG-4801 - Operation failed in the consumer component' on HTML Viewer
PM51226 Cursor location does not effect select value in expression
PM51294 Printing multiple PDF reports in a short time causes job to hang
PM51732 Unable to connect to server error in Business Insight
PM52058 Return' button missing when opening Cube in PowerPlay Studio
PM52408 Charts in Excel 2007 and 2010 are not proper
PM52483 Incorrect report objects appearing in Business Insight whilst correct objects are not displayed
PM52563 Auto-partitioning is not able to update the master cube of a time-partitioned PowerCube
PM52767 When defining 'rows per page', 'more' option is missing with Tree Prompts
PM52907 Unable to connect to MySQL database using supported version of ODBC driver
PM52946 Reports run by a User with Multiple MSAS Signons will always use the first alphabetical signon
PM53427 RDS-ERR-1036 The file 'plugin/test.xml' could not be retrieved by Report Data Service
PM53455 Cancelling job causes warning and disappearing of all job run details in multi-server environment
PM54043 Job reports successful execution, but job steps are stuck in Pending
PM54269 Report Administrator set up as a scheduling delegate shows other users as Unavailable in Schedules with series 7 namespace
PM54571 Export a PowerPlay Studio Report into Excel 2007, a hide summary row will be displayed in Excel
PM54726 Client is seeing QE-DEF-0459 DMB-ECB-0073 error validating upgraded report in 10.1.1 that worked in 8.2
PM54866 Unable to open a Mailto: hyperlink when exporting a report to Excel 2007
PM54935 Import a prompt report into COC, after choosing prompt values, the import is hanging at 'Checking the system for prompts'
PM55016 UDA-SQL-0458 PREPARE failed because the query requires local processing' in BUX 10.1.1 while doing filter on the measure column
PM55287 crash the FM when publishing the package
PM55348 Slow performance running report in background compared to running the report interactively
PM55533 'Select Multiple Values' button inserts values in the wrong place
PM55574 cogtr -n2 command-line option does not work with SSO
PM56116 Event Studio 10.1.1 does not work with SiteMinder: EMF_REQUEST error
PM56352 Write permissions Dashboard reqd to delete (their own) comments that were just added in the same session
PM56370 Report causes environment to crash. Doesn't seem to be same issue as previously recorded.
PM56553 10.1.1: Schedules missed due to downtime are not executed upon service restore
PM56637 Error with Red X image and no text after clicking on Alert Me About New Versions link from More link of the report
PM56667 breadcrump navigation failure when consumer root is used
PM56882 [Upgrade] Report never returns in Cognos for MS Office
PM56917 Chart not shown properly when opening report as an excel 2010 file
PM57196 Sybase IQ - Median causes Syntax error near 'over'
PM57757 Dynamic drill through does not pass a valid date range when drilling on totals
PM57871 c10.1.1 Multi-select checkbox prompt doesn't auto-resize the very first time the report is run without RTModels
PM57913 Incorrect or missing data intermittently occurring during data extraction using Data Manager Connector for SAP/R3
PM57933 [defect] - unknown error when using erwin7 metadata in FM
PM57935 DQA: CM-REQ-4342 / CM-CAM-4005 Unable to authenticate. Regular non-sso LDAP provider used
PM58043 Mail attachment limit setting does not take compressed attachment size into account
PM58110 Intermittent CAF error with drill down in portal tab
PM58148 Crosstab outer row edge data missing when selecting Bottom
PM58467 IR: Report returns 305 rows in 10.1.1 vs. 105 rows in 8.4.1
PM58476 Framework Manager doesn't show data if column has a primary key on it with a nvarchar(max)
PM58480 10.1.1 crosstab summary row set to Box Type None shifts over a column in Excel 2007 and PDF
PM58559 UDA-SQL-0107 error on reports upgraded to Cognos 10.1.1
PM58602 Unable to view run history for report view saved to my folders
PM58604 package doesn't behave the same when published from 10.1.1
PM58622 Different join generated for fact-less query in Cognos 10.1.1
PM58773 Migration of Cube Views from Series 7.4.4 to C10.1.1 failing
PM58775 UDA-EE-0094 error in report when introducing column
PM58833 The images are missing in the CMM metric list portlet in Sharepoint
PM58888 After applying updater 10.1.6235.1099, QE-DEF-0030, QE-DEF-0359 are thrown when drilling up in a crosstab
PM58968 Fatal error when deleting objects in Framework Manager
PM59033 Excel formatting issues - footer with url disappears or appears in the header
PM59102 XMIN function generated when applying extract function on a date data item in C10.1.1
PM59147 Cannot run IBM Cognos Configuration in silent mode with physical fonts map defined
PM59263 Change Expression' drill-down behavior results in a loop in expression when drill-to item is a descendant
PM59408 NullPointerException in SimpleHttpConnectionManager.shutdown
PM59492 DQA: Unable to expand folders. Axis Fault
PM59493 DQA returning error 'CM-REQ-4342 An error occurred with the client'
PM59623 After denying access to Business Insight Advanced, user can still access through Do More
PM59685 Expanding a tree prompt throws an error in 10.1.1
PM59725 ParamDisplayValue() shows trailing spaces
PM59892 Archive Log File Entries functionality does not work properly
PM60118 User's locale is defaulted to server locale after preferences change
PM60234 Misaligned Formatting of MSExcel 2007 exported data
PM60272 [JA] When a user doesn't have appropriate permissions, deleting report versions cause garbled error message
PM60522 [Upgrade] No Data Contents not visible in Page Design view after upgrade to 10.1.1
PM60602 issue with drill through and prompt in dashboard
PM60724 Performance problem on drill thru using PPStudio on partitioned cube
PM60848 Unexpected behavior with “Allow the server to automatically load the file” enabled in external datasource
PM60952 [JA] CPPWebException occurs when migrating Series 7 bookmark
PM60954 sqlScrollBulkFetch and UDA error on XML based report after installing 8.4.1 FP4
PM60973 UDA-EE-0094 The operation 'less' is invalid for the following combination of data types: 'character' and 'integer''
PM61018 UDA-SQL-0219 The function '_add_hours' is being used for local processing but is not available as a built-in function, or at...
PM61021 UDA-SQL-0564 [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] The multi-part identifier 'W1.C1' could not be bound
PM61022 UDA-EE-0094 The operation 'greater' is invalid for the following combination of data types: 'timestamp2' and 'character'
PM61023 Servlet gateway fails to start when configured with BI, Metrics and Mobile in single server installation
PM61163 underscore instead of page name in Excel 2007 sheet name when less than 4 characters
PM61219 ORA-24338 and UDA-CUR-0000 in prompt in Query Studio with Oracle proxy authentication
PM61233 Progressive Chart bars extend beyond the X-Axis, covering chart labels
PM61246 Unable to save Active Reports to the Archive Location File System Root
PM61261 Framework Manager immediately close when creating a measure dimension
PM61499 Unable to use '&' in report name with Event Studio
PM61569 Cannot open Excel 2007 report created with setting server parameter (RSVP.EXCEL.XLS2007.FULLDECIMALPRECISION)
PM61611 Encrypt temporary files causes saved HTML output to render slowly
PM61684 not working with 64-bit Oracle Java
PM61707 QE-DEF-0405 Incompatible data types in case statement
PM61764 First drill up/down in the report is performed for all members on the crosstab edge
PM61914 Analysis Studio: Not all columns selected when using shift + click in IE7
PM61932 Report with prompt causes select a signon loop in Business Insight
PM61958 QE-DEF-0459 Linking report to an upgraded package
PM62037 A detail filter and a slicer for the same dimension which is not projected are not merged together with an intersect
PM62203 Problems with Adobe Reader V10.1
PM62234 On Unix and Windows platforms, Intermittent error 'The requested Server Group '' does not exist' when logging into portal
PM62238 CAMIDListForType causes QE-DEF-0406 error when tested
PM62243 [PERF-LAB] PDF Large List report causes all PDF reports to get slower and hung WAS threads during stability testing
PM62344 UDA-EE-0094 The operation 'condexp' is invalid for the following combination of data types: 'integer' and 'character'
PM62459 c10.1.1 - Event Studio - 2 calculations with different name but same expression - 2nd one disappears
PM62560 Crosstab aggregation causing RMP-ERR-0002 against cube
PM62776 OOM issues caused by Firefox Browser
PM62833 System Administrator can not be moved back to Cognos namespace
PM62921 Scheduled reports with expired credentials go to pending state when advanced routing is configured
PM62942 Mapping external data with a report in Report Studio cause java to hang
PM63092 PowerPlay Client 10: Unable to drill through to .mac (macro)
PM63094 Portlets rendering reports in memory, cause OOM on dispatcher
PM63156 Data Manager delivering to Sybase on Linux
PM63345 X-axis data item format are different in Excel 2007 and Excel 2002 format compare to HTML and PDF output
PM63355 Can not configure Dynamic Query Mode access to MSSQL named instance
PM63390 Fatal error when searching object dependency in Framework Manager
PM63419 Unable to Connect to TM1 from Cognos Insight
PM63434 Fields on the My Preferences, Personal tab that were editable in 8.4 are not available in C10.1.1
PM63452 COGIPF_MEASURE_COUNT is not populated in the audit store database when a Time Based Partition cube is audited
PM63467 invalidCredentials Unexpected exception while executing the xml pipeline process 'logic' when accessing to portal page
PM63515 RQP-DEF-0101 Cross joins error
PM63576 Unable to download active reports with IE when SSL is enabled on the Gateway
PM63840 Unable to update large FM Model
PM63878 When saving Cognos Configuration, Tomcat's server.xml gets overwritten
PM63888 Join Expression is Malformed After Using 'Convert to Expression'
PM64035 Factless query on star schema grouping
PM64170 HAL errors when opening the Powerplay tab in Cognos Administration with Firefox 10.0.1 or above
PM64311 Modifying query item in upgraded FM model is slow/lags behind user typing
PM64349 Negative values are not coming properly in C10RP1 after upgrade from C8.4 FP2
PM64392 Aggregation Rule - Last behavior changed between 10.1 and 10.1.1
PM64511 Error downloading Active Reports with IE8 if using IIS7.5 when 'Temporary objects location' is set to 'Content Store'
PM64561 result for Package artifact are not appearing in search results
PM64671 Crosstab Results row set to Box Type None shifts over a column in Excel 2007 and PDF
PM64692 Saved Report View shows incorrect results after drill down
PM64702 CAF error when accessing default action URL for a PowerPlay Studio report
PM64728 Report Studio Page Explorer blank when opening upgraded report with Component Layout Reference
PM64837 The aggregate function has returned different results after report upgrade
PM64861 Intermittent failures between Cognos BI and Websphere Portal Service
PM64942 Hour glass never disappears after report is returned in the viewer of Sharepoint 2007
PM64963 CV-0002 when using drop down to 'View In HTML' on zLinux
PM65112 A<C Dlink performance
PM65119 CCLUnknownError when making changes to a model in FM 10.1 Rp1
PM65183 8.4.1 Portlet no longer functions after a CM fail-over
PM65259 The pre-report did not display correct if we set 'Allow anonymous access?' to false
PM65286 Unable to execute the report with Excel 2007 output
PM65471 Ability to truncate trailing spaces in fixed CHAR length fields without using functions
PM65574 Business Insight shows the tooltips from the first inserted report for all reports when source is saved output
PM65595 Importing large excel report in Cognos for MS Office causes OoM
PM65811 Title of a calculated item in a multi-lingual DMR model is not translated
PM65818 Incorrect rounding when saving as Excel 2007 from PowerPlay Client 10.1.1
PM65862 HTTP 500 importing report with nested tables into COC 10.1.1 from BI 10.1.0
PM65926 Zero and Divide by zero Row Suppression options cause error if report returns Zero and Divide by zero values
PM66017 Report causes BIBus to core
PM66039 Slicer not being applied to tuple-based average calculation
PM66086 Mashup services not respecting Cognos security settings
PM66125 Authored Drill Through
PM66193 Load Balancing Dispatcher OOM
PM66225 CAST_DATE function fails in BI V10.1.1
PM66228 A report that properly displayed totals in BI V8.4.1 is displaying the wrong totals
PM66262 Active Report : Active report 10.1.1 is saved to the file-system with the garbage name instead of the report name
PM66281 DM: socket server crashing
PM66346 PC Zero Suppression is causing reports to not return in BIA due to not using PPDS zero suppression
PM66497 PRS-NOP-1056 error in Query Studio in no data mode when filtering column with 'Select Value' Prompt in FM
PM66517 IR - CAF parameter character limit for email reports
PM66559 Dispatcher OOM caused by com.cognos.pogo.pdk.xml.StickyPooledSAXReader
PM66581 Data Manager processes from a DMS task execution can hang if the Cognos service is shutdown/restarted
PM66592 Missing PowerPlay cubes when selecting parent folder in migration assistant
PM66728 Unable to drill down on chart when other chart using same query is also on the page
PM66734 After applying interim fix 10.1.6235.1240 FM crashes when attempting to update query subjects
PM66735 Charts not rendered when ampersand in report title and going against ServletGateway
PM66784 DS_LOG_DIR variable is ignored in sub-Jobstream
PM66800 Provide Scroll Bar in 'Create Filter' window of Business Insight Advanced 10.1.1
PM66870 XQE-PLN-0248' - Error while calling rank() function on a table column
PM67110 chart bars appear over the edge of the chart on manual value change for chart primary axis
PM67239 Can not test data when dispatcher is behind firewall, as connection ports are random
PM67254 Dispatcher: Unavailable. Process ID: -1
PM67279 iPad: Importing Active Report from e-mail results in error
PM67375 Unable to action HSTMT CLOSE at EOD when array fetching from DB2 CLI
PM67427 Bullet Chart keep running if no data is available in the end numeric position
PM67455 Aggregate functions work unexpected after upgrade to C10.1.1
PM67459 DQM Report takes much longer to return than CQM version
PM67518 Report with one detail row burst to XML format doesn't have the data in the report
PM67519 Function aggregate is resolved incorrectly after upgrade to 10.1.1
PM67567 Zero or Empty Cells from TM1 display incorrectly in Cognos BI
PM67589 XQE-MD-0007 Error When Using Data Source Without Catalogue
PM67653 Charts become interactive with a significant delay or only after browser window is resized
PM67878 In BIA when member captions contain apostrophe's drag and drop stops working
PM67927 Trendline in chart is offset
PM67977 Function aggregate with standalone calc is resolved incorrectly after upgrade to 10.1.1
PM67987 Diagram View changes causes collapsed objects to expand in FM
PM68119 Report created based on external data package fails if you logout and login back
PM68171 Excel shows error with /xl/drawings/drawing1.xml when running a report
PM68173 PDF produces different output than HTML - Union + query caching
PM68207 External data do not visible when using DQM and object security
PM68261 ~20% performance decrease in 10.1.1 on Solaris when compared to 8.4.1
PM68373 Report with a chart object within another chart's no data contents produce error
PM68422 No data contents not displayed after upgrade to Cognos 10.1.1
PM68614 performing drill down on one column will also result in drill on other columns
PM68632 Average Summary rows missing in crosstab after upgrade from Cognos 8.4.1 to Cognos 10.1.1
PM68688 8.41 FP004 causes 'Send me the report by Email' to send empty Emails if CC_RUN_OPTIONS_email_attachment is set in system.xml
PM68807 Need to identify correct TM1 9.5.2 (AIX Platform) patch level to fix log4cxx bugs
PM68884 Applying updater 1211 causes some Null value issues
PM68937 CMS URL : Gauge charts are not displayed in a distributed environment
PM68971 C10.1.1 - AAA-AUT-0011 Invalid namespace was selected
PM69063 Join query throws BIBUS crash and 'DPR-ERR-2077' when query subject property 'is nullable = true'
PM69164 Active CM hung, failover failed
PM69252 Reports running against Planning live data returns error CCO-ERR-0002 An internal error has occurred
PM69322 Data repeats itself in crosstab header when changing prompt values
PM69485 Data Format ignored in DQM
PM69545 Performance issue with report taking 1.5 minutes when conditional formatting is used and 10 seconds without
PM69727 Expanding hierarchy levels in Report Studio fails with DPR-ERR-2056
PM69756 Prompt page performance issues
PM69798 [SAP BW/DQM] Sub totals missing after installing Cancel Handler fix (interim fix 10.1.6235.1233)
PM69847 Cell values for the Total are being rounded
PM69848 Pages missing from report with repeater table with groupings when query is not shared with descendent object
PM69976 Charts to do not appear in saved HTML outputs with 10.1.1 FP1
PM70022 Cognos 10.1.1 Bullet Chart Incorrect Axis Values
PM70030 Cognos 10.1.1 Bullet Chart not displaying both legend values
PM70060 UseStgDTypes not taking effect when importing none standard date variable from a InfoObject
PM70124 Function years-between (2009-01-31, 2009-02-01) returns a value of 429496 instead of zero
PM70148 HTS-GEN-0102 There was a problem loading the task list.
PM70160 XQE-QRY-0406 when trying to expand a TM1 hierarchy dimension containing an & symbol in dynamic mode
PM70249 FM : Data source definition with Parameter Map
PM70333 Burst report output file names are missing leading Zeroes
PM70407 Cognos Office 10 stuck at 'checking system for prompts' when access a report with a conditional style hiding text prompt
PM70508 Unable to save a deployed Business Insight dashboard. Error: unable to save the workspace
PM70550 Publishing of DQM packages slower than Compatible using SDK and/or bmtscriptplayer
PM70777 Error delivering to Sybase IQ database when using update detection method of 'UPDATE'
PM70846 Drill-through in PowerPlay using Cognos Query not working
PM71061 Incorrect Drill behavior in Business Insight with Cognos 10.1.1 FP1
PM71090 Cognos BI 10.1.1 does not start after applying FP1, throws errors
PM71093 Inconsistent formatting of values when using Select value in expression window
PM71134 Found unreadable content Error - Export to Excel 2007 with a page background image set
PM71337 Data Security does not apply to slider and select value filter in Business Insight
PM71383 QE-DEF-0478 Invalid coercion from 10.1.1 business insight
PM71387 Different summary values in the relational xtab after upgrade from C8.2 to C10.1.1
PM71463 Missing / in BAPI_MDPROVIDER_GET_MEMBERS restrictions on compound characteristics
PM71516 Tree prompt : bad results when selecting several elements on different levels
PM71521 LogonExpired in audit table USERLOGON has incorrect sessionID
PM71524 DQM DMR Secured Cache - cachehitcount is not written correctly in SALDump log when the DMR report is run multiple times
PM71552 LDAP namespace - could not find the user whose name has * in it when we do contains search
PM71554 Can't use FQDN settings with IPV6
PM71556 Report with chart failed to run with Norwegian (Norway) content language
PM71574 When publishing cubes through FM from an upgraded project, cube is not available for selection in PowerPlay Studio
PM71642 The errors are returned when the 'validate report' is used in Report Studio
PM71684 RDS-ERR-1000 error when importing powerplay reports to Excel/Word
PM71700 Problems in 10.1.1 with drill-through when combining two packages and MUN
PM71740 NullPointerException when running report on SUSE Linux
PM71814 Polynomial Trend Lines not operating as expected
PM71916 Creating a dashboard with a URL different from the gateway URI in Cognos configuration leaves hardcoded thumbnail URLs
PM71944 HTML attachments are delivered as MHT attachments instead of embedded in the body of the email
PM72004 [SAP] Report returns empty result set for some pages in 10.1.1
PM72032 Cannot export complex PowerPlay Studio reports to Excel
PM72034 Filter buttons in saved output of active report not filtering always
PM72243 CPS failure when restarting services
PM72292 DB2 connection command block causing Cognos reports with error
PM72303 Element 'detailFilters' is not valid for content model
PM72313 CM-REQ-4154 Error Bursting Report From Event Studio
PM72421 Unable to add Active Reports to Cognos 10.1.1 Business Insight
PM72600 DQM data caching results in wrong data being displayed in a report based on SAP BW
PM72605 Migration assistant cannot expand all subfolders: the 'More' link does not work
PM72642 Wrong result from local join due to in-correct custom collation usage on nchar column of MS SQL Server
PM72665 XQE-GEN-0002 An unexpected exception occurred: java.lang.NullPointerException with 'Preview with no data' on Query Studio
PM72691 Time interval formatting in 10.1.1
PM72724 Calling Cognos CMS does not embed images when using embedImages=true
PM72730 Dispatcher servers hang for 10-15 minutes, then recover
PM72734 Report name language is not kept after drill and switched to default lang, english
PM72820 Stability of IIS Cognos gateway : W3Wp.exe memory usage
PM72852 Enabling suppression on a report with a pie chart causes DPR-ERR-2056 and core dmp
PM72906 BiBus processes appear to get orphaned and consume a large amount of CPU time
PM72927 SAP BW short name in Framework Manager
PM73079 Analysis Studio Get Data mode select multiple objects on rows/columns & zero suppress causes row/column categories to disappear
PM73090 XQE-PLN-0248 The column 'ABP_THRESHOLD_FACT' could not be found in the model
PM73134 Using DSMOD to reset user password with LDS as LDAP provider
PM73136 TM1 report intermittently returns no data when run interactively after a batch execution
PM73155 Error XQE-V5-0010 or XQE-V5-0011 when using Parameter map and macro CSVIdentityName
PM73193 The last column (summary column) of report in PPStudio does not get exported in the Excel 2007 format
PM73344 SAPBW - FP1 causes XSB-ERR-0016 Execution of MDX failed: XSB-ERR-0028 BAPI Error
PM73644 CNC-MON-3600 when trigger fires and a schedule is run manually
PM73691 Error UDA-SQL-0107, After migrating from Cognos 8.4 (Sybase 12.7) to Cognos 10.1.1 (Sybase 15.3)
PM73723 Cognos Viewer drop-down menus remain open with enabled menu items on running a different report from a Cognos Navigator
PM73749 Dynamic Query Mode unable to find table when publishing a package containing two schemas on a Microsoft SQL Server database
PM73769 AVS throws exception when renders line charts
PM73934 DQM: cancel a report run in Query Studio will not cancel the query execution on Teradata server
PM73939 XQE-CON-0007: The request was cancelled by the user
PM73956 Drill through to new report set to open in new window replaces report in parent window
PM74085 Error XQE-CON-0007 XQE error encountered: The request was cancelled by the user after cancelling a report run
PM74105 PCA-ERR-0080 PPDS Failure: 'ppdscgZeroCheck' returns '1'
PM74275 Custom time category Drill Through to PP Studio with time hierarchy in the report causes dropped filter
PM74283 Login information written in error message in Transformer log file
PM74286 Command line with login information written to Transformer log file on Unix
PM74288 PP Studio report exported to Excel 2007 has XML errors when opened in Excel 2007
PM74304 HTML print from HTML saved output does not print all the contents of the page
PM74336 DPR-ERR-2056 after migrating Framework model from 8.4.1 to 10.2
PM74359 BIA: Drag and Insert functionality stops in BIA
PM74365 Error RQP-DEF-0177 UDA-SQL-0459 when running a report
PM74443 Drill through error OP-ERR-0017 There are prompts or variables
PM74630 Performance degradation when loading a report specs in Report Studio after migration to 10.1.1
PM74744 Dispatcher reset configuration when peak and non-peak switch happens with no topology change
PM74928 user is being prompted for signon after applying FP1 and using Single signon
PM74993 decimal places of aggregate displayed a 0 when run via XQE/DMR vs classic
PM75334 Hyperlink Object
PM75412 Misaligned cells when exporting to Excel 2007 using Powerplay Studio
PM75555 Cognos Viewer portlet with a report default format 'PDF'. Portlet request is not valid error after when we save the setting.
PM75559 Intermittent CPS-SRV-3505 errors in Cognos Viewer portlets in a dashboard portal tab
PM75771 XQE-GEN-0003 in BIA after previous report cancellation
PM75821 async=OFF downgrades LDX to an older version and removes formatting information
PM76713 Wrong behavior in prompt size (height) in upgraded reports
PM76840 Event studio - unable to schedule agents using SSO 10.1.1 FP1 onwards
PM77033 Cognos generated Excel2007 output includes ‘Include legend key in label’ when viewed on Excel 2010
PM77978 Error when expanding conditional block in Business Insight
PM78753 FM crashes when deleting query subjects sourced from Teradata data source
PM79208 BUX-ATM-1402 when accessing workspace using the default action URL and using servlet gateway
PM79518 PCA-ERR-0087 error in 10.1.1 on upgraded 8.4.1 report against TM1 data source
PM81223 Fix for APAR PM54854 requires IBM JRE to be 1.6 SR10 or higher, FP001 and FP002 leave JRE at 1.6 SR9

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