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SPSS Amos 21.0 Fix Pack 1 Fix List

Release notes


A comprehensive list of defect corrections for the SPSS Amos 21.0 Fix Pack 1. Details of the fixes are listed below under the tab for the respective Fix Pack. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.

Note: each successive Fix Pack is comprehensive and contains the material from the earlier Fix Packs for that Release, as well as all Interim Fixes made available since the previous Fix Pack or full Release. In other words, when multiple Fix Packs are available, you would not need to apply Fix Pack 1 before applying Fix Pack 2.


SPSS Amos 21.0 FP1 Downloads

SPSS Amos 21.0 FP1

Issues corrected since SPSS Amos 21.0 Release
Number Description
PM78443 Commuter licenses now work as expected in Amos.
PM79622 Recoding as "Ordered Categorical" now works as expected in Amos.
PM59840 Problems opening very wide Comma-separated (.csv) or Excel (.xls) files in Amos have been corrected.
PM75156 Switching between Tables and Path Diagram tabs could rearrange objects in Amos. That has been fixed.
PM76029 Object properties were sometimes not shown for observed and unobserved variables in Amos. That has been fixed.

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