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Known Problems for IBM Rational Synergy


APAR Internal ID Description/Workaround Status
PM27642 R#38773 Deleted file does not get deleted from all work areas

If a modifiable directory is used in multiple projects and these projects are handled by different clients, a change of the membership of the directory done in one project will not update the other projects work area.


A Sync can be used to detect the work area conflict created by the membership change in the other project and the conflict can be resolved to add or remove the files from the work area.
No plan to fix.
PM42975 R#40854 It is possible to assign the same database twice No plan to fix.
PM59748 R#42507 Binary incompatible installation fails when using downloaded image

After downloading the Synergy 7.1 installation image from Passport Advantage, an attempt to create a secondary installation by installing it to a binary-incompatible system fails when the steps outlined in Appendix B of the Synergy Installation Guide for UNIX are followed.

The problem is that the instructions in the Installation Guide are incorrect.

Run $CCM_HOME/bin/gzip and $CCM_HOME/bin/tar on the downloaded image file and then mount the filesystem to the target machine (e.g. Linux client) and run ccm_install –c.
Fixed in Synergy 7.2.1
PM71695 R#43508 Backend session can deadlock when Updating project containing objects that has been cleaned from cache.

When an Update is done on a project that contains objects which have had their cache files removed from the cache (using "ccm clean_cache" command) the extraction from the archive can cause deadlock within the backend session when other objects are being replaced in the projects work area.
Possible future fix pack candidate.
PM74665 R#43711 Work Area sync appears to succeed when it fails due to parallels.

If the saved changes would result in a parallel version being created, a Parallel Versions Found dialog will appear alerting the user to this. If parallel checkouts and checkins are disallowed by the release, the conflict will be cleared from the Work Area Conflicts dialog after pressing Conitnue on the Parallel Versions Found dialog.

The file does not get checked out when the parallel versions are not allowed for the release. And also the work area changes of the file will be retained and only the warning message is not given.
No plan to fix.
PM81066 R#44116 Perform query folder returns "incorrect syntax“ error.

When you perform a query on the folder of "Assigned or Completed tasks for %owner for release %release" in Synergy Java GUI client, it returns error below.

CRCCM0012: The specified query has incorrect syntax.
Syntax error in query request: XXXX
Invalid query string
Possible future fix pack candidate.
PM82040 R#44172 ccm typedef -import documentation error.

In the documentation for the 'ccm typedef' ('Importing a type') and 'ccm typedef -import' command in the InfoCenter at, incorrectly references the 'ccm type' command. Also, the ccm typedef -import command will not import a type that already exists in the database. The description of this command does not provide this information.
Fixed in Synergy 7.2.1
PM84318 R#44273 ccmdb backup -synced_files fails on some databases with "Permission denied" in Rational Synergy.

When you backup a database with the 'synced_files' option on some databases this can fail with an error similar to the following:
Error/Warn detected in database backup log for databaseA:
Error synching file directories: Permission denied Cannot open target file d: \backup_sync\databaseA\st_root\archive\ccm_delta\source\text2\project\#1234\ ERROR: Unable to sync \\ServerX\ccmdb\databaseA to d:\backup_sync\databaseA.
ERROR: The backup of database \\ServerX\ccmdb\databaseA has failed.

When the failure occurs, the file that fails to get copied should be manually copied from database to synced_files_dir and the backup command should be re-run.
Possible future fix pack candidate.
R#30479 Cannot change work area properties on inconsistent project hierarchy

If you have a project hierarchy with inconsistent work area properties - for example, some projects in the hierarchy have options such as 'Include project-specific directory in work area path' set and some have them unset - then attempts to change the work area properties for the entire hierarchy from the Synergy GUI or CLI will fail.


Do any of the following:
a) Make the desired work area property changes individually on each project
b) Change individual work area properties to make the hierarchy consistent, and then set the desired properties on the entire hierarchy
Deferred to future release.
R#30637 Installation of Synergy on UNIX systems may give the message:

bsdtar: Failed to set default locale


In the absence of any other errors or warnings, this message about the locale may safely be ignored.
Deferred to future release.
R#30657 Checked in files are modifiable in the work area even after unchecking the option 'Make all Files Modifiable'

When turning off the option "Make all files modifiable" in traditional mode, the files for all checked-in objects in the project will be made read-only. However, for web mode, checked-in files that have been modified will not have their permissions changed.

In both cases the conflict will be detected and reported to the user.

Deferred to future release.
R#32369 When moving a database from UNIX to Windows, the ccmdb unpack command leaves all cache files marked as read-only

When moving a database from UNIX to Windows, the ccmdb unpack command leaves cache files marked as read-only. This prevents Synergy from adjusting the access and modify times of the cache files to match the times stored in the database, which in turn will cause warnings from ccm fs_check.


To avoid these warnings, the CM administrator must bring up the Windows Properties dialog for the database’s st_root directory, unset the read-only flag, click Apply, and then check the option to apply to all subfolders and contents in the resulting prompt.
See also R#31030 - newlines in files must be converted when moving a database between Windows and UNIX. So, when moving from UNIX to Windows in 7.1, the user needs to run ccmdb upgrade -w AND clear the read-only Windows property as described in this CR.
Deferred to future release.
R#32673 No error to command line when trying to start a server when one is already running on the same host and port

If the server port is already in use by another process when server starts, the process fails with the following message in the server log file. (The server log file is located in $CCM_HOME/log/synergy_<host>_port.log):
2009-06-09T15:49:34.364-0700 WARNING: Failed to start: SocketListener0@ {org.mortbay.util.ThreadedServer}
Deferred to future release.
R#43510 ccm ft -create command displays URE if folder template name is not supplied
1. Start Java CLI
2. Run the command,
ccm ft -create " "
No plan to fix.
R#42983 GUI refresh is not happening when release attribute in project/task properties window is modified
1. create the project/task and open in explorer context menu
2. open project/task properties pop window
3. modify release attribute in popup window and click apply
4. Verify that project/task release in explorer window is not getting updated with modified release.
5. Do refresh on project/task object in explorer window and Verify that project/task release in explorer window is not getting updated with modified release.
6. close and reopen project/task in explorer window, notice that modified release is displayed for project/task
Possible future fix pack candidate.
R#34784 Warnings are reported when a database is upgraded in synergy_<database>_<server_port_number>.log

After upgrading a database, you might see error in the log that look like the following:

2009-12-03T12:58:14.167+0530 INFO : Server running in share session mode as user 'tester' for database \\win2k3r2-64vive\ccmdb\ibm. {sessionmgr}
2009-12-03T13:01:15.436+0530 SEVERE : Error allocating session {asyncarchiver.AsynchronousArchiver}

During normal behavior, Synergy kicks off an asynchronous archiver automatically five minutes after the first user session is started, which in turn attempts to start a back-end session to serve its requests. While a database is being upgraded, Synergy attempts to kick off its asynchronous archiver but the back-end session startup fails, leaving these warning messages in the server log file. The messages, when occurring during upgrade, are harmless and the database upgrades successfully.
Deferred to future release.
R#39764 Failure message on compare of binary objects from CLI

It files being compared have binary content in them, then the default compare tool used by Synergy is reporting an error message such as “Diff/Merge Failed.”.


Replace the default Synergy compare tool with one that can properly compare the binary files.

Possible future fix pack candidate.

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