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Ask the Experts replay: DataPower Topics on Networking, MQFTE, Regular Expressions, DataPower Timeouts and ODBC Technologies.



This session will be a WSTE ask the experts talk, with primer questions and answers on DataPower Topics of Networking, MQFTE, Regular Expressions, DataPower Timeouts and ODBC Technologies.


Ask the Experts sessions are conducted in a question and answer format. The table below provides a time index (minutes:seconds) to the recording and describes the questions or topics discussed. You can fast forward to any question using the time index, a table containing the panel of experts is also included.

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Ask the Experts session
16 April 2013 - 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EDT

Time Questions asked
00:00 General introduction
03:20 Technical introduction
04:45 Are any new features or enhancements for Database integration in the 5.0 Firmware?
07:16 How to debug integration problems related to DataPower with MQFTE ?
19:29 What are some networking best practices and troubleshooting steps to consider when using the appliance?
29:49 How are timeouts handled in DataPower, and what should be considered?
39:10 What precautions should be taken when employing DataPower regular expressions?
43:24 How can I filter out IPs from my log target (I'm talking about IP suppression)?
44:53 Will there be support for mqmd version 2 on the XI52 appliances?
46:40 How do I make a recursive LDAP query that will return the third descendant of a group? (My Enterprise uses A.D which support a recursive query : (member:1.2.840.113556.1.4.1941:=cn=somegroup,cn=users,dc=somedc,dc=com). As for now, we are using an ldap-search procedure but we're open to changes.
47:49 Is it possible to upload several files from a browser by marking them all at once? (We have about 40 Xsds in one gateway, and uploading all of them is a drudgery).
50:41 Is there any way to config multiple domain via one browser on a single computer?
52:00 Open lines for live question and answer period
01:18:45 Closing remarks
01:20:07 End of Call

Panel of Experts:
Chin Sahoo DataPower L2 Engineer
Moses Allotey-pappoe DataPower L2 Engineer
Daniel Dickerson DataPower L2 Engineer
Alfred Williamson DataPower L2 Engineer
Paul Megani DataPower L2 Engineer



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