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Fix list for Jazz for Service Management Version 1.1, fix packs and modifications

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This document contains list of closed APARs and defects fixed in Jazz™ for Service Management Version 1.1, its fix packs and modifications. Fix packs and modifications are cumulative, including enhancements and fixes from previous fix packs.


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Review the list of APARs and defects that have been fixed in each release.

1.1 Modification 3 1.1.2 Fix Pack 1 1.1 Modification 2 1.1 Modification 1 1.1 Fix Pack 3 1.1 Fix Pack 2 1.1 Fix Pack 1

1.1 Modification 3 (

APAR Abstract
Dashboard Application Services Hub APARs and defects

The TRACE.LOG contains a plain (unencrypted) password when a user changes a password in Dashboard Application Services Hub.


TIPAUTHORIZATIONFILTER error when the requests cookies list is empty.


Unable to 'touch scroll' a Table Widget on a mobile device.


The Table Widget flickers on data refresh.


ERROR 500 when accessing pages in the context of IBM® Tivoli® Netcool®/Webtop.


Incorrect connection status.


Security scan flags Dashboard Application Services Hub application level cookies.


The resultant number of nodes does not match the number of nodes in the collection when new nodes are added.


Dashboard Application Services Hub application icons background in the left menu do match the general background.


IBM Tivoli Dynamic Workload Console should check that the installation/upgrade user has the correct roles to perform all tasks.


Invalid URL path returned. DETAILS STACKTRACE "ATKRST106E" in response body.


The Topology Widget does not refresh if a dataset starts out with zero nodes.


Newly created connections are not saved in Dashboard Application Services Hub on the IBM WebSphere® Application Server.


It is possible only to open one instance of a page or dashboard.

1.1.2 Fix Pack 1 (

APAR Abstract
Administration Services APARs and defects

Incorrect calculation of available free memory.


Details views in the Administration UI is not visible due to a corrupted RDF.

Dashboard Application Services Hub APARs and defects

The Dashboard Application Services Hub login freezes when a console integration target is hanging.


The refresh interval is not working with Dashboard Application Services Hub Version widgets.


The table widget reports 'Cannot access data provider'.


Documentation regarding IBM Tivoli Director Integrator is incorrect for Dashboard Application Services Hub Version


Creating or cloning widgets in rapid succession may cause a widget to have incomplete data.


The Dashboard Application Services Hub checkbox is only visible after you hover with your mouse.


The web widget throws an error when a URL is being used that uses URL-encoded slashes.


Importing using the CLI causes a null pointer exception.

PMR 68430,227,000

Dashboard Application Services Hub login protection plan implementation.

PMR 32830,033,724

Web widget corrupts URL.

PMR 30849,033,724

Update fails when a password includes special characters.

PMR 25492,707,707

RAVE: chart forgets dataset parameter values after an automatic refresh.

PMR 18573,082,000

Dashboard builder error.

PMR 10998,211,788

Editing connections with SSO checkbox enabled, loads the page with the checkbox unchecked.

1.1 Modification 2 (

APAR Abstract
Installation APARs and defects

Installation fails for Jazz Service Management on Japanese Windows Systems during prerequisite scan


Installation fails during prerequisite scan for Jazz for Service Management for Windows Server 2012 R2 standard


Installation fails for Jazz Service Management if 8.3 format file names are disabled during DB2 installation


Registry and Reporting Services installation fails with the following error: PORT NUMBER SHOULD BE AN INTGR BETWN 0 AND 65535. INVALID PORT

Dashboard Application Services Hub APARs and defects

Charting widgets showing attribute name instead of label.


Charting: Tooltip label doesn't show up (bar chart/line graph).


Charting is not recognizing the palette and first color parameter.


Option name is missing for the nodename in the command ListHAModules.


The title name and the X sign are overlapping on Hebrew locale..


NodeClickOn Event on rave widget bar charts doesn't work.


The page format is not aligned for Bi-Di language.


Page launch event delivery to a federated page is inconsistent.


APAR IV70614 Hotspot cannot be edited when Locale is set to Italian.


Page disappears from the navigation menu when the location is changed using 'Next Folder' and 'Previous Folder' button.


The titles of the widget can not globalize.


The Custom Page update doesn't work correctly.


Federation results in an unusable default Dashboard Application Service Hub user (that is, smadmin).


In Firefox, when accepting a certificate no scrollbar is on the window, user must 'Tab' to get to bottom of screen to accept certificate.


Typo in Page Settings - 'Advance' Settings.


Usability with Dashboard Application Service Hub connection page.


Scroll up and down does not work when using the Dashboard Application Service Hub search.


Gray block area is not created with overlay message, when provider is down.


Time is displayed even when the pattern does not include time.


Export/import of dashboard pages using a zip file fails with missing widgets.


With 8-9 opened pages the tabs are wrongly formatted.


RAVE treemap coloring is broken.


An exception occurs in the SystemOut.log.


One missing page per custom folders when importing to Dashboard Application Services Hub from a Tivoli Integrated Portal Version 2 exported


Cloned widgets do not inherit skin setting correctly.

Tivoli Common Reporting APARs and defects


Unable to generate Report through CLI IF. Report takes long time more than 10 minutes.

1.1 Modification 1 (

APAR Abstract
Dashboard Application Services Hub APARs and defects

Login page missing after enabling HTTP access.


Connections panel does not work in Internet Explorer 8 after installing Jazz for Service Management Version


Configuring HTTP and HTTPS instructions in Dashboard Application Services Hub documentation is incorrect.


Whenever a customer changes the SSL port for the Dashboard Application Services Hub installation from 16311 to 443, a NULLPOINTEREXCEPTIONS entry appears in systemout.log.


The Export Wizard cannot save using long file names.


User Roles search results table displays very small if the browser window is not maximized when the page is initially displayed.


Some list items in a List widget do not launch the target page.


Error TCTUI1003E is displayed when creating a page in the Dashboard Application Services Hub using the Table widget.


Federated task launch is broken.


Option to disable threshold strip for Analog gauge not available.


Smart Text widget - Timestamp formatting - Cannot format for date only.


Gauge Group widget does not show error state when the data provider connection is lost.


Help UI displays as English on Hebrew and Norwegian locale.


IDL theme dijit.Tooltip does not adhere to the guidelines.


IDL dijit.Menu is not correct.


Third Status Value Gauge in Group Widget shows Unknown status.


Exporting a Page with a long name fails.


Gauge Group: Custom label lost.


Map widget: Using images relative to widget does not work.


Gauge Group widget sends redundant item requests.


Gauge Group widget does not handle logoff event.


EventUtil.getAttributes fails.


Memory Leak in TDI caused by TDI Data Connector.


Dashboard Application Services Hub server runs out of memory when running open/close sample page testing.


Group widget needs to be renamed to communicate its expected usage.


Smart Text Widget: Rename the tag to remove system references.


OneUI theme support regressed by changes to match IDL theme.


System wires do not pass NodeClickedOn events to widgets in a cross-page wire.


Unable to launch Websphere Application Server console when using proxy.


Updates to adjust scrolls bar visuals so that they are not dominant.


Too many Warning: Property for propId could not be found: none messages in SystemOut.log file.


Installation failed on a physical box with error message CTGWA0134E Fail to import


Dashboard widget not using Dojo layer build slows the dashboard load time.


Connections panel breaks in Internet Explorer 8 when fix pack 3 is applied to Jazz for Service Management version 1.1.


DefaultActionHelper is stopping the default action if the selected context object does not support the Properties dialog, even if another default action has been specified.


Cannot save a page with 40 value status gauges.


Topology view pan action is different than in the Flex Topology view.


Actions menu and context menu standard actions do not match standard actions available on the topology widget tool bar.


Make sure that in Topology when selectionMode is set to single that extended selection is disabled.


When launching dialog views from a main view, use same baseUrl as for the main view.


Arrow buttons are not displayed properly while editing data visualization widget, if Tivoli Dark Theme is applied.


AM queue is not cleaned properly.


In widget edit mode, Select a Dataset is rendered twice in Internet Explorer 9.


QuickEdit is leaking widgets.


Edit mode formatting issues.


MessageDialog button maps to NaN.


Stuck properties button from List widget right-click.


Unnecessary scroll bars in the first panel of widget edit mode.


ibm.tivoli.widgetbuilder.requiredparameters.TimeParameter.js is missing a dojo.require(...) from its base class.


Gauges do not size correctly.


Widget wizard's pages do not display.


Dashboard widget dojoe.progressbar.EnhancedProgressBar has a typo in the show() function that causes one of the tests to sometimes evaluate incorrectly.


In Chrome, widgets in content isolation mode are intermittently not working, that is, stuck on the loading indicator rather than showing the widget content.


Console server WebContainer threads hang during Internet Explorer 10 consoles performance testing.


Widgets keep spinning and requesting items/properties if one of the fields has no data.


Volume bar widget reads value twice.


Table column width changes, persisted by reuse of Portlet Action request URLs, which cause unpredictable side effects.


EventHelper.js exists in two different places.


ITM SDATE_TIME format does not filter correctly.


Feedback required when a widget encounters provider error.


Extra scroll bar on table when error message appears and other usability issues.


Go To Page control behavior issues.


Size of the Go To Page dialog box needs to be corrected.


IDs with double quotes are not handled properly.


Values in table widget tooltip are getting wrapped in Firefox.


Sliding pane having table shows space at the top and calendar palette does not show calendar.


For Message dialog in tundra theme sample, pop up for message dialog displays outside of the viewable boundary.


Some of Dataset parameters accept special characters.


Unable to add a row after selecting a row for tree table in Chrome.


Increasing resolution using CTRL + keys causes the Summary page to hide within the wizard.


Error messages still present.

1.1 Fix Pack 3 (

APAR Abstract
Installation APARs and defects

Prerequisite Scanner does not check for the requirements in the nondefault installation location


Installing Reporting Services by using custom workflow fails when the user is db2admin


The launchpad full installation and custom workflow fail when the password for the DB2 instance owner contains a space character


Launchpad must check and report if Installation Manager is already open and it must not allow the user to proceed with the installation


The launchpad custom flow does not check for the version of DB2 installed on local machine to install the registry and reporting integration services.

Administration Services APARs and defects

Help file for Manage task displays old parameter names when you update from Jazz for Service Management from Version to

Dashboard Application Services Hub APARs and defects
45092 Tivoli Directory Integrator data provider fails to load when a table includes status information
Fix pack breaks minimum and maximum on Analog Gauge, reading values incorrectly
Dashboard Application Services Hub times out after 8 or 9 hours, causing a re-login to the system

Disjoining a high availability node fails after updating to Dashboard Application Services Hub Version


Unable to display severity icon in list widget for Jazz for Service Management Version with WebGUI Version connection


Table column width changes, persisted by reuse of Portlet Action request URLs through AJAX, cause unpredictable side effects


Redundant Table column width preference saves reduces server scalability


Edit mode: Using double quotes in a page title freezes edit mode

42162 Using double quotes in page title freezes edit mode

Console server crashed with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space


In 6 List Widgets with Dynamic Update longevity testing, console server slows down and no data returned to client side after 4 hours testing


Need some type of feedback when widget encounters provider error


Problems with Large Preview in Tivoli Business Service Manager


Problem using the filter in the table widget

Registry Services APARs and defects
44576 Concurrent creation of Provider Record Templates yields OptimisticLockException
ISA DC DB2 collector does not collect all expected data if the database user has spaces in its password
Registry Services should allow database installation with database user who has spaces in its password
43384 Registry Services documentation contains a sample payload for batch update of Registration Records that can corrupt Registry Services database
Registry Services queries for Service Provider records do not support quotation marks
42963 Use OSLC4J to create responses for queries of Service Provider records


Registry Services cannot return only URLs in responses to queries that use JSON or Turtle


During concurrency batch testing, Registry Services application throws an org.apache.openjpa.persistence.EntityExistsException exception while processing multiple threads to reconcile the Resource Record after creation of Registration Records related to that Resource Record

Security Services APARs and defects

Failure while installing Security Services 1.1. or with Jazz for Service Management extension for IBM WebSphere


Map roles to the TrustClientRole of the authnsvc_ctges application after migrating Jazz for Service Management Security Services

Tivoli Common Reporting APARs and defects
No reported fixed APARs or defects from 1.1 Fix Pack 2.

1.1 Fix Pack 2 (

APAR Abstract
Installation APARs and defects

The Problem Determination Collection script does not collect the Installation Manager history directory (Linux and Windows systems) and Reporting Services environment offering content store creation logs (Windows systems)

39128 Installation of Registry Services fails on WebSphere Application Server
38378 Custom workflow and full installation fails if password contains a space character
37243 CTGFI1010E: Invalid user name or password, or both
36917 Need to detect if any other product other than DB2 Enterprise Server Edition is installed and warn the user about it
36206 The length of the progress bar is not consistent on all panels
36198 Welcome page in launchpad takes a lot of time to be ready for installation
36083 The Prerequisite Scanner common prerequisites configuration file does not have a prerequisite property to check whether the default DB2 port, 50000, is available
35511 Jazz for Service Management launchpad custom workflow does not allow two instances to be installed on the same machine.
35436 User name is not accepted in the Japanese language and installation is blocked
35196 No translation available for Hebrew language
35190 User name field in full installation does not allow multibyte characters
35077 Component names on the Summary page are not translated
34043 The Next button must not be enabled if all user credentials are not provided in the Launchpad > Credentials panel
31359 Unable to uninstall all base components including an iFix in a single flow
19152 License Agreement text not available for locale Traditional Chinese/Hong Kong SAR of China
Administration Services APARs and defects
35440 The messages displayed in the command window for the viewResources operation need to be modified when there is no associated service provider registered
34831 Administration Services UI display and visibility issues when the Dashboard Application Services Hub theme is set to Tivoli Dark theme
33436 The error message for the Registry Services check statistics administration task, FRS-Stats-Check, must be corrected
33434 Non-numeric values should not be allowed for maximum and minimum thread pool size parameters when running administration tasks from the command line
31652 The Registry Services Configuration: Update the data source properties administration task, FRS-Configure-DataSource displays incorrect message when the database server is stopped
30882 Previous task execution status displayed as INTERNAL_ERROR instead of INACTIVE while running the administration task
Dashboard Application Services Hub APARs and defects
IV52800 Status Gauge widget does not handle 0 values using a dataset from a simple Impact policy
IV52405 Dashboard Application Services Hub page crashes due to Tivoli Directory Integrator issues
IV52187 Memory leak in embedded WebSphere Application Server running REST Libraries
IV51572 Gauges and lists do not update with refresh timer when configured to use a Tivoli Directory Integrator data provider
consolecli has default host name of “LOCALHOST” due to incorrect file path
IV50216 Problematic scroll bars in test widget after installing Jazz for Service Management Fix Pack 1
42151 Java Message Service initialization error causes UI events to be broken
41881 Not able to distinguish between two connections of the same type
41515 URL for the Web Widget is not properly encoded
List of “active users only users” is incorrect
39896 Performance: Additional redirects to images with no theme used
39189 In topology view FABridge.js uses a singleton to track the bridge to the Flex code
37867 AMQ thread hangs and memory leak on server side in longevity test of Operator scenario
37861 First tab into the Tivoli Business Service Manager Service parameter entry field in edit mode does not allow character entry
37342 Color Contrast Violation in Table Footer
36872 Data filter is not retained when the filter returns empty data
36869 Text Widget has two vertical scroll bars in Internet Explorer Version 10
36698 Collapse/expand toggle remains after last child is deleted from first origin node
36696 Mobile: Value for gauge not aligned correctly and rendering outside of its text box
36636 Root node selection not cleared on Tree Table when Indirect Select is enabled
36605 Bi-directional text: No base text direction (Right To Left) in filter for connections portlet
36602 Portlet title not shown when title is too long
36599 Installation should stop the application server before rolling back a fix pack
36588 Editing a portlet while in full screen loses original position
36546 Reverse pie slice label from percentage to what it represents
36523 Internet Explorer 10 - Export Wizard: Export package name text not fully displayed
36521 Accessibility: Multi navigation/application landmarks require unique labels specified with aria-label or aria-labelledby
36377 Welcome page: "Videos" link does not link to videos
Registry Services APARs and defects
Deleting a registration record with Accept (Header) application/json gives 406 Not Acceptable
41411 Installation fails when user can not copy DB logs because of lack of permission
Default Resource Shape is removed from creation factories when custom Resource Shape matching name of default definition is removed from Registry Services
Reconciliation data from Continuous Reconciliation and recompute CLI is not captured by Performance aspect
41002 On Linux systems only: Registry Services database installation logs are not completely routed to CLI log files
On WebSphere Application Server Version 8.0 only: Properties in an identification rule are not found in the properties of a Resource Shape
39729 Error message from the Registry Services Configuration CLI command should not print a probable cause when there is no certainty among many causes
Asynchronous Reconciliation creates 288000 Resource Records all with the same modified_timestamp

Registry Services server at fix pack level should discard server provider extended properties if database is at level


Jazz for Service Management Installation Manager rollback from to 1.1 fails in registering resources


Execution of Resource Shape CLIs concurrent with first startup of Registry Services application might break queries of Service Provider records in future calls


Registry Services might attempt to connect to database after connection pool depletion is detected.

Security Services APARs and defects
No reported APARs or deferred defects from 1.1 GA.
Tivoli Common Reporting APARs and defects
25091 Missing Reporting Overview 3.1 after upgrade with external Content Store.

1.1 Fix Pack 1 (

APAR Abstract
Installation APARs and defects
IV40173 The temp space requirement mentioned in the Prerequisite Scanner scripts is not completely sufficient.
39414 On Windows system only: Simple installation for 1.1 GA fails when installation location is on a different system drive.
34480 Selecting Custom Installation>Installation Images Location in the launchpad navigation panel does not display the Installation Images Location panel.
31599 Unable to continue after Common Configurations > WebSphere Configuration panel when creating the response file for an update that has the Installation Manager skip install option enabled.
30867 Simple installation failure on certain Windows machines.
Launchpad does not work on Linux with Firefox 17.0.3.
30229 The prerequisite scan shows success in the launchpad UI and no detailed report is generated when there is not enough space disk space on the target machine.
Version inconsistencies in the titles of the IBM Installation Manager software packages for Jazz for Service Management extension for IBM WebSphere.
28664 Jazz for Service Management installation fails in unconfiguring Registry Services application.
26756 GA'ed IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition 10.1 is not supported on Windows Server 2012.
22970 Uninstallation of one of the integration services should not bring down the application server.
Administration Services APARs and defects
30881 Tasks using LTPA token fail to run.
29549 The help file should be updated for the administration task, FRS-Configure-RoleMappings.
29545 In Internet Explorer the change in font size of the browser not impacting in Jazz for Service Management – Administration UI Page.
29413 Delegated dialog box does not work in Chrome.
29289 The format of the ViewTaskDetails operation is not correct when displaying automation and health check task status.
29113 A WebSphere Application Server restart fails with an intermittent port bind problem.
26743 Null is displayed for a parameter in the authentication dialog for a Registry Services administration task.
Dashboard Application Services Hub APARs and defects
IV44953 Memory link while tab switching in Internet Explorer Version 8.
IV44107 Dashboard widgets not functioning correctly
IV38001 Custom labels do not display for Gauge widgets
IV40099 TreeTable expanded nodes continuously refreshes when scroll to the end of the TreeTable on IE.
IV40693 Roles assigned at the group level are not propagated to group members.
IV38001 Custom labels do not display for Gauge widgets
IV37974 Microsoft Internet Explorer browser memory leak with Tivoli Widget Library (TWL) widget. TWL widgets need to receive a closePage event when the browser is being reloaded.
IV37792 Memory Leak with multiple Dashboard Application Services Hub charts on a single page.
IV37789 Topology widget does not work when configured to receive NodeClickedOn events.
PTR31883 importing pages into Dashboard Application Services Hub with missing wires.
259904f_1 PTR 29697 Text box loses focus in Internet Explorer Version 8.
259386f_2 Errors in Internet Explorer after entering chart quick edit
259029f_1 GVT: Dashboard widgets flyover is inconsistent in EN and FR/JP.
258822f_1 Accessibility: High-contrast issue with the navigation bar.
258769f_1 Extra scroll bars during quick edit of line chart.
257437f_1 Tivoli Widget Library: Value field of filter is not displayed.
260073 Internet Explorer Version 10: ExportPackName "cut off" in Export Wizard.
260011 PTR31414: Dashboard Application Services Hub pages are duplicated after import.
259957 PTR29948: Upgrade script does not import old role mapping.
259925 BDL: 'directional' icons are switched when mouse hovers in RTE.
259924 Tab width calculation off by width of tab border.
259922 Save as does not work as expected.
259916 Builder resize broken when palette is collapsed.
259914 Widgets get stuck in resize mode.
259913 iframe shim behind portlets gets manipulated before being ready.
259904 PTR 29697 Text box loses focus in Internet Explorer Version 8.
259855 Alert calls still in FormPersistence.js.
259815 PTR 29345: Attempt to render navigation and taskbar content is isolated .
259800 Roles column of User Roles on GUI does not match tipcli result.
259785 tipcli: ListCatalogs and RemoveRolesFromCatalog work incorrectly.
259780 Custom folder for backups not honored.
259745 The status of the "Previous/Next Folder" buttons are incorrect.
259740 Portlet window resize grab does not release as expected.
259728 Freeform page creation expands grid but not navigation area.
259711 Wire wizard does not retrieve widget names without saving page.
259652 Column chart layout issue.
259632 Sample dashboard, which contains with the map, does not respond to events.
259522 Tour help page: Default console name not substituted.
259449 Connection: Both horizontal and vertical scroll bar in dark theme.
259432 Replace "iDASH" and "iDash" in command line help with "console".
259430 Wire: Alert message displayed incorrectly if create duplicate wire.
259429 HA: "SaveandExit" or "Save" does not work if edit page in maintenance mode.
259384 Chart: DECIMAL: Negative values display incorrectly on chart.
259376 Source event widgets linger after deleted from page.
259365 PreTVT: "build a page"link overlapped on Welcome page.
259225 Extra scroll bars on Customize page of Widget Wizard.
259204 Still use the 'portlet' in Charting customization page.
258963 Welcome page "Videos" link does not link to videos.
258717 Maintain dashboard builder state on Save (PTR 25731).
258672 Bidirectional text:"contextual input" does not work in Connection Manager page.
258362 IBM One UI: Cannot read value inside disabled text box.
258348 Wires: Target page without portlet will not get focus.
Registry Services APARs and defects


NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION when resolving existing relationships on Registration Records without Resource Shapes.


Registration Records with "RDFS:CONTAINER", the RDF:TYPE cannot be registered or updated.


Installation with non-root user should create database temporary files using DB user instead of caller's user.


The Registry Services recompute reconciled state CLI command creates a large number of Resource Records with the same timestamp.


Resource Registry does not tag non-string property values of Resource Shape with data type.


deleteResourceShapes CLI does not honor appserver.ssl property.


Remap URL CLI command needs a new index for attribute lookups.


Resource Registry does not retain type tag information.


Resource Registry does not tag non-string properties with their data type values.


[ITM] Registry Services fails to delete registration entries when entries are deleted at scale (4500 registrations).


remapUrl command has not remapped anything after hours.


Remove all occurrences of "" and "" from Registry Services code base and messages.


The Registry Services recompute reconciled state CLI command terminates with OPTIMISTICLOCKEXCEPTION while no other reconciliation activity is present.


Reconciliation process is not efficient on adding relationships to resource records.

IV41379 recomputeReconciledState -all should not terminate when encountering a optimistic locking error.


Property sourceRecord can be removed from Service Provider record on update.


Multiple indexes required for the reconciliation CLI.


Remove empty JMS dir found at Registry_Home/lib.


Paginated query does not return all pages if a previous page is removed.


Java memory leak in RegistrationDataLock


remapUrl CLI command shows internal error with misleading message when the input regular expression is '*'.


HTTP 500 errors seen in the application server logs when concurrently deleting multiple registrations.


Exceptions reported in the WebSphere log files when running concurrent registrations and deletions by multiple threads.


Registry Services may consume unnecessary memory and CPU during batch reconciliation.


Registry Services deleteProvider CLI has misleading message when -providerUrl parameter does not match the settings.


deleteProvider CLI fails with "Operation attempted on a deleted instance" message.


Resource Record is left over after deleting its underlying custom Resource Shape.


Registry Services deleteProvider does not retry operation after receiving a retry later HTTP status code 503 response.


Query of providers using resource type does not work.


HTTP 500 error when deleting multiple registrations in concurrency, with relationships between them.


Delete CLI fails with "Operation attempted on a deleted instance" message .


Resource record is left over after deleting its underlying custom resource shape.


Registry Services recompute CLI crashes when asked to reprocess millions of records .


Update namespace prefix definitions in Registry Services.


Registry Services deleteProvider does not retry operation after receiving a retry later (http status code 503) response from the server

Security Services APARs and defects
No reported APARs or deferred defects from 1.1 GA.
Tivoli Common Reporting APARs and defects
30175 On Linux systems only: The Administration Services administration task for Tivoli Common Reporting, Configure JVM Heap memory, does not work when a non default server name is used in the profile.
30159 On Windows systems only: The Administration Services administration task for Tivoli Common Reporting, Configure JVM Heap memory, gives a syntax error message in the output.
30046 Importing file displays a successful message even when it fails.
29345 Installation of mobile support for Tivoli Common Reporting does not support new languages.
25771 Tivoli Common Reporting Cognos Configuration tool gives warnings while testing the connection to the Content Store in DB2.

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