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Open Mic Webcast: IBM Notes Domino 9.0 Social Edition New Features - 3 April 2013 (Q&A, Replay & Presentation)



On April 3rd, 2013, Jim Marsden, Eric Otchet and Scott Vrusho from our Product Management and Development teams provided a high level overview of the new features now available in Notes Domino 9 Social Edition. Amy Smith, from the User Experience Design and Information team, spoke about the product wikis, the Discover Page and other self-assist features available with IBM Notes Domino 9 Social Edition. The presentations were followed by the Q&A captured below.


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Audio recording

IBM Notes Domino 9.0 Social Edition New Features Open Mic Apr 3 2013 (edited).mp3IBM Notes Domino 9.0 Social Edition New Features Open Mic Apr 3 2013 (edited).mp3


Q. Is Notes/Domino 9.0 is an upgrade from 8.5.3 or is it a new product level with Notes/Domino 8.5.4 going to be released later?
A. We are making that deicision now. Current proposal is no 8.5.4. Instead more 8.5.3 Fix Packs.  9.0 is a distinct feature release. 

NOTE: Currently 8.5.4 shows at the following link but that will likely change.$First?OpenDocument

Q. Why is Domino 9 not supported on Windows 2003 R2?
A. Platform modernization. When we ship a new "dot zero" release, we generally support platforms for 10 years.  IBM has defined Windows 2012 and Windows 2008 R2 as the two appropriate versions to support for Domino 9. Note, however, we didn't do anything to prevent it from running on Windows 2003R2, but it was not in our test matrix. 

Q. Is Windows XP Service Pack 3 supported for the Notes 9 client?
A. Yes.

Q. Where can we find system recommendations for Traveler specs?

Q. Will you be supporting iNotes on the Windows 8 Pro on a tablet?
A. iNotes Full Mode is also planned for Windows 8 Pro tablets and Ultralite will be the first one that gets certified on the tablets.

Q. Will the Notes 9 Fat client run on Windows 8 Pro on a tablet?
A. Yes, the Notes client will run on Intel-based Windows 8 machines. Obviously there's no optimization at this point for touch interface but it will run on the architecture. For Notes, Yes today. For iNotes, we believe everything will run well and we have near term future plans to certify that.

Q. Does Domino 9.0 support older clients, for example, 8.5.1x ?
A. Yes, we support all old clients!

Q. Can you run Domino 8 servers alongside Domino 9 servers?
A. Yes, absolutely. The typical model for an upgrade is to upgrade a single Domino 9 server, upgrade the Domino Directory and let that directory replicate out to all of your Domino 8 servers so that the new Directory design is in place and then continue with your upgrades against the other servers. They replicate, they interact fine, they work well together. Same with earlier Notes clients. So no issues with interop with Domino 9 and earlier servers or clients.

Q. What about support of Notes 8.5.3 for Windows 8?
A. See

Q. Will Domino 9 install on a Windows 2003 server but just it's not supported, or will it just not install at all?
A. It will install and it's just not supported.

Q. Notes Browser Plugin allows applications to run in a browser with no modifications. So an application developed in 6.x will render to the browser without modifications?
A. Yes. It's awesome. No modifications needed.

Q. Will the use of Notes Browser Plug-in require more server resources? As it will be using XPages.
A. No additional server load. Think of it as the type of load the Notes Basic Configuration client would have on the Domino server.

Q. Is the Notes Browser Plug-in openly available or is a licensed product?
A. Notes Browser Plugin is part of standard Domino Client Access License and thus downloadable from Passport Advantage

Q. So you can or cannot paste clip board images in iNotes using IE9/10?
A. IE 9/10 does not support being able to paste clipboard images.

Q. I've discovered that XPinC applications do not load the XPage using the Browser plugin.  Is there any plan to change this behavior?
A. No. XPinC = XPages in Notes Client and is specific to Full Standard Client.  But those XPages apps should open and work in the browser just not within the Notes Browser Plugin.

Q. Can you have NBP and a standard client on the same pc?
A. Yes you can have both on the same machine; they can't be used at the same time

Q. Can the Notes Browser Plug-in be installed by the user by accessing a URL on the server?
A. No, we don't offer Web install for the Notes Brower Plug-in in 9.0 but it is in our future plans

Q. Can you install NBP and Standard-client on the same pc?
A. Yes but cannot run simultaneously

Q. How do we download the Notes Browser plugin?
A. Available thru Passport Advantage and Business Partner catalog entitlement donwload areas .

Q. Are you looking at adding any more browsers like Chrome for usage with this? Is there any thought with getting the NBP working with mobile devices in the future?
A. Yes, we're definitely looking at additional browsers, Chrome specifically and Mac as well. In terms of Mobile Devices, nothing specific yet but we're definitely looking at it. We hear very clearly the demand for something like that on a tablet especially. We're looking at what possible options we have but we don't have anything specific to share on that yet.

Q. Are the new features dependent on client or Mail template or both?
A. Depends on the feature.  Some require both. 

Q. I have upgraded my template to 9, but it still shows iNotes on the server. Does the server need to be 9 as well?
A. For the iNotes 9 experience, the server must be 9 as well.

Q. Can a user have two or more archive databases in iNotes 9.0 ?
A. DOLS and local archiving (using DOLS) still supported with iNotes 9.  Still can only have one local archive specified at a time.hoping we can do this in a future release. 

Q. Are there Domino policies to configure Notes 9.0 for Connections configuration?
A. Yes, there are Domino policies as well as Widget catalog controls to allow the Updates and Embedded Experiences integration with Connections.

Q. When you mention Connections, is Embedded Experiences available with SmartCloud Engage?
A. Embedded Experiences will be available from SmartCloud Engage in the future...not there yet.

Q. Any technote showing the mail template matrix(what template are supported on which servers/client)  i.e. 9.0 template on 8.5.x servers etc.
A. We do have a technote in the works on matrix of client, template, version support etc.

Q. Any plans for a 64-bit Windows Notes client?
A. We'd love to, but not committed.

Q. In moving to Domino/Notes 9 should the administration server be upgraded before any others?
A. Yes the admin server should be upgraded first before all other servers

Q. What is the ODS for 9.0? Is there an ODS change for Domino 9?
A. No change to ODS in Domino 9.0, it's still 51

Q. Does the Domino server's NOTES.INI file still require Create_R85_Databases=1 ?
A. Yes this parameter is still required.

Q. If we migrate from Domino 8.5 to 9 then will we have to change the hardware?
A. No. But you should cross check the system requirements

Q. Is there a doc link for migration from 8.5.3 to 9?
A. See the upgrade section of the Domino Admin Help. For Domino upgrades, go here to the "Planning" section:

Q. Does the IBM HTTP Server provide SSL 3.0 support for SMTP\TLS as well?
A. The IBM server will provide support for TLS and SSL

Q. Is there a DAMO client for version 9 or any way for users using the outlook client?
A. There is no DAMO client for Outlook access other than POP3 or IMAP.

Q. Is Domino 9 the only version to run on Windows Server 2012?
A. See technote #1617697 = "Domino support for Windows Server 2012"

Q. Does ID Vault/SAML already work in 8.5?
A. ID vault is available in 8.5 but SAML is a new feature introduced in 9.

Q. Does SAML work with Sametime Connect client
A. Sametime Connect client does not yet support SAML auth

Q. How to configure multiple users with Traveler on Android?
A. Look at the Traveler wiki. There is an article there that may help.

Q. I want to know how SAML will work with Traveler but having ID Vault in a Domino domain and Traveler in a separate Domino domain.
A. SAML can be used to overcome the limitation of traditional SSO where you could not have it working across domains

Q. Do I use the QoS function instead of NSD?
A. QOS doesn't replace NSD but uses it.  The difference is, today a crashed server collects diagnostics and restarts but this doesn't handle a hung server. QOS handles the hung server. QOS was designed to react to hung server which doesn't kick off the running of an NSD

Q. I only license for Notes. Is there an additional license cost for Connections files & profiles?
A. Connections files & profiles is granted with Notes/Domino as of 8.5.3. So you should be entitled for those components.

Notes Traveler

Q. Are BlackBerry devices now supported on Notes Traveler 9?
A. Yes. Notes Traveler 9 supports BlackBerry 10 devices.

Q. Do we have to run separate Notes Traveler servers for each Domino server we run, in order to have our Z10 phones working?
A. Only the Domino server that Notes Traveler runs on needs to be running 9.0 ... the other mail servers can remain at the older levels

Q. Can multiple Domino servers access the Notes Traveler server in order for mail to flow to and from new Z10 devices? 
A. Yes.

Q. Traveler 9 will be capable to update password in device when HTTP password has been changed?
A. The user will still need to update the password on the device

Q. For the Traveler attachment enhanced feature, is this going to be a separate app on iOS and will the app include email as well
A. We plan to leverage the Traveler Companion app for this function

Q. ID-based encryption on Win 8 Mobile Traveler - planned (similar to Companion)?
A. We are investigating how to support Domino Encrypted mail on other platforms at this time. No time frame as of yet but have it as a requirement.

Q. For work perimeter, is BES 10 necessary or we can use it only with traveler?
A. BES 10 is REQUIRED for Work perimeter

Q. What is the disadvantage for not having Work Perimeter?
A. There is no separation between personal apps/data and work data, so data leakage could occur. The BlackBerry web site has some good information on Balance that you should look at for more details.

Q. Do BlackBerry 10 devices need BES 10 and Traveler?
A. Yes they do, unless you put your BB10s directly on Traveler.

Q. If we don't have a BES, but use Traveler, do we just lose the remote wipe?
A. You will still have wipe and other active sync security policies available just like for iOS devices. Basically BB10s on Traveler become like any other Traveler device.

Q. This means that Notes/iNotes/Traveler Users will only update their password once with the Notes client and iNotes/Traveler will get the new password working?
A. Yes for updating of their ID password. The HTTP password  won't get updated unless you have password synchronization enabled

Q. Any changes to Traveler HA?
A. No change to Notes Traveler High Availability in 9.0.

Q. Could you clarify availability of cert based authentication on mobile devices with Traveler? 
A. Certificate based auth on mobile is not in the current release but something we are looking to support in a future release of Traveler.

Q. Will ID Vault also manage/update the IDs stored on my mail file used in Traveler?
A. ID Vault should be able to maintain IDs stored in the mail file same as it would for an iNotes user.

Q. Active Sync Support for Windows 8 Pro on a tablet. Is that going to use the native mail application that comes with Windows 8 Pro on a tablet?
A. Yes, we are using the native apps on Windows 8 Pro tablet.

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