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Open Mic Webcast: Migrating to WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager V8: Best Practices and Troubleshooting Tips - 13 March 2013 [presentation, audio replay and Q&A transcript attached]



IBM Collaboration Solutions (Lotus) support wants to help you take full advantage of your products. IBM hosted an Open Mic Webcast: Migrating to WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager V8: Best Practices and Troubleshooting Tips - 13 March 2013 with technical experts to share their knowledge and answer your questions.


Topic: Migrating to WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager V8: Best Practices and Troubleshooting Tips

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Date and time

Date: 13 March, 2013

Time: 11:00 AM EST (16:00 UTC, or GMT -5) for 60 minutes



Audio recording

Migrating to WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager V8 Open Mic Mar 13 2013 (edited).mp3Migrating to WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager V8 Open Mic Mar 13 2013 (edited).mp3


Q: Will the wiki URL be distributed?


Q: Getting back to the statement made earlier about changing platforms during migration, is migration from a WP v6.1 32 bit win install to WP v8 64 bit win install supported, or is that considered a platform change?

A: Migrating from WP v6.1 32 bit win install to WP v8 64 bit win installed is supported and is not considered as platform change. One thing you want to do is to have another Portal v8 on windows 32 bit OS so that you can generate the migration package zip which you may need to run on your source environment.

Q: Would portal theme migration be covered in this session, if not, has there been or will there be a webcast focusing on that?

A: Page migration would be covered in the presentation.

Q: Are there any special considerations if running WP v6.1 on WAS v7.0?

A: None

Q: Is it necessary to switch to the new theme < modular> ? Is the old version still supported ?

A: The old version of themes would work but in the future you want to plan to move to the modular theme. The old themes would not have the new functionality and features that would come with portal 8. Your old theme will be migrated and functional but not include the new features provided in the new theme.

Q: Import Pages will not work right as Portal v8 has new theme ?

A: Correct, the new theme requires what we call static pages. In this session, what will be covered is how to convert your current legacy pages into static pages. We provide a tool for this.

Q: How is the WMM db migrated? Are there special tasks for migrating / security?

A: The settings come along as part of the Websphere migration (as part of VMM). There is no special processing associated with using a VMM database except that you must use JDBC 4.0 spec drivers for them. This is covered in the documented steps

Q: I just heard that "content only migration is not supported". However, for a WCM centric site that only have a small number of custom portlet, it may be simpler to export & import WCM libraries, and use XMLAccess for migrating portal pages. Is that an appropriate route?

A: XMLAccess for migration is not a supported path, it may work in some cases but we recommend customers use the documented migration procedure

The new migration process is only a small delta from the content only migration (in upgrade-profile). The steps of a content only migration are just pieces of the full migration. Almost all of the upgrade-profile task is the content migration steps. By doing the xmlaccess export/import, pznload, etc from one server to another, you are just putting more work on yourself by doing what the full migration process will do for you automatically. You can do the migration on just one environment and then use a staging approach for the others.

Q: In the past, if past experience is any guide, portal migration is process my take much longer. Would prefer to have an option to run xmlaccess to migrate pages, themes, portlets etc and WCM Library export / import for content

A: In the past (v6.0), this was absolutely true. It was much more complicated to do full migrations. In the new process however, we act in-place on the database and bring all content over so again, you would be just doing manually what the process does for you automatically

Q: Did I hear correctly that a content only migration will not work?

A: Correct, content only is not a supported path.

Q: The ONLY thing we need to actually migrate are the WCM libraries in our JCR. If we can avoid a full migration (and interim environment build) and export/import the libraries directly that would save us weeks... is there any chance that library export/import will work between v6.1 and v8?

A: Yes, export- import is a supported migration scenario. Export/import however will only support live items and not drafts so those would be missing afterwards.

Q: Is it accurate to say that the profile migration will change how our custom themes will be deployed? I think I saw Migrated_Themes... ?

A: If your custom themes are deployed as .war then you should also see your custom themes been migrated as .war. But if your custom theme existed in the wps.war then all those custom themes will be packaged in the Migrated_themes.war on the target Portal v8 environment.

Q: Going from WCM v6.0 to v8.0, is there any WCM API incompatibility that must be addressed beforehand?

A: There is no WCM API incompatibility with previous versions. If anything is changed / depreciated, it will be documented. WCM API documentation is in <install_root>\wp_profile\installedApps<cellname>\wcm.ear\ilwwcm.war\webinterface\api-javadoc directory.

Q: Technically speaking, will using XMLAccess to export portal pages/URL Mapping/theme settings/etc between Portal 7 and Portal 8 works?

A: Yes

Q: Is the page migration process the same if migrating from v6.0->v8.0?

A: Pages are migrated as part of the Portal Migration. To migrate a page from v6.0, the source environment needs to be migrated for v6.1 or v7 prior to migrating to 8. If only the pages are needed, then they can be exported from the source environment and imported in the target environment.

Q: If we are not using Managed pages, how do we migrate pages between environments in Portal v8?

A: The pages should be migrated to the new environment during the Portal Migration. Other wise export/import can still be used.

Q: Thanks for the note about live items. We can work with that. I think we may not have the same understanding of the phrase "content only migration". What does IBM mean when they say "content only migration"?

A: We would be referring to the process of using the post-migration-data-update task by itself instead of using the profile migration.

Q: Which is more smooth: v6.0 to v6.1 to v8.0, or v6.0 to v7.0 to v8.0?

A: v6.0 to v7.0 to v8.0 because it involves the most updated code.

Q: If in the custom itheme we use PumaUser to do something, is this compatible with Portal v8?

A: The public PUMA API is available in v6.1, v7 and v8

Q: So theoretically WCM 6.0 content and custom code/JSP should work without much change?

A: Yes they would be managed by default.

Q: It would be nice to hear something similar for z/OS

A: Just to make note as well that our z/OS migration is exactly the same as what you saw here. There is no difference between a multi-platform migration and a z/OS one as far as the general process or functionality available to you , we make no distinction for z?OS, it has everything MP has

Q: If I use xmlaccess to export page hierarchy and import into the v8.0 server, (assuming I create the v8.0 theme etc and update the id references in xml), would the imported pages be managed pages?

A: Any page can be managed but you need to use static pages to have them be part of the new theme

Q: Whether the imported pages will be static pages? Assuming the answer is yes

A: No they will not unless you use the mentioned tool to convert them. The tool is found here:

Q: Before migration we updated Portal binary with v8.0.0.1, when we do the upgrade-profile, will the Portal profile will have v8.0.0.1

A: Yes



Page migration tool can be found on the solutions catalog:

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