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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters Tasktop Edition.


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Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect Description
18961 Cannot distinguish between RTC categories that have the same name but different paths when creating a mapping for Filed Against
19651 Back link error when creating OSLC Related Change Request link
19490 JIRA Affected Versions field can't be set to unassigned
19784 Having the mapping editor open while synchronizations are processed causes the synchronizer.xml to grow in file size
19599 OSLC task linking cannot authenticate users against TFS servers
19587 OSLC task linking cannot authenticate users against JIRA
19533 An HTTP 403 status page is presented on valid authentication for login attempt to the OSLC web UI
19497 Multi-select value can't be cleared in RTC when synchronizing tasks from JIRA
19453 Sync failed - failed to perform stored query: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
19264 Comments cannot be synchronized with TFS repositories

Initial Release (1.0)
Link Date Released Status

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect Description
-- Fixed proxy server capabilities in RTC Connector.
-- Fixed a parse error in RRC Connector when fetching Requirements that contain links.
-- Fixed an issue where the HP QC 10 connector does not return query results for filters starting with operator (like 'not', '<' or similar).
-- Fixed handling of JIRA Epic label that could result in erroneous synchronization.

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect Description
-- Fixes an issue where Quick Start query selection drop downs didn't display all queries.
-- Fixes an issue in which the default-query-interval-minutes was set too high after the first Quick Start mapping had been created. The default interval for new Quick Start mappings is now 0.05.
-- Fixes slow loading of sync log history.
-- Fixes an issue where non-authentication related errors were treated as authentication errors, causing a prompting for credentials.
-- Fixes a problem where unparsable Confluence markup text could cause a stack overflow.
-- When updating tasks, the IBM Rational Team Concert connector now validates and updates only the fields that have changed.
-- The HP Quality Center connector now caches attachments locally only if the content is requested.
-- The IBM Rational Requirements Composer connector no longer shows modules as collections, improving performance.

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect Description
-- Fixed a problem which could result in Tasktop Sync Studio's menu buttons (start, stop, reset) becoming disabled.
-- The presence of a large log table in Tasktop Sync will no longer cause the user to experience a long delay when opening a single log.
-- The ServiceNow connector will now properly handle errors when the Tasktop Sync user does not have access rights to the sys_properties table.
-- ServiceNow queries can now be created when filters without titles exist on the server.
-- The HP Quality Center and ALM Connector will no longer delay or prevent Tasktop Sync from shutting down.
-- Scheduled state is now an available mapping for user stories in the Rally Connector.
-- The ServiceNow Connector will now function properly when syncing longer queries.
-- The ServiceNow Connector has been updated to work with new versions of the ServiceNow API.
-- The IBM Rational Requirements Composer Connector now maintains HTML formatting when synchronizing the description field.
-- The IBM Rational Requirements Composer Connector can now synchronize to non-English installations of RRC.
-- The IBM Rational Requirements Composer Connector will more quickly initialize and update repository configurations.

Initial Release (1.1.1)
Link Date Released Status
Defect Description
19283 The IBM RTC Connector will now check the validity of values entered in enumerated attribute fields before submitting them to the remote server, alerting the user if there are any errors.
19635 If the error queue on the Tasktop Sync Dashboard is empty, users will no longer be able to attempt to queue anything for synchronization.
21369 The attribute mapping table in the Mapping Editor will accurately reflect any changes that are made to attribute mappings.
21967 Configuration settings for the CA Vision Connector now synchronize properly, and will no longer use partially updated configurations.
22231 If a user is attempting to configure a sync to Team Foundation Server (TFS) with an invalid field value set, Sync will record and display clear and detailed information about the error, making troubleshooting much easier.
22258 When attempting to refresh a repository schema without having any tasks in the task list, or without any queries set up, users will now receive a clear message informing them that the schema has not been updated, while before they were led to believe that it was.
22631 The QC connector will ensure that only single new comments can be added to QC, rather than including email conversations as comments.
22664 The QC connector now checks for invalid characters like % and + in attachment names and informs the user about the problem before trying to sync these attachments.
22688 If a user is attempting to set up a connection to RRC using Quickstart and creates a new project in RRC, Sync will now recognize that project and list it as an option in Quickstart while the user is selecting his desired RRC project and tasks.
22712 The IBM RTC Connector will now check the validity of values entered in boolean attribute fields before submitting them to the remote server, alerting the user if there are any errors.
22754 If a user is setting up an attribute mapping and changes the direction of the sync, the attribute mapping editor will no longer clear the source attribute.
22788 Tasktop Sync no longer creates a duplicate proxy task in a third-party repository if an initial Sync attempt already created a proxy task in that repository.
22811 The JIRA connector now displays an accurate value in the “Due date” field, even if a user is in a different timezone than the JIRA server.
22819 The Clarity PPM Help Documentation now includes an updated sample script for task assignments.
22826 When trying to enable attachment synchronization with a connector that does not support attachments, users will receive a clear error message.
22855 A QuickStart-generated mapping can no longer be assigned an ID that is already in use.
22865 When the IBM RRC Connector receives an invalid Task Key, Sync displays an accurate error message.
22866 When the IBM RTC Connector receives an invalid Task Key, Sync displays an accurate error message.
22889 Tasktop Sync now uses an updated hashing algorithm that improves its cookie signing security for the Sync and OSLC web interfaces.
23152 Sync Studio now operates better on machines with lower performance.
25158 The IBM RRC Connector will no longer fail to connect if the word ‘jts’ is included as a substring of the host name.

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect Description
22917 Users no longer receive notification emails when nonfatal network errors cause task synchronization to enter a pending state. Email notifications are only sent if the synchronization error cannot be resolved automatically.
22972 Using QuickStart with an existing repository configuration for Team Foundation Server (TFS) after Tasktop Sync has been restarted no longer results in an erroneous error indicating the TFS repository cannot be found. 

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect Description
22694 Fix to prevent stale sync history from slowing upgrades.
22798 Fix to prevent new task creation failure when Bugzilla product not set.
22799 Fixed an issue where the QC 10 Remote client could not be started when the installed directory or workspace directory paths have spaces.
22804 The QC 10 connector properly detects failure of attachment details retrieval to prevent multiple attachment synchronization of the same attachment.
22922 Fixes a problem where Tasktop Sync was not able to upgrade its database due to an out of memory exception.
22582 Improved RRC authentication to allow connecting to a split-JTS-RRC server environment.

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect Description
18656 Removed an unnecessary message at Sync start-up to define queries when task-based mappings are being used.
19002 “New mapping” wizard now verifies that the task being used matches the provided project.
19289 Fixes a problem where Tasktop Sync was not able to persist a synchronization activity due to a database constraint violation.
19559 The “Sync History” viewer now updates to show the most recent error when opening the viewer from the error queue.
20104 Fixes a problem where the task mapping editor could not open while the configuration had an invalid version.
20833 New task mappings added through the “Add Task Mappings” wizard will now be visible in the “Services” view immediately after generation.
21481 Clarity PPM repositories are now properly categorized in the task repositories view.
21806 Fixes a problem where Tasktop Sync would use possibly corrupted tasks to generate a repository schema.
21992 Fixes a problem where a UI error could happen while closing Tasktop Sync application window.
21997 Fixes a problem where Tasktop Sync would store multiple copies of the same repository schema object in memory.
22021 Clarified error message thrown when server runs out of memory while running large HP ALM queries.
22096 Disabled task-based mappings will no longer cause the tasks to be queried.
22239 Fixes a potential issue where the HP QC/ALM connector may not log in to the remote server after an application restart.
22287 Fixes a problem where the QC repository settings page displays an incorrect label.
22382 Fixed issue where Problems view would not show errors in the configuration.
22401 Fixed an issue where some additional error information would not be logged.
22458 HP ALM / QC connector now provides more details on invalid HTML in the comment field and how to address it to allow users to resolve those issue in the web UI.
22459 Fixes issue where Tasktop may fail to display certain errors from a CA Clarity repository.
22460 Fixes a potential issue where Tasktop would attempt to read an outdated invalid RTC repository configuration from disk.
22466 Fixes potential loss of connection to TFS.
22475 Fixed a problem where large amounts of errors in the error queue were causing slowness in Sync.
22575 IBM Tasktop Edition 1.1 installation wizard post-installation now links to 1.1 post-installation topic instead of 1.0 post-installation topic
22585 Fixed an issue where tasks previously deleted from the task list would cause “null argument” errors.
22628 Fixes a problem with detecting changes reported by queries.
22649 Fixed an issue where the quick start wizard could succeed in generating a mapping, but would not exit.

Initial Release (1.1)
Link Date Released Status
Defect Description
21960 HP ALM Test case submission fails with mid air collision error when the project is versioned
20039 When run as a Windows service, service user must have administrative privileges
20634 HP QC and HP ALM user names containing spaces are not supported
20585 Tasks can incorrectly match task mappings
20317 HP ALM and HP QC configurations with many queries can cause lengthy delays when configuring queries
20157 HP ALM configuration update is very slow when many releases and cycles are present in the server configuration
20021 An error is not reported when submitting a task with an attribute containing an invalid person id
19258 TFS query dialog does not update to second selection
16114 JIRA connector causes OutOfMemoryError when transferring large attachments
13324 Person mapping cannot be used to map user ids with TFS

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