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This document contains links to publications, including online information, PDF files, release notes, and more, for IBM® Informix® Warehouse Accelerator 12.10.


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IBM Informix 12.10 information center
The Informix Warehouse Accelerator documentation is in the Informix 12.10 information center, which integrates the entire Informix 12.10 documentation set into an HTML frameset, with full-text search, logical categories, easy navigation, and links to troubleshooting and support files.

Important: This information center will be replaced by the Informix servers collection ( ) in IBM Knowledge Center, which is currently in Beta. Links from the current information centers will be redirected automatically to IBM Knowledge Center.

Release notes
You can view or print the release notes from the information center. To view the notes, expand the categories in the contents pane in the Release information subtopic under the Product overview topic.

Individual publications
The following table links to the latest editions of the Informix Warehouse Accelerator 12.10 PDF publications. To find older editions of publications, search the IBM Publications Center. To view PDF files, get Adobe Reader.

Numbers in the table indicate the fix pack level for the publication.
Fix pack key: 1: xC1; 2: xC2; 3: xC3

Important: Documentation is not translated for all fix packs and in all languages.
Language key: EN: English; BR: Brazilian Portuguese; CN: Chinese-Simplified; CS: Czech; DE: German; ES: Spanish; FR: French; JA: Japanese; KO: Korean; TW: Chinese-Traditional

Publication title English Other languages
Quick Start Guide for Informix Warehouse Accelerator
EN 2
BR 1
CN 1
DE 1
ES 1
FR 1
JA 1
KO 1
TW 1
Warehouse Accelerator Administration Guide
EN 3
BR 1
CS 1
ES 1
JA 1
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