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These are the release notes for IBM Cúram Provider Management


Installing the Application
Supported Hardware and Software
Improvements and Resolved Issues
Notes on Deprecation
Known Issues


Welcome to the release.

This is a cumulative release which incorporates the Improvements and Resolved Issues contained in the release. Where applicable, details of the Improvements and Resolved Issues are included separately in the readme folder in the distribution materials.

What's New in IBM Cúram Social Program Management Version provides an overview of the new features and enhancements introduced in this release.

A full set of product documentation is included with this release.


Installing the Application

Pre-Installation Considerations
Application Installation
Application Post-Installation Steps


Ensure that all installed third party software versions are consistent with those outlined in the Supported Hardware and Software section.

Pre-Installation Considerations

If you are installing multiple Cúram offerings it is recommended that you install them in the following order: -

For the Entry Edition offerings

  • Install IBM Cúram Soclal Program Management Platform for Universal Access Entry Edition before installing IBM Cúram Social Program Management Universal Access Entry Edition

  • Install IBM Cúram Social Program Management Platform for Outcome Management Entry Edition before installing IBM Social Program Management Outcome Management Entry Edition

No additional offerings are supported on top of an Entry Edition installation. To add any additional offering you must first upgrade to a standard edition of the product.

For the standard offerings it is recommended that you install them in the order below.

  1. Install IBM Cúram Social Program Management Platform. This automatically installs the following enterprise modules:

    • IBM Cúram Verification Engine
    • IBM Cúram Evidence Broker
    • IBM Cúram Life Event Management
    These enterprise modules may only be used where licensed.

  2. Install any of the enterprise modules. The enterprise modules are the following: -

    • IBM Cúram Universal Access
    • IBM Cúram Outcome Management. You may then install
      • IBM Cúram Outcome Management Structured Decision Making Add-on
    • IBM Cúram Provider Management
    • IBM Cúram Social Enterprise Collaboration
    • IBM Cúram Business Intelligence and Analytics
    • IBM Cúram Appeals
  3. Install any of the program-based offerings. The program-based offerings are the following: -

    • IBM Cúram Workers Compensation - Do not install any other program-based offerings with this offering.

    • Either IBM Cúram Income Support or IBM Cúram Income Support for Medical Assistance (but not both). You may then install

      1. IBM Cúram Income Support Screening followed by

      2. IBM Cúram Business Intelligence and Analytics Reports for Income Support

    • IBM Cúram Child Welfare. You may then install

      1. IBM Cúram Child Welfare Structured Decision Making Add-on followed by

      2. IBM Cúram Business Intelligence and Analytics Reports for Child Welfare

    • IBM Cúram Youth Services

    • IBM Cúram Child Care

    • Any additional assets such as demonstrations

Application Installation

To install this product please run the installer provided. See the Cúram Installation Guide in the distribution materials for detailed instructions on running the installer.

Application Post-Installation Steps

This step must always be performed for German installations.

For German installations there is a known issue whereby some document template demo data has been specified using the incorrect locale, i.e. "de_DE" rather than "de". The consequence of this is that an error is reported, "The specified template was not found", when attempting to enroll a provider.

To work around this issue the following DMX files should be updated, changing any instance of "de_DE" to "de", prior to building the database for the first time:

  • ..\EJBServer\components\core\data\demo\LANGUAGELOCALEMAP.dmx
  • ..\EJBServer\components\core_<locale>\data\demo\LANGUAGELOCALEMAP.dmx
  • ..\EJBServer\components\ServicePlans_<locale>\data\demo\XSLTEMPLATE.dmx
  • ..\EJBServer\components\ServicePlans_<locale>\data\demo\XSLTEMPLATEINST.dmx

Supported Hardware and Software

The Cúram Supported Prerequisites document outlines the supported prerequisites for this release.


Improvements and Resolved Issues

Enterprise Modules

Provider Management

Attendance Tracking

CS-11145, ENT-5032 - Unable to register a provider as a person because of conflicting system validations

Previously, while registering a provider as a person, if the user was in a different time zone to the server, a validation was displayed informing the user that the registration date entered was invalid. This was happening because the date validation was comparing dates from two different time zones and as a result there was a mismatch.

This has been resolved by converting the provider enrolment date to the server time zone and using the converted date to perform the date validation when registering the provider as a person.

CS-10017, ENT-5300 - Missing CrossModelFKs.xml entry in datamanager_config.xml

Previously, an entry for EJBServer\components\CPM\data\ddl\CrossModelFKs.xml was not present in EJBServer\project\config\datamanager_config.xml. This resulted in missing foreign keys in the database which are listed below.

  • ROSTER.serviceID to PROVIDEROFFERING.providerOfferingID

This issue has been resolved by adding the following entry to the 'constraints' target in the EJBServer\project\config\datamanager_config.xml.

  • <entry base="basedir" name="components/cpm/data/ddl/CrossModelFKs.xml" type="xml"/>

Customers should add this new entry to their datamanager_config.xml file.


CS-11343, ENT-5022 - Page not found error when provider search is performed from financial workspace

Previously, when a user tried to access the provider participant search page from the financial user workspace, an error message was displayed informing the user "The page you have requested is not available". This was happening because the search link was referring to a non-existent page.

This has been resolved by pointing the link to the ProviderManagement_searchProvider page.

CS-11081, ENT-5028 - Match client API on service invoice line item needs re-factoring to improve the performance

Previously, the match client API on the service invoice line item was causing performance issues. This was because the person search entity operation used in the match client API was searching using person address elements which are not required in this API. The match client API should only search for persons who match the given person reference number, first name, last name and date of birth.

This has been resolved by re-factoring the match client API to use a dynamic query using only the elements required.

ENT-5325 - Enabling database caching in CPM results in failure of CPM financials

Previously, database caching was disabled at the Enterprise Module level. When it was enabled, CPM financial scenarios failed.

The occured because CPM financial generation used an old API related to database security:

  • curam.core.impl.DataBasedSecurity.checkCaseSecurity

This API does not work as expected when database caching is enabled. A new API is now used to successfully process CPM financials:

  • curam.core.impl.DataBasedSecurity.checkCaseSecurity1

Attendance Tracking

ENT-4954 - Exception error when units attended exceeds 24 for unit of measure of hour, utilization reporting

Previously, when submitting a roster where the units attended exceeded 24, an exception error was encountered. This occurred if the unit of measure for the service was hour and utilization reporting was being used.

This has been resolved by adding a validation to check if units attended and units not attended is less than or equal to 24, where the unit of measure for the service is hour. If the user enters more than 24 hours for the number of units, a message is displayed informing them that the units entered must be less than or equal to 24.


ENT-4280 - Frequency Error displayed when submitting a service delivery after modifying nominee

Previously, on submitting a service delivery after modification, an invalid error was displayed informing the user that the frequency must be entered. This was happening because the frequency pattern was set to a zero frequency pattern (a non-recurring daily pattern). The default frequency pattern (or zero frequency pattern) check was missing, resulting in an error being displayed to the user.

Now, this has been resolved by checking for a zero frequency pattern for the service delivery when the service delivery is modified.

ENT-4380 - The Service Delivery 'Edit' page (opened via the 'Edit' tab level action) shows the wrong type for the nominee

Previously, the service delivery edit page always displayed the default nominee type (employer) regardless of who the nominee was.

Now, this has been resolved by displaying the correct nominee type for the nominee.

ENT-4667 - The Participant column on the provider incident participants list should link to the respective participant home page

Previously, a user was unable to access a participant's details from the provider incident particpant list. This was because there was no link to the respective participant.

Now, a link has been added so that the user can access the respective participant from the provider incident participant list.

ENT-4966 - Using the generic % search for provider search does not retrieve providers containing multibyte character names

Previously, while searching for providers in a service delivery, the user was not able to search for provider names with multibyte characters using the wildcard character(%). Now, it is resolved and the user can search for provider names with multibyte characters using the wildcard character(%).

ENT-4976 - Provider Incidents list is missing Recorded Date column

Previously, the list of incidents for a provider did not include a 'Recorded Date'.

Now, the list of incidents for a provider has been updated to include a 'Recorded Date' and 'Sensitivity' has been removed.

ENT-4978 - Provider member Incidents list is missing Reported By column

Previously, the list of incidents for a provider member did not include a 'Reported By' column. The user had to view the incident before they could see who it was reported by.

Now, the list of incidents for a provider member has been updated to include a 'Reported By' column.

ENT-4980 - Provider Member Incidents list displays incidents for which the Provider Member hasn't been added to

Previously, the list of incidents for a provider member was displaying incidents that the provider member was not associated with. This was happening because incidents associated with the provider member's provider were being displayed instead of incidents the provider member was associated with.

This has been resolved by only displaying the incidents which are associated with the provider member.

ENT-4981 - If a provider member is a reporter of an incident, they are not displayed as an incident participant and the incident is not listed on the Incidents tab for the provider member

Previously, if a provider member was added as the reporter of a provider incident, they were not included on the participants list for the incident or on the provider member's list of incidents. This was happening because of an incorrect validation against the provider member being a reporter.

This has been resolved by removing the validation against the provider member for the incident.

ENT-4983 - User can create an incident for a provider where the provider plays no role

Previously, a user could create an incident for a provider without specifying the role the provider played in the incident.

Now, if a role is not specified when creating the incident, a message is displayed informing the user that the provider must either be a reporter or play a role in the incident in order for the incident to be recorded against the provider.

ENT-4987 - For provider incidents, the status history should be displayed in a tab within the incident

Previously, the status history for an incident was displayed within a modal. This has been updated in line with the rest of the application, so that the status history is displayed within its own tab within an incident.

CS-11327, ENT-5062 - Home Study Approval task supporting information link not working correctly

Previously, when a user clicked the View Home Study link under the Supporting Information section on a Task home page, the Home Study information was incorrectly displayed within the currently opened page instead of on the Providers and Services tab as expected.

Now, when View Home Study link is clicked, the Home Studies list page opens as expected in a Provider tab that is displayed within the Providers and Services tab.

CS-11395, ENT-5074 - Error while adding non-managed training program details

Previously, the system incorrectly displayed the 'Units Completed' field as disabled when a user selected the Check All checkbox when creating a non-managed training program for a provider. Because of this, the system also incorrectly displayed the following validation error message "The Units Completed entered is invalid". The issue was that the widget being used on the 'New Non-Managed Training Program' page was not working as expected. Also, this widget was not supported for all browsers.

Now, this issue has been addressed by making necessary changes to the widget being used on the 'New Non-Managed Training Program' page.

The widget (Domain Definition: RECORDCOMPLETED_XML_DATA_SET) that is used on the 'New Non-Managed Training Program' pages uses different technical infrastructure widgets to display the checkbox, text box for the provider member list along with the check all option, i.e., the checkbox that allows a user to check/uncheck all of the checkboxes in a list.

The widget that is used to display the checkboxes on the provider member list and also to enable/disable the text boxes in the list is 'CheckboxEditRenderer' (Domain Definition: CPM_WIDGET_BOOLEAN). The issue was that the check all option was not responding when a checkbox was checked/unchecked from the provider member list. To address this issue, a new widget has been implemented and the renderer mapping of the domain definition 'CPM_WIDGET_BOOLEAN' has been changed from '' to '' in the following DomainsConfig.xml files:

  • webclient\components\CPM\DomainsConfig.xml
  • webclient\components\CPMExternalSecure\DomainsConfig.xml
  • webclient\components\ CPMExternalSecure\DomainsConfig.xml

ENT-5106 - Unable to edit a service invoice line item

Previously, an application error was displayed when a user attempted to edit a service invoice line item/service invoice line item request/roster line item or while creating a provider member training program when the server side date format (i.e. curam.environment.default.dateformat) and date separator (curam.environment.default.dateseparator) are anything other than 'yyyy M d' or 'yyyy MM dd' and '-' respectively in the 'EJBServer\project\properties\' file.

The issue occurred because the widgets being used for these screens were failing to parse the dates when the date format set is anything other than the one of the above mentioned. These issues have been addressed by updating the corresponding widgets of above mentioned screens to handle all the application supported date formats.

Artefacts were deprecated as a result of this change. For more information, please see this ticket in the "Notes on Deprecation" section.

ENT-5140 - Various service plan fixes

A number of fixes have been made to service plan functionality.

  • Previously, the system did not create a service authorization for a plan item after the service plan was approved. Service plan approval is needed when 'Approval Required' is set to 'true' for any plan items in the service plan in the administration application. When a service plan is approved; the system internally approves the plan items of the service plan. As soon as a plan item is approved successfully, the system raises an event 'SERVICEPLANAPPROVAL.APPROVEPLANITEM' and it is expected that the functionality to create service authorization should listen to this event and create a service authorization for the plan item. However, when listening to the event, the event referred to is 'SERVICEPLANS.APPROVEPLANITEM' instead of 'SERVICEPLANAPPROVAL.APPROVEPLANITEM'. Because of this, the system failed to create a service authorization when a service plan was approved. This has been addressed by changing the functionality to listen to the correct event ('SERVICEPLANAPPROVAL.APPROVEPLANITEM') when a service plan is approved.
  • When the property 'curam.notification.tasknotificationemails' is set to 'NO' in the 'Application - Notification settings' category in the system administration application and the planned item owner name is someone other than the current user, then the system failed to add/process plan items successfully. When adding/processing plan items, the system calls the task notification workflow without passing the caseID parameter, which is required to update/record case transaction records. This has been addressed by passing the caseID wherever the task notification workflow is enacted from service plan functionality.
  • An unhandled server exception was thrown when deleting a Custom Service Plan Item from a service plan. Since there was a foreign key relationship between 'PROVIDERPLANNEDITEMLINK.PLANNEDITEMID' and 'PLANITEM.PLANNEDITEMID', an unhandled server exception was was encoutered while deleting a parent (i.e., PLANITEM) record without deleting the child record (i.e. PROVIDERPLANNEDITEMLINK). To correct this, the foreign key relationship between 'PROVIDERPLANNEDITEMLINK.PLANNEDITEMID' and 'PLANITEM.PLANNEDITEMID' has been removed.

ENT-5136 - Unable to add a member to a provider group

Previously, an unhandled server exception was encountered when adding a provider group member to a provider group. This was because of incorrect foreign key mapping between the provider and provider party entity.

This issue has been resolved by deleting the foreign key mapping.

ENT-5213 - DomainPluginsConfig.xml contains regional data for currency

Previously, the CPM/DomainPluginsConfig.xml file had regional data for currency. This has been replaced by an application property value for localization purposes.

CS-11655, ENT-5222 - StandardServiceDelivery interface should be made public

Previously, curam.servicedelivery.impl.StandardServiceDelivery did not have any access specifier set. This meant that event listeners could not be used for methods present in the interface.

This has been resolved by making the access specifier public.


Notes on Deprecation

This section describes artefacts that have been deprecated in this release and the functionality that supersedes them.

Enhancements or defect fixes may require the contract of a development artefact to be changed. In this context the contract of an artefact is its API or signature (e.g. name, parameters, return values, etc) in conjunction with its documented statement of functionality (e.g. JavaDoc).

In these cases, deprecation is used to reduce the impact of the change on custom applications. The original artefact is preserved and marked as 'deprecated' to indicate that it has been superseded by other functionality (often a new artefact). Infrastructure is provided to assist in identifying custom dependencies on these deprecated artefacts. This can affect customizations in a number of different ways and has some implications for customer support. For more information about deprecation, please see the 'Deprecation' chapter in the Cúram Server Developer's Guide. This chapter describes what deprecation is, how it can affect custom code, what it means for support and the build infrastructure that helps pinpoint custom artefact dependencies on deprecated artefacts.

You can find out whether or not your code is affected by any of the following deprecations (and precisely where) by running the deprecationreport build target. If that build produces deprecation warnings, then you are affected by one or more of the deprecated artefacts itemized below. See the 'Deprecation' chapter in the Cúram Server Developer's Guide for further information on using this build target and analyzing its output.

Enterprise Modules

Provider Management


ENT-5106 - Unable to edit a service invoice line item
How to Upgrade:

The protected method 'curam.cpm.util.impl.WidgetHelper.formatStringToReqDateTypeForDisplay()' has been deprecated because this method is no longer referenced in the application.

Itemised List of Changes:

For more context on the change that caused this deprecation, please see this release note in the "Improvements and Resolved Issues" section.


Known Issues

Known Issues

Enterprise Modules

Provider Management

CEF-10415 (was previously TVT-830) - Cannot enroll a provider in German SPM

For German installations of Cúram there is a known issue whereby some document template demo data has been specified using the incorrect locale, i.e. "de_DE" rather than "de". The consequence of this is that an error is reported "The specified template was not found" when attempting to enroll a provider.

To work around this issue the following DMX files should be updated, changing any instance of "de_DE" to "de", prior to building the database for the first time:

  • ..\EJBServer\components\core\data\demo\LANGUAGELOCALEMAP.dmx
  • ..\EJBServer\components\core_<locale>\data\demo\LANGUAGELOCALEMAP.dmx
  • ..\EJBServer\components\ServicePlans_<locale>\data\demo\XSLTEMPLATE.dmx
  • ..\EJBServer\components\ServicePlans_<locale>\data\demo\XSLTEMPLATEINST.dmx
GLS-481 - Publish Taxonomy Data batch process fails for non-English batches

The PublishTaxonomyData batch process fails for all taxonomy files except the taxonomy_US_EN_28_11_2009.xml file.




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