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This document lists the customer requirements or requests for enhancements (RFEs) that have been delivered in version 5.1 of IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS).


For more information about each customer requirement that was delivered in CICS TS V5.1, click on the headline text in the following tables. This will display the corresponding entry in the IBM Request For Enhancement (RFE) Community*.

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CICS Runtime component
RFE ID Headline
14729 CEDF support on IPIC connections
14948 Change CICS IPIC related transactions(CI**) with TASKDATAKey(CICS)
15027 Enable DFHXCURM exit to dynamically set XCFGROUP
15142 Controlling CICS detailed internal tracing from a line mode transaction such as CEMT
15148 TCB switch for Java applications with each access to DB2
16087 IPIC in local mode accepting only one IPCONN from a WAS multiservant app. server
16187 CICS system events to monitor individual CICS messages
16217 Make SPI command SET TASK threadsafe
16236 Ensure that the address of the GWA is aligned on a doubleword boundary in current CICS releases
17286 Change DFHPDxxx to run above the line
17747 EXEC CICS ASSIGN ASRAREGS() function to get the 64 bytes of register values at the time of the abend (16 x 32-bit)
18122 Java and J8/L8 TCB switching (SHARE requirement SSCICS0418571)
18550 CPSM BATCHREP needs to provide a summary report indicating how many resources and resource types have been processed
19112 Remove single Loader TCB bottleneck (SHARE requirement SSCICS10001)
19113 Eliminate the switch to RO TCB when an EXEC CICS LOAD command is issued on an Open L8 TCB.
20148 CPSM Batch support to add CMAS to a CICSPlex
20234 Provide AID chain summary in IPCS output
20235 Change default AUX trace dataset sizes
20236 Allocate CICS commarea storage above the line after XCTL (SHARE requirement SSCICS10002)
20237 DFHSTUP transaction count truncated
20241 Enable the dump exit routine for CICS DFHPDxxx to run above the 16MB line
20243 Add security refresh function to CICS Transaction Server for SSL security
20244 CICS has to provide status information if lost locks recovery is taking place
20254 The CICS MQSeries DPL bridge should support messages longer than 32k (i.e. CHANNEL interface)
20256 Remove the requirement to reload CICS when adding a new certificate
20259 IPIC connection - granularity in keep alive function
20260 Request for CICS message indicating if HPO is or is not ACTIVE
20261 Virtual storage constraint relief from SMODE(24) programs
20262 DFHWS2LS-DFHLS2WS consistency
20263 Support TDQ API Threadsafe
20284 CEDF activity causes short on storage in CDSA below the 16M line
20285 DFHWS2LS translate underscore to dash for COBOL
20286 CICS commarea allocated below the line for XCTL with program set as 31-bit
20287 Make path to XTDEREQ threadsafe for the case when TD request will be bypassed
20288 Increase the number of regions available in DFHSTUP
20289 DFHRMUTL small improvement (SHARE requirement SSCICS07003)
20290 CEMT I DSA does not show current GCDSA size
20291 Application access to 64bit storage using Getmain .. Shared
20292 RACF database needs to be updated when the EXEC VERIFY PASSWORD is issued
20293 Raise maxtasks (MXT) SIT parm to something bigger than 999 for greater throughput
20294 Addition of message indicating release of GCD and LCD
20295 Provide facility to refresh RACF keyring that is used by CICS.
20296 CICS TS & 64-bit
20297 Convert CICS IPCS Verb Exit DFHPDxxx to RMODE(ANY) (SHARE requirement SSCICS10006)
20298 VSCR for CICS IPCS verbexit
20299 DFHPI0400 needs to be improved for problem determination
20300 Need to be able to set lower value ( less then 200 ) for AKPFREQ
20301 Change CICS IPIC related transactions(CI**) with TASKDATAKey(CICS)
20302 WTO - CICS system events
20303 DFH0STAT could include totals in the Data Tables storage report.
20304 Providing audit information for API VERIFY PASSWORD
20306 CICS WebSphere MQ Bridge support for CICS channels and containers
20307 Message improvement for security failures
20308 Allow updates to keyrings to be refreshed in CICS without recycling
20309 IPIC support of CEDF
20310 API enhancement for CICS Web Services
20335 Add field(s) in SMF 110 monitoring records for CPU consumed by transaction on speciality processor(s) - zIIP and zAAP
20336 CMF Buckets for zAAP CPU Time (SHARE requirement SSCICS09013)
20337 Provide CPU fields for zAAP and zIIP (if applicable) to the CICS SMF 110 records
20338 Add zAAP and zIIP (if applicable) CPU fields to the CICS 110 records
20369 CICS and CPSM audit trail for CEMT commands
20370 CEMT audit trail
20371 Audit messages for CEMT resource changes
20372 CEMT audit trail
20373 Log (audit) changes done via CECI + CEMT SET and so on (GSE requirement GGCIC07004)
20374 CEMT and EXEC CICS Audit Trail (GSE requirement DBCICS01001)
20377 CEMT audit trail
20543 SHA-2 SSL support for CICS
20997 Run a JEE web container within CICS
21070 Extend the TEST option of EXEC CPSM GET command to non-CICS resource definitions
22204 CICS Web Support to provide a parameter to change the timeout value for the first request
23489 Set limit on storage used by a CICS transaction
23490 CICS Short of storage(SOS) limit storage usage by transaction.
23491 Set limit on storage used by a CICS transaction
23522 Limit task CPU usage in CICS (SHARE requirement SSCICS0518586)
23524 CICS is not able to protect itself by yielding loop
23526 Provide a CPU threshold cancelation feature
23529 Provide the ability to define a timeout value (in seconds) for a task.
23534 Cancelling transactions after reaching a specified time without being in distress or looping
23536 Purge CICS transactions by CPU time limit (GSE Requirement GGCIC08009)
23547 Provide GETMAINED storage limit by transaction (SHARE requirement SSCICS97005)
23780 DFHRMUTIL and DFHCCUTIL error checking
24197 Change the control record in the CSD to include previous and current CICS release data
24243 Set limit on storage used by a CICS transaction
24678 Add Console Journaling for CICS transactions
24680 CICS should be more robust when MVS storage shortage occurs
24692 Improve throughput of program load requests
24703 Provide PING for TCP/IP connections
24855 Include cipher code in all CICS performance SMF records
24857 Add APPEND option to PUT container command
25287 SIT AUTORESETTIME parameter to include IMMEDIATE option
25288 CEMT Logging
25384 Web Services validation in a JVMServer
25385 CICS container processing, relating to CICS Web Services
25386 Timeout for long-time run transaction in CICS
25973 Enhancement to CICS to handle time change
25974 CICS automated time adjustment
26681 Log worst case causer (KILL user)
27325 Autoinstall for Java programs

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