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Content Platform Engine 5.2 CE_Operations integration with Content Manager Version 8

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The Content Platform Engine 5.2 CE_Operations infrastructure has been enhanced, and there are a new set of instructions that users must follow to provide content operations to Content Manager Version 8 documents.


In previous releases of FileNet Process Engine (PE), the integration of Content Manager (CM8) document operations in the PE CE_Operations component was documented in IBM Content Manager InfoCenter. Specifically:

1. Updating the classpath of the Component Manager of FileNet Business Process Manager,
2. Adding the IBM Content Manager Login Modules,

In Content Platform Engine (CPE) 5.2, the PE Component Manager framework was enhanced for consumability. Components can now be processed by the CPE server directly after they are configured. System component queues such as CE_Operations are part of the CPE server and thus executed directly. New steps are necessary to instruct how the CPE server can be updated with CM8 binaries to allow the execution of CE_Operations operations on CM8 attachments.

Updating CPE server with CM8 binaries

Typically a P8 Administrator uses the IBM FileNet Configuration Manager (CMUI) to prepare, bootstrap and deploy a CPE application (EAR). A CMUI profile is defined with a Deploy task referencing the location of a bootstrapped Engine-xx.ear for deployment. An example of the ear file location is <CEInstallDir>/tools/configure/profiles/<profileName>/ear. This is the EAR file referenced thereafter as the CPE EAR for modification. A compression tool is needed to modify the EAR file. After the CPE EAR is modified, you must redeploy the CPE EAR to the application server. In addition, as upgrades are performed, this step will need to be repeated.

Following are the specific instructions, using Engine-ws.ear as an example.

1. For CPE 5.2 FP02 and later: Use a compression utility to expand the CPE EAR file, then expand the acce_navigator.war in the CPE EAR and make the following modifications to acce_navigator.war:

  • Remove the directory
  • Remove the files from WEB-INF\classes
  • Remove the files from WEB-INF\lib

Make sure to replace the CPE EAR with this modified acce_navigator.war.

2. Use the compression utility to expand or update the CPE EAR directly with the following files from a CM8 server

Copy the following files from <CM8_INSTALL_DIR>/lib to Engine-ws.ear\APP-INF\lib:


      db2jcc.jar (CM8.4) or db2jcc4.jar (CM8.5)

For Oracle, copy the Oracle driver, typically <ORACLE_HOME>\jdbc\lib\ojdbc14.jar to Engine-ws.ear\APP-INF\lib

Create Engine-ws.ear\APP-INF\lib\cmgmt directory, and create the following files in that directory
    · Create a text file ,, containing one line:
    · Create a text file,, containing one line.

Create Engine-ws.ear\APP-INF\lib\cmgmt\connectors directory
    Copy these files from CM8_INSTALL_DIR\cmgmt\connnectors to Engine-ws.ear\APP-INF\lib\cmgmt\connectors:

3. Modify the application server classpath to include the following :


For Oracle, add ${APP_INSTALL_ROOT}/<cell>/FileNetEngine.ear/APP-INF/lib/<oracle driver jar> to this classpath.

For example:

Complete the steps in the next section to finish setting up the CPE EAR file with login module information.

Adding the IBM Content Manager Login Module

The authentication to the CM8 system is done by including the CM8 login module to be used in the CPE server. Follow these steps with the appropriate values for the CM8 system.

1. Make a copy of CM8login.config.samples file from the <CE_INSTALL_DIR>/tools/PE/samples directory. For example, c:\jaas\CM8login.config. Note the location of this file to be used in the next step. Multiple CM8 databases can be specified in the serversList, separated by commas. Make sure that the queryMaxResultsList should have the same number of entries matching with the number of servers.

{ required

2. Modify the Engine-ws.EAR\peengine.war\WEB-INF\ to include the following lines. Modify the file location to be that of the login config file created in the previous step. Use the forward slash, /, for the directory separator.


At this point, the CPE EAR can be compressed and redeployed to the application server. The next section states the credentials requirement.

Modifying CE_Operations JAAS credentials

As a requirement, there should be a corresponding CM8 user with the CPE user configured for the CE_Operations. Use Process Configuration Console tool to modify the JAAS credential associated with the CE_Operations. This user should be a valid user in both CM8 and CPE systems. In addition, this user should have proper privileges to the attachment as needed for the operation.

The following screen captures show a sample of using the Process Configuration Console to set up CE_Operations with the appropriate user, and using the CM8 System Administration Client to create the same user.

In CM8 System Administration Client:

CM 8.5-only operations

The following operations are only available to the documents of a CM 8.5 repository:

· getDocumentId
· getContentTypes
· setContent
· setContentWithIndex
· getChildDateProperty
· getChildDoubleProperty
· getChildIntegerProperty
· getChildStringProperty
· setChildDateProperty
· setChilddoubleProperty
· setChildIntegerProperty
· setChildStringProperty

Using these operations on attachments from a CM 8.4.x will cause an exception to the workflow with this message, where xxx is the name of the operation:

Operation xxx  is only available in IBM Component Manager 8.5 and later.

Troubleshooting tips

1. Check the CPE server log:

The Log File Location in a CPE ping page shows where one can find the pesvr_system.log and pesvr_trace.log. To enable tracing to the pesvr_trace.log file, run the vwtool utility, trace command, and answer 'Y' to Trace Component Manager.

2. Check the CM 8 log:

The log files for CM8 operations can be found in the <CPE deployed directory>/APP-INF/lib/cmlog/connectors. For example:

c:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\installedApps\cmintel17bNode01Cell\FileNetEngine.ear\APP-INF\lib\cmlog\connectors

3. Restart the CE_Operations:

Sometimes a restart of the queue processing might be necessary to resolve connection issues between the CPE and CM8 servers. In Process Configuration Console, uncheck the "Enable Queue Processing In Server" from the CE_Operations Adapter tab. Save it. Then return to the CE_Operations Adapter tab to enable (check) the option again. Save It. See the screen capture below for the location of the option.

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Enterprise Content Management Content Manager CM L2 Information AIX, HP-UX, Linux, OS/2, Solaris, UNIX, Windows, Windows 2000,,, 8.4.3,,,, 8.4.2,, 8.4.1,, 8.4
Enterprise Content Management Content Manager 8.5

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