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This document describes the new support for creating merged backups from mixed storage device types using DB2 Merge Backup. This functionality was added in DB2 Merge Backup for Linux, UNIX, and Windows v1.1.1 Fix Pack 1.


Before Fix Pak 1, backups involved in a merge had to be homogeneous. Now, backups that are involved in the merge can be one of the following:

- homogeneous backups from the disk
- homogeneous backups from a supported storage manager
- mixed backup involving one backup from a disk and one storage manager

There are no modifications in the control file syntax.

The following parts of User's Guide are affected :

Chapter 2 (p. 11): Configuring DB2 Merge Backup - Configuration file parameters

A new parameter is available : allow_mix_device
Possible values are yes or no.
Default value is set to yes.
Use this parameter to specify whether mixed devices are allowed for backups involved in a merge.
If allow_mix_device is not set or set to yes, DB2 Merge Backup will allow two different media types (disk and one Storage Manager).
If allow_mix_device is set to no, DB2 Merge Backup will only allow one unique media type (previous behavior).

Allowing mixed device types is the default behavior of DB2 Merge Backup and will be used without any specific configuration.

Chapter 3 (p. 23) – Supported backup storage types and restrictions

The backups involved in a merge either have to be homogeneous or they have to be a combination of a disk backup and one storage manager backup. For example, if you want to build a TSM backup, all the backups involved in the merge must also be stored with TSM or on disk. DB2 Merge Backup will reject all the configurations that involve disk and more than one different storage manager.


With the following control file, DB2 Merge Backup builds a full merged database backup of SAMPLE:

PART (1)

DB2 Merge Backup merges all the backups created since the last full DB2 backup on database partition 1. The backup is not compressed. DB2 Merge Backup stores the backup with Tivoli Storage Manager by using two sessions.

Now, all subsequent backups to be merged can be stored either on disk or on TSM. Previously, all backups had to be stored on TSM.but

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