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An index of available drivers for z/TPF and z/TPFDF


Driver Last Updated
API5 Driver

The API5 driver executes test cases for APIs such as Macros,
C function interfaces, and grouped functional interfaces.

updated 26 March 2012
BEVD Driver

The BEVD driver demonstrates creating business events using z/TPF.

updated 16 July 2014
CHER Driver

The CHER driver exercises and tests TPF's I-stream SHARING ability by manipulating program AFFINITY values.

updated 26 March 2012
CORO Driver

The CORO test driver uses and verifies the commit rollback support on the z/TPF system.

updated 26 March 2012
DEB5 Driver

The DEB5 driver is used to build, maintain, and modify a subsystem user unique database.

updated 26 March 2012
HOTx Driver

The HOTX driver tests the TPF DASD supports by creating a 'hot record' to blast channels and to test cache.

updated 26 March 2012
KPTS Driver

The KPTS driver is used to test the C APIs and assembler macros that provide support for >4K keypoints.

updated 26 March 2012
LISH Driver

The Lodic/Input List Shutdown Driver is used as a test tool to create background activity in a TPF system.

updated 26 March 2012
MEM5 Driver

The MEM5 driver tests ECB and system heap test cases.

updated 26 March 2012
MPIF Driver

The MPIF driver generates communications across a channel-to-channel (CTOC) device.

updated 26 March 2012
MQ Series Driver (MQS1) for TPF

The MQS1 driver is a generic test driver that tests various capabilities of MQ Series support on TPF.

updated 26 March 2012
POOL Driver

The Pool driver allows users of systems to cycle through available pools quickly.

updated 26 March 2012
SDO Driver

The SDO driver is a sample application that demonstrates Service Data Object (SDO) Access to z/TPFDF.

updated 19 July 2013
SOCK Driver

The Sock driver allows users to do socket testing for Linux, SSL and TCP/IP.

added 20 Dec 2010
SOLD Driver

The SOLD driver is used to test intra- and inter-module calls between various shared objects.

added 26 June 2006
SIPC Driver

The SIPC driver tests IPC by generating IPC traffic as well as background activity.

updated 26 March 2012
Tape Driver

The TAPE Driver is intended to be used as a test tool to exercise the TPF tape macros.

updated 26 March 2012
TRAG Driver

The TRAG driver verifies an ECB will use its first tracegroup buffer (IBM_DEFT) after exceeding its number of allocated tracegroup buffers.

updated 26 March 2012

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