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Domino 9.0.x for i: Getting started

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Start here to find information about IBM Domino 9.0.x for i, including links to other technotes, techdocs and other resources available.


For general information about Notes and Domino Release 9.0.x, refer to the IBM Domino Administrator 9.0 Product Documentation in the Notes and Domino wiki:

The Installing and Managing Domino 8 for System i guide, also referred to as Domino 8 for System i HELP, is not refreshed with the 8.5.x and 9.0.x releases but it continues to be available for general reference purposes in the Domino 9.0.x for i installed product directory (/qibm/ProdData/LOTUS/domino90x/data/help) and online at the following locations:

Continue to refer to the Installing and Managing Domino 8 for System i guide for general information about the Domino server product, installation and removal, server configuration, multi-version support, and integration with IBM i.

Additional information for the Domino 9.0.x release, including updates to information in Installing and Managing Domino 8 for System i, is available in the following key techdocs and technotes.

System Requirements

IBM Domino 9.0.x is supported on IBM i 6.1 and i 7.1. The Lotus Software for IBM i operating system Compatibility Guide contains more information about products supported on IBM i.

Refer to the following documents for information on hardware and software requirements. Install the software and system fixes (PTFs) prior to installing Domino 9.0.x for i.

Domino 9.0.x for i: Hardware requirements
Domino 9.0.x for i: Software requirements
Domino for i (i5/OS): What system fixes are required?

Prepare to Install or Upgrade

The following references provide information on preparing to install or upgrade to Domino 9.0.x. In particular, read carefully about:

1. ENABLING DAOS. The default minimum attachment size may not be an optimal setting in your environment. IBM i customers need to consider and balance the reduced disk usage with the additional time required to backup a large number of .nlo files.

Plan for additional time during installation on Power 5 hardware and select operating system upgrade scenarios.

Domino 9.0.x for i: Checklist for upgrading
Domino 9.0.x for i: Program Conversion
Domino 9.0.x for i: Installation and Upgrade

Things you need to know

Domino 9.0.1 for i: What's new in this release?
Domino 9.0 for i: What's new in this release?
Domino 9.0.x for i: Unsupported features

Domino for i (i5/OS): What Keyview version and formats are supported?
Domino for i (i5/OS): Recommended settings for Japanese edition

Considerations when developing Domino C and C++ API applications for i5/OS

Document information

More support for: IBM Domino

Software version: 9.0, 9.0.1

Operating system(s): IBM i

Software edition: All Editions, Social Edition

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Modified date: 30 October 2013

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