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Cognos Insight Users role is not available in Cognos Business Intelligence, version 10.1.1

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If you have IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, version 10.1.1, and you install IBM Cognos Connection Installer for Cognos Insight, version 10.2, all users will be able to install and use IBM Cognos Insight, version 10.2.


In Cognos BI, version 10.2 and later, a user role called Cognos Insight Users is available in IBM Cognos Administration. This role enables Cognos BI administrators to restrict users from installing Cognos Insight from the Cognos BI server. However, this role is not available in Cognos BI, version 10.1.1, so all users of the Cognos BI server can install and use Cognos Insight.

In the Cognos Insight Installation and Configuration Guide, version 10.2, the following statement appears:

"To enable users to install Cognos Insight when they access it from Cognos Connection, the Cognos BI administrator must add users to the Cognos Insight Users role in IBM Cognos Administration."

With the combination of Cognos BI, version 10.1.1, and Cognos Insight, version 10.2, this statement is incorrect. You cannot restrict user access to Cognos Insight when you have Cognos Insight, version 10.2, and Cognos BI, version 10.1.1.

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