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Announcement letter

IBM z/OS 2.1 delivers the foundation for Smarter Computing

z/OS XL C/C++ V2R1 Publications

Order Number Title Publication Center
SC14-7309-00 Standard C++ Library Reference PDF
SA38-0690-00 z/OS 2.1 C Curses PDF
GC14-7306-00 z/OS 2.1 XL C/C++ Compiler and Runtime Migration Guide for the Application Programmer PDF
SC14-7308-00 z/OS 2.1 XL C/C++ Language Reference PDF
GC14-7305-00 z/OS 2.1 XL C/C++ Messages PDF
SC14-7315-00 z/OS 2.1 XL C/C++ Programming Guide PDF
SC14-7314-00 z/OS 2.1 XL C/C++ Runtime Library Reference PDF
SC14-7307-00 z/OS 2.1 XL C/C++ User’s Guide PDF
Announcement letter

IBM z/OS V1.13 delivers new availability, batch programming, and usability functions

z/OS XL C/C++ 1.3 Publications

Order Number Title PDF (MB) Book (MB)
SC09-4949-05 Standard C++ Library Reference 5.57 NA
SA22-7820-00 z/OS C Curses 1.51 0.46
GC09-4913-10 z/OS XL C/C++ Compiler and Run-Time Migration Guide for the Application Programmer 1.26 0.35
SC09-4815-11 z/OS XL C/C++ Language Reference 2.78 1.03
GC09-4819-09 z/OS XL C/C++ Messages 1.09 0.89
SC09-4765-13 z/OS XL C/C++ Programming Guide 4.94 3.25
SA22-7821-13 z/OS XL C/C++ Run-Time Library Reference 13.56 5.03
SC09-4767-11 z/OS XL C/C++ User's Guide 3.61 1.56
Announcement letter

IBM z/OS V1.12 - Smart technologies for a new dimension of computing

z/OS XL C/C++ V1R12 Publications

Order Number Title PDF (MB) Book (MB)
SC09-4949-04 IBM Standard C++ Library Reference 3.02 NA
SA23-2225-03 z/OS 1.12 Metal C Programming Guide and Reference 0.92 0.36
SA22-7820-00 z/OS 1.1-1.12 C Curses 1.44 0.44
GC09-4913-08 z/OS 1.12 XL C/C++ Compiler and Run-Time Migration Guide for the Application Programmer 1.01 0.34
SC09-4815-10 z/OS 1.12 XL C/C++ Language Reference 2.10 0.96
GC09-4819-08 z/OS 1.12 XL C/C++ Messages 0.73 0.84
SC09-4765-11 z/OS 1.12 XL C/C++ Programming Guide 4.12 3.16
SA22-7821-12 z/OS 1.12 XL C/C++ Run-Time Library Reference 10.10 3.83
SC09-4767-09 z/OS 1.12 XL C/C++ User's Guide 2.76 1.51

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