Fix list for CICS IA 5.1 plug-in for the CICS Explorer

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This document contains a table of APARs for CICS Interdependency Analyzer for z/OS (CICS IA) V5.1 plug-in for the IBM CICS Explorer. A comma separated values (CSV) file containing all the fields for each APAR is also included as an attachment. You can use the CSV file to import the list of APARs into a spreadsheet or database for sorting or downloading.


IBM updates this Fix list every week if there is a change to the APARs for this product. The fix list is available in two formats:

Click on the Fixes by version document to see Fix lists for other version, release, and modification (VRM) levels of the currently supported CICS products.

Fix list
Open APARs are at the top of the Fix list table followed by closed APARs, ordered by close date. Click on an APAR number in the Fix list table to display the APAR. You will need to enter your IBM ID and password when displaying open APARs.

Click on the CICS Explorer Version in the table to see information about the corresponding versions of the CICS Explorer and plug-ins for the CICS tools. Go to the Readme for each product within this version information to see details including the installation instructions.

Latest update: 18 March 2014

Fix list for CICS IA V5.1plug-in for the IBM CICS Explorer
17 Mar 2014 and
CICS IA V5.1 Explorer plug-in connections view incorrect
21 Nov 2013
The visualization option for a transaction in a specific region returns more resources than expected
20_Nov 2013 and
Zero results from "Uses Resources" or "Used By Programs" for alias mirror transaction
20_Nov 2013 and
Incorrect list of properties displayed for a resource
23_Apr 2013
CICS IA V5.1 Explorer plug-in Explorer plug-in command flow queries are incorrect

Note: The CICS IA,, and fix packs are compatible with CICS Explorer V5.1.0.x and the CICS IA and fix packs are compatible with CICS Explorer V5.1.1.x.

CSV file
Not available at this time

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Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Host Transaction Processing CICS Transaction Server Explorer Linux, Windows 5.1, 4.2, 4.1, 3.2, 3.1

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