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Enabling NTLM version 2 support in IBM Rational Performance Tester

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Setting up and enabling NT LAN Manager version 2 (NTLM v2) in IBM Rational Performance Tester.


NTLM v2 is available in Rational Performance Tester starting with version You can record an NTLM v2 authentication sequence and replay it in a test.

To run the resulting test, Rational Performance Tester requires a third party library that is not delivered with the product.
To download this library and install it with the product:

1. Download the archive file from Rational Performance Tester supports jcifs-1.3.17 or later.

2. Extract the file and copy the extracted .jar file to the following directory:

C:\Program Files\IBM\IBMIMShared\plugins\<version>

3. In the Rational Performance Tester workbench, when you edit a test, select NTLM V2 in the test element details.

4. By default, the HTTP test generation does not enable NTLM V2 authentication, even if it was recorded.

To automatically enable the correct NTLM version from the recording, in Rational Performance Tester, click Window -> Preferences -> Test -> Test Generation -> HTTP Test Generation and set the NTLM V2 setting to Automatic.

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