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List of updates for IMS TM Resource Adapter Version 12

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This document provides a cumulative list of updates for IMS™ TM Resource Adapter Version 12. This version is compatible with Rational® Application Developer Version 7 and later.


IMS TM Resource Adapter Version 12 is based on Java EE Connector Architecture Version 1.5.
Version 12.2.2 is the latest version.

Available updates:

Version 12.2.2 ( APAR PI42182 )

This version includes the following fix:
  • When a client application sends multiple transactions in sequence, if the first transaction is routed to a data store different from what is configured in the connection factory, IMS TM Resource Adapter sends an ACK to the data store that processes the transaction, and routes subsequent transactions to that same data store. The data store name that is specified in the connection factory is ignored.

    The code is modified to route subsequent transactions to the original data store that is configured in the connection factory for processing.

Version 12. 2 .1 ( PI16303 )

This version includes the following fixes:

  • Interaction processing using Local Option connections incorrectly produced an ICO0031E error message:

    javax.resource.spi.IllegalStateException: ICO0031E:, InteractionSpec, Record, Record) error. Protocol violation. The interaction verb SYNC_SEND_RECEIVE is not allowed for the current state CONNECT_STATE

    The code is modified to check that the 'isLocalConnected' variable is passed down to subsequent connections.
  • Incorrect IRM length was passed to IMS Connect in global transaction (two-phase commit) processing.

    For two-phase commit global transactions, the IRM length was calculated incorrectly after the support for RACF password phrases was added, causing the message to be rejected by IMS Connect.

    The IRM length calculation was corrected.

Version 12.2.0

  • Lack of support for RACF® password phrases.

    The support for RACF password phrases is added to complement the current support of RACF passwords. The password phrase must be 9 - 100 characters.

    If the password phrase is used, an internal PING message is first sent to IMS Connect to make sure that the level of IMS Connect does support the password phrase. Otherwise, the regular 8-byte password value is used for verification.

    A new PasswordPhrase property is added to the IMSConnectionSpec and IMSManagedConnectionFactory classes, as well as the new external getter and setter methods for PasswordPhrase. The same property and getter and setter methods are also added to the IMSActivationSpec class.

    Important: IMS Connect V12 PM77999 and IMS V12 PM77494 are required for this function to work.
  • After upgrading from V11 of the IMS TM Resource Adapter to V12, the following exception is thrown:

    The adapter is fixed to check that log utility is not NULL before printing out logging messages.
  • The TM resource adapter RAR file contains an older version of the Adapter Foundation Class (AFC) jar file.

    The RAR file is updated with the latest AFC jar version,

Version 12.1.2

  • Excessive messages are logged when the MFS path is chosen during development time in Rational Application Developer.

    The adapter is fixed to not print out the excessive logging messages.
  • During callout processing, message-driven beans (MDBs) running on the WebLogic server do not reconnect after being disconnected..

    The adapter is modified to set the reconnect time value to five seconds instead of reconnecting immediately.
  • During resume tpipe operations, if the response comes from a data store that is different from the original data store, the ACK incorrectly goes to the original data store.

    The adapter is modified to use the data store name on the response from the host in the subsequent ACK.
  • When MDBs are disconnected due to the host system going down, the SSL sockets are not properly disconnected and therefore cannot be reconnected for subsequent communications.

    The adapter is modified to disconnect the SSL socket properly before sending in a message over to the host.
  • The resource adapter does not expose the clientID to the user.

    The adapter is modified to expose the clientID to the user through the IMSConnectionMetaData class. From the IMSConnection class the user can call the IMSConnectionMetaData class. Then, using the IMSConnectionMetaData class, the user can call the 'getClientID' method to retrieve the clientID, which can be user-provided or generated by the adapter. For example:

    Connection connection = null;
    IMSConnectionMetaData meta = (IMSConnectionMetaData)connection.getMetaData();
    String clientID = meta.getClientID();.

  • SSL sockets hang during connection time.

    The adapter is modified to use a timeout value during connection time to prevent the SSL sockets from hanging. In IMS callout cases, a default value of 60 seconds is used. For non-callout cases, the socket timeout value from the InteractionSpec is used.

See the IMS TM Resource Adapter V12 page for information about new features in V12.

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