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How to handle a core dump of WebSphere MQ Workflow on AIX

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Instructions for preparing and sending a core dump from WebSphere MQ Workflow on AIX


If during the normal operation of WebSphere MQ Workflow on AIX a core dump is encountered, the following steps should be taken to prepare the core file for uploading to IBM Support.

  1. Log in to the system that experienced the core dump.
  2. Execute errpt -a |pg
  3. Look for the CORE_DUMP error which should show the resource that was core dumping. As an example you might see fmcamain.
  4. Once you have the program name that encountered the core run the following command: snapcore <full path to the core file> <full path to program>
  5. The output file is in /tmp/snapcore directory. Send this file to IBM support.

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Software version: 3.6,

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Modified date: 03 January 2014

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