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Release Notes for IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender Pack for HIPAA EDI, V4.4.1

Release notes


This document provides information on the release of WebSphere® Transformation Extender Pack for HIPAA EDI version 4.4.1


IBM WebSphere® Transformation Extender Pack for HIPAA EDI release notes

© Copyright IBM Corporation 2006, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

1. About this release
2. Installation and configuration information
3. Known limitations, problems and workarounds
4. New and changed behavior
5. Resolved Authorized Program Analysis Reports (APARS)
6. Contacting customer support
7. Notices and trademarks


What's new in this release

Configurable rules:

  • This release allows for individual WEDI/SNIP Level 3 and 4 rules to be enabled, or disabled at your discretion.
  • The configurable_rules directory contains additional files that allow you to customize the type trees and data files used by the compliance check module.

    The basic concept behind the new components is to keep the compliance check artifacts in sync by generating the data defining type trees and data files used by the compliance check module.

Documentation notes

Documentation for this product is provided in Portable Document Format (PDF) and in an IBM Eclipse help system called an information center. Instructions for accessing both the PDF documentation and the information center are provided below. For more information about WebSphere Transformation Extender product documentation, see the Documentation release notes.

    PDF documentation installs with the product. After the installation is complete, you can access the documentation from the Windows Start menu.

    Information center

    Documentation for this product is also available in the WebSphere Transformation Extender information center which installs with the product and is accessed through the WebSphere Transformation Extender Design Studio Help menu and from the Windows Start menu. An on-line version of the information center is also available.

    Translated documentation

    In this release of the product, documentation is provided in English (United States) only.


Installation prerequisites

Before you install this version of the pack, one of the versions of the WebSphere Transformation Extender base product listed in the following table must first be installed.

If you are installing the pack from the ESD site, install the pack using the executable ( *.exe) file associated with your WebSphere Transformation Extender base product, as indicated in the table below:

Websphere Transformation Extender base product required ESD site executable file hipaa4410_82.exe hipaa4410_83.exe * hipaa4410_84.exe

*You must obtain fix WTX00041115 in order for the HIPAA EDI pack to work with the WebSphere Transformation Extender base product. Contact Customer Support for this patch.

Installing the pack on Windows systems

To install the WebSphere Transformation Extender Packs for HIPAA EDI, perform the following procedures:
  1. Obtain the product media, or image from the Support Downloads page.
  2. Run the setup.exe command. If you are installing the pack from the ESD site, run the .exe command associated with your WebSphere Transformation Extender base product (see table above).
  3. Follow the instructions in the installation program.

Installing the pack on z/OS

After installing the Pack for HIPAA EDI on a Windows workstation, perform the following steps for each z/OS execution platform prior to porting and executing the HIPAA X12 Compliance Check application on that platform:

1. Transfer the load library module file:

install_dir\packs\healthcare_v n.n.n\hipaa\platform_support\zos\hcsvu.loadlib

as binary to a z/OS dataset of 80-byte fixed length records named 'my.hipaa.upload'. There should be no ASCII to EBCDIC translation and no elimination of carriage-return or line-feed characters.

2. After the file is on z/OS, issue the TSO Receive command to create a load library as follows:
  1. At the prompt, enter the following: ready
  2. Enter the following: receive inda ('my.hipaa.upload')

3. After you have entered the TSO Recieve command (above), you will see the following messages:

INMR906A Enter restore parameters or 'DELETE' or 'END' +

4. Enter the name of the load library to be created as follows: da ('my.hipaa.loadlib')

Messages are displayed that indicate that the load library is being created.

5. In the JCL responsible for executing the HIPAA X12 Compliance Check application, include a STEPLIB for the created load library that appears before the WebSphere Transformation Extender Core Install loadlib. For example:


Deploying the pack on UNIX

After installing the Pack for HIPAA EDI on a windows workstation, perform the following steps for each UNIX execution platform prior to porting and executing the HIPAA X12 Compliance Check application on that platform.
  1. Copy the UNIX shared library object for the HIPAA X12 structure validation utility, or, from path: install_dir\packs\hipaa\platform_support\os where 'os' indicates the aix, hp, or sun operating system folder) to install_dir/libs on the target machine.
  2. Ensure that permissions on the shared library are set for read and execute.

If the setup script in the IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender installation library is not run by the profile of the user, then the should be copied to the location on the target machine that contains the compiled compliance check application maps.

Uninstalling the pack
  1. Click Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Select the pack that you want to remove.
  3. Click Change/Remove and follow the prompts.

NOTE : The Repair or Remove options are no longer available in the installation program. You must uninstall the packs using the procedure detailed above.


Support on Trading Manager

WebSphere Transformation Extender Pack for HIPAA EDI version is not supported on any version of WebSphere Transformation Extender Trading Manager. The only supported versions of the HIPAA EDI pack are the following:
  • Pack for HIPAA EDI with Trading Manager
  • Pack for HIPAA EDI with Trading Manager

Type 5 example requires WebSphere Transformation Extender examples

When running the Type 5 Examples in the Pack for HIPAA EDI on WebSphere Transformation Extender version 8.3 or 8.4, the WebSphere Transformation extender examples must be installed.

Set permissions when deploying Compliance Check components to Sterling B2B Integrator

When deploying compliance check components to Sterling B2B Integrator, make sure that the permissions are set accordingly on the si_pack_dir (the location where WebSphere Transformation Extender products are deployed on the Sterling B2B Integrator server), and all subsequent subdirectories, including the compiled maps and the utility module.




For a list of the APARs that are resolved in this version of the product, see WebSphere Transformation Extender Pack for HIPAA EDI 4.4.1 Fix List.


Contact Customer Support at 1-800-IBM-SERV, or go to the support portal.


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More support for: Transformation Extender
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